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142 Yuan Zhou’s Pub

 On the agreed day of the live broadcast, fans of the streamers arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant one after another starting from the morning.

At 4 p.m., the e-sports streamer, Black Big, hurriedly came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant together with Meng Meng.

He specifically didn't inform them of his arrival time in order to let them see personally what a good business Yuan Zhou's restaurant had got. Therefore, the 20 fans invited by Black Big were all waiting in line outside the entrance for their turn.

In the noisy and bustling surroundings, Black Big and Meng Meng started the live broadcast. Of course, they needed to show the scene to even more audiences to prove it was true and for real. And because of the live broadcast, more and more people joined the line.

Wherever there was a lively scene, there would be onlookers. The countrymen had never disliked big events as they could watch the fun.

Afterward, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was surrounded by a crowd of customers. The unprecedented prosperity was not any less than the discount day.

When more white-collar employees got off work in the evening and saw the situation, they thought there was another discount offered in Yuan Zhou's restaurant and hence excitedly came over to join the line.

Even if they knew later on there was not, they had already spent so long waiting thus decided to have dinner here.

The restaurant in the evening was awfully busy. However, Yuan Zhou's expression was always mild, which probably indicated the mission was about to be completed.

After the hard work all day long, the night fell. As soon as Yuan Zhou closed the restaurant, he couldn't wait to tap open the mission and began to check the status.

[Fourth Stage of the Mission] Both the turnover and number of customers surpass those on the discount date respectively.

(Mission Tips: A top-grade chef should increase the value of his dishes over the price. Host, please work hard to increase the value of his dishes over this ordinary price, young man.)

[Time of mission] Ten days (at the 9th day)

[Reward of mission] Three hours of nightlife and a bonus package of wines (available to be received)

(Reward tips: the host is required to find another place for the location of the nightlife. When the time comes, the system will provide unified decorations.)

[Mission Status] Completed

"Receive the reward." While looking at the completed mission, as expected, Yuan Zhou was quite happy.

"Has the store been decorated?" Yuan Zhou thought for a while and asked about the decoration of the neighboring stores. Surprisingly, he didn't check the content of the reward immediately.

The system displayed, "The decorations have been completed. Host, please put them in service as soon as possible."

Yuan Zhou didn't really care about the system's urging. Instead, he sat in his special position and thought for a moment before going downstairs.

"Dong Dong Dong," he moved in quick steps and opened the back door of the neighboring store. Right now it also belonged to him.

Actually, every store had more or less the same layout. It was merely that this store had formerly been a tea house and was much bigger than Yuan Zhou's restaurant. As soon as Yuan Zhou entered the back door, he arrived at the main hall of the ground floor, which differed from previously, when it had been full of tables and chairs.

Now it had become spacious. A circle of primitive and plain wooden wine barrels with its original color were placed at a corner of a wall. The most conspicuous thing was the stairs located in the middle of the main hall. It was wooden and had a width of only two persons to pass at the same time. When stepped upon, the stairs emitted a clear and melodious sound.

Different from the formerly yellowish and greasy stairway which constantly emitted a sound of "Ge Zhi", it seemed that the system had replaced the wood with new ones.

Passing through the main hall, Yuan Zhou first arrived at the courtyard. The door of the tea house was located in the front courtyard. There had been three stone tables outside formerly, which appeared rather elegant. However, now, the front courtyard was directly rebuilt by the system into a garden. The stone table had disappeared and in the same place various green plants were planted.

Planted beside the yard wall at Yuan Zhou's side was a cherry-apple tree, which was apparently provided by the system. The appearance was exquisite; the branches seemed to be either carefully trimmed or grown naturally and were aesthetically pleasing.

It was July. The pretty and delicate flowers of the cherry-apple had withered away and the tree had borne fruits, which were turning red from green. Some of them were so red that they turned into a bright hot pink.

Moreover, the fruits of the cherry-apple were eatable, with thin skin and fresh flesh. They had a unique delicate sweet and sour taste. The fruits could be eaten either fresh or cut opened and made into dried cherry-apples to be conserved for further processing. Besides, there was another frozen method for eating the fruits, that is, to eat the cherry-apples that had been completed frozen. The taste was more delicate and refreshing that way.

Yuan Zhou carefully identified the plants inside the yard. Planted along the walls were camellias, which hadn't blossomed as it was in the wrong season. Other plants were basically those that Yuan Zhou wouldn't know at all unless they blossomed.

Of course, there were more plants that were actually not flowers but evergreen plants.

While taking a glance at the double doors, Yuan Zhou thoughtfully went upstairs and prepared to have a look.

"What the hell is this?" Looking at the spacious room in his sight, Yuan Zhou was rather speechless.

"Didn't you say it had already been decorated?" Yuan Zhou stood on the second floor and asked while supporting his forehead.

The current second floor was completely different from what Yuan Zhou had known, as the system had directly dismantled everything therein. After going upstairs, there was only a terrace and a square hollow, appearing quite weird.

The system displayed, "Host, please check the reward."

In response to Yuan Zhou's helplessness, the system straightforwardly displayed some totally unrelated words.

Yuan Zhou looked all around the terrace that was without any protection, walked for a lap and went downstairs to the ground floor before starting to check the reward.

"Sigh. It's really no scam, no comfort," Yuan Zhou sighed. Then he took out his phone and began to calculate on it before selecting and ordering some stuff through the internet.

The Internet was a good thing. Without going out, one could buy everything one wanted. The only precondition was to have money. Yuan Zhou looked at the balance in his bank account silently and smiled securely.

"Zhi Ya", Yuan Zhou carefully shut the door and returned to his bedroom. Lying on the bed, he stared into space for a while. Suddenly, he sat up and mumbled, "System, I don't like your style of decoration. Can I alter it?"

The system displayed, "Layout of the decorations have been fixed and cannot be altered."

"Then what about if I redesign it myself? I will only change the outer wall and won't hang any shop signs," Yuan Zhou considered for a while and continued asking.

The system displayed, "Host, you can decide on your own."

Anyhow, Yuan Zhou had been matching wits with the system for so long, he understood where the bottom line of the system was. As long as he didn't change the layout inside, there would be no problems. Besides, there was nothing inside that could be changed.

Relieved, Yuan Zhou soon fell asleep.

Early next morning, the first thing Yuan Zhou did after he got up was to make a call.

"Hello, I want to rebuild some walls. A very easy job," once the phone was connected, Yuan Zhou expressed his meaning explicitly.

"No problem. Where are you located, boss? Do you need renovation or what?" There passed a cheerful answer from the other end of the phone.

"Your work is nice, but I don't need it. It's only a small issue of wall rebuilding. You come to No. 14 of Taoxi Road at ten. I'll be waiting here for you," Yuan Zhou directly brought out the address and prepared to tell them the work in details when they arrived.

"Don't worry, boss. We'll be there soon,"

"Humm," Yuan Zhou hung off the phone immediately before the 59th second, a perfect timing for saving money.

Nevertheless, he didn't actually know that China Mobile still charged 2 minutes for 55 seconds.

Having solved the problem, Yuan Zhou started to open the door and began doing his business securely.

It was early in the morning. The father who had once brought his daughter here came to the restaurant again. He came alone and didn't bring anybody else this time. As soon as he arrived, he explicitly looked for Yuan Zhou.

"Boss Yuan, I have something to talk to you. Can we talk privately?" The man was quite frank.

"I'm sorry. It's still business hour," Yuan Zhou took a look at the man and found that he didn't seem to have an emergency, hence refused bluntly.

"No problem. Let's talk about that after the breakfast. Offer me a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup," the man followed Yuan Zhou's advice and said.