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137 Boss Yuan’s Treats

 So far, Yuan Zhou did not seem to have any extraordinary points. It was awfully surprising. If he did have the inherent talent, then how did he master such standardized processing methods as if they were out from a textbook? This was the remark towards Yuan Zhou from Chef Yu.

If not, he probably learned those standard methods through self-study in the 3-star hotel?

"Get him over here." Xie Xuesi made a call to someone to summon the manager here.

Just in a little while, the sound of knocking came from outside the door.

"Come on in," Xie Xuesi folded the document.

"I have written my opinions in the document. You just follow as instructed. If there are other problems, come and talk to me. I hope you perform well this time." Despite his young age, Xie Xuesi had his own management philosophy.

He didn't scold the manager for neglecting his own duty but contrarily offered him another opportunity to complete a task. His purpose was quite explicit, that is, to let the manager make amend for previous faults by doing well of the work.

"Please be rest assured, President Xie. I'm quite experienced in poaching talented people," the manager received the document and took a glance before saying affirmatively.

"Humm, I believe that."

Xie Xuesi nodded and then started to deal with his own affairs.

The manager sensibly exited and left by himself.

It was 3:0 in the afternoon at Shui Yi Tea House.

Yuan Zhou and the couple, owners of the adjoining store, were seated face to face. Yuan Zhou arrived first as he was nearer to the place than the couple but he didn't order any tea water.

"Boss Yuan, you are so young and promising. Waiter, where's our tea water?" the landlady appeared to be pretty shrewd. After sitting down, she immediately complimented Yuan Zhou and then started to blame the waiter for not doing his job.

"No need. I don't drink tea," Yuan Zhou refused with a cold tone.

"Oh, yeah. Boss Yuan surely doesn't like the tea water here. Then let's talk about the price," said the landlady. The landlord just sat beside his wife and kept silent.

"Ok. This is the price that I list. Please have a look," Yuan Zhou took out the prepared contract, which consisted of the price that he offered according to the market price therein. Although the price was a big number, it was nevertheless, not too high.

"Boss Yuan, you are not sincere. I would rather sell my store to other people," As soon as the landlord saw the price, he then handed it to his wife with a darkening face.

"If you do that way, I have another scheme here." Yuan Zhou took out another file, which was the collection of the photocopy of the previous contract as well as some legal documents.

Of course, they were all about the conditions and clauses concerning the breach of the contract.

"What do you mean, Boss Yuan?" the landlord became delighted at first as he had thought that Yuan Zhou finally compromised. However, when the landlord took the documents over and found that Yuan Zhou intended to go to court against him, he immediately asked discontentedly.

"It's literally what it says. If you insist on breaching our agreement, I will send for a lawyer to deal with the dispute for me with full power. Don't worry, I have a lot of money." Yuan Zhou revealed an earnest and serious expression. He definitely did not appear to be joking.

"Oh, I forget to tell you. With money, it won't take too long to finalize the dispute so don't worry about wasting time," after thinking for a little while, Yuan Zhou added casually and then took up the phone in his hand.

"Well..." the couple just looked at each other and couldn't make up their mind at the moment. All that they thought of before coming didn't work at all. After all, it did no good to them to go to court.

"By the way, I don't have too much time. You can talk over that for five minutes. After that, I will give this lawsuit to my lawyer," Yuan Zhou checked the time and said unhurriedly.

Five minutes later, the couples eventually signed the sales contract reluctantly.

"Thank you, you two, for the cooperation." Yuan Zhou gave a nod of acknowledgment before standing up and leaving.

Looking again at the time, he found it cost him only twenty minutes from coming over here to finalizing the transaction. He then put away all the relevant papers away contentedly.

As for other transfer procedures, Yuan Zhou had hired an agency to handle them. The agency was well reputed and acted quickly.

The only remaining store was easier to handle. When Yuan Zhou told him he wanted to buy the store, the boss immediately agreed with readiness and moreover only charged the normal market price, without any other setback.

Naturally, the transfer procedure was also entrusted to the same agency to deal with.

It was merely 4:00 p.m. when Yuan Zhou returned to his restaurant. He directly went upstairs and turned on the computer before starting to search for Meng Meng's microblog page.

Meng Meng's occupation was a live broadcaster, thus her microblog had drawn much attention. Yuan Zhou wanted to send a private message to her.

The page nevertheless reminded him [You haven't signed in and hence, are unable to use this function.]

"So I need to sign in first?"

After that, Yuan Zhou only found that he needed to register first instead of signing in.

[Wang Meng, you can take some friends from the live broadcast here tomorrow afternoon. I would like to treat you to lunch.] from Generous Boss Yuan.

Coincidently, Wang Meng was reading the private messages of her microblog at that time. Upon seeing the name, she tapped open the message and checked it skeptically.

[Are you Yuan Zhou, Boss Yuan?] from Meng Meng.

Wang Meng sat at the computer and scratched her head with puzzlement. The only Boss Yuan that she knew was merely Yuan Zhou, but it was totally impossible for Yuan Zhou to treat her to lunch.

[Yes, tomorrow afternoon. You just come along with your friends.] from Generous Boss Yuan.

[I don't believe at all you are Boss Yuan. How can you prove?] Meng Meng felt she couldn't believe him so soon, even if Yuan Zhou had offered a discount not long before.

[Be serious. Come tomorrow afternoon with your friends from the live broadcast, less than five.] from Generous Boss Yuan.

With a frown, Yuan Zhou typed the few words again.

[It's so terrible. Boss Yuan is surprisingly treating me to lunch and moreover treating my friends. Is your ID stolen?], Meng Meng instantly felt everything was messed up.

[Wasting food is not allowed.] from Generous Boss Yuan.

After that, Yuan Zhou went offline.

Treating them to a meal. This was the idea that Yuan Zhou thought of to enlarge his influence and thus achieve victory using numbers. Self-advertisement was not allowed but he definitely gave a full score to himself for taking advantage of the legal loopholes.

Seated at the computer, Yuan Zhou continued thinking of whom else he could contact and treat them to a meal together.

"Wu Hai?" Yuan Zhou suddenly recalled Wu Hai who lived opposite to the restaurant. He came for each meal and should have a good financial capacity. Nevertheless, the next moment, Yuan Zhou gave up that thought.

This guy took meals in his restaurant every day but had never brought any of his friends here. Therefore, it was useless even if he treated him to the meal. Instantly, Yuan Zhou labeled Wu Hai as stingy in his heart.

Unconsciously, Yuan Zhou looked through his phone and remembered that his brother, Sun Ming, had also joined a so-called Gourmand Group on Wechat.

"Sun Ming, come over for lunch tomorrow afternoon," once the phone line was connected, Yuan Zhou said bluntly.

"What? Are you treating?" Sun Ming mocked him by habit.

"Yes, I'm treating you," Yuan Zhou answered conveniently.

"Cough. You are not Yuan Zhou, are you?" Sun Ming felt as if he had choked by something at first and severely coughed. Then he said with an affirmative tone.

"Come on time tomorrow. There are new dishes," not being unable to speak too many words for advertising, Yuan Zhou could only make it simple and clear.

"This is scary, terrifying. Have you got a fever?" Sun Ming was still stuck at the possibility of Yuan Zhou treating him.

"I'm pretty good. See you," after speaking that, Yuan Zhou hung up.

"Is this guy crazy? Why is he suddenly treating me?" giving a startle, Sun Ming said while taking the phone.

The two calls made by Yuan Zhou had a decent effect.

Meng Meng just couldn't believe that. At last, she carefully checked over the username of the microblog several times before eventually confirming it was Boss Yuan that sent her the messages. After all, he hadn't turned off the location information.

Sun Ming, nevertheless, felt he needed to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant this evening. Since he had gotten such a severe fever, he had the responsibility to go and pay a visit to his brother, Yuan Zhou.