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130 Discount Card

 "The taste is pretty nice," after eating up the last Beef Mince and Blueberry Jam sandwich made by herself, Yuan Yuan said contentedly.

"Is it really so delicious?" looking at the satisfied expression on Yuan Yuan's face, Lan Lan asked in curiosity.

"Yes, very much so. I still have one piece of bread left. Do you want to taste it?" Yuan Yuan brought out the remaining piece of the toast.

"Er... no need." Having thought for a while, Lan Lan immediately gave up.

As for Yuan Zhou who had been watching the whole process, he didn't want to try the dish himself. His taste was quite normal.

Shortly after the three girls left, customers in the restaurant began to increase.

While he was busy cooking, the system, unexpectedly, made a sound.

The system displayed, "Considering the host's excellent performance, a special tool for a limited time only is hereby awarded and is available now to be received."

[Reward] A 12% Discount Card

(Reward tips: Congratulations to you for getting the special reward. Please use the discount card as soon as possible. The time of validity is only one day, so please make the best use of it.)

He stopped for an instant and then continued carrying the dishes to the customers as if nothing had happened.

During the opening hours, Yuan Zhou didn't tap open and check the reward even if he was quite curious. Instead, he just cooked the dishes seriously.

It was only when the opening hours finished did Yuan Zhou tap open the reward and check it.

However, he still didn't receive the reward even after he carefully checked it three times.

What a joke. The system offered only scams every time. When has the system ever offered him any reward for free? A strong scent of conspiracy could be smelled in the air.

The title and Soup Dumplings awarded for the first time were followed by limited opening hours. Of course, he was also a person of vested interests though but the latter event of the red packet was still fresh in his memory; therefore, it was a big problem whether to receive it or not.

To be or not to be, that is the question.

"System, what is the discount card used for?" having considered for a while, Yuan Zhou decided to ask the system straightforwardly.

The system displayed, "This card can enable the customers to enjoy the benefits of a 12% discount for all the dishes within the time limit of 12 hours."

Yuan Zhou was delighted at first, but suddenly he started to worry if his 20% share of the business turnover would also lessen due to the discount.

"Then will my share be affected by the discount?" Yuan Zhou asked frankly.

The system displayed, "The discounted amount comes from the 80% share of the system and the share of the host won't change at all."

"You mean the discount is taken from the cost of ingredients charged by you but won't affect my share, right?" Yuan Zhou repeated the sentence in another way that was comprehensible to him.

The system displayed, "You are right."

"System, I'd become more flustered if you act in that unusual way," Yuan Zhou couldn't help but grumble about the system.

However, the system didn't actually take notice of Yuan Zhou's words.

While touching his forehead, Yuan Zhou felt even more certain that he couldn't receive the reward. Did such a nice reward really come from the system without any conditions?

"The time limit is 12 hours but my business time has only 6 hours. So can this card be used in twice, 6 hours each time?" Yuan Zhou thought for a while and decided to make it clear first.

The system displayed, "Host, please use the card in one go.

"All right. Now that's the genuine style of the system," Yuan Zhou finally confirmed the system was the same one as before.

"By the way, can I enjoy the discount for the dishes I eat?" After all, Yuan Zhou was a poor guy who had to pay for the dishes that he had cooked in his own restaurant.

The system displayed, "As long as the foods and dishes are provided in the restaurant."

"So it is..." Yuan Zhou thought for a while but still didn't receive the reward.

Not until the opening hours for the evening ended and he prepared to go to bed did Yuan Zhou tap open the panel of the system, where the reward was still obviously hanging there.

"All in all, it is a reward. Receive." Eventually, Yuan Zhou couldn't resist the temptation of the reward. It definitely isn't because of the discount.

Then, Yuan Zhou found the system still remained the same, at least on the aspect of scam.

12% discount card, usage time is limited to within 12 hours on Jun 26, 2016.

"So it's tomorrow. If I receive it tomorrow, will the time of usage be the day after tomorrow?" speechlessly, Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, "The use of the discount card is subject to the time when the host receives it."

"It turns out to be true. If I have known it earlier, I would rather receive it later," After grumbling at the system, Yuan Zhou immediately checked the reward if there were any extra conditions but found that the reward really was given with a conscience this time.

Yuan Zhou looked at the usage time and then again at the introduction of the regulations and felt he was not losing anything. After all, it was a reward given as a present and thus had a totally different feeling when he used it.

Looking at the reward, Yuan Zhou got a little excited. Since it offered a discount to customers, he definitely needed to let them know first. It surely wouldn't work just by relying on the word of mouth. He had to write a sign to inform them.

"Dong", Yuan Zhou leaped from the bed and started to look all over the room for materials that could be used to make the sign.

Nevertheless, even after searching everywhere in the room, he still didn't find a proper sign, not even a plank could be found.

"Where can I find one?" Yuan Zhou thought while touching the forehead.

Suddenly, Yuan Zhou stood up and walked out of the room to the entrance of the next room straightaway. A heavy layer of dust covered the door handle.

Having stood at the door for quite a while, Yuan Zhou reached out his hands and prepared to open the door. On his face was a seriousness that had never appeared before.

"Ka Ka", with such sound being made, the door, nevertheless, wasn't open.

"Oh, shit. I didn't take the keys." Yuan Zhou patted his forehead twice with his two hands and then remembered the door had been locked up by him.

He hurriedly rushed back to his bedroom looking for the key. When he went to open the door again, Yuan Zhou, on the contrary, no longer had the sorrowful mood. By the door side, he took out a small LED writing panel that his parent had used before.

Having closed the door, Yuan Zhou took it back to his bedroom and began to carefully wipe the dust on the panel.

His father had specially bought this LED writing panel to get more business at that time and didn't use it often. Right on the panel, there still remained some words, Newly Served Squid Noodle.

After he wiped the dust outside first, Yuan Zhou began to wipe the several words written in the middle of the panel.

One after another, he wiped it fairly earnestly.

"The quality is nice. It's still as good as new," looking at the clean LED writing panel, Yuan Zhou couldn't help saying that.

Then Yuan Zhou picked up a white marker pen in his bedroom and started to write the discount notice for tomorrow.

Publicity was inevitable for such an event. Making the best use of the card was the requirement of the system.

"But how should I write the discount notice?" Holding the pen in his hand, on Yuan Zhou's face appeared a blank look.

Finally, Yuan Zhou wittily recalled of the almighty internet. He then stood up and turned on the computer before starting to browse. After some time, Yuan Zhou began to organize his own words and write the notice.

Copious and fluent, Yuan Zhou wrote two lines and, at last, added a signature that was indispensable in every activity at the end of the notice.

Yuan Zhou carefully looked at the LED writing panel and found nothing wrong with it. Only then did he set it down

"Peng," even while gently setting it down, it still made a sound. Then Yuan Zhou found this panel seemed to be shining.

He took up the plug and wiped the dust clean before preparing to give it a try to see if it was working.

After he decisively inserted the plug into the socket, the LED panel actually began to shine unexpectedly.

Stunned for a moment, Yuan Zhou muttered to himself, "The boss has such great conscience. The stuff he sold could still work normally even after such a long time

Yuan Zhou was fairly satisfied with that. He moved the LED writing panel to a most conspicuous place and prepared to put it outside the door tomorrow.

His customers would probably be frightened to death.