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141 Steadily Completing the Mission

 "Boss Yuan, the rice cake made by you is so so so delicious, without the slightest bitterness of the black sugar," Jiang Changxi complimented him generously.

"Thank you," Yuan Zhou answered seriously.

"Boss Yuan, you are so talented in cooking and really have a pair of nimble hands, huh?" While savoring the delicate taste, she flirted with Yuan Zhou while smiling at the same time.

As soon as the "Three Lost" woman spoke, her words carried an amazing power.

Yuan Zhou could only stay in the kitchen obediently, earnestly cooking dishes.

The several streamers who had enjoyed Yuan Zhou's treat, as promised, helped Yuan Zhou publicize his restaurant. The four of them all chose to post microblogs with virtually the same words.

[I managed to eat a super delicious cuisine today. Despite being a little expensive, the taste well deserved the price.]

Of them, only the E-sports streamer was an honest and frank man. He directly posted an advertisement for Yuan Zhou's restaurant during the live broadcast of a LOL match in the evening of the same day.

"Adhering to the principle of sharing good stuff with everyone, I'd like to tell you guys this restaurant serves really good cuisines. You won't regret eating there if you give it a try. The address has been released," at the intervals of the live broadcast, the E-sports streamer straightforwardly advertised it just like that.

[Why is the streamer advertising for others? Did you receive advertising fees?] Immediately, numerous barrages appeared.

"Advertisement? Please rest assured that I will never receive money for advertising. You'll understand after you go and eat the dishes. Frankly speaking, the restaurant doesn't really need my advertisement," the E-sports streamer said affirmatively.

Once the words were spoken, some among audiences believed it while some others didn't. Nonetheless, the E-sports streamer consecutively posted another two barrages again.

The live broadcast industry mostly relied on the fans to live, so whoever watched every program of the broadcast were definitely devoted fans. After the advertisement, two devoted fans thus made an appointment to go to taste the dishes recommended. Also, it was mainly because the restaurant was not far away.

"Wang Peng, have you arrived?" a thin boy wearing glasses and carrying a black school bag was holding his phone and talking to his companion.

"Yes, right I'm here," while speaking, the voice of Wang Peng passed from behind the boy of black school bag.

"You startled me. Let's go. It's just ahead of us." The boy of black school bag turned his head and found Wang Peng who was dressed in his school uniform was just standing behind him.

"Sigh. Xiao Lu, you are really good at finding the way in such a short time. No wonder your name is Xiao Lu (the two words mean knowing the roads in Chinese)," Wang Peng put his arm around the shoulders of Xiao Lu beside him.

"Stop it. Remember we are here to help to justify what Black Big said," Lu Xiao took Wang Peng's arm off his shoulders and said solemnly.

"I know, I know. There's definitely no problem with Black Big. We'll know after we go and check," speaking of Black Big, Wang Peng also became spirited.

The two boys were both in the second year of the Senior School and liked the game LOL the most. They had inadvertently watched the live broadcast of Black Big, namely the E-sports streamer. The characteristic blocking skills and the style of sneak killing from behind instantly made the two boys admire him. After that, they became the devoted fans of the streamer and watched every program of his broadcast without missing even one.

As soon as they got some pocket money, they contributed to the game and tipping Black Big.

"Gee? Why doesn't the restaurant even have a shop sign? Is it the place mentioned by Black Big?" Wang Peng doubtfully looked at the shabby restaurant of Yuan Zhou's.

"It is. Look, No.14," Xiao Lu said affirmatively while pointing at the street number.

"Shall we go inside and have a look?" Wang asked while walking.

"Yes, let's have a look," Xiao Lu likewise prepared to go inside.

When the two walked to the entrance, they found only a few customers were left in the restaurant, but still two of them were waiting for the seats. Since they were unable to eat, they would surely take photos of the surroundings. Nowadays, people would pay more attention to anything if there were photos to prove.

The interior surroundings of the restaurant weren't considered to be exquisite. They were merely plain and tasteful and looked extraordinarily clean.

Therefore, the two boys first took photos of the flower rack, which appeared to be the only highlight of the surroundings. Their photo technique was not very professional and hence they were naturally unable to capture the cleanliness feeling in the pictures.

"Wang Peng, I feel like my heart has collapsed," suddenly, Xiao Lu pulled Wang Peng who was taking the photos and then said.

"What's wrong?" Being about to take photos of the tables and chairs, Wang Peng asked in puzzlement.

"You'll know it when photograph that place," Xiao Lu pointed to the conspicuous price list on the wall.

"What the f*ck, is that for real?" Nonetheless, Wang Peng didn't have the feeling of being cheated. What if the price list wasn't true?

"Hi, what do you two want to eat?" the utterance of Mu Xiaoyun interrupted the astonishment of the two boys.

"So the prices are all those shown on the wall?" Wang Peng was a little shy while facing Mu Xiaoyun who was of similar age.

"That's right. What do you eat?" Mu Xiaoyun asked them politely again.

"No, we'll discuss that and then decide," Wang Peng didn't have enough money to afford the dish. He only had about 100 RMB in his pocket, which seemed to be a lot but actually wasn't enough to buy most of the dishes. Luckily, Xiao Lu dragged him away after calming down.

"Luckily we came out. It was so embarrassing just now," Wang Peng let out a sigh of relief and showed a discontented expression while looking at the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Black Big has definitely deteriorated. We must make the situation public," Xiao Lu didn't say much but was fast in jumping to conclusions. He then said angrily.

"Wait. He might also be cheated," Wang Peng was nevertheless fairly optimistic.

"Then we have even more reason to make it public and let him know," Xiao Lu said persistently.

"Humm, use some tactful words," after thinking for a while, Wang Peng agreed.

"Have you taken the photo of the price list? Also the photo of the street number is over here as well," Xiao Lu asked with great care.

"Yes, I have. Let me take the photos of them together. I'm sending you the photos."

"Ok," Xiao Lu agreed.

It was only the two of them who came over. What if other people also came over and got cheated? A reminder was yet indispensable.

However, he forgot how terrible it was when a fan turned to a foe.

In the evening, Xiao Lu used his username and consecutively posted ten microblogs, tagging Black Big on each of them, with the narration and photos. Due to this case, the microblog of Black Big was almost overwhelmed by such messages, all requiring Black Big to come out and respond to the questions. Of course, these messages were comparatively civilized. In some uncivilized messages, he was even scolded.

The answer from Black Big was very straightforward and quite frank.

[I am inviting twenty fans to dine together and personally savor the dishes cooked by Boss Yuan. Now that all of you saw the price and since I'm merely a poor soul, everybody can only order one dish. During that time, we'll have the process broadcasted live.]

Immediately, his microblog became even more lively. Most of the onlookers were basically waiting for that.

It was relatively noisy at Black Big's side. Meanwhile, the other few streamers were also affected.

As all four streamers had good relationships and sometimes conducted live broadcasts together, they had some fans in common; therefore all other fans of them got to know it soon. Subsequently, all the four streamers came out to refute the rumors that it was a paid advertisement. In the end, even Meng Meng came up to support the streamers.

Plus, there were originally many fans of Meng Meng who had been to Yuan Zhou's restaurant to have meals. Then the comments in the microblog started to split up, with each side having their own supporters.

The matter ended when Meng Meng, likewise, posted on her microblog.

[As for the matter of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, I will also go there and make a joint live broadcast with Black Big by then. A fact is a fact.]

Only after that did the dispute temporarily calm down.

Formerly, Meng Meng was nowhere to be found when she made live broadcasts and it was basically quite difficult to locate her. Since the place and time had been fixed this time, her devoted fans indicated one after another that they would go watch.

For the fans selection for the meal, Black Big directly proposed a vote. The time was short and anyone could apply for one position, therefore all the work was completed in just two days' time.

The E-sports streamer Black Big did all that in public, so his fans slowly started to believe in him. However, the onlookers still expressed their interest in watching the lively scene...