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132 Booming Business

 "Hello, Yu Na. I'm treating you to lunch today. Yes, it's in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, the one not far from the company." After the customers paid and finished their meals, the first thing most of them did was to make calls and post a Moment on Wechat.

"Mu Mu, come over here today. Let's eat something delicious," Wu Zhou also started to make a call.

"Wu Zhou, it's only Tuesday today. Let's eat next time," although Zhuang Xinmu loved eating delicacies, she also knew to live thriftily. Eating in Yuan Zhou's restaurant once per week had been quite extravagant already.

"There is a 12% discount today," Wu Zhou said excitedly.

"Are you out of your mind after working overtime from last night?" She blurted out. She would rather believe the Sun rose from the south.

"Mu Mu, it's real. I just ate the Soup Dumplings. Come over here today for the delicious dishes, Mu Mu," Wu Zhou said with an affirmative tone.

"Ok. I will get off work a little earlier today," she agreed doubtfully.

It was really inconceivable that Yuan Zhou's restaurant would offer discounts, even more inconceivable than the end of the world coming.

Then, people who received the information either pinched themselves or pinched others, in order to prove the authenticity of the information.

It was the Marketing Company where Wu Anlu worked.

"Boss, I heard Yuan Zhou's restaurant is offering discount today. Is it true?" After Ma Wei handed in the report forms, he hesitated for a while and eventually asked.

"You guys must have already heard of that. Would you like to eat something there?" Wu Anlu raised his head and looked at Ma Wei and then at his subordinates who were all pretending to work hard but were actually listening to their talk outside his office before asking them affirmatively.

"Aha, we've just concluded a big order. What do you think?" Ma Wei smiled flatteringly.

"Ok, you fellows. I'll treat you guys to lunch there. Just eat as much as you can," Wu Anlu said generously.

"That's terrific. Even if we work overtime tonight, it won't be a problem." Ma Wei rushed out happily to inform his co-workers of this good news.

"Close the door," Wu Anlu reminded him behind.

"Peng," the door was closed. Wu Anlu immediately took out his phone and began to send messages to others on Wechat Moments.

[Is the restaurant really offering a discount today? I have promised those subordinates in my office to eat as much as they can,] from Kou Tian Ge, the separate parts of Wu Anlu's Chinese name, which was his ID.

[Don't worry. I have eaten three different dishes by now. If I wasn't so full, I would have prepared to eat some more. I will go there again for lunch,] from Kiss Naitou.

[That's fine. Why didn't you tell me about that earlier? I haven't been there for a long time,] from Kou Tian Ge.

[I'm telling you right now. See you at noon. I have to continue with my design drawing,] from Kiss Naitou.

[Ok, I won't bother the great designer anymore,] from Kou Tian Ge.

"Hu...," having confirmed the authenticity of the discount, Wu Anlu let out a sigh of relief and continued working. He would for sure eat a lot at noon.

Five minutes later, he suddenly recalled of something and then made an internal call to summon Ma Wei to his office.

"Boss, what's up?" Ma Wei asked immediately once he entered the office.

"Don't you have a market research task? Go out earlier at noon and try your best to complete it," Wu Anlu said primly.

"Ok, boss, no problem," Ma Wei then exited the office with a little puzzlement.

"What's wrong with you?" When Xiao Liu saw Ma Wei walk out without a normal expression, he asked conveniently.

"Just now, our boss said.......," Ma Wei clearly narrated the happening just now in two or three sentences.

"Are you a fool? Our boss is actually asking you to go out earlier to line up for all of us," Xiao Liu gave Ma Wei a pat on his arm and said with a manner of disdain.

"Oh, yes, yeah. No wonder," Ma Wei finally reacted.

"Then you go out earlier at noontime. I see lots of people in Moments of Wechat say they would go for lunch," Xiao Liu said worriedly.

"No problem. Let me do it," Ma Wei was quite confident.

It was the scene in the marketing company at this side. On the internet at the other side, it was noisier.

[Meng Meng, please go to Boss Yuan's restaurant today to make the live broadcast. He's offering a big discount,] from Shime.

[Really? Will Boss Yuan be so generous as to offer a discount?] from Meng Meng.

[Yes, it's true. Meng Meng, do go there at noon to make the live broadcast for us. Boss Yuan offers a discount once every millennium. It's definitely worth a watch,] from Yueli.

[All right. I'm going at noon. Everybody, please remember to watch the live broadcast by then along with me,] from Meng Meng.

[No problem. We are all waiting for Boss Yuan to offer the discount and for you, Meng Meng,] from Shime.

"Will Boss Yuan really be so generous as to offer a discount?" After setting down the phone, Wang Meng was also curious.

"Hello, Ling Hong," the Octopus made a call to Ling Hong.

"Yes, what's up?" seated on the sofa, Ling Hong said leisurely.

"That small restaurant is offering discount today," the Octopus revealed a gloating manner of speaking. Last time, whatever means Ling Hong had taken to allure Yuan Zhou to lengthen the opening hours was not agreed by Yuan Zhou. Yet, now he was surprisingly offering a discount.

"Absolutely impossible. The guy appeared to be very fond of money. Who can get a discount from him? Very difficult," Ling Hong said affirmatively.

"Let me send you something and you see it yourself. Then you'll know if it's true." the Octopus didn't give any explanation and directly said that.

"Ok," with a frown, Ling Hong agreed immediately and hung up the phone.

In a little while, the phone beeped.


Ling Hong tapped open the message. It was a screenshot of the Moment of Wechat. The most convincing advance notice was from Meng Meng. It clearly said she would go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant to personally witness the discount.

"This guy really offered a discount?" Frowning again, Ling Hong decided to go there at noon to check.

For the first time, there was a line filled with people at the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant at 11:30 in the morning. Seen from a distance, the line was like a long dragon.

"What shall I do? If I have known so many people are here, I would have definitely come earlier," seeing the long line of at least 50 people ahead, Ma Wei hurriedly went up to take his spot. Immediately, another person followed him taking up the next spot.

"Xiao Liu, there're too many people right now. You guys come quickly. I'm already in the line," Ma Wei said to Xiao Liu on the phone.

"Hey, man. I heard the boss doesn't allow people to line up for others. If you get a spot, it only belongs to you. So if you have other friends, how about letting us go ahead of you first?" suddenly, a couple of lovers chimed in and said to him.

"No way. I have lots of friends coming," Of course, Ma Wei wouldn't make way for them so easily.

"You have to believe me. Look over there," the lovers pointed at the big characters on the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and said.

"Really?" Ma Wei looked back at the door skeptically.

On the door, there were indeed a few lines of characters saying, "Please line up personally. Taking spots for more than one person is not allowed; it's regarded as cutting the line. If you do that, your turn will become invalid. Anyone behind him can directly take his spot."

"What the fu*k, it's really so," holding the phone, Ma Wei then became troubled. He looked back at the line and found there were another dozen of customers joining in the line.

"Xiao Liu, the boss doesn't allow one to take spots for others. One can only line up for himself. What shall we do?" Ma Wei could only speak of the reality on the phone.

"Let me go to ask our boss," Xiao Liu reacted quickly.

"Please," Ma Wei answered.

The lovers waiting behind him also listened to them carefully, hoping they could move one position forward.

"Come back first. Our boss says we go later," In a little while, Xiao Liu's voice passed from the other end of the phone.

"Ok." Taking a glance at the customers ahead of him, Ma Wei left from the line.

"Great, we don't need to wait so long now." The lovers moved one step forward joyfully.

This was what Meng Meng and Ling Hong saw when they arrived one behind the other.

The front of the entrance had been crowded with many customers and the line even had turned.

As for Yuan Zhou, he was preparing the dishes for himself in the restaurant. People waiting in the front could even smell a little scent, which made them even hungrier.

A few dishes were laid out on the table in front of Yuan Zhou, including Jin'ling Grass, Phoenix-Tail Prawns, Melt-In-The-Mouth Chicken Feet, Beef Mince and Blueberry Jam and Egg Fried Rice Set, and of course an Herbal Tea Egg.

This was also the first time that Yuan Zhou had eaten so well, not only because of the discount but also because his income wouldn't change any bit even with the discount. Thinking of the long long line of customers that he had seen upstairs, Yuan Zhou felt the income today would definitely be three times higher than normal.

Wow, so so so much money. Yuan Zhou even had a feeling that something was glistening in his sight.