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 On the next morning, the fluorescent LED panel appeared extraordinarily conspicuous outside the entrance.

"What do you think happened to Boss Yuan?" while pointing to the quite old-fashioned LED panel, a customer asked in puzzlement.

"Did he get some kind of psychological shock?" looking at the varicolored LED panel, another customer said with uncertainty.

"It looks so odd," the customer directly brought out the same feeling all the others felt.

Even if Yuan Zhou's restaurant wasn't originally a high-end restaurant, it was sort of elegant and natural. Yet, now, with a constantly flickering multicolored LED panel erected outside, it made the customers suspect if they came to a wrong place.

"Hey, can't you guys read the words on the panel?" Man Man said in a speechless manner.

"Er... I was only obsessed with its showy colors." Being reminded, all the customers started to read the contents on the panel.

If these aesthetic standards merely made them slightly suspicious, the contents nevertheless made them even more suspicious that it was not written by Yuan Zhou.

This was because, written on the panel were words about a discount available today; moreover, it was up to 12%".

"Which kid is joking with us?" After reading that, even Man Man didn't believe it.

"Yeah, right. How is it possible for Boss Yuan to offer a discount?" What a poor guy Yuan Zhou was. Just when he offered a rare discount, nobody believed him.

The only person who believed him was trying to correct a wording problem in the restaurant.

"Boss Yuan, was it you who wrote on the LED panel outside?" As soon as she entered, Yin Ya asked about the LED panel before she began to order any dish.

Yuan Zhou, who was about to answer her, oddly hesitated for a little before answering, "Yes, I wrote it."

"There is a wording problem. Do you need me to correct it for you?" Yin Ya was quite enthusiastic.

"What exactly is the wording problem?" Since he had watched many advertisements before writing that last night, Yuan Zhou felt it shouldn't have any problem.

"Leaving aside the previous part, the wording problem lies in the signature part. That 'The right to the final explanation of this activity is reserved by me.'" Yin Ya bluntly pointed out the core problem.

"Yes, the right is reserved by me," Yuan Zhou answered primly.

"Then please tell me who that 'me' is." Yin Ya simply wanted to support her forehead. Since it was slightly rude for a girl, she managed to refrain from doing that.

"It's exactly me, myself." Yuan Zhou looked at Yin Ya with a weird glance as if to say she wasn't normal today.

"You need to replace the 'me' with a noun here. Either your name or my restaurant will work." Yin Ya felt she was simply unable to communicate with him, thus she decided to speak bluntly rather than beating about the bush.

"Humm, understood," it suddenly dawned on Yuan Zhou that the notice indeed shouldn't be written like that.

"Thank you. I'm going to correct it." After thanking her, Yuan Zhou got out of the restaurant and prepared to go out and correct this small mistake.

While exiting, Yuan Zhou happened to bump into the customers who were entering the restaurant for breakfast and was immediately surrounded.

Previously, Yuan Zhou stood inside the kitchen while cooking for them with an aloof manner. Now that he was unexpectedly so close to them, of course, they would want to watch him carefully.

However, Yuan Zhou smartly reacted first to gain the initiative. With an earnest and solemn expression, he said, "I'm going to correct the mistake. Xiaoyun, come to greet them."

"Ok, boss," Mu Xiaoyun immediately came over and prepared to help Yuan Zhou out.

"Everyone, please go to your seats here and order your dishes. The boss will be back soon," Mu Xiaoyun came up and said with a louder voice.

Looking at this, the customers became bewildered. Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, took the chance to leave and started to correct the notice.

He directly corrected the word 'me' to 'the boss of the restaurant'. Then, after getting up and looking in satisfaction at it, Yuan Zhou turned around and went back to the restaurant.

"Boss Yuan, is the notice on the LED panel outside really written by you?" Somebody couldn't wait to ask him when he saw Yuan Zhou return to the restaurant.

"Yes, I did it." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Oh, nice handwriting," although it was written by Yuan Zhou, the customer wasn't sure if the notice was true, therefore he felt it embarrassed to ask about the notice.

"Thank you," Towards compliments, Yuan Zhou was never stingy with his response.

"Is there really a discount today?" It was still Man Man who was generous. She straightforwardly asked the question that everyone on the site was concerned about.

"Yes, sure. There's indeed a discount," Yuan Zhou answered affirmatively.

Afterward, the looks of the customers became complex. They felt it unbelievable and couldn't trust him. Some even looked back at the sun and some gazed at him with a manner of 'Are you mentally ill or what?'.

The excessively tightfisted Compass was actually offering a discount?

Then, Yuan Zhou likewise experienced the same awkward feeling the system had felt yesterday. An obviously kind-hearted discount was, nevertheless, regarded as sort of conspiracy.

"Is the discount for all the dishes available?" Man Man showed an expression of disbelief on her face but still asked persistently.

"Exactly. It is only limited to one day, today," Yuan Zhou brought out the time limit.

"It's still unbelievable," Man Man muttered to herself.

"Just try it. Then we'll know if it's true or not," sitting on the chair, Yin Yin said calmly.

"Right. Yin Ya, you are so smart," Man Man was too astounded by the discount to notice that Yin Ya was also here. When she finally saw her, Man Man immediately walked up and prepared to sit beside her.

When sitting together, the two pretty girls were quite pleasing to the eyes, thus the male customer nearby readily offered his seat to her.

"Yin Ya, shall we order the dishes and try?" Man Man curiously looked at the price list and said.

"Humm," Yin Ya agreed with a nod.

"I order one bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup. What about you?" Man Man first ordered an affordable dish.

"Me too." Yin Yi also chose a bland dish.

"235.84 RMB for one serving. Taking the round figure, it's 235 RMB," Yuan Zhou told them the discounted price given by the system.

"The discount really exists and even the small change is rounded down. Yin Ya, I feel like I caught a fever," when Man Man heard the price quoted by Yuan Zhou, she said to Yin Ya in confusion.

"Yeah. It might be because Boss Yuan is in a good mood today?" Even though Yin Ya believed in the discount now, the event of rounding down the small change was apparently not Yuan Zhou's style. In this case, shouldn't he directly receive 236 RMB?

Therefore, she casually brought out an unconvincing reason which even she didn't believe in.

"The discount is true. Let's try other dishes," when the customers nearby saw that Yuan Zhou really received the price after the 12% discount, they immediately whispered to each other.

"Boss Yuan, we want to order," the several persons said generously.

"Go ahead, please," Yuan Zhou's attitude to the customers was extraordinarily good today.

"Phoenix-Tail Prawns, Jin'ling Grass and Melt-In-The-Mouth Chicken Feet as well as one serving of Egg Fried Rice," the first person instantly ordered all his favorite dishes.

Unwilling to fall behind, the remaining people also started to order their dishes one after another.

In order to make the best use of the discount date, Yuan Zhou was rather earnest. He wrote the notice on the LED panel as follows,

"As a celebration of the discount date today, customers can order any dish on the menu with the discount 12% within the opening hours. The discount is only available during the opening hours today. The right to the final explanation of this activity is reserved by the boss of the restaurant."

He had originally wanted to provide only one or just a few dishes for breakfast in the morning but this time he decided to provide a discount for all the dishes in the morning.

"By the way, Boss Yuan, are the dishes still cooked by you?" after they confirmed the discount was real, the customers started to worry about other things.

"Yes, of course," Yuan Zhou had deeply felt the feeling of not being trusted by now but he still gave an affirmative answer in a firm manner.

The discount was very real. As the first person who had enjoyed the benefits, Yuan Zhou indicated that it was definitely the rare goodness of the system.

Yuan Zhou had eaten four Soup Dumplings, one serving of Egg Fried Rice Set and one Herbal Tea Egg for his breakfast that morning, and had already personally experienced the advantage.

It turned out to be true that discounts were the best and most efficient instrument to stimulate consumption...