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133 Produced by the System

 After Yuan Zhou finished all the dishes on the table, he gave a rare burp. It was really embarrassing but luckily he drank a cup of water in time.

"I ate too much." While holding the cup in his hand, Yuan Zhou lowered his head, looked at his round belly and frowned. Gluttony was truly bad.

Seeing it was almost time for the opening hours, Yuan Zhou opened the door, preparing to do business.

"Boss Yuan, you really offered a discount, huh? Then give me two servings of Egg Fried Rice. One serving of the Egg Fried Rice Set and the other, a serving of Egg Fried Rice," somebody said loudly.

"Do you eat only Egg Fried Rice?" another person behind him said discontentedly.

"Of course. If I have enough money, I would have already eaten like this previously," that person said indifferently.

The vacant seats in the restaurant were instantly occupied with the customers, while many more people still waited outside in the long line. Yuan Zhou crossed his arms against his chest and said nothing.

Mu Xiaoyun went up and greeted the customers while taking orders of dishes. Yuan Zhou merely conserved his strength and waited at the side, preparing to cook.

Outside the restaurant, Ling Hong squeezed through the crowd and moved forward while saying, "Excuse me, I don't want to eat and just want to ask the boss a question." Only then did he manage to enter the restaurant.

"It's so difficult to get inside," as soon as he entered, Ling Hong said and wiped away the perspiration on his forehead and heaved a sigh with emotion.

"Yes, too many customers," Yuan Zhou's manner of speaking was fairly easy-going.

"Are you really offering a discount?" Ling Hong still couldn't believe that.

"Yes, as you can see." Yuan Zhou nodded affirmatively.

"Alright. I don't want to eat but just to have a look," Ling Hong said.

"Ok, make yourself comfortable," Yuan Zhou said quite generously. After all, one extra Ling Hong wouldn't make a difference today; moreover, Ling Hong had said last time that he didn't eat discounted dishes.

Having stayed there for about ten minutes, Ling Hong left. As for Yuan Zhou's restaurant, it was ceaselessly busy from noontime to the night. When the closing time arrived, there were still lots of people waiting outside the restaurant. Not until Yuan Zhou personally went out and told them opening hours had finished did the crowd disperse.

"Take care, Xiaoyun," Yuan Zhou waved his hands and saw Mu Xiaoyun off.

Then he collapsed in the chair and revealed a smile on his face, "The turnover today should be a lot."

"System, please settle the accounts," Yuan Zhou straightforwardly said.

The system displayed, "Congratulation, host, you have fulfilled more than what is expected, that is, 3 times of the normal turnover. The turnover today is 980 thousand RMB."

"Is this the turnover without discount?" Yuan Zhou carefully calculated in his heart for a while and then asked affirmatively.

The system displayed, "The daily share of the host has been given to you."

"Hua La", Yuan Zhou pulled the drawer open. The stacks of brand-new red notes of 100 RMB inside were glistening and gleaming.

Yuan Zhou's happiest moments were when he counted the money every time. It was the best medicine to cure the frustration, naturally under the precondition that he was counting his own money.

Even if his arms ached a lot due to working all day long, it didn't seem to affect him when he was counting the money, which emitted a continuous sound of "Hua La La".

The system displayed, "Considering that the host has fulfilled the mission of discount card, the system hereby releases the main mission."

[Fourth Stage of the Mission] Both the turnover and number of customers surpass those on the discount date respectively.

(Mission Tips: A top-grade chef should increase the value of his dishes over the price. Host, please work hard to increase the value of his dishes over this ordinary price, young man.)

[Time of mission] Ten days (starting from tomorrow)

[Reward of mission] Three hours of nightlife and a bonus package of wines

(Reward tips: the host is required to find another place for the location of the nightlife. When the time comes, the system will provide unified decorations.)



"System, are you really not ensnaring me?" Yuan Zhou calmly suppressed his anger and asked gently.

The system displayed, "Host, please endeavor to complete this mission. The reward is waiting for you."

"Do you think you can dodge a bullet by acting cute?" Yuan Zhou couldn't help grinding his teeth.

The system displayed, "Host, please complete the mission as soon as possible."

"Good. Please explain to me first, what the hell is nightlife," Yuan Zhou already had nothing to grumble about concerning the mission of the system.

The system displayed, "Host can have an extra three-hour business time at night to entertain customers who love wine."

"It feels like you are so considerate towards me," Yuan Zhou continued saying while gnashing the teeth in anger.

The system displayed, "You are welcome. May host become the Master Chef soon."

"I'm not actually praising you," this time, Yuan Zhou grumbled directly.

"Did you say just now that the turnover and number of customers were three times that of the normal? " Yuan Zhou suddenly felt he had dug a big hole for himself.

The system displayed, "Yes, I did. Because host you have over-fulfilled the mission of the discount card."

"...," there was nothing to describe Yuan Zhou's mood now. The emotion of utmost frustration should be able to match what he was feeling.

"So this is what you are aiming for with the reward of the discount card?" instantly, Yuan Zhou asked weakly.

However, the cunning system kept silent this time.

The situation made Yuan Zhou recall of a poem written by Tsangyang Gyatso.

No matter whether you understand or not, I am over there, neither increasing nor diminishing.

No matter whether you scold or not, I am cheating you, always cheating you and will continue cheating you.

"Dong Dong Dong", Yuan Zhou walked upstairs step by step and prepared to lie on his bed first.

After walking to the bed, with a sound of "Peng", Yuan Zhou lay down in his clothes and began to consider how to complete the mission while looking at the ceiling.

The expanding belly reminded Yuan Zhou of the great endeavor of his own in the booming turnover today.

This annoying event made Yuan Zhou feel great pain in his heart.

"System, so I need to find another place for the nightlife?" Yuan Zhou carefully checked the mission and suddenly asked.

The system displayed, "Yes. Kind reminder, the next door of your restaurant has been deserted and is now empty."

"Thank you for your reminder." These few words were spoken by Yuan Zhou with bitter hatred.


Yuan Zhou might have already gotten used to the constant scams of the system or he might have been too tired. While thinking of that, he fell asleep immediately.

He slept sound until he was awakened by the alarm clock ringing every morning.

Then, the customers taking breakfast in the morning found Boss Yuan wasn't in a good mood.

"What's wrong with Boss Yuan?" a customer asked Mu Xiaoyun in a low voice.

"I don't know why, either," Mu Xiaoyun shook her head and answered in an even lower voice.

"Bad mood?" the customer said curiously.

"I have no idea," still, Mu Xiaoyun shook her head, with doubt filling her big eyes.

Although Yuan Zhou still carried an annoyed manner as if he was owed millions of RMB by others, his culinary skills were not affected at all.

After the one-hour breakfast time, Yuan Zhou locked the door up from outside and walked next door, where a "For Rent" notice was pasted.

Unhurriedly, Yuan Zhou walked forward for a few more steps to the second store next door and found indeed another "For Rent" notice was pasted on the door.

Formerly, Yuan Zhou had indeed noticed that the two stores were closed when he passed by.

Having recorded the phone numbers on the notice, Yuan Zhou returned to his own restaurant and started to make calls.

"Hello, I want to rent your store," Yuan Zhou said bluntly.

Yuan Zhou tactfully didn't expose that he was the boss of the prosperous restaurant next door and then negotiated the price smoothly on the phone.

The store nearby was formerly a teahouse. The decoration style was primitive and plain with hanging corners and upturned eaves. The floor was covered with gray bricks and the chairs were all made of rattans. Yuan Zhou didn't really know if they could still be used; therefore, he directly bought everything inside while renting the store. The decorations were naturally the system's problem.

The second store nearby had just been a restaurant. Since the family moved away, however, the store had been closed all along. As a result, the rent of this store was the cheapest.

The first stage of the mission was considered to be finished, though...