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125 Reward Package

 "Alright. How much for one?" In order to prove the quality of the ecological friendly prawns of his own, Yu Mu agreed to accept this obvious scam.

"120 RMB," Yuan Zhou straightforwardly brought out the price.

"Ok, here's the money," Yu Mu took out the money and handed it to Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou took out the tray to receive the money that was just the right amount. After hesitating for a moment, he put the money at the side instead of into the cash box.

Then he scooped up one prawn with a small fishing net.

With a mere shake, the prawn directly dropped into a wooden basin with a "Pa" sound.

"It's yours now," Yuan Zhou took up the wooden basin and gave it to Yu Mu, saying that.

"Thank you," speechlessly, Yu Mu answered.

He received the wooden basin and directly grabbed the prawn with his hand, bringing it closer to him for closer inspection.

The prawn was in a glistening blue black color. It jumped vigorously in Yu Mu's hand, with its tail full of strength and claws aggressively searching for targets around and preparing to attack people.

Looking at this, Yu Mu instantly became embarrassed to take his prawns out. Merely on the aspect of color, his prawns had lost to the one in front of him now. This was because a darker color also represented a higher content of astaxanthin, which was the most effective antioxidant by far.

The head, tail and the claws were all longer than those of his prawns. Those basic characteristics were still well known by him, who also reared prawns.

"Pa", Yu Mu threw the prawn back into the wooden basin and said, "Thank you, Boss Yuan." After that, he prepared to leave.

"Humm," Yuan Zhou took out an ordinary glass cup with a big mouth and scooped up half a cup of water from the water tank before pouring the prawn from the wooden basin into the cup.

He didn't touch the prawn itself all along the process.

"Take this and put it at the top of the flower rack," Yuan Zhou set the cup down and said to Mu Xiaoyun.

"Ok, sure," Mu Xiaoyun took it over and put it between the several flowers.

The prawn in the cup still wasn't aware of its current situation. It supported its body against the cup wall while stretching out the claws as if threatening the people that were looking at it.

"So he really puts the prawn aside, uncooked?" when Yu Mu saw the single prawn that he had bought was reared separately in the cup as promised, he felt it to be both expected and contrary to his expectations.

Nowadays, such small restaurants adhering to decent principles had become rarer. He had once seen a Magiritsa① vender use a bowl for his dog to fill the soup and serve the customer.

He had to say that Yuan Zhou was quite special.

Yu Mu contentedly walked out of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and then had an intuitive feeling about his father, Chef Yu's, words.

Yuan Zhou, on the other hand, continued doing the lunch business earnestly. Afterward, he tapped open the list of the system with excitement.

The system displayed, "Congratulations, host, you have found a bug and are hereby awarded with a reward package."

[Reward] The title of Expert of Finding Bugs and a reward package (available to be received)

That's right. When Yuan Zhou came out with the single prawn requiring payment, the system didn't react. Even after the prawn had been sold, it still didn't have any reaction. As the prawn was neither killed and cooked nor taken out of the restaurant, the system deemed by default the prawn wasn't sold.

However, the truth was that the prawn had already been sold.

"Receive," Yuan Zhou read silently.

First of all, the title was awarded automatically, but Yuan Zhou didn't find it much useful.

If calculated, he had already gotten three titles by now. Except the deceptive title of Master of Cooked Wheaten Food, the other two titles had no restrictions at all but neither did they help.

As for the reward package, Yuan Zhou straightforwardly received and tapped open it.

"System, is this that reward?" Yuan Zhou unbelievably looked at a wooden box popping up in front of him.

The system displayed, "Host, please make good use of it."

"Ho Ho, what to use and what it can help with?" Yuan Zhou had a deeper understanding of the scams used by the system.

The 3 rewards in the package could be said to be abundant. Besides the 3 dishes given for the reward from the Dishes of a Regional Cuisine last time, it was the first time that the system awarded him with three items at a time, and it was in the situation that he didn't complete any mission.

However, Yuan Zhou only wanted to choke the system to death now.

Reward 1: A Taste-Free Spoon

(Reward tips: It had a better effect to use along with the Taste-Free Chopsticks.)

"Pa", he opened the box.

This time, the reward was the most normal one. A seemingly simple and unadorned spoon was lying inside, which appeared to be made of stainless steel. It was engraved with simple patterns and looked fairly magnificent. However, when Yuan Zhou recalled that it was the reward, he nevertheless felt upset.

Reward 2: The system wouldn't take 80% of the profit out of the single prawn sold out today.

(Reward tips: As a reward to the host for being rigorous and earnest. This is the one and only time and won't happen again.)

Reading those annoying instructions that made one's balls hurt, Yuan Zhou's urge to hit somebody became even stronger. Can this even be a reward? What the f*ck. Yuan Zhou suddenly felt he was still too kind-hearted. In this society, only people with a thick face and black heart could live well.

Reward 3: Beef and Blueberry Jam, provided already.

(Reward tips: As a friendly reminder, the preparation method is to evenly blend half a plate of blueberry jam and half a plate of beef mince together and then pour them into one plate. That's all.)

"Are you sure that is eatable? Are you really not kidding me?" Looking at the preparation method, Yuan Zhou became really puzzled.

The system displayed, "Host, you can experiment it by yourself."

"System, how much do you price this Beef and Blueberry Jam?" Yuan Zhou supported his forehead while the usual calm expression had already vanished.

The system displayed, "Host, you can price this dish on your own."

"Eh... that's so kind of you," Yuan Zhou became really speechless.

Yuan Zhou could guarantee that if he made the dish as per the instructions of the system, the dish would definitely achieve a milestone among the circle of dark cuisines after being brought out.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou did not have the slightest interest in trying that personally.

According to the system's style of doing things, this was absolutely a scam. It seemed that he wouldn't get any good rewards if he didn't complete any missions. It was just that he didn't have any mission to complete recently.

"Pa", Yuan Zhou took up the box of the spoon and directly put it in the drawer where the Taste-Free Chopsticks were kept. Although its effects were perfect for sure, he still felt annoyed upon seeing it.

With a headache, Yuan Zhou decided to pay a visit to Broth. He hadn't thought of raising it but since it came over to guard the restaurant every day, he was nevertheless moved by that dedication.

It was in the afternoon, the street was not bustling with people. Only some of them who enjoyed peace came over here or passed by. The mixed fur Maltese, Broth, was standing at the entrance, with its fur long and looking soft and loose.

When Yuan Zhou was about to go up, he saw Broth run forward several steps and squat in front of a girl with a shoulder bag on her shoulders, and then raised its head, looking at her.

"It's so lovely," the girl crouched down to pat on the head of Broth and then took out the snacks brought with her to feed it before standing up and leaving.

"This fellow is begging for the food?" Lost in puzzlement, Yuan Zhou stayed where he had been and didn't go up.

At this time, two men passed by the dog. Just as Yuan Zhou thought Broth would go up again, Broth just sat quietly there, which made Yuan Zhou more puzzled.

Five minutes later, a couple walked by. They were apparently in their honeymoon period. The man was looking at his girlfriend lovingly and chatting intimately with her when Broth went up and barked, "Wang".

The voice was soft and gentle, like a baby dog acting cutely. The bark straightway attracted the girl's attention.

"Where does the dog come from? Look, how cute it is," while saying, the girl intended to crouch down to stroke it.

"It's probably a stray dog. Be careful not to be bit by it." The man dragged his girlfriend and stopped her from stroking the dog. As expected, the girl hesitated.

At that moment, Broth immediately lay down on the ground with its soft belly bare and slightly rolled around. Meanwhile, it looked at the girl with an expression of "I'm lovable and won't bite anybody."

"Wow, this stray dog is so poor. It should have been hungry for a long time. You go buy some ham sausage. I want to feed it," the girl was immediately defeated and asked her boyfriend to go to buy some food in order to feed the dog.

When the young man went to buy the ham sausage with a helpless look, the girl was making fun of Broth.

"Has the dog evolved from animal to such an intelligent being?" While supporting his forehead with his hand, he felt he had gotten more of a headache. He took the ham sausage held in his other hand and prepared to head back to the restaurant to ease up his helplessness...

①Magiritsa is a kind of soup cooked with sliced mutton and little pieces of internal organs from a sheep along with some flavorings. It's popular in some of the northern areas in China.