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121 Yuan Zhou’s Loophole

 "When did I say that I would go there?" Yuan Zhou immediately asked back.

"Then that Boss Guan..." Man Man was bluntly interrupted when she was about to continue asking.

"He's only a customer," Yuan Zhou answered quite firmly.

"Then..." Man Man was immediately dragged away by Wu Hai before she could speak; likewise, Wu Zhou was taken away by Zhao Yingjun before he could get things clear.

"Take care," with a nod, Yuan Zhou said goodbye.

"Why didn't you let me ask?" Man Man asked worriedly.

"Since Boss Yuan has said he won't leave, that's good. It's useless to ask about other things." After leaving the restaurant, Wu Hai released Man Man.

"Yeah, you are right. Other things are the personal affairs of Boss Yuan." Wu Zhou nodded and then took out his phone to inform the group members of the good news.

"The task of informing the others is given to you now. I'm going back." Wu Hai waved his hands at them while leaving.

The remaining several people stared at each other speechlessly and had to respectively broadcast the good news in the group before returning to their own homes.

Having heard that Yuan Zhou wouldn't leave, the people in the group cheered together and decided to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant tonight to celebrate.

Man Man now had more chances to continue confronting Yuan Zhou with various rice cuisines. In her Wechat Moments, there were various and diversified replies to her question. After carefully comparing and selecting, she eventually figured out a scheme to carry out tomorrow.

Lunch time started quite early. The first thing that Man Man did then was to rush to Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Boss Yuan, I thought of one particular item for the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine. I definitely feel that you don't know how to cook it," as soon as she got to the restaurant, Man Man said confidently.

"Really, what's that?" it was still early; hence, Yuan Zhou was willing to cooperate.

"It's the Rice Wine. As per your definition, the main ingredient is rice and the supplementary raw materials are water and distiller's yeast, which are ingredients and can't be a dish by itself. So it can be classified as one of 100 Styles, right?" Man Man said with confident tone while giving off a manner of 'I finally made it'.

Instantly, Yuan Zhou became a little stupefied. Yes, that was probably not wrong. He didn't really know how to make wine and had never specifically learned it. If it were a dish, he could still learn it by himself even without the instructions of the system but wine-making wasn't a skill that could be mastered in a short time.

"Humm..." just when Yuan Zhou was about to speak, the system suddenly reacted.

The system displayed, "As a chef, there is a great necessity in maintaining the dignity of a chef."

[2nd Mission of Dignity], Go to these three places tomorrow to pray for blessings of this system and finish the mission within one day.

(Mission Tips: Now that your customer has sincerely requested the rice wine, you should learn the skill well and prove yourself, young man.)

[Mission Reward], Skill of Wine-Making and junior title of Master of Wine-Making.

"Alright. Come here the day after tomorrow," Yuan Zhou agreed with a nod and said expressionlessly.

"Boss Yuan, you are even able to make the wine?" Man Man asked unbelievably.

"It is indeed one of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine. So I can prepare it," Yuan Zhou answered lightly on the surface. But actually, the fight between the system and him was happening privately right now.

"Ok, I will come over at this time of day," Man Man then left skeptically while thinking in her heart that Yuan Zhou must have appeared calm on purpose.

As for Mu Xiaoyun, she was standing right at the side and did not find it strange at all. After all, Yuan Zhou had always been versatile.

"You are just a system. Why do you need blessings?" Yuan Zhou tried hard to keep his composure but his manner of speaking revealed his maddened feeling.

The system displayed, "Host, please complete this mission within one day."

"Are you an artificial intelligence? If not, how do you know what blessing is? What do you need that for?" Yuan Zhou still didn't give up and continued to ask.

The system displayed, "While praying, host you need to read silently that 'Master Chef System is the strongest; Master Chef System will help the host to become a Master Chef."

"Ho Ho," Yuan Zhou raised his hands to support the forehead and the corner of his mouth couldn't help twitching.

Currently, he only wanted to scold someone. A mere system surprisingly liked to be praised by humans and even asked humans to go to temples and prayed for him.

What the f*ck...

"Don't think it'll work to remain silent. Are you really not an artificial intelligence?" Yuan Zhou still couldn't believe it.

The system displayed, "Host, please endeavor to complete this mission."

"mdzz①", Yuan Zhou could no longer endure the system, thus he spoke these few words with voiced sound.

"Boss, what's wrong with you?" Mu Xiaoyun looked at Yuan Zhou curiously.

"Nothing. I'm thinking of the new dish," Yuan Zhou turned around and said earnestly.

"Ok," Without suspecting anything, Mu Xiaoyun immediately believed that.

Then, Yuan Zhou continued negotiating with the system. All in all, it was really incredible that a nonhuman system would, surprisingly, request to be blessed.

The system displayed, "Host, please complete the mission as soon as possible."

Yuan Zhou patted his forehead and took out his phone helplessly to check the address. Anyway, the mission needed to be completed.

He could start the journey after lunch time.

Only after checking did he find that he needed to go across the whole city for the three places, which shared one common characteristic. They were particularly far away and difficult to be found.

"It's really hard for you, this system, to look for these three places, huh?" speechlessly, Yuan Zhou ridiculed the system in his heart.

It seemed that he indeed needed some good efforts to finish this mission within one day; therefore, Yuan Zhou carefully checked the rules and opening times of the temples again.

As soon as the opening hours at noon ended, Yuan Zhou hurriedly shut the door and prepared to go to the temples.

"Master, please drive me to Zhaojue Temple," upon boarding the cab, Yuan Zhou reported the address to the driver.

"Young man, why are you going to worship Buddha today?" the cab driver thought for a while and asked curiously. It was neither the first lunar day of the month nor the fifth, which was the right day of worshiping the Buddha.

"Yes, I want to get rid of the bad luck surrounding me." While saying the two words 'bad luck', Yuan Zhou couldn't help grinding his teeth.

"Then you'll have to. But frankly speaking, there are lesser and lesser young people believing in Buddha. Only on the first and fifth lunar day of each month do people go there the most." The cab driver was talkative. He said while a smile.

"It's best to remove the bad luck as soon as possible," with an earnest expression, Yuan Zhou said as if it were true.

"Ok, don't worry, young man. We'll arrive in a little while," the cab driver turned a corner suddenly while maintaining his smile. As a result, Yuan Zhou tilted his head instantly, causing his head to knock on the doorframe.

"I'm really sorry. A dog suddenly rushed up to the car just now." The cab driver was still suffering from the shock. He explained to Yuan Zhou repeatedly.

"It's ok, it's ok. Let's hurry up and go to the temple," Yuan Zhou covered his forehead and said helplessly.

Having just been through that ordeal, the cab driver likewise didn't dare to say anything more and instead concentrated on driving silently.

"System, did you make that accident?" Yuan Zhou couldn't help but doubt the system, as it was too much of coincidence.

However, the system didn't respond to Yuan Zhou's enquiring; therefore, Yuan Zhou could only massage his forehead speechlessly.

It took only half an hour to get to the temple by cab. At the end, the cab driver even instructed Yuan Zhou, "Young man, do worship the Buddha well."

These words nevertheless confirmed that Yuan Zhou truly possessed bad luck.

Looking at the towering temple in front of him, Yuan Zhou couldn't help sighing in silence. How miraculous it was that a nonhuman system liked hearing complimentary words.

It even learned to worship the Buddha. Upon thinking of that, Yuan Zhou became disturbed again.

"Give me a burning joss stick." Yuan Zhou found the place where burning joss sticks were sold and went up to buy one.

The temple was nevertheless quite grand, with many temple halls inside. After thinking for a while, Yuan Zhou directly went to the main temple hall. He didn't conform to the proper means of worshiping from outside to inside.

While kowtowing to the ground, Yuan Zhou read silently the words required by the system; otherwise, the kowtow would be in vain.

With three kowtows and nine worship, Yuan Zhou completed the entire ceremony process. After that, he stood up and went outside the main hall before tapping open the mission and began to check the status.

The truth was cruel. There wasn't any reaction from the mission status.

"It looks not working," Yuan Zhou then returned to the outermost temple hall and began to worship the Buddha again, as per the formal means of worshiping. After a full one and a half hours, he finally completed the mission.

Yuan Zhou suddenly felt that if he had worshiped the Buddha at the time of the college entrance examination, the score would probably be much better...

mdzz①, it was short for"Oh, shit. This stupid fool.", as most frequently used on the internet by young people.