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139 On-Going Mission

 "Pa," with a clear sound, a prawn suddenly leaped up from the quiet chopping board in an unusual way and was about to fall to the ground.

Without even batting an eye, Yuan Zhou reached for the taste-free spoon and precisely caught the prawn. Then he pressed it back on the workstation with the spoon and began to unshell it.

"The actions of the boss appear to be firm," a male E-sports streamer was greatly amazed.

"He indeed has sharp eyes and agile hands," another pretty female streamer who usually did live broadcasts for makeup likewise praised with a smile.

"Boss Yuan is actually capable of doing much more than that," Meng Meng said fairly proudly.

"We are not praising you. Why are you showing off so much?" A streamer for singing at the side said with a melodious sound.

"I'm serious. Look at those sculpted flowers outside. They are all made by Boss Yuan," pointing at the flower rack outside the door, Meng Meng said to prove Yuan Zhou's genuine capability.

"Aren't those real flowers?" The crowd of streamers immediately became astounded.

Laid out outside the door were many blossoming flamboyant flowers. Each showed different postures with the dark green branches serving as a foil. The several people had just complimented in their heart that Yuan Zhou had such a decent taste for laying out so many flowers outside the door.

"Ha Ha, you have definitely been fooled. They are actually sculpted from radishes. Don't they look as same as the genuine ones?" Meng Meng appeared even prouder.

"That can't be true." While speaking, two streamers went up and touched them as they just couldn't believe in her.

"These really are radishes. What skillful hands he has," as the male streamer of E-sports had rich experiences in playing online games, he knew how important a pair of adroit hands were; therefore he admired Yuan Zhou the most.

"All right, guys. Come back now. It's time to have meal," seeing the two people continue studying the flowers, Meng Meng said hurriedly.

"Coming." Yuan Zhou had already carried the dishes out of the kitchen when the two people returned to their seats.

Every dish was as exquisite as a piece of work of art. They seemed to have their own spirits and likewise emitted tempting scents.

"First, thank you, Boss Yuan, for entertaining us. We can't wait to eat it now," Meng Meng first expressed her gratitude to Yuan Zhou while smiling.

"I don't want to say anything more. I'm way too hungry," with a more straightforward manner of speaking, Sun Ming picked up the chopsticks and prepared to eat immediately.

Although there was no wine, the meal was still considered a feast with the delicious dishes and tasty drinks as well as pretty girls.

"Wait," the E-sports streamer suddenly shouted.

The moment the makeup streamer became stupefied subconsciously, the last mouthful of sculpted flowers on the plate was grabbed.

"You! Even playing such dirty tricks. That's too much." Even when she got angry, the pretty girl was still beautiful. However, in front of delicacies, of course, it was the delicious dishes that were more important.

Therefore, only after swallowing up the last mouthful of the dish did the E-sports streamer have time to speak. "I wanted to say that Boss Yuan's restaurant is so clean."

"Who do you think doesn't know about it." The makeup streamer revealed an angry expression.

"But I'm the first to say that out," there was a smug look on the face of the E-sports streamer.

"Humph," the makeup streamer was too lazy to say anything anymore and didn't answer him.

"Boss Yuan, please rest assured. I will make great efforts to help publicize your restaurant." The E-sports streamer had always been frank and outspoken. Since he ate the dishes with great satisfaction, he spoke that out on his own initiative.

Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou couldn't say anything about it on the surface. He could only nod vaguely, which was considered to be consent.

"Come on. Let's go back now and help Boss Yuan's publicize his superb delicacies." The E-sports streamer got fairly excited.

Sharing is always a pleasant experience, let alone sharing such yummy dishes.

Urged by him, the several streamers all left. Before leaving, they all expressed implicitly that they would help in advertising.

"It turns out that you want us to help advertise for you." Only then did Sun Ming react.

"No," Yuan Zhou denied bluntly.

"What, aren't you to admit that? We are brothers, just tell me. My help doesn't require a treat." Sun Ming showed a look of disbelief.

"I have always been generous," Yuan Zhou said with an affirmative tone.

"Ho Ho," Sun Ming's expression seemed to say "Are you kidding me?". Subsequently, he continued saying, "That's ok. I got it now."

"Ok, be careful on the way back." Yuan Zhou nodded and saw the three people off.

Now Yuan Zhou prepared to constantly focus on the microblog of the several streamers to see if the saying "Whoever eats others' dish shall follow his instructions" worked or not.

During the Qing Dynasty in ancient China, when the famous foodie Yuan Mei conducted the literature movement in the south of Yangtze River, he was quite rebellious and immersed himself in excessive pleasurable activities. Therefore, somebody suggested the Magistrate of Jiangning District, Liu Yong, that he should investigate and deal with him accordingly.

Having heard of the information, Yuan Mei pulled strings and sent for Liu Yong to his mansion for a meal. He prepared diversified dishes in different forms including Taro Stewed Pork, Taro Soup and Taro Stewed Cabbage, etc. to allow the magistrate to eat his fill heartily. After that, the two persons changed from enemies to friends and hence solved the problem naturally.

This feast of Yuan Zhou was also quite sumptuous. "It's not supposed to be difficult for these few people to publicize his restaurant," thought Yuan Zhou reasonably.

While he was waiting for their publicity to take effect and lead to good results, night soon fell.

"Boss, Egg Fried Rice." Now, it wasn't Wu Hai anymore who entered the restaurant first every night. Instead, it was a fat person, who had lost much weight and became a not so fat fatty, that took the lead. He always estimated the time accurately.

"Wait a moment." Yuan Zhou nodded.

Three minutes later, Yuan Zhou carried the Egg Fried Rice to him. However, he didn't concentrate on eating first this time, but anxiously asked, "Did I lose weight?"

Yuan Zhou looked up and down and found the man really had become slimmer, or more accurately, sturdier.

"Yes, you indeed become slimmer than before." Yuan Zhou confirmed with a nod.

"It seems your dish, Egg Fried Rice, has the effect of keeping fit," the man said affirmatively and meanwhile patted the flesh on his belly.

"No, it's all due to your efforts." After thinking for a while, Yuan Zhou still didn't take all the credit.

"Really?" The formerly fat man who had lost weight to a lean person said with puzzlement.

"Yes, it's all because of your own efforts. Every time you come here on foot, of course you will become thin," Wu Hai said affirmatively while stepping into the restaurant.

"Oh yeah, it might be true." Having dispelled his doubts, the lean person started to eat his Egg Fried Rice without caring about other things anymore.

"It's still Egg Fried Rice?" looking at his plate, Wu Hai asked conveniently.

Yes, this lean guy was also a regular customer in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Over the past one month, he came over here as soon as the restaurant barely opened in the evening and would then order a serving of Egg Fried Rice every day. After having his meal, he would immediately leave.

In merely a month's time, he changed from a fatty with a pale face to the currently lean person with a ruddy face. In other words, he had been eating the Egg Fried Rice for a whole month.

"You are really a tolerant person," Wu Hai felt it required great perseverance to eat only one bowl of Egg Fried Rice every day, without eating anything else.

"Humm," Yuan Zhou affirmed with a nod.

Even if all the delicious dishes were cooked by himself, Yuan Zhou still felt the urge to keep eating these dishes.

"Thank you, boss," the lean person ate up the Egg Fried Rice and prepared to leave while Yuan Zhou and Wu Hai were talking.

"Take care," behind him, the little loli said dutifully.

Since he was brought here for the first time to eat the Egg Fried Rice, the lean person came for the very same dish every evening. Previously, he could stay at home for one month and didn't go out. Yet, now, even when he walked downstairs and upstairs every day to go out, he didn't feel annoyed at all.

Learn from your enemy and use the knowledge gained to be against him. Cuisines were nevertheless the best way to lose weight.

"Remember what I said before? You got slimmer than before," one of his neighbors living next door opened the door and said with a smile when he heard the lean person opening the door.

"Yes, I indeed got leaner now," the lean person admitted with a nod.

"The Egg Fried Rice of the nameless restaurant seems to be truly delicious. Look, you surprisingly got slimmer after eating it," his neighbor made fun of him.

"No, it wasn't because I ate the Egg Fried Rice, but I exercised a lot. You know, I go downstairs from the ninth floor to the ground and return every day," the lean person said earnestly.

"Yep, that also makes sense. No wonder I am so thin," his neighbor nodded with an affirmative expression while praising himself without a trace of embarrassment.

Then came a new customer to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. His face was unknown to Yuan Zhou and seemed to come for the first time...