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129 Sandwich

 Before bedtime, Yuan Zhou took out his phone and prepared to set the alarm clock but wavered between 6:00 and 7:30.

"Having eaten Soup Dumplings for a few days, they must have been sick of that food. Let me change it to Egg Fried Rice," Yuan Zhou talked to himself for a while and set the alarm at 7:30, believing it fairly reasonable.

Naturally, only the customers themselves knew if they were sick of the food.

During the ringing of the alarm clock, Yuan Zhou got up in the morning and started a new day.

"Good morning, Boss," Mu Xiaoyun always arrived on time. She had never been late ever since she worked here a month ago.

"Morning. Have you had breakfast?" Yuan Zhou asked conveniently.

"Yes, already. Thank you, Boss," Mu Xiaoyun revealed a sweet smile.

"Great. Let me first go to eat my breakfast," with a straight face, Yuan Zhou took out the cooked Clear Broth Noodle Soup and started to eat.

"..." Mu Xiaoyun was rather speechless. She felt Yuan Zhou would probably never get a girlfriend in his lifetime if he talked that way.

Even a little loli knew what being in love meant.

Of course, Boss Yuan surely didn't understand that with his personality of a compass.

After having breakfast, as usual, Yuan Zhou prepared the remaining broth for the dog, Broth. Broth loved eating broth but not the broth cooked by others.

"It sounds a little awkward. How about just calling it Noodle," Yuan Zhou carefully considered over this matter while touching his head.

"Boss?" Seeing Yuan Zhou was talking to himself, Mu Xiaoyun couldn't help but ask.

"Humm. What do you think that dog should be called?" Yuan Zhou decided to take the little loli's opinion for reference.

"The dog? You mean the dog that's guarding the restaurant? So it's true that you rear that dog," Mu Xiaoyun suddenly recalled of the dog that she could see every day.

"No. Broth and Noodle, which one do you think is better?" Yuan Zhou asked her earnestly.

"Neither of the two sounds good," Mu Xiaoyun had intended to answer like this but when she saw Yuan Zhou's earnest expression, she changed her mind and said tentatively, "What about Broth?"

"Humm, guess Broth does sound better." Yuan Zhou nodded and revealed an expression of 'You have a good taste'.

"..." Mu Xiaoyun decided not to reveal the truth anymore.

The moment he stepped into the restaurant after feeding Broth, three customers had already sat down and were ordering their dishes while being served by Mu Xiaoyun.

"Yuan Yuan, look at the new dish. Both the two jams can be ordered as one dish," the taller girl suddenly held the arm of the lovely girl beside her and said.

"Yes, exactly. But it's a little more expensive," the lovely girl called Yuan Yuan saw the price list.

Beef Mince and Blueberry Jam, 128 RMB per small plate

"Then I want this one. Little Shu, Lan Lan, what do you like to eat?" Yuan Yuan turned her head and asked.

"The Blueberry Jam is preferred," although Little Shu appeared chirping, she didn't actually like change.

"I also want the Beef Mince and Blueberry Jam but I just don't know if it's delicious," Lan Lan said curiously.

"I don't think so. What if Boss Yuan only blends the two single jams together? Let's see how you can eat that," a gloat appeared on the face of Little Shu.

"No, that surely won't happen. The dishes here are extraordinarily delicious," Lan Lan said firmly.

"But I just want to eat the blended jams," surprisingly, Yuan Yuan said that while looking around.

"Yuan Yuan!" the other two girls couldn't stand it and hence shouted at Yuan Yuan. Obviously, it was not the first time that Yuan Yuan had such odd taste.

"Okay okay. I was just saying," Yuan Yuan explained in a low voice.

Then the other two girls no longer talked about the jam issue and changed the subject to something else.

"Ok, that will be all our dishes," Yuan Yuan said to Mu Xiaoyun with a smile.

"Alright. They'll be served soon," Mu Xiaoyun answered before turning her head and reporting the dishes to Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou nodded and began to wash his hands. As he had gone out to feed the dog, Yuan Zhou washed his hands five times this time. Only then did he begin to scoop the jams onto the plate.

Naturally, the Beef Mince and Blueberry Jam dish wasn't made as per the joking instructions of the system. It was definitely unable to be eaten simply by stirring them together. Nevertheless, after separating the two different jams, there was no problem. Therefore, Yuan Zhou directly asked the system to provide another kind of round plate, which was separated into two parts with a Tai Chi pattern in the middle. Then he placed the two different jams into the two parts respectively.

This way, not only could he satisfy the demands of some customers to eat the two different jams at a time but also take the chance to earn money. This dish was priced by Yuan Zhou himself after all.

Taking out the TaiChi styled plate, Yuan Zhou carefully added the jams into it. He looked at the appearance of the dish in satisfaction, which looked pretty good.

"Dishes for you two." Yuan Zhou carried the plates to the front of the two girls' table.

"Thank you," the three of them said in one voice.

"Luckily it's not like what Yuan Yuan expected it to be," Lan Lan and Little Shu heaved a sigh of relief and said thankfully.

"All right. I can do it myself," staring at the Tai Chi plate for quite a while, Yuan Yuan said to herself.

"Oh, Jesus. Again?" Little Shu helplessly supported her forehead and decided not to watch it.

Yuan Yuan took out the prepared toasts from her bag and prepared to blissfully enjoy her Blueberry Jam sandwich. Of course, it would be better if there was a fried egg.

"Yuan Yuan, you do it yourself. I'll eat it in my way," Lan Lan also felt rather speechless and said that.

Then she prepared a blueberry jam toast and a beef mince toast each. Eating in that way was nevertheless considered to be fashionable.

"Ok, don't you two want a try?" Yuan Yuan asked curiously.

"No, thanks," the other two revealed a thankful but rejecting manner and refused her flatly.

Yuan Yuan shrugged and began to mind her own business, making her own toast.

They came specifically for the jams; therefore, they would, of course, prepare the toasts beforehand. Yuan Yuan really enjoyed milk toast. The milky white toast with brown edges really had a great taste

She picked up a small spoon used for the jams with one hand and took the milk toast with the other and then started to plaster the toast with the jams. In the shape of a triangle, she covered one part of the toast with blueberry jam and the other part with spicy beef mince. They were quite distinct from each other and looked pretty nice.

After covering it with another toast, Yuan Yuan covered this new toast with the jams again.

Next, she did it in the opposite way. At where the blueberry jam was plastered, she now covered at the top with the beef mince; and at where the beef mince was originally plastered, she now covered with the blueberry jam at the top. In that way, she finally made a sandwich with three layers.

"Boss Yuan, could you please give me a knife?" Yuan Yuan was holding the Beef Mince and Blueberry Jam toast in delight.

"Ok, sure," having considered for a second, Yuan Zhou decided to help Yuan Yuan to accomplish her miraculous idea.

Afterward, he drew out a serrated knife and handed to her.

"Thank you, Boss Yuan," she then received the knife happily.

Subsequently, she put the toast bag under the prepared sandwich and cut it into four pieces.

Yuan Yuan cut it quite well. She guaranteed every piece was covered with the jams, half of which was blueberry jam and the other half with the beef mince; moreover, the blueberry jam below corresponded with the beef mince above.

As a result, no matter which part was bitten, there were always in the mouth sweet and sour blueberry jam at one side and spicy and tasty beef mince at the other side at the same time. Of course, the blueberry jam had big pieces of blueberry fruit while the beef mince had big pieces of beef.

Presumably, the taste should be really delicious.

"Here you are," Yuan Yuan handed the serrated knife back to Yuan Zhou and asked tentatively after thinking for a while, "Do you want a try?"

"No need but you sliced it really nicely," Yuan Zhou immediately refused and conveniently complimented the sandwich that was cut neatly.

"Thanks for your praise" Yuan Yuan accepted it with a smile and then took up a piece of sandwich, starting to eat.

After that, the expression on her face became vivid and no longer appeared dull.

"Lan Lan, Xiao Shu, it's so nice. Don't you want to taste it?" adhering to the principle of sharing good stuff among good friends, Yuan Yuan said generously.

"No need. We can eat our fill with the current one."

The two girls saw the distinctive way of preparing the sandwich and moreover thought of the odd combination of the tasty Beef Mince and Blueberry Jam. Only by thinking that, they had felt not only sweet and sour but also fragrant and spicy in the mouth. Besides, when thhe again thought of the soft Blueberry fruit and the chewy Beef, they felt uncomfortable.

They refused Yuan Yuan bluntly and turned their sight away from her and then enjoyed attentively their own delicacies.

This taste...