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80 Culinary Skills

 Six hours soon passed. If they were packed together back to back, six hours were really quite short. Besides, today's business was much better than usual. It might be because of being unable to eat supper.

After busying working for the whole morning, Yuan Zhou first headed upstairs to clean himself and then changed his clothes before preparing to leave.

Of course, the broth for the Maltese with mixed fur colors was also indispensable. Yuan Zhou had already fed the dog at noontime when he took a break.

Sun Ming lived not far from here. It only took half an hour to get there by taxi; therefore, Yuan Zhou walked towards Sun Ming's home at an unhurried pace.

"Yuan Zhou, you are going out, huh?" On the way there, Yuan Zhou met Boss Wang, who always had a big smile on his face.

"Yes. Boss Wang, no need to take care of your store?" Yuan Zhou also revealed a mild smile and greeted him.

"Came out to buy some vegetables. I see your restaurant really has a good business. You culinary skill is truly wonderful," Boss Wang said with a smile.

"It's passed down to me from my dad." Yuan Zhou attributed his skills to his dad decisively.

"That's for sure. At that time, your dad's culinary skills in making noodles were really good." Boss Yuan was lost in the reminiscence about the noodles cooked by Yuan Zhou's dad.

"But the dishes are too expensive. I'm unable to afford them," Boss Wang continued to say.

"Never mind. It's mainly because of the costly and quality ingredients." Yuan Zhou answered solemnly.

"Quality ingredients give rise to tasty dishes. It's true." Boss Wang nodded.

"Yes, that's right. Boss Wang, I'm leaving now." When Yuan Zhou realized he was arriving at the cross road, he parted ways with Boss Wang.

"Alright. Goodbye." Boss Wang waved his hand decisively.

It was quite easy to hail a taxi during this hour. Once he waved his hand, a vacant taxi stopped in front of him.

"Master, to Tazishan Road please," Yuan Zhou told the taxi driver the destination and then started to play a game of Fruit Slice, which he had been recently obsessed over, on his cellphone.

Having strengthened his five senses, Yuan Zhou could often clear the game quickly without slicing any bombs. Thus, this game gave Yuan Zhou plenty of confidence to clear all other games.

"Here we are," with a "Zi" sound, the taxi driver stopped the car and then said.

"Alright. Here's the money, just the right amount." Yuan Zhou said as he took out the money and handed it to the taxi driver.

The place where he got off was a residential area, which had been newly built and had strict security at the entrance. Visitors needed to register before entering and exiting. Furthermore, one would have to tell the security guards which building the resident whom they were here to visit lived. Only after the security guard made a call to the resident and confirmed the authenticity could the visitor's pass.

Apart from the guaranteed security, the environment was, likewise, fairly good. There was a beautiful forest of peach trees and lots of evergreen trees scattered. The only inconvenience was that take-outs couldn't be delivered to the residential area; thus the residents had to come downstairs and receive them at the entrance.

For those who were too lazy to cook by themselves, why would they order take-out if they had to go downstairs to receive them? As a result, the strict security cured the laziness of many residents.

Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, hated the troublesome registration at the entrance. He took out his cellphone to call Sun Ming. Registration could be skipped if the residents came out to pick the visitors.

"I'm here right at the entrance." Once the call was put through, Yuan Zhou got straight to the point without the slightest hesitation.

"Alright. I'll be there in a second," Sun Ming said. After hanging up the call, he ran down.

Yuan Zhou put the cellphone back into his trousers pocket and stood at the entrance while inserting his hands into the pockets, with a serious expression on his face.

The cold but cool demeanor of Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, attracted the attention of many girls passing by.

Just when Yuan Zhou still wore his cold expression but was actually embarrassed by the gazes of the security guards, Sun Ming turned up.

"I'm here. Let's go." Sun Ming was a little moved. Although Yuan Zhou was loyal to friends, he didn't speak much. Usually, he would carry a solemn look; nowadays, even more so, looking like a guidance director. Yet, Yuan Zhou showed such an impatient manner beforehand; thus Sun Ming naturally thought it because of his birthday.

Under the gaze of respect of the security guards, Sun Ming led Yuan Zhou into the residential area. This time, the security guards didn't even go up to enquire about Yuan Zhou, after all, he was taken inside by a resident.

"I have prepared ready all the ingredients, and they are all good stuff. I know you are picky; hence, specially requested my friend to bring some native eggs." Sun Ming chattered while leading Yuan Zhou to his home.


Yuan Zhou listened to Sun Ming listlessly. What does that matter? Even if they were native eggs, they still couldn't match those that were provided by the system.

"As you instructed, I cooked the rice in the evening yesterday and then left it to cool," suddenly Sun Ming said that.

"Oh yeah, the person who brought the native eggs was KFC. Do you still remember him?" Sun Ming recalled something in that instant. He then turned his head and asked.

"Yes, I do." Yuan Zhou really did remember this guy and wasn't just saying so. After all, with that name, it was really easy to remember.

KFC was a friend of Sun Ming. They had gathered several times to have dinner together before. He had obtained this nickname because there was a time when he ordered the KFC deluxe lunch consecutively for a whole month. As a result, Sun Ming gave this nickname to him.

Even when Sun Ming introduced him to Yuan Zhou, he called this guy KFC. As a quiet person who doesn't talk much, Yuan Zhou gave him with a strange look and didn't intend to ask about his real name, even though he also felt curious.

"KFC specially came to savor your culinary skills. He said that he was too busy working to drop by your restaurant. But in my opinion, he must have thought the price was too high." Sun Ming uttered, ignoring the social conventions.

"That's ok." Yuan Zhou didn't care much. KFC was rather honest and frank; hence, Yuan Zhou had a good impression of him.

"Here we are. The tenth floor." Sun Ming brought Yuan Zhou into the elevator and pressed the button with a 10 on it.

The elevator moved pretty quickly. In no more than half a minute, the two people arrived at the tenth floor. Clamoring noises could be heard through the door from the apartment even before they entered the apartment.

"I heard Sun Ming brought a chef here. Is that true?" a male voice asked in a loud voice.

"Yes, it's true. But he's just a chef who only cooks Egg Fried Rice." another male voice chimed in immediately.

"Why would he bring a chef that only cooks Egg Fried Rice? No wonder he asked us to bring some marinated dishes." A female voice could be heard then.


"Sorry, don't listen to them bullshitting." Sun Ming got a little awkward, as both sides were his friends. Luckily, they didn't say anything too bad.

"It doesn't matter. Egg Fried Rice first or Clear Broth Noodle Soup first?" Yuan Zhou didn't mind these weak attacks. These people would change their attitude when the dishes were served. After all, it was his brother's birthday today.

As for their insignificant doubt, what did that have anything to do with him?

"Egg Fried Rice, please. We all haven't eaten anything and are waiting for you to cook. Rest assured, my kitchen is as clean as a brand-new one," Sun Ming felt relieved when he saw Yuan Zhou not mind the attacks at all and then replied.

"Ok, take me to the kitchen." Considering he knew only Sun Ming and KFC among the people in the room, Yuan Zhou intended to cook directly. After all, it was not early.

"Ok, I'll be troubling you to cook dishes for us." Sun Ming was quite happy that Yuan Zhou came.

"Though it's troublesome but I don't feel bothered," Yuan Zhou took a look at Sun Ming and said solemnly.

"You know, if you always talk that way, you'll be beaten to death sooner or later." Sun Ming was helpless as to Yuan Zhou's mild frankness.

"No, it won't happen. I treat others differently."

"Then thank you very much. The kitchen right ahead." Sun Ming pointed at the room next to the entrance in exasperation.

"Alright." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then went into the kitchen.

The several people who had been talking behind the backs of Sun Ming and Yuan Zhou showed uneasy expressions on their faces. However, Sun Ming acted as if he hadn't heard them talking and then said something to ease up the atmosphere. Only then did the men and women in the room resumed chattering.