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127 Difficulties Faced When Having a Meal

 "Good wine," after drinking up the last mouthful of the wine, Chen Wei put the cup down and said in a loud voice. When he reacted, he found all other customers were looking at him curiously and thus said while hurriedly patting his head,

"Sorry, sorry. The taste is so nice that I couldn't help but shout."

"It's well understood. Ha Ha," other customers surrounding him laughed kindly.

"Boss Yuan's wine is way too good. It's merely that the amount is so little," looking at the empty cup, Chen Wei said helplessly.

"No, it's not," Yuan Zhou said solemnly.

"It's probably only 100ml. If it wasn't for me drinking it slowly, it would have been long gone," Chen Wei touched his head and said in a recalcitrant manner.

"100ml is not little." Yuan Zhou nodded firmly.

"Ok, that's fine. Could you serve me one more cup?" Chen Wei had already aimed for the other cup of the wine placed in the front by Yuan Zhou and thus begged for it with his gaze.

"No way," Yuan Zhou looked steadily forward and took no notice of what Chen Wei was implying.

"Boss Yuan, please!!! What do you expect a drunkard to do without drinking wine?" Chen Wei said in a distressed manner.

Meanwhile, his manly face wrinkled.

"Everyone can only order one serving per meal for each dish," Yuan Zhou pointed at the rules written on the wall and said firmly.

Chen Wei had no choice but to give up. However, he still grumbled reluctantly in a low voice,

"I still think it's not good to always comply with the rules. We need to indulge ourselves in our heart occasionally."

Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou pretended not to hear him and then began to busy himself with the dishes ordered by other customers.


"Dad, let's have dinner together in the evening," in the spacious but deserted living room, a short-haired young girl dressed in a white long skirt said indifferently while sitting on the sofa.

"This evening? I'm not sure but I probably have to work overtime," an adult man with slicked-back hair, who looked like a successful person, was changing his shoes and preparing to go out.

"You promised me dinner one week ago," the short-haired young girl first looked bleak and then said with sort of expectation.

"Well, ok. You give me a call in the evening and I will come to pick you up," the man frowned perplexedly and after quite a while, only said that.

"No, I'll go to your office," the young girl answered coldly.

"Ok, sure. Take a taxi and pay attention to the safety," after thinking for a while, the man agreed with his daughter.

"Humm," the young girl didn't turn her head around but just answered indifferently.

"Peng," the door was then closed. Only then did the young girl turn her head and look at the house devoid of anyone else. Subsequently, she lifted up the long skirt and patted on the left leg's artificial limb before smiling helplessly.

She carefully stood up and tried to keep herself from tumbling with her back straightened up and then walked step by step over to the other side of the living room. There, in a black-and-white photo, was a beautiful woman who looked at the young girl with a smile.

"Mom, it's my birthday today. Thank you for giving birth to me," There was not any sadness on her face. She just said while faintly smiling.

Then she lit a joss stick and worshiped her mom for a while before leaving.

"Dong Dong Dong," the artificial limb inevitably made heavy sounds on the floor.

Having returned to her bedroom, the young girl turned on the computer and directly went onto the updated live broadcast of Meng Meng to chat with others.

Yes, the young girl just wanted to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Every time she watched Meng Meng eating there, she would have the urge to head there. It would be good to eat there alone but she hoped to go there with her father even more.

However, her father could no longer face her normally ever since she lost one of her legs and her mother died in an accident. Let alone eating together, even holding a conversation with her dad also rarely happened.

For the dinner in the evening, she had started to enquire her father about it two weeks ago. Not until last week did he agree to go for dinner together today which happened to be her birthday. However, it seemed that it would not be easy for the plan to succeed.

Since walking would take longer time, she directly called a taxi downstairs to pick her up. After that, she started to examine the artificial limb and took her wallet before going out.

"Peng," it was also the first time that she got out of her house in the past two weeks. Not only her father, even she herself couldn't face the reality.

When she purposely slowed down the pace, she would seem to be almost like an ordinary people and didn't reveal the slightest hint of being disabled. She boarded the cab and said after taking a breath, "To the Industry Building."

"Ok," the cab driver had a very good attitude. He didn't ask why the young girl moved so slowly.

They arrived at the destination just in a little while. To her surprise, her father didn't treat her coldly and instead, had unexpectedly been waiting for her downstairs.

"So here you are. Let's go," Taking his briefcase, he revealed slight impatience in his tone but still waited earnestly until her daughter got on the car.

After turning his head and taking a look, the father said in a harsh tone, "Fasten the seatbelt."

"Humm," the softness on the young girl's face likewise vanished as she answered indifferently.

"Where are we going for dinner?" after starting the engine, he looked at his daughter's pale face and said impatiently.

"No.14 of Taoxi Road. I heard the dishes there are quite appetizing," the young girl made a faint smile and gave a rare compliment.

"Are they as tasty as those cooked by your mom?" the man said casually.

Once the words were uttered, the two people instantly fell into absolute silence. The young girl's face immediately turned pale and the man also frowned regretfully, yet didn't say anything.

They remained silent all along the journey and soon got to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. It was still early and there weren't many people lining up at the entrance. The man carefully located the nearest parking space and parked the car there.

"Ka Da," the young girl opened the door and then said, "This restaurant serves mum's favorite dish, the Phoenix-Tail Prawns."

Then she walked forward with a limp without turning her head.

While frowning, the man took the briefcase and locked the door before catching up and waiting in line quietly with her daughter.

Five minutes later, the man suddenly said, "Let me wait here alone and you go and wait inside the car."

"No need," the young girl refused decisively.

"Even if you stand here, you still have to wait." The man frowned discontentedly.

"Even if I am in the car, I'm still waiting," the young girl answered stubbornly.

"You are always disobedient," the man blurted out.

"Maybe," the young girl said, being reluctant to show any weakness.

"An unfilial daughter..." the man seemed to be so angry that he stopped saying anything.

With her back straightened, the young girl stood in front as if taking no notice of her angry father.

Fortunately, they didn't wait for long for their turn.

Coincidently, facing the kitchen were two vacant seats. They went up and got seated.

"Boss, give me the menu," the man said rudely.

"It's on the wall," Yuan Zhou coldly pointed to the wall. To such an apparently picky tone, Yuan Zhou didn't really mind but his manner of speaking became even colder.

"It doesn't have even a menu," the man frowned disappointedly but when he saw his daughter at the side, he reined in his temper and looked back at the price list.

"Though the price is definitely five-star level, it's just that whether his culinary skills can match up to it." The man's tone was full of suspicion.

Without preparing to explain anything, Yuan Zhou remained standing where he had been and didn't give any further reaction.

The girl, nevertheless, felt a little ashamed of her father being constantly picky.

"Boss, please offer us one serving of Phoenix-Tail Prawns and two Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set," the young girl ordered the dishes.

"Ok, it's up to you," the man didn't object to the dishes ordered by his daughter.

It was merely that the atmosphere between the two persons was quite odd. They didn't talk to each other.

The man was taking his phone and busying himself with his work issues while his daughter stared at something blankly although she was holding her phone.

After only a little while, Yuan Zhou got the two bowls of the Clear Broth Noodle Soup and one serving of Phoenix-Tail Prawns ready.

"Noodle Soup and Phoenix-Tail Prawns for you two. Please enjoy," Yuan Zhou carried the dishes to them with courtesy.

"Thank you," the young girl received the noodle soup and quickly took a bite expectantly. The taste was truly superb. Even the pale color on her face faded away after that bite.

At this time, the man raised his head, "Wei Wei, I have an emergency in the company and I have to go to deal with it."

While speaking, he got ready to leave. It was then the young girl's face revealed a 'just as I thought' expression. She lowered her head and said nothing. At that moment, Yuan Zhou chimed in and said something.