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74 Recruitmen

 The one-hour breakfast time soon passed. Customers left one after another after their meals. However, Yuan Zhou still didn't intend to shut the door. Instead, he just stayed seated in his exclusive chair.

"Boss Yuan, aren't you closing the door today?" asked the last customer.

"No. I am waiting for someone to ask about the job that I am offering." Yuan Zhou was quite straightforward about the matter of recruitment.

"Why not continue doing business for a while longer then?" the last customer ridiculed him.

"The opening hours are up." Yuan Zhou answered in a prim manner.

"Ok, all right." The man shrugged the shoulders and then left.

Yuan Zhou didn't get up until the man went out of the restaurant. He walked to the cabinet behind and took out a piece of A4 paper. The characters "Recruitment" were rather conspicuous on the paper.


Working hours, not fixed (6 hours and below)

Vacation time, not fixed (depending on the weather)

Job content, only carrying plates

Salary, 3000 RMB per month (daily payment available, 100 RMB every day), without social security or housing funds

Job requirements, obedient, either male or female, grown-up

After checking it again and finding no problem, Yuan Zhou pasted the paper on a conspicuous place on the door.

Having added the salary figure and that it could be paid on a daily basis, Yuan Zhou returned to his restaurant happily. After all, many temporary workers preferred to be paid on a daily basis. It could also be considered fashionable to follow the trend.

At around 9:40 in the morning, a girl passed by while looking around the street. She was carrying a backpack and had a neat ponytail fluttering behind her, making her look youthful and energetic. Judging from her clothes and way of dressing, she was apparently a college student.

She seemed to be looking for a part-time job. Yuan Zhou stared at her firmly. The recruitment notice on the door was fairly conspicuous and he believed there was no other restaurant in the neighboring streets that could offer as much as his.

As expected, the girl soon noticed the recruitment notice on the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. It was difficult for her not to discover the black and white notice..

Just a little while later, the girl instantly opened her eyes big and revealed a look of surprise. She even carefully peered inside the restaurant.

With the warmest smile on his face, Yuan Zhou duly nodded his head, hinting that she could come in. However, the effect was rather disappointing.

"Duk Duk Duk". Immediately the girl ran away quickly like a rabbit that was chased tightly by a wolf. While running, she even carefully looked back. She then revealed a relieved expression when she found that boss Yuan Zhou wasn't following her. In one minute, she had run out of the street.

The expressionless boss Yuan Zhou watched in a daze as the girl ran away. His heart shattered, "Is it because I usually act cold and aloof and now I can't show an easy-going attitude now?"

While maintaining a more rigid facial expression, Yuan Zhou took out a small mirror from the breast pocket. He then revealed his teeth at the mirror in silence, finding that it indeed did not look good.

"Humm, it seems I'm more suited to the aloof manner." Yuan Zhou placed the mirror back into his pocket and stared at outside again while talking to himself.

Originally, there were not many people on the street, let alone those who walked here searching for a job or part-time work. As time passed by slowly, Yuan Zhou felt his eyes hurting from staring too much. Then a man carrying a sling bag finally walked past.

He was dressed in a cheap suit and had sweat beaded his forehead due to the weather becoming hotter and hotter. The man stopped when walking to the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. He first looked to the right, then to the left. Once he realized that there was no one around, he took out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the perspiration. Only after all that did he start to carefully read the recruitment notice on the door.

The more he read, the deeper his frown became. Eventually he walked away directly without turning back. Having barely stood up, Yuan Zhou silently sat back down again.

"I don't actually need a man. Female attendant are my preferred option. Yeap, that's right. That's it," Yuan Zhou murmured to himself.

The whole morning passed and Yuan Zhou did not manage to wait for a third person to appear. At around 11:10 a.m., Yuan Zhou tore off the recruitment notice and then went to prepare lunch.


Lunch time was still extraordinarily busy, therefore it further strengthened Yuan Zhou's resolution to hire an attendant. Once the last customers left, Yuan Zhou pasted the recruitment notice again on the door. He stood there in the front of the notice and read carefully for a great while. Only after nodding his head in satisfaction did he head back to the restaurant.

Wu Hai watched this scene curiously from the second floor of his house. He was busy in the morning but free in the afternoon. Hence, he simply brought out his telescope and looked towards the notice at the window on the second floor.

Immediately, Wu Hai couldn't help laughing wildly. The "ha ha ha ha" sound echoed throughout the room.

Even though Wu Hai paid little attention to mundane affairs, he still knew it was definitely going to be difficult to hire anyone with that notice.

There were inappropriate statements all over the notice. Wu Hai even didn't how where to start.

When he couldn't laugh more, Wu Hai yet decided to help Yuan Zhou out, which would also help himself out. If somebody could share the small difficulties and help solve them, then Yuan Zhou could concentrate on making more new dishes.

On the other side, Yuan Zhou continued to maintain his aloof manner. He was seated there solemnly in the main hall, as if he had been waiting somebody.

"Boss Yuan, your recruitment notice won't work. It needs some editing," Wu Hai said the moment he stepped into the restaurant.

"Oh, really?" Yuan Zhou raised his eyebrows and made a note quietly in his heart.

"If you write like that, who would know what kind of job it is? Even the working hours aren't clear." Wu Hai started to explain to Yuan Zhou in a seemingly experienced manner.

"But I did write that. The job content is carrying plates and the time is 6 hours." Yuan Zhou dumbly pointed out the incorrect facts in Wu Hai's remarks.

Wu Hai speechlessly held his forehead helplessly. Realizing that Yuan Zhou probably didn't really understand what he meant, Wu Hai continued speaking, "I'm referring to the specific time and specific job content."

However, Yuan Zhou still refuted him with a question, "Have you ever recruited anyone?"

"Hummm, no." Wu Hai was defeated.

An apparent disdain was revealed from Yuan Zhou's eyes, then he ignored Wu Hai.

A youth happened to pass by the entrance at this time. He had delicate features and a white and clean face, looking like a senior high school student. He shouldn't have been older than 18 years old.

He stood outside reading the recruitment notice for a great while and then came into the restaurant after some hesitation, asking, "Are you recruiting a part-time worker?"

"How many hours can you work here every day?" Yuan Zhou appeared very serious and fairly earnest.

"6 hours do not seem to be a problem." The voice of the youth was rather clear, along with a hint of shyness and panic.

"Where do you live?" Yuan Zhou looked him up and down and felt the boy was too thin and weak, thus he asked that.

"Not very far. About 10 minutes walk from here." Nervousness could be heard from the youth's voice.

"I don't provide meals." Yuan Zhou continued to bring out his conditions.

"No problem. I can go back home for meals." Apparently, the youth was hunting job for the first time. The questions and answers flowed between Yuan Zhou and him. He didn't even try to display any advantages of himself to Yuan Zhou.

Standing aside and listening to the talks between the two green-hand employer and employee, Wu Hai felt a little ache in his stomach which had not acted up in a long while. He couldn't help thinking in the heart, "With such a ridiculous recruitment notice, only such a boy could read it carefully and come inside to ask about the job."

Normally, people with work experience wouldn't enter to ask about this unreliable recruitment notice as it did not seem to be serious at all.

"All right. Come at 7:00 tomorrow morning and give it a try for an hour." While Wu Hai was still complaining, Yuan Zhou had made up his mind to hire this youth.

"Ok, thank you. I will definitely come on time tomorrow. Rest assured of that, Boss." A big smile emerged on the boy's face.

"Oh yeah, what's your name?" Only by then did Yuan Zhou remember that he did not know the name of his staff.

"Jie Yun, I am Mu Jie Yun." the boy answered readily.

Mu Jie Yun?

The surname was Mu? It was quite a rare surname. Even the first 100 or 1000 common surnames wouldn't contain it.