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77 Mu Xiaoyun and Mu Jieyun

 Mu Xiaoyun spent more time answering questions rather than working. However, Yuan Zhou didn't scold her, freely allowing those curious customers to ask about her.

Among the one hour, Mu Xiaoyu actually did no more than 10 minutes of work. She was attending to the customers for the rest of the time, since hiring an obviously underage little loli to work as a waitress would stir up the customer's curiosity.

Once time was up, Yuan Zhou started his everyday reminder. "Hey, guys. Business hour is up."

"We know, we know. No wonder Boss Yuan is called Compass. He doesn't even give us an extra minute." a female customer dressed in a business suit said in a teasing tone.

"Exactly. It's always the same every day. One hour is exactly one hour. Even one more minute won't work." a man seated beside her chimed in.

"Please come back again." Yuan Zhou uttered those words with a stony expression. If anyone did that in an ordinary restaurant, no one would bother replying with that long face. However, Yuan Zhou was different. He had superb culinary skills and thus, was allowed to be capricious. The customers would, instead, feel that he has a unique personality and sticked to his principles. Those who could insist on their principles were admirable people.

After all customers left, Mu Xiaoyun stayed behind and bowed towards Yuan Zhou, beginning to apologize.

"Boss, I'm really sorry." In her heart, she felt ashamed of thinking Yuan Zhou to be a swindler at the beginning and the helplessness just now at being unable to serve the dishes.

"Never mind. It will be a little busier during noontime and in the evening." Yuan Zhou actually paid little attention to that.

"Ok. Thank you, boss." The moodiness of little girls come by quickly and leave quickly as well, making them appear rather cute.

When her mood returned to normal, Mu Xiaoyun looked back and forth between Yuan Zhou and the place where Yuan Zhou brought out the steamers with her dark, watery eyes. She secretly swallowed her sliava.

"Boss, are the Soup Dumplings really that delicious?". The desire and curiosity in Mu Xiaoyun's eyes almost overflowed, but she still restrained them and managed to ask.

"Yes, I have pretty decent culinary skills." Yuan Zhou gave her an affirmative answer.

"But didn't you say that you provide 100 servings every day? I counted just now and it was only 98 servings in all." Mu Xiaoyun asked curiously.

"Yeap, I ate the remaining 2 servings." Having captured the eager look in the eyes of the loli, Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, maintained his composure and said that.

"Oh." Though the words "I want to taste it, too" were written throughout her face, Mu Xiaoyun could only respond in a low voice when she saw that Yuan Zhou had no intention of letting her eat it.

As a matter of fact, Mu Xiaoyun didn't wanna take advantage of Yuan Zhou at all. It was merely the blissful and contented expression on every customer's face and the fragrance of the Soup Dumplings constantly drifting about around her that caused Mu Xiaoyun to swallow no less than 1 kilogram of saliva the whole morning.

If she had enough money in her pocket, she would have already bought one for a taste. What exactly was the taste like to make these customers willingly wait there?

"You come over at around 11:00 and 12:00. Remember to finish your lunch before returning," Yuan Zhou softly told her.

"Sure! Thank you for your kind reminding, boss." Mu Xiaoyun took one last look at the emerald green steamer before turning around and leaving.

"Seems troublesome. Who knows if the little loli can persist." watching Mu Xiaoyun walking further and further away, Yuan Zhou said to himself.

"Forget it. Let's wait and see." With a "hua la" sound, he shut the door and prepared to forget about these annoying affairs.

While heading upstairs to the second floor for a rest, Yuan Zhou tapped open the mission and checked its status.

[Second Stage of the Mission] Working hard to get at least one hundred regular customers

(Mission Tip, "An excellent restaurant should have at least 100 regular customers. Only those who enter the restaurant and eat dishes at least 8 times per month can be considered as regular customers.)

[Mission Reward] A chance at the lottery to gain part of a cuisine's recipe

(Mission status, 96/100)

"That is pretty fast. Soon, I will know what the cuisine is." While stroking his chin, Yuan Zhou wondered curiously.


Having kneaded dough for the whole morning, Yuan Zhou decided to take a bath again before going back to bed, preparing to take a nap. It was still early, barely 9:00 a.m.

However, the neighboring residents had already got up. A large-scale renovation was suddenly taking place down the street, about two stores' distance away from Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Various noises could be heard.

At the beginning, the residents thought it was another weird wake up service. Only when they opened the windows did they find three stores below were being renovated simultaneously and the noises were disturbing their peace. Nevertheless, no matter how noisy it was, the residents could only bear with it since the renovation work was done during the daytime.

However, someone still uttered in a rage, "This damn shabby street can't match up to the office buildings on the other side at all. It will probably get pulled down very soon. What's the use of renovating it?"

"Indeed. Who knows why nobody wants to buy this area. There aren't many people in the street." Another echoed from nearby the window.

"It is said that the land is fairly expensive. But who knows why they just leave this shabby residence area alone." The formerly indignant person was likewise puzzled.

"Hope it can be pulled down soon. Then we can all make a great fortune from the compensation." the former voice that echoed was filled with hope.

"Yes, indeed." His opinion brought about much consent from the others.

The little loli, Mu Xiaoyun, on her way home still had her thoughts filled with the fragrance of the Soup Dumplings. She almost seemed absent-minded and hence bought breakfast again in a daze. A great quantity of steamed buns and steamed bread were purchased. She had bought so many of them that they were more than enough for her four family members to eat, costing a total of 30 RMB or so.

"Why did I buy so many?" Mu Xiaoyun didn't realize it until her hand felt tired, then lowered her head to check.

Speechlessly, she looked at the steamed buns and grumbled for a good while, "The boss is to blame."

"The boss said all dishes on the menu would be served for lunch. Are they as yummy as the Soup Dumplings?" While thinking of that, she unconsciously gulped her saliva.

Thinking of the fragrance of the Soup Dumplings just now, she felt much hungrier, thus gulped down three more steamed buns with meat stuffing."

With her sparrow-like food intake, it was simply incredible. Normally, she could only eat no more than 1 steamed bun with greasy meat, but now he ate up three.

It seemed that Yuan Zhou truly did people great harm.

Just in a little while, Mu Xiaoyun got home and started to narrate the happenings in the morning to her brother, who didn't have much of a reaction.

"I have already known that. That restaurant sells quite expensive dishes, but really delicious ones." with one leg being hung by gauzes, Mu Jieyun indeed appeared to have broken his leg. Yet, he had an expression of "I already knew that" on his delicate and pretty face.

"If you already knew that, why didn't you tell me earlier? Did you know I almost made a fool of myself?" Mu Xiaoyun tugged her brother's sleeve discontentedly.

"What? Did you think he is a swindler?" Mu Jieyun looked at his sister and asked in amusement.

"Yes. The dishes there are so expensive and besides, there weren't many good foods sold on that street." Mu Xiaoyun was fairly lively in front of her family members.

"Don't worry. When you get your salary, we can buy some to have a taste." Mu Jieyun had a perfect plan.

Mu Jieyun had already known that the dishes in the restaurant were very expensive. However, the salary offered by Yuan Zhou was good enough to eat those dishes a few times. Of course, it was also enough to play some PC games outside.

"So this is exactly what you were aiming for, brother?" Mu Xiaoyun really felt her brother acted stupid every day.

"You are right." Mu Jieyun answered in a shameless manner.

"Brother, I can tell you that the boss doesn't allow you take the dishes out of the restaurant, even if you take your lunch-box there," Mu Xiaoyun said mercilessly while looking at the wounded leg.

"..." Mu Jieyun then became speechless.