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134 Difficulty in Completing the Mission

 The moment he got the sales contract, the system had shown the first stage of the mission to be completed and accepted by default to decorate the two neighboring stores. Therefore, Yuan Zhou didn't care about this issue anymore. Instead, he had been carefully thinking about how to complete the major part of the mission.

He thought for a while. If not for the discount card, it would be very difficult for him to achieve those accomplishments on that day. Even though he was quite confident in his culinary skills; nevertheless, dishes being delicious was one thing, them being not cheap was another.

The restrictions were severe. No self-advertisement was allowed and, moreover, the regular customers were on the minority side. They were not supposed to exceed 200.

"How should I complete the mission?" Yuan Zhou sat in his special seat and talked to himself.

"What do you need to complete, Boss?" Mu Xiaoyun asked curiously.

Yuan Zhou raised his head and started to carefully gaze at the face of the little loli.

She was frightened by the gaze that she retreated a few steps, "What's wrong with you, boss?"

The tight voice of the little loli carried some nervousness and unease.

"It seems many customers like you," Yuan Zhou said with an earnest manner.

Instantly, Mu Xiaoyun blushed due to the shyness, a beautiful flush appearing on her face. "Boss, is there any problem?"

"No, I'm just curious," with his unchanging solemn expression, Yuan Zhou seemed to be curious and suspicious rather than praising her.

"It might be because I treat them well?" as Mu Xiaoyun had some knowledge of Yuan Zhou, she knew he was truly curious about that issue when she heard Yuan Zhou say that.

However, Mu Xiaoyun didn't really know how to respond to this kind of thing, thus she had to give an ambiguous answer.

"Your manner of treating them?" While thinking of the failure of the smiling service last time, he decided to change to become more accepted.

"Ok, got it. Get to your work, then," suddenly, Yuan Zhou said gently.

"Well, ok. Are you displeased?" Mu Xiaoyun asked with great care.

"No. Go to do your work," Yuan Zhou said patiently.

Then, Mu Xiaoyun went away cautiously to wipe the tables while Yuan Zhou continued looking at Mu Xiaoyun mildly. As a result, Mu Xiaoyun dared not look back at Yuan Zhou anymore to see what was wrong with him.

"Morning, what do you want to eat today?" Yuan Zhou asked Ling Hong, who had just entered the restaurant, with great courtesy.

"Holy sh*t, haven't you returned to normal?" This was the first reaction of Ling Hong.

"May I ask what do you want to eat?" Yuan Zhou still asked mildly, without being angry at all.

"Scary. What exactly is wrong with you?" Although Yuan Zhou still seemed to have that expressionless face, the way he spoke was, nevertheless, incomparably gentle. Ling Hong couldn't help but shake off the goosebumps on his body.

"May I ask what do you want to eat?" Yuan Zhou almost couldn't bear it anymore but when he thought of the mission, he managed to suppress the impulse and still gently asked.

"Please, be normal. Boss Yuan, if you still act like this, we'd be flustered," Octopus likewise couldn't help grumbling.

Then Yuan Zhou became silent. It was, nevertheless, Mu Xiaoyun who came to greet them when she noticed the awkwardness.

"Hoo... I am more used to Boss Yuan being silent like this now." Ling Hong let out a sigh of relief.

When Yuan Zhou heard that, he stopped for an instant and then continued to cook the dishes as usual as if nothing had happened.

"These guys definitely don't understand that," Yuan Zhou said firmly in his heart.

The following scene was basically unbearable but Yuan Zhou still learned to march forward even when encountering a tough situation. He continued to be considerate and warm-hearted to others coming for a meal and successfully frightened every customer in the restaurant.

Just when even Mu Xiaoyun couldn't bear Yuan Zhou's abnormal attitude, Wu Hai came in.

"Hello, may I ask what do you want to eat today?" Yuan Zhou still persisted in his odd manner of treating his customers.

"Did you take the wrong medicines?" with a frown, Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou up and down before asking firmly.

"Err...." this time, Yuan Zhou really didn't know what to answer. After all, no one had phrased it so bluntly, although they might think so.

"What do you mean?" Yuan Zhou's face became more serious.

"You don't look well. Did you get sick and take the wrong medicines?" Wu Hai said earnestly.

"I'm good," Yuan Zhou's expression on his face became even worse.

"How unconvincing," Wu Hai didn't believe him at all.

"I had a friend before. He once caught a cold so the doctor prescribed three days worth of medicines for him. As he wanted to get better faster, he took all the medicine in one go and then slept soundly for two day. You..." while speaking, Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou doubtfully.

"I'm not sick and have never taken any medicine," Yuan Zhou said firmly.

"Then what's wrong with you?" Wu Hai still asked skeptically.

"Nothing. What do you want to eat?" Yuan Zhou took a deep breath that couldn't be detected and then asked.

"Ok, that's fine. Let me eat now. Jin'ling Grass and Melt-In-The-Mouth Chicken Feet, please," Wu Hai then started to order his dishes with relief when he found there was nothing wrong with Yuan Zhou.

Due to the extraordinarily eccentric behavior of Yuan Zhou, the business of the day didn't exceed that of the day when the discount was offered. Instead, it was even less than normal.

"It seems the mission is not that easy," Yuan Zhou considered carefully while lying in bed.

On the previous discount day, many were treated to eat here for the first time and also many came here once per month or once every two months. Although these customers wanted to eat delicacies, life seemed to be more important to them.

"Can I check the popularity of the restaurant now?" Yuan Zhou suddenly asked.

The system displayed, "Yes, sure."

Popularity of the restaurant, 14000.

"So this is the accurate data?"

The system displayed, "This figure shows how many people have some knowledge of the restaurant. Other people not counted in the figure are of no help."

"You really are straightforward," Yuan Zhou shrugged speechlessly.

"It seems to be too difficult to complete the mission with the current number of customers. I have to endeavor to increase the popularity of my restaurant," Yuan Zhou thought earnestly.

If the fame of the restaurant increased, then so would the number of customers who ate here. It would be more reliable that way to complete the mission.

While thinking himself that he had gotten a good idea, Yuan Zhou fell asleep with satisfaction. As for how exactly to complete the mission, it was a problem for tomorrow.

On the next day, Yuan Zhou started to continue practicing the sculpting skill

With the sunshine shining on his body, Yuan Zhou's figure was illuminated with a golden edge, making it look cozily warm. Even the radish in his hand glittered in a golden color.

"Boss, what's this?" Mu Xiaoyun liked the earnest manner of Yuan Zhou when he was sculpting the flowers very much; hence, didn't leave immediately.

"It's the dahlberg daisy." With great care, Yuan Zhou sculpted out the exquisite flower petals and said without even blinking.

"Is it the one mentioned in the poem Dahlberg Daisy by the poet in Song Dynasty?" Mu Xiaoyun directly recited a poem to describe the chrysanthemum sculpture in Yuan Zhou's hand.

The appearance of the white and thin, soft and tender flower petals made people believe that they would break any moment. Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou wielded the knife and sculpted the radish deftly, as gracefully as making a painting.

"Yeah, that's it. Do you like it?" Yuan Zhou finally finished the work. Then he raised his head, looking at Mu Xiaoyun and put the chrysanthemum on the flower rack beside him.

"Yes, can I have one?" without even blinking, she stared at the chrysanthemums in different shapes and said cautiously.

"Yeah, sure. Choose one by yourself," Yuan Zhou had enhanced his sculpting skill to its peak by now and thus didn't really care about his works being taken away by others.

"Thank you, boss," Mu Xiaoyun joyfully chose the one that Yuan Zhou had barely finished.

Looking at the delighted expression on her face, Yuan Zhou felt that he obtained a good idea then. Maybe he could do this...