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118 Yuan Zhou’s Restauran

 Only after Shuxiao drove the car into a narrow street and stopped and signal they were to park here did Director Qi feel something terrible was going to happen. Looking around at the surroundings, he didn't see any two-story hotels. Instead, tiny restaurants were numerous.

Did Shuxiao select one of these fly-like small restaurants?

Director Qi discontentedly whispered in his heart but still smiled and said, "Here we are. This place is rather difficult to find.

"True, it indeed seems quite difficult." Boss Guan also became a little puzzled. He was not actually a person who enjoyed grand occasions but he was anyhow a large investor. Basic respect was still indispensable.

Were all these government officials so thrifty like this nowadays? Or were things quite different inside of the apparently tiny restaurant?

"Director Qi, Boss Guan, in front of us is that restaurant. Let's go right now," Shuxiao hadn't noticed the gaze of Director Qi that could even kill people when he turned his back against Boss Guan, and even urged him.

His urging, nevertheless, had its reasons. Having been conquered by Yuan Zhou's culinary skills three days ago, he directly stated at that moment the request to make a block booking for the evening today. But reality was always cruel. He was decisively refused by Yuan Zhou.

If it were other big restaurants, Shuxiao wouldn't ask for a full booking. Since the restaurant was so small, he had thought of giving the boss some more money and that it might work. To his surprise, he had thought wrong. The boss neither allowed block bookings nor did he accept any prior reservations. Even when he came over here every day recently, the situation remained the same.

However, the benefits of frequently dropping by the restaurant were that he found that there were few customers in a particular period. It was when Yuan Zhou just opened the door. He didn't need to wait in line to eat during that time. Therefore, he specifically told Director Qi to make the appointment during that period.

"Look, this fellow is even urging us. So shall we go over there now?" Director Qi had to force himself to accompany Boss Guan, walking to Yuan Zhou's restaurant after Shuxiao.

When they got closer, they couldn't help but feel even more disappointed. The restaurant in the sight didn't even have a shop name and was indeed small. It was no more than 30 square meters inside and had only three vacant seats along the long curved table. What was worse, they were corner seats.

Looking at the surroundings, Boss Guan got really irritated. He was anyhow somebody who had started from nothing and now has assets up to dozens of billion RMB. When had he ever been to such primitive restaurant to eat?

He had his own pride but nevertheless didn't say anything. Instead, he just waited there for Director Qi to speak.

Director Qi first turned his head to Shuxiao and gave him an obscure look. After that, he opened his mouth with a smile, "Don't worry, Boss Guan. The restaurant is small but the Jin'ling cuisines cooked by the boss are said to be superb in taste."

"Oh, really?" Boss Guan was obviously perfunctory while saying that. `

How was it possible that a chef with excellent culinary skills settled at such a small restaurant? Renowned chefs nevertheless had their tempers. Anyhow, Boss Guan was doing the food and beverage business.

"You'll know the taste after savoring them," Director Qi still said with full confidence.

It was not the right time for Director Qi to flinch. He could only hope that the dishes were awfully tasty despite this seemingly low-grade restaurant. Nonetheless, Shuxiao would be definitely kept snubbed for some time after this event.

Apart from other aspects, this person didn't have a far vision and a broad mind hence was not suitable to be further cultivated.

The work of investment attraction required far vision and a broad mind. Without either one, one could never be promoted.

"Ok. Miracles might occur," although Boss Guan didn't express his discontent clearly, his manner of speaking was nevertheless not polite anymore. This was not the time to be tolerant.

"Let's order dishes now. Where is the waiter?" Director Qi cared little about Boss Guan's attitude and directly looked for the waiter.

Only then did Mu Xiaoyun dare to go up to them. Looking at the awkward atmosphere emitting from the three customers, she didn't even dare to make a sound just now. What's more, Yuan Zhou was cooking dishes at that time and didn't notice the situation.

"What would the respected sirs like to eat?" Mu Xiaoyun's voice was not loud but still could be clearly heard.

"Where's the menu?" Director Qi felt it was better to have the menu in their hands.

"Director Qi, the menu is on the wall behind," Having been here for several times, Shuxiao easily resolved the embarrassment of Mu Xiaoyun.

"Boss Guan, then let's check the menu behind us and order some dishes to savor, shall we?" Taking no notice of Shuxiao, Director Qi said to Boss Guan.

"Humm, let me have a look what delicacies there are here," there was slight dissatisfaction in Boss Guan's manner of speaking.

"It's indeed a superior restaurant. Those prices are also fairly amazing." Upon seeing the prices, Boss Guan got a little surprised. The top-grade dishes in his hotels were served at similar prices to those written on the wall of the small restaurant; of course, there were some dishes that were more expensive but those were made from the most precious ingredients.

Right over here, however, were only some commonly eaten dishes. As for the rules beside the menu, he certainly took them in, too.

"The boss indeed has some temper," Boss Guan said ironically.

"Then provide me with three servings of Jin'ling Grass and one serving of Egg Fried Rice." the wealthy Boss Guan didn't care about the price. Now that he couldn't leave immediately, he might as well savor the dishes.

"I just want to eat some noodles which I haven't tasted for a long time and two more dishes, Phoenix-Tail Prawns, and Jin'ling Grass," Director Qi said to Boss Guan with a smile.

When Shuxiao found the two people had almost finished ordering, he followed, "Egg Fried Rice Set and Melt-In-The-Mouth Chicken Feet."

After ordering, he said while smiling, "The dish Melt-In-The-Mouth Chicken Feet is said to be very delicious."

"Oh, then eat it to your heart's content," Director Qi answered him with a forced laugh.

"True. Look, the rules also regulate that wasting is not allowed." Boss Guan also said in a seemingly caring manner.

However stupid Shuxiao was, he also found the odd attitude of the other two people. A nervous expression flashed across his face. When he thought of Boss Yuan's culinary skills, however, he nevertheless became relieved. As long as the other two were conquered by the dishes, everything would be fine.

Something necessary still needed to be done. Shuxiao meticulously whispered at the ear of Director Qi," Director, this Boss Yuan is a perfect chef and has once triumphed over Chef Yu in World Foodie Hotel. Look, the restaurant is small but very clean."

Seated upright, Director Qi reacted as if he hadn't heard Shuxiao. Nevertheless, when he talked to Boss Guan, he likewise told him about the advantages of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. As a government official, he didn't want his subordinate to know that he thought little of him.

Fortunately, when Director Qi tried his best to relax the awkward atmosphere and Boss Guan perfunctorily replied, Yuan Zhou and Mu Xiaoyun carried their dishes to them.

"Dishes for what you have ordered. Please enjoy." One of Yuan Zhou's principles of treating his customers was to be consistently polite. As for the smiling face, Mu Xiaoyun was now responsible for that.

This time, the courteous Director Qi said nothing. He only wanted to let Boss Guan eat up the dishes now to dispel the misunderstanding, although he didn't really know either if the dishes were really that delicious.

"Come on, Brother Guan, let's taste the dishes cooked by this Chef Yuan." Director Qi personally handed the chopsticks to him while smiling.

"No problem. Let's taste them together." Boss Guan received the chopsticks politely and looked at the dishes that he had ordered.

What came into his view first was the Golden Egg Fried Rice. If it glistened, it would have been like the embellished photo of those delicacies which didn't even appear to look like the real Egg Fried Rice dish. The Jin'ling Grass dish was even more exaggerated. With its verdant jade-like appearance, it was nearly identical to a work of art. However, it looked to be uncooked.

The most eye-appealing dish was the Phoenix-Tail Prawns which made Boss Guan begin to believe this was really a well-hidden restaurant.

Because even the national top-grade chef in his own hotel wasn't able to cook this dish so attractive. Of course, the taste could only be known after savoring it, but just from its appearance, it deserved a taste.

With the "Ba Ji, Ba Ji" sound, Shuxiao had started to eat on the other side. In front of delicate cuisines, no other things mattered, including his superior Director Qi.

At that time, Boss Guan picked up the chopsticks and prepared to savor his dishes while Director Qi also started to test the dishes he had ordered hesitantly. Dishes first, of course. As for the watery and tasteless noodle soup, he would rather eat it later.