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145 Bonus Package of Liquor

 While Yuan Zhou was busying himself with the decoration, Wu Hai nevertheless fell into a low point in his creative work. Of course, one wouldn't have the creative impulse if he didn't eat anything but just drank some water all day long.

The broker of Wu Hai was a capable man called Zheng Jiawei, although he was a little womanish because he liked to cry. For example, now.

"Wu Hai, we have been working together for years. Just when your gastric disease finally gets better, you start to give up on yourself again," Zheng Jiawei said with a sorrowful look while wiping the tears from time to time.

"How many times have I told you to speak normally? If you continue talking to me like that, just get out of here," Wu Hai said mercilessly.

"No problem, but you must first eat up the dishes that I bought from Huang Ting Hotel. You liked the Abalone Sauce Steamed Rice very much previously, right? Look, it's so fresh and is still hot." Without any fear of the hot temper of Wu Hai, Zheng Jiawei tried to persuade him in a kindly manner.

"I have told you already I don't want to eat. I would rather eat tomorrow." Without even looking at the dish, Wu Hai leafed through a magazine of fine arts while staying seated at the side.

Zheng Jiawei went up for two steps cautiously and drew out the magazine from Wu Hai's hands before moving the dishes in front of him.

"Let me tell you. You can't do this. The art exhibition is coming soon. You still have 5 unfinished paintings. Moreover, you even stop eating now. Tell me what exactly do you want?" Looking at the messy workroom in his sight, Zheng Jiawei couldn't help grumbling again.

Normally speaking, there were two apartments on one floor. Nevertheless, Wu Hai alone occupied the whole floor. He bought both the apartments of the second floor and made them into one. One of them was used as the art studio while the other was for resting. During normal times, the art studio was quite neat with everything where they were supposed to be.

Now, however, only some drawing papers were left flying around the room. Some were torn into little pieces and some crumpled. Miscellaneous papers were scattered everywhere on the floor. The main issue was that Wu Hai didn't allow others to clear them up. Zheng Jiawei knew that and hence walked scrupulously for fear of stepping on any of them.

"You go back. It's too noisy," after the magazine was taken away, Wu Hai directly pointed at the door and said.

"Wu Hai, please, just go and eat something. I beg you, please." As an adult man, Zheng Jiawei spoke awfully humbly. If not for Wu Hai already getting used to him talking this way, he would probably get goosebumps all over.

"I really don't get it. Why does Xiaolin love a man like you?" Wu Hai stood up and said irritably.

"Because I'm dutiful, my honey loves me," speaking of his girl friend, Zheng Jiawei immediately revealed a sweet smile.

"That's really disgusting. Go away, now," Wu Hai couldn't bear it anymore and then said.

"Alright, Wu Hai. Listen to me. Yuan Zhou's restaurant is temporarily closed for decoration. Why don't you eat something else? If you don't eat, how will you have strength to create your paintings?" Zheng Jiawei still tried his best to persuade him.

"No way. Go away now," Wu Hai still showed a tough attitude.

"Sigh. It seems I have only to ask for Xiao Lin's help to come and look after her brother. I don't really want her to worry about you but... " seeing Wu Hai's determined attitude, Zheng Jiawei brought out his phone and prepared to make the call while saying.

"Alright, alright. I got it. I will eat it. You get out of here, ok?" Wu Hai's tone became even worse and directly shouted.

"Great. Remember, first drink the broth to warm your stomach and then eat the dish. Go to bed early after the meal," Zheng Jiawei smiled and instructed him carefully.

During the process, Wu Hai remained silent. No one knew if he truly heard Zheng Jiawei's words.

"Peng," there came a sound of the door closing. Zheng Jiawei then left away securely. Every time he used Xiao Lin to threaten Wu Hai, he would become more obedient.

This time, however, this method seemed to be not working. As soon as Zheng Jiawei left away securely, Wu Hai immediately stood up and smelled the dishes that were laid out on the table.

"It smells really bad. A strong flavor of MSG." then Wu Hai threw the meal into the trashbag in disgust.

"Pa Da, Pa Da," wearing the slippers, Wu Hai walked into the resting room and threw himself on the bed and then continued to stare blankly.

Wu Hai was an artist, the top-notch kind among young generation. This was his second art exhibition in his lifetime and hence was very important for him. It was so crucial that Wu Hai worried about it every day. If Yuan Zhou didn't open the restaurant, he would hardly eat anything.

There were only two months left before the art exhibition commenced but Wu Hai was still short of two thematic paintings and three paintings for other categories, which required great effort to complete. Art needed inspiration most. If he didn't eat anything and kept staying hungry, how could he get the inspiration?

"Really annoying," Wu Hai had been lying down but he suddenly stood up and shouted loudly.

With the current appearance, Wu Hai looked more like an artist now. His clothes were covered with dyestuff; even his clean and smooth face wasn't lucky enough to escape; the two small tufts of mustache that he treasured most were likewise in a mess, let alone his hair.

"Da Da Da", he walked to the window. When he saw the decoration workers who were still busying doing their work outside, Wu Hai restlessly tore off another painting that he had just half completed.

Yuan Zhou, who was being thought of by Wu Hai in various means, was nevertheless receiving the bonus package.

Having finished the missions, he had accumulated two rewards that had not been received and checked by him.

The reward well deserved the name 'a bonus package' this time. In the package were actually two objects; one of them was the vessel to contain the liquor and the other was just the leading role, the liquor.

The vessel rewarded this time was best suitable for drinking liquor.

What's more, the system rewarded him with three sets in one go, each with patterns of plum blossom, orchid and bamboo respectively painted on them.

The liquor bottles had the max capacity of 250ml and each of them came with three cups.

All the cups were made from fine porcelain, which was characterized by their thin wall and exquisite surface. When picked up in the hands, the cups were even slightly translucent and the patterns on the cup wall could still be seen indistinctly. One could easily tell that each cup was carefully carved and made.

"Of the four symbols: plum blossom, orchid, chrysanthemum, and bamboo, why are there only three?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

However, the system didn't react and nor responded him.

"Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan. Please come and check. Do we need to cover here in case there's too much dust?" suddenly, Yuan Zhou heard Master Feng shouting downstairs while he was on the second floor.

"Dong Dong Dong", Yuan Zhou went downstairs hurriedly in quick steps.

"It's done outside?" Yuan Zhou was a little surprised.

"Yeah, it's done and will be dry in a little while. This small project is very easy. Please check if we need to shelter the restaurant from the dust," Master Feng said with a smile. His body was stained with some splatters of white lime.

"Master Feng turns out to be truly skilled. Sorry to bother you. Let me just protect the kitchen." Yuan Zhou nodded. Then he took out a heavy curtain from inside the countertop and began to cover the kitchen.

"Let me help you, Boss Yuan. This is the last part of the project for today. Tomorrow the whole project will be completed after some touching up," Master Feng took over the heavy curtain while carefully reporting to Yuan Zhou about the decoration status.

"Humm, thank you so much for your excellent work," Yuan Zhou said politely.

"No, no need. Since Boss Yuan you are so considerate, we are making everything considerate. Don't worry, we'll definitely decorate the pub as beautiful as possible for you," Master Feng said frankly.

Once they finished covering the kitchen with the heavy curtain, Master Feng took the workers to dismantle the wall. They used the method which required the most time and effort by taking the bricks off one by one before mending it.

Yuan Zhou, on the other hand, checked the new rewards in his mind.

The system displayed, "The liquor reward is the Bamboo Liquor, which means to make the wine with living bamboo."

This was the reason why Yuan Zhou didn't receive the rewards in one go. The living bamboo mentioned would definitely be planted on the second floor of the pub. Since the floor was totally bare right now, it would be naturally impossible that several strange bamboos appeared out of nothing.

Of course, he didn't worry about it at all now. There would be no problem with the cover of other bamboos.

Next, he checked the other reward...