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143 Ambitions of the System

 The one hour of breakfast time soon passed. Having finished the Clear Broth Noodle Soup earlier, the man had been constantly waiting for him there.

"Sorry to keep you waiting for so long. What can I do for you?" After seeing off Mu Xiaoyun, Yuan Zhou finally had some time.

"You are welcome. It's mainly because Boss Yuan's dishes are delicious," Despite his reserved and stern manner, the man nevertheless spoke gently.

"Thank you," Yuan Zhou expressed his gratitude politely with a nod and waited for the man to speak about the issue at hand.

When the man found Yuan Zhou didn't intend to ask, he first said.

"Let's just be frank and blunt. We are all busy," the man paused a little while speaking.

"Go ahead," Yuan Zhou nodded and signaled him to continue.

The man first looked around and then suddenly said, "I think everything is great in your restaurant but it lacks some liveliness. I would rather bring some ornamental fishes for a better visual effect."

While saying "everything is great", he revealed some sort of reluctance on his face. Yuan Zhou's restaurant could only be regarded as simple and in good taste at best. As the system was in charge of the decorations, Yuan Zhou didn't have any incentives to enhance it.

"Thank you, but there is no need," Yuan Zhou refused flatly.

"Boss Yuan, don't worry. This is just my donation," the man showed an earnest look, except that his tone became even tougher.

"No need, really," with a frown, Yuan Zhou still refused.

"You don't like fish?" the man was a little curious.

"They are alright," after thinking for a while, Yuan Zhou found he didn't really hate the fish.

"Are you sure you don't want it?" the man asked in the end.

"Humm," Yuan Zhou nodded. After that, the man left straight away.

Yuan Zhou happened to know about the ornamental fishes. When he had worked in the three-star hotel, he once showed curiosity concerning the taste of the colorful koi in the entrance hall. Nevertheless, the price left him mightily impressed.

Sow nothing and reap nothing. Yuan Zhou was reluctant to receive such donations. If he received it, it was as if he owed others something. Yuan Zhou touched his pocket contentedly and was quite satisfied with the number in his bank account.

The system displayed, "Host, you have activated a side mission. Please complete it as soon as possible."

[Side Mission] Please complete 10 Customer Satisfaction Surveys and make sure all the scores exceed at least 9

[Mission Reward] An Ornamental Sergestes Wall Landscape

Suddenly, the system directly released a mission.

Yuan Zhou touched his forehead with sort of puzzlement, "Are you not satisfied after being despised for your lousy taste?"

Usually, the system didn't release consecutive missions. It was surely unusual to give missions so frequently, especially when Yuan Zhou had just finished the staged mission. Now a side mission was suddenly issued.

It was unavoidable for Yuan Zhou to suspect it was due to the system being despised by the man for its decoration taste and lack of liveliness. Hence, the reward of the mission also confirmed Yuan Zhou's speculation. The sergestes should be some kind of a living creature.

"System, are you ambitious or are you arrogant?" Yuan Zhou asked with puzzlement.

However, the system still acted as usual and didn't have any reaction.

On the contrary, several A4 sized paper questionnaires suddenly appeared in the drawer at Yuan Zhou's side.

"Zi", Yuan Zhou pulled open the drawer, where the questionnaire forms were quietly lying.

The first thing that came into sight was the headline "Satisfaction Survey" and only ten questions listed below, which did not appear perfect nor professional. That made Yuan Zhou feel the mission was much more of a joke.

"Does the mission have a time limit?" Taking the questionnaires in his hand, Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, "No."

"How much is the full score?" suddenly, Yuan Zhou recalled of the requirement of the mission.

The system displayed, "10."

"So concise and blunt." Yuan Zhou was rather speechless.


During the business hours at noon, Yuan Zhou stared at Mu Xiaoyun for 5 full minutes and finally gave up the tempting idea of letting her fill in the form casually.

The arrival of Wu Hai, nevertheless, helped Mu Xiaoyun out. She had been feeling quite uncomfortable all over her body due to Yuan Zhou's stare.

"You came just in time. Fill this out, please," before Wu Hai ordered his dish, Yuan Zhou handed a questionnaire and a signing pen to him.

"What's this? A satisfaction survey?" Having received them, he looked at the questionnaire in surprise and then raised his head to look at Yuan Zhou again.

"Humm, give it to me when you are done," Yuan Zhou said calmly, his expression not changing at all.

"Research on taste of the dishes and satisfaction of the surroundings?" Wu Hai checked two items randomly.

"Tell me, please. If I fill out the questionnaire and raise questions therein, will you correct them?" This was the part that Wu Hai felt most unbelievable. What was the nickname of Yuan Zhou? Compass. How was it possible for him to change so easily? Moreover, there were only 10 items in this so-called satisfaction survey, which appeared to be more untrusted.

"That depends," thinking of the questions on the form, Yuan Zhou answered cautiously.

"I have already predicted this answer. Anyhow, there is still a chance. Let me give it a try then," Wu Hai merely felt it was interesting. He then picked up the signing pen prepared by Yuan Zhou and started to fill out the form at great length.

While he was filling out the 9th item, a red plastic bottle suddenly appeared in front of Wu Hai.

"What's this?" Wu Hai asked with puzzlement.

"I think you wrote it incorrectly and should revise it a little bit," while taking out the correction fluid quietly, Yuan Zhou said indifferently.

Hearing that, Wu Hai took up the form and carefully checked the content that he had just filled.

There was nothing wrong with the writing and grammar and the content was written in lively and vigorous handwriting.

"There's nothing wrong with it," Wu Hai answered affirmatively before picking up the pen and preparing to continue.

"You'd better amend the score," Yuan Zhou took a glance at the score again and said with an affirmative tone.

Apart from the only full score concerning the taste of the dishes, the scores filled by Wu Hai under other questions were only 6 or 7 and some even 5. How was it possible for Yuan Zhou to accept such low scores?

"Oh, I get it now. I know what you mean now," Wu Hai suddenly understood. He revealed an evil smile on his face and a mischievous aura even came from his two mustaches.

"Yes, better amend it," Yuan Zhou set down the correction fluid and said positively.

"But I feel the other aspects only deserve that low scores," Wu Hai said with a seemingly prim manner.

"So do I. But I probably won't have the inspiration to cook the spicy dishes for a long time," Yuan Zhou looked at Wu Hai and thought for a while before saying that.

"Sigh. Boss Yuan, how can you get accurate answers by threatening others?" Wu Hai showed a bitter hatred on his face.

"I think they are quite accurate, except for those that you were intentional with," Yuan Zhou hit the nail on the head.

"How is that possible? I felt I wrote quite well. Won't you consider it?" Wu Hai still insisted on his own opinion.

Yuan Zhou's answer was pretty straightforward. He just pointed at the correction fluid and asked him to correct the score.

After that, Yuan Zhou followed suit and consecutively got another few questionnaires done. As for the scores, they were all the full scores.

Basically, when the score was lower than 9, Yuan Zhou would quietly hand the correction fluid to them. They all knew him well and subsequently corrected the score.

Only Wu Zhou foolishly asked, "Boss Yuan, if you think my score is wrong, then what score do you want?"

Such a frank question, nevertheless, made Yuan Zhou stupefied. It was yet Wu Hai who reminded him with a sneer at the side, "Of course the full score."

Then, Yuan Zhou admitted shamelessly with a nod.

The customers on site all became speechless. What a ridiculous questionnaire it was! Were the results of such questionnaires of any use? It was purely a waste of papers.

Such a joking mission was completed by Yuan Zhou jokingly and the system didn't even remind him of any violation of rules.

The system seemed to be truly provoked. Not mentioning the extremely simple mission first, it didn't even set any limitations on the ways to complete the mission either.

Subsequently, Yuan Zhou directly declared, "Starting from tomorrow, the restaurant will be closed for two days in order to rebuild and decorate," when he saw so many customers around.

There were mixed reactions among the customers. Of course, the one that had the biggest reaction was Wu Hai, who had taken the restaurant as his special canteen.