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111 Reward of the System

 The righteous words of Yuan Zhou first astounded Meng Meng and then the audiences of the live broadcast. After all, everybody would want to be respected.

Of course, there were some who agreed and also some that disagreed, for example, this person from the audience.

[I think this is merely Boss Yuan's excuse. Although it sounds great, it's no more than an excuse. If he really respects us, why doesn't he serve dishes as per customer's demand? Instead, he regulates that each customer can only eat one serving of each dish per meal,] from An Pang.

The words were sharp. Once the message appeared on the screen, it drove away the screenful of compliments to Yuan Zhou. After quite a little time, another audience replied him.

[I don't think so. Leaving aside Boss Yuan's manner of speaking just now, let's talk about the matter of rules. A chef naturally has his own habits and rules. And I feel that Boss Yuan laid down that rule of ordering only one serving in case we get tired of eating the same dish, although I don't think I will ever tire of his dishes,] from Amisa.

[Moreover, one serving is enough for one to eat his fill. And we can also order another serving of different dishes for a taste now. Besides, Boss Yuan really treasured foods and even told us not to waste it,] from Shime.

[I have seen Boss Yuan feed a stray dog. I know he is a loving man,] from Boundary of Firmament.

[Every time I see Boss Yuan cooking so earnestly, I then feel all these rules are acceptable,] from Warwolf Thunderclap.

[Fine, let's skip over the rules. But sometimes, he opens in the morning and sometimes not. What do you say about that?] from An Pang.

This person seemed to have many complaints about that. In some ways, it made sense. Whoever waited outside the entrance in the early morning wouldn't be happy when he found the restaurant was closed all along.

[I feel you guys are too demanding. Boss Yuan runs the restaurant alone and he needs to make great efforts to get everything done, which are mostly invisible to us. I don't think it a problem not to open the restaurant in the morning occasionally,] from Red Candle Devil.

[Boss Yuan is always working seriously during business hours. I think the respect is revealed when Boss Yuan will consciously make up for the loss of business time if it was due to his own reasons. I remember one day when it was raining, Boss Yuan, as a person who undoubtedly loves money, provided a new towel for free and recommended the hot Clear Broth Noodle Soup dish to each of the customers. I believe this is just the respect of a chef to his customers,] from Full Flowers In this Invisible World.

The sincere narrations caused everybody to fall silent as some of these audiences had personally been there. Despite his aloof manner and unpleasant words, they could feel the earnestness of Yuan Zhou whenever he cooked.

Nevertheless, Meng Meng likewise kept silent while looking at the messages. Everything her audiences talked about was indeed true.

Yuan Zhou never cared much about others' opinion to him. After all, with his emotional intelligence, he wasn't likely to understand that. Therefore, he directly walked out of the entrance. Having checked and found that there was still sufficient time before dinner, he decided to head to the bookstore.

As a young man that loves reading, Yuan Zhou would buy some books occasionally, which meant on the members day of the bookstores or when the bookstore offered discounts.

Of course, it happened to be the members' day of the bookstore today.

Lagging behind of Yuan Zhou, Meng Meng didn't catch up with him. Instead, she went back home after saying goodbye to her audiences.

The bookstore that Yuan Zhou often dropped by was called BuK Book City, a chain of bookstores where there were a large amount of books inside. If there was none, the staffs would have it delivered from the other chains.

It was fairly close, hence Yuan Zhou decided to go by foot.

It was the members' day of the bookstore and one could have a big discount of 20% with the member card. Yuan Zhou prepared to carefully choose some book to enrich his spiritual life.

As the BuK Book City bookstore was located not far from World Foodie Hotel in the downtown area, it was the largest main store among the BuK Chains. There were a total of four floors. On the first floor, one-half was used for the construction of cashier counters while the other half, behind the stairway, was made into a book bar for customers to take a little rest and read books on the rattan chairs. On the whole, it gave people a sense of quiet among the bustling din.

The second, third and fourth floor were all filled with various books. Naturally, the second floor was filled with the spiritual foods of students. These include various reference books, tutorial materials, and textbooks. On the third floor, however, were mainly reference books for every professional category. Yuan Zhou directly skipped over the two floors and went to the fourth floor.

On this floor were all kinds of literary novels, published web novels, youth literature, and some biographies, etc.

Having passed by all these kinds of books, Yuan Zhou walked straightway to the area for inspirational books.

He conveniently took up a book, looked at the title and checked the price. Then with a nod, Yuan Zhou indicated that these were what he just wanted. After taking up three similar books, Yuan Zhou began to search for other kinds of books.

When he found other varieties didn't conform to his requests, Yuan Zhou decisively took up the three books and returned to the first floor, preparing to pay.

The cashier separated them. The first was 99 Tips to Become a Prince Charming with a white cover. The original price was 20 RMB, while with the discount, it was only 16 RMB; the second was 108 Methods to Get Up Early, with a modest price of 23 RMB and 18.4 RMB with the discount; the last was A Valuable Book for Curing Late Stage Cancer of Laziness, despite the seemingly normal red cover.

It seemed that Yuan Zhou had a rich and colorful spiritual life. Looking at the discounted price, Yuan Zhou walked swaggeringly out of the Book City accompanied by the weird sights of the cashier.

While Yuan Zhou was walking back, the reward of the system was already available. However, Yuan Zhou would usually receive it after getting back to the restaurant.

Just like before, Yuan Zhou took a taxi back to the restaurant.

With a straight face, Yuan Zhou was actually curious about what exactly the Master Chef Set was. The name sounded like some sort of armor in online games.

The abilities of Yuan Zhou playing online games were more or less the same as an elementary school kid, to be more specific, not as good as them.

"Here we are." the taxi driver said as he stopped the car with a sound of "Zi", and then turned his head.

"Thank you. Here is 23 RMB in all." After paying the fare according to the price shown on the taximeter, Yuan Zhou got off the taxi.

Having returned to the restaurant through the back door, Yuan Zhou went to the second floor and put down the books before sitting down and tapping open the system.

[Temporary mission] To win a victory on the contest with Chef Yu

(Mission tips: Now that others have challenged you to your face, as a future master chef, you should begin to cultivate your pride and dignity from now, young man.)

[Mission status] Completed

[Mission reward] One piece of Master Chef Set (available to be received)

"Receive." Yuan Zhou realized he had made a stupid decision again just after saying that. It seemed that every time the reward would be obtained in the kitchen, while right now he was on the second floor.

"Dong Dong Dong", he had only to move quickly to the kitchen to take a look.

There appeared a conspicuous flat wooden box about 25 cm long on the clean azure stone countertop. The padauk color and the white countertop formed a sharp comparison.

The box was so perfectly sealed that Yuan Zhou even didn't know where he could open it. After playing with the box in his hands for a while, he eventually found a tiny bulge. Upon pressing it, the box was opened with a "Pa" sound.

"System, what's this?" Yuan Zhou couldn't help but roll his eyes.

The system displayed, "Taste-Free Chopsticks of the Master Chef Set."

"Ho Ho. I know they are chopsticks. Are these the so-called Master Chef Set?" Yuan Zhou felt that even the blue veins on his forehead were ridiculing him.

The system displayed, "The chopsticks are made of Fragrance-Free Wood, which won't be contaminated with any sort of taste. That's why they were called Taste-Free Chopsticks. It will help the host to savor the dishes."

"Thank your f*cking grandma!"

The system displayed, "Host, the system is not your grandma. Please clearly recognize the relationship between the system and you."

"...Thank you for your kind reminder."

Yuan Zhou's tone revealed the feeling of gnashing his teeth in anger while talking. He speechlessly glared at the chopsticks that appeared to be a pair of ordinary wooden chopsticks.