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76 Yuan Zhou’s Mathematics

 Reality was cruel. The moment she turned her head and saw the price list, Mu Xiaoyun suddenly thought of fleeing and slamming the door behind.

The prices on the price list startled Mu Xiaoyun. She even started to doubt if she was actually still in her dreams.

Because of Yuan Zhou's reminder beforehand, the first thing that came into her view was the price of the Soup Dumplings, 66 RMB per serving. While swallowing the saliva secretly, she moved to the next one, Egg Fried Rice, 188 RMB per serving and the Herbal Tea Egg, with a special-offer, was 888 RMB per piece.

Mu Xiaoyun opened her mouth slightly and couldn't help rubbing her eyes. Then she looked towards the price list and back at the boss who was rolling the dough wrappings. At that moment, a strange thought entered her heart.

"Is the boss a swindler? How could the Egg Fried Rice be so expensive? Does this restaurant have some problems?" Various guesses flashed through her heart instantly.

"Shall I leave right now? What if he is really a swindler?" Mu Xiaoyun felt quite perturbed.

"Still not going to have breakfast?" Yuan Zhou was wearing a mask, thus his voice sounded muffled.

"Ok, I'm going now." The sudden sound from Yuan Zhou startled her. She even took a step back and only responded after a long while.

"Go, go. Come back quickly." Yuan Zhou instructed her and then lowered his head, continue rolling the dough wrappings.

"Dong Dong Dong", Mu Xiaoyun ran away quickly.

Knowing nothing about the inner workings inside Mu Xiaoyun's heart, Yuan Zhou started to make the Soup Dumplings, moving them onto the steamer and cooking them while counting the time.


20 minutes later, the Soup Dumplings started giving off wreaths of steam. Yuan Zhou took two servings and extracted a cup of watermelon juice before starting to have breakfast. Without pouring vinegar, he gulped down a Soup Dumpling directly, leaving the delicate and tasty soup filling in his mouth.

While breathing the heat in, he swallowed the whole Soup Dumplings without letting any single drop of soup go. After recollecting the pleasant flavor of the Soup Dumplings for a while, Yuan Zhou picked up the watermelon juice and drank half a cup with a "Gu Dong, Gu Dong" sound.

"That feels awesome." The perfectly chilled watermelon juice made Yuan Zhou automatically heave a sigh of relieves.

For the second one, Yuan Zhou poured vinegar inside it before continue eating.

Having finished her breakfast outside, Mu Xiaoyun was undergoing a war in her heart.

On one hand, reason told her that Yuan Zhou's restaurant probably had some problems. The prices of the dishes were not affordable by anyone at all. Besides, even if he recruited a waiter, the boss didn't actually know what work the waiter could do. Yet, the salary was fairly good.

On the other hand, her consciousness tried hard to persuade her that a promise could not be broken.

The struggles inside Mu Xiaoyun made it clear to all that her heart was not peaceful, thus her white face started to frown.

As time slowly passed, Mu Xiaoyun became restless due to anxiety.

"Forget it, let me go and take a look. Anyway, there are more and more people now." Eventually, she stood up and decided to return to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Her figure from behind seemed fairly heroic.

"Customers are coming soon. You just stand here and carry the dishes to them. Ignore everything else." Yuan Zhou didn't know the attendant he had just recruited not only had just been replaced, but also almost left directly. Therefore he instructed Mu Xiaoyun with a peaceful expression.

"Ok." Mu Xiaoyun then stood cautiously beside the curved long table that Yuan Zhou was pointing at.

Of course, she was displeased in the heart. Mu Xiaoyun lived not far from here and she had never heard of any restaurants selling such expensive breakfasts. In such small restaurant, with such an expensive price, how was it possible that customers would come over to eat?

Nevertheless, with Yuan Zhou's serious tone, she could only to obey him.

Not long later, when it was barely 8:00, a man with a moustache, dressed in big short pants and a letter T-shirt, walked into the restaurant.

"Huh, Boss Yuan is so early today! You have Soup Dumplings?" Wu Hai walked inside with a swagger and asked with a pleasantly surprised expression.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou answered as concisely and vigorously as usual.

"Wonderful. Offer me a serving along with vinegar." Wu Hai took a seat blissfully and just waited to eat it.

Meanwhile, Mu Xiaoyun stood aside watching them all along. She couldn't help thinking that this man might be a shill employed by the boss to eat here early in the morning. This way the restaurant would seem busy and it would attract others to come for meals. This little girl knew quite a lot about the tricks used.

Yuan Zhou took a steamer and put it in the tray, along with a small plate of vinegar. After that, he directly carried the tray to Wu Hai, without letting the girl do anything. Only when Wu Hai took out the dishes himself from the tray did Mu Xiaoyun realized that she hadn't done anything.

She immediately ran up to Yuan Zhou, asking in embarrassment, "Boss, what can I do?"

Then a shy blush appeared on her white little face.

Only then did Wu Hai notice there was a girl, who looked even younger than the boy he had seen yesterday, in the restaurant.

"Boss Yuan, you changed waiters?" Wu Hai asked curiously.

"Yeap. They changed it themselves." Yuan Zhou understood immediately upon seeing the evil expression on Wu Hai's face. He indicated that he wasn't to blame and would not take the fall for others.

"What do you mean by 'they changed it themselves'"? Wu Hai showed a doubtful look.

"You can ask her." Yuan Zhou pointed at Mu Xiaoyun, who was standing aside.

"The boy who was here yesterday, was it your brother or somebody similar?" realizing the girl had a face quite similar to the boy, Wu Hai directly asked.

"Yes, he is." Mu Xiaoyun said shyly.

"Then why are you here today?" Due to his straightforward character, Wu Hai had never understood the term 'euphemism'. Therefore, he just directly asked.

Mu Xiaoyun, again, betrayed her brother without any hesitation, saying that her brother had broke his leg by jumping down from upstairs.

At this time, Yuan Zhou broke in, "Her brother really has a strong physique. He fell from 9 meters high. That's really amazing."

Instantly, Wu Hai became speechless. "Boss Yuan, you perform rather well when giving back change to the customers. But with all due respect, are your mathematics taught by an English teacher?"

"Pardon?" Yuan Zhou looked at Wu Hai with a solemn expression on his face. He didn't really know what was wrong and how this situation could be related with his mathematics teacher.

"Even if he fell from the third floor, it would be merely 6 meters high. It's not like her brother climbed up to the roof and then fell off." With a helpless look, Wu Hai had to explain in detail when he saw that Yuan Zhou and Mu Xiaoyun were both confused.

Then Mu Xiaoyun expression suddenly showed that she saw the light.

"Oh, that's it." Yuan Zhou reached to stroke his chin with an indifferent expression. No one could see any embarrassment on his face.

"You like eating spicy foods, don't you?" Yuan Zhou suddenly asked Wu Hai an irrelevant question.

"Of course. No spicy food, no joy." Wu Hai answered frankly.

"Why? Are you gonna develop a stir-fried dish?" after thinking for a while, Wu Hai suddenly asked in surprise.

"No, not for now." Yuan Zhou answered naturally and generously, without revealing any indication that he was actually getting back at Wu Hai for humiliating his mathematics just now.

"Boss Yuan, then why were you asking about it just now?" Wu Hai felt as if Yuan Zhou was toying with him.

Of course, that clearly wasn't Wu Hai's illusion.

"I was just casually asking." Yuan Zhou said squarely.

"!!!!!!!" then Wu Hai decided to have breakfast first. Otherwise, he would probably die from anger.

Standing at the side and watching everything, Mu Xiaoyun reacted immediately. She suddenly felt her boss was likely to be stingy and tended to bear grudges.

There wasn't much time left for Mu Xiaoyun to be stupefied. The arrival of Wu Hai seemed to signal the start of breakfast, as people appeared from nowhere, squeezing into Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Startled by this scene, Mu Xiaoyun had no time to think about anything else. She thought it would be very busy, hence immediately prepared to receive orders. However, to her surprise, the customers all were very considerate. They left right away after finishing their meal and even remembered to put the used dinnerware onto the conveyer belt before leaving. Following closely behind, other customers took their seats and started to eat. Customers talked about various topics while queuing but became serious when it came to eating.

The boss was eccentric. The customers were also odd!