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144 New-Fashioned Decorations

 It was time to close the restaurant for rebuilding and redecoration.

"Wait, Boss Yuan, is this the reason why you let us fill out the Customer Questionnaires?" Wu Hai instantly remembered the questionnaire that he had filled out this morning.

Written clearly in the questionnaire were words "Are you satisfied with the decorations of the restaurant? Please give it a score, between 1 to 10". Wu Hai surely didn't agree with Yuan Zhou's aesthetic taste, therefore he directly wrote 5 in the blank. Even this score was given due to the extraordinary cleanliness.

Now Wu Hai definitely wanted to go back in time to give it a full score immediately. What the hell did Yuan Zhou want to rebuild and redecorate for?

"Yes and no," Yuan Zhou answered ambiguously. Yuan Zhou came up with the idea of redecorating after he saw the neighboring pub and he was also quite clear about the extent of the decorations after asking the system.

"Boss Yuan, I don't think you need to waste your precious time on these insignificant issues," Wu Hai said earnestly.

Other customers likewise nodded seriously.

"See? They all think so," Wu Hai signaled to Yuan Zhou that this was the will of the people.

Yet, Yuan Zhou just checked the time and said, "Business time is up. The restaurant will be open again two days later from now. Thank you for your patronage."

"Boss Yuan, I'm quite sorrowful that you have fallen onto the wrong path. Things such as decorations are totally unnecessary. It's already pretty good." Wu Hai revealed a painful expression while covering his stomach.

"Quite necessary. You'll know it then," Yuan Zhou said seriously.

"Only two days, right?" Wu Hai let out a sigh and then asked for confirmation.

"Humm, two days," Yuan Zhou nodded to confirm.

Although they were reluctant to let Yuan Zhou redecorate the restaurant, the customers followed Wu Hai and left. Others, nevertheless, became more curious about what the restaurant would be like after decoration and if it would be enlarged so that they wouldn't need to wait so long for a meal.

After all, they couldn't afford to take Yuan Zhou's restaurant as a canteen like Wu Hai did and were unable to come here frequently to eat. Of course, whether Yuan Zhou would bestow some new dishes or if there would be another discount were the matters they were more concerned with.

As for Yuan Zhou, he had already instructed the person who was in charge of the redecorating on how to do the work. Of course, that how to get the Ornamental Sergestes Wall Landscape rewarded by the system embedded in Yuan Zhou's restaurant had also been well planned by Yuan Zhou.

On the next day, Yuan Zhou got up earlier than usual and waited at the entrance for the arrival of the workers. Being troubled for quite a while when he negotiated the price yesterday, Yuan Zhou eventually gave up the thought of him taking part in the work.

Chefs' hands mattered a lot to them as they needed to distinguish the most subtle difference between the dishes. Therefore, Yuan Zhou plastered his hands with a special hand cream every day.

"Morning, Boss Yuan. I have brought the workers here." the skilled solid plasterer who came over to talk about the price with Yuan Zhou yesterday came up to him with a smile.

"Master Feng, I will have to trouble you to do this work as per what we agreed on yesterday," Yuan Zhou nodded and then said.

"Ok, no problem. Such a small project can be easily finished within a day. Boss Yuan, you really have strict requirements. Don't worry, my people are all nimble and quick with their hands." Master Feng pointed to the five workers following him. One of them was a middle-aged woman and all of them looked quite clean.

"Humm. Sorry for the trouble. The mineral water is over there beside you. Please go to the restaurant across the street for lunch and dinner when it's time," Yuan Zhou said while pointing to a fast food restaurant across the street.

"Great, got it. Let's move, guys. Just do the work as we agreed on yesterday," Master Feng expressed his gratitude and then said to the other masters.

Yuan Zhou watched the several workers go up and remove the door of the neighboring pub. They then mixed the cement before starting to renovate.

That's right. According to Yuan Zhou's scheme, he just wanted to remove the door of the neighboring pub and keep only one door. Wasn't it strange to have two doors in one store when both belonged to him? Therefore, Yuan Zhou decided to make another entrance to the pub on the neighboring wall inside his current restaurant.

As for the new entrance in the restaurant, he intended to use the Ornamental Sergestes Wall Landscape as the door.

By then, he would make an archway out of the rectangular wall landscape. When the door was closed, it would be purely scenery as it was transparent with only some sergestes and water weeds raised inside. It would splendid as people could see the courtyard of the pub on the other side through the landscape wall.

While thinking about his originality, Yuan Zhou revealed a smiling face.

"Ling Ling Ling"

At that time, Yuan Zhou's phone rang in his pants pocket. Yuan Zhou took it out and saw an unknown phone number. After hesitating for a moment, Yuan Zhou then answered.

"Excuse me, is that Boss Yuan? This is from the Floriculture and Gardening store. The goods have been sent to your entrance. Please sign and receive it." From the other end of the phone came a young male voice.

"Ok, I'll be right there," Yuan Zhou didn't actually have to oversee the work outside. He merely prepared to check the work by the time it was finished. Besides, these workers were the best and specialized in small buildings. The materials they used were also top-grade; therefore, Yuan Zhou was fully assured of their work.

When he went downstairs, he found a white van parked at the entrance with the back door open where green bamboo leaves were sticking out. A young man dressed in work clothes of the Floriculture and Gardening store stood aside, holding some documents in his hands.

"Boss Yuan, this is the special square bamboo. It can grow up to 3 meters at most. This is its state of maturity," holding the documents, the young man recited fluently, yet appearing slightly nervous.

"Let me have a look," Yuan Zhou nodded and signaled him to take one plant out and let him check.

"Ok, right away." Spinning around in a circle, the young man found there was nowhere to put down the documents. Therefore, he placed the documents into his pants pocket before carefully taking out one square bamboo plant.

"It's good. Just move them into the house and plant them," Yuan Zhou checked the appearance of the bamboo cautiously and said while pointing at the door of the pub where the workers were still building the wall.

"Ok, right away," seeing Yuan Zhou not have any dissenting opinion, the young man answered happily and then started to move the bamboo.

"Please plant them on the second floor. This way," Yuan Zhou pointed to the brownish red stairway which glittered the glossy color of the wood.

"But the mud?" the young man said with awkwardness.

When he walked through the courtyard, the bamboos had left some soil on the ground. Now, as he entered the house, they again left some more soil and mud. This made him instantly feel rather awkward.

"Never mind. Just plant them," Yuan Zhou took little notice of the soil at all when he saw it.

"Humm, don't worry, Boss Yuan. I have pretty good planting skills. If there's any color change on the bamboo leaves, you can call me. I will keep it as healthy as possible," upon hearing that, the young man felt relieved. While speaking of his professionalism, he became more confident.

"Humm," Yuan Zhou followed the young man upstairs and prepared to speak in detail about how to plant the bamboos.

As soon as he arrived upstairs, the young man got a little astonished. It appeared to be the second floor but had been torn down into a terrace. On the terrace, there was a set of stone table and chairs, which appeared to be a dining place. He couldn't help muttering, "Rich people really have odd hobbies."

"Just plant the bamboos into the square hollow. Give it a little more distance," Yuan Zhou pointed at the hollow and said.

"Ok, no problem. It's merely that the square bamboos like dark, wet and cool surrounding and would grow better in the moister atmosphere. In such sunshine, however..." While the young man was planting, he carefully explained the characteristics of the square bamboos.

"No problem. They will grow well," when Yuan Zhou heard that, he said affirmatively.

"Since Boss Yuan has methods to solve the problem, that's really good," the young man began to run up and down, busily planting the square bamboos.

The reason why Yuan Zhou chose square bamboos was that this breed of bamboo was cultivated in a special way and it wouldn't grow more than 3 meters. Therefore, it wouldn't exceed the height of the ceiling. With the thin and luxuriant leaves, the green square bamboo formed a tower shape and also gave it a secret and private place.

Moreover, the special shape was quite suitable for people to appreciate their posture and the bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots that sprouted from them were also edible and delicate in taste.

At that time, customers could savor the liquor while resting in the shade of the bamboos.