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72 Yuan Zhou’s Counterattack

 "Don't play anymore," with a helpless tone, Yuan Zhou took a look at the still screaming band and shouted.

"Boss Yuan finally opens the door." Ling Hong went up and greeted him.

"Yeap." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Ok, you can all leave now." Ling Hong clapped his hands and immediately the band stopped playing.

Instantly, the whole world fell silent.

Now, everyone felt that the term quiet was a wonderful adjective.

"Luckily the young master got up. But he was most unlikely to fall asleep uner such circumstances. My ear almost became deaf." The grandpa that stood at the back rubbed his ears and heaved a sigh.

"Boss Yuan, you have prepared the Soup Dumplings today, right?" Ling Hong asked luodly subconsciously.

"No. It's too late. I don't have enough time." Seeing that the band had stopped, Yuan Zhou turned around and went back into the restaurant, letting out a slight sigh of relief.

In just that small time span, Yuan Zhou felt his world nearly exploded due to that deafening din. Fortunately for him, the noise could not be heard from inside."

"Hey, Boss Yuan, can you prepare them right now? I can wait for you." Ling Hong shouted aloud.

"You can lower your voice. My ears are going to be deaf soon." Though Tank had a body full of muscles and had a rough appearance, he was, nevertheless, a handsome man who enjoys peace and quiet. Even he complained about Ling Hong's loud voice.

"Alright. I know you prefer quiet. I just got used to the noisy surrounding just now." Reminded by Tank, Ling Hong changed his voice to normal.

"Time is insufficient," Yuan Zhou stood back to his usual position and said gently.

"Ok, fine. Then can we eat the Clear Broth Noodle Soup this morning?" Ling Hong easily gave up on his favorite Soup Dumplings.

The reason was obviously not because he suddenly didn't feel like eating it. It was because Yuan Zhou's current expression was fairly scary. Ling Hong also knew that the method he used to wake Yuan Zhou up was rather unaccceptable; however, he couldn't find any displeasure at all from his face, only a calm expression. This made Ling Hong unable to stay calm anymore.

He had thought Yuan Zhou would at least show a sullen expression, or in more serious cases, maybe swear. But right now he acted as if nothing had happened. That, nevertheless, made Ling Hong not dare to continue his query about the Soup Dumplings.

"Boss Yuan, what time do you usually get up for cooking the Soup Dumplings?" Wu Hai suddenly asked.

"At 6:00," Yuan Zhou answered the question simply and quickly.

"Ok. Offer me the Clear Broth Noodle Soup and beef mince today." Wu Hai also started to order his dishes.

Likewise, the grandpa had to take the second best choice and choose the Clear Broth Noodle Soup.

"All right. Wait a moment." Yuan Zhou turned around, begining to prepare dishes.

On the other side, Wu Hai started to wink at Ling Hong and whispered, "Do you understand now?"

"Yeap, I understand. But will he blacklist me?" Ling Hong had understood clearly what Wu Hai meant once he opened the mouth. However, he needed to clearly understand the consequences.

"Don't worry. According to my observations, Boss Yuan only appears aloof. He is actually very easy to reason with. Last time, a guy actually bought Egg Fried Rice from another restaurant and came here to eat it. Boss Yuan still gave him a permission. As long as we don't go against his rules, everything will be fine." Wu Hai revealed an expression of "Trust me and follow my advice".

"Ok, that's fine. Let me try again." Ling Hong agreed to Wu Hai's proposal decisively.

The reason was, of course, also due to his investigation. He found that Yuan Zhou indeed had a mild temper. For example, he hadn't revealed any discontented or furious expressions over what he did this morning until now.

Having heard everything they talked, the edges of Yuan Zhou's mouth curled up. He thought in his heart, "No matter how rich you brat is, you still wouldn't be able to wake me up."

That's right. Who said Yuan Zhou wasn't angry? Yuan Zhou was so angry that he almost wanted to hack him with a kitchen knife. However, he had gotten used to pretending to be aloof, thus he was too lazy to curse now. He would only use the simplest method to let the guy suffer the consequences of his own actions.

With the belief that two heads are better than one, the several people boisterously agreed upon a plan. Even the grandpa was involved, pointing out the most realistic problem. Thus one could see how attractive the Soup Dumplings were.

"How do you plan to solve the public nuisance problem?" The grandpa hit the nail on the head.

"Don't worry. I will go to each family in the neighborhood and pass them 100 RMB later today to compensate them for getting up an hour earlier tomorrow. It's just for one hour, so it shouldn't be a problem." Ling Hong answered him confidently.

"Ling Hong, are you sure?" Tank worriedly asked.

"No problem. Look, Boss Yuan isn't angry at all." Ling Hong pointed at Yuan Zhou's face secretly, which indeed appeared as normal.

"Ok. As you please." Tank shrugged, giving up trying to persuade Ling Hong.

"I think the plan is pretty good." Ji Lian said in a prim manner.

"Isn't it because you like this band?" Octopus revealed Ji Lian's true thoughts without mercy.

"Don't say that." Ji Lian simply admitted it without even blushing and even told Octopus not to make it public.

Instantly, the several people decided to ignore him. Luckily, at that moment, Yuan Zhou brought their dishes over to them.

The busy morning and noon made Yuan Zhou decide to recruit a waiter. He not only cooked the dishes on his own but also had to carry them to the customers. It was truly a tiring job, especially when there were many customers.

Although Yuan Zhou was worn out from all the work, he still remembered to feed the Maltese its broth. After that, he went to bed.

It was early in the morning, barely 6:00. The residents in the neighborhood all got up and surrounded to watch in the distance. The band was still the same one as yesterday and the audio electronics were likewise the same.

"I would love you even after I die. I don't feel good until the very ultimate extent."

The lead vocalist was still the same guy, who was shouting and singing hoarsely. As soon as he opened his mouth, the high notes drifted off into a distance, shocking the conscious of the people. However drowsy they were, all would be startled awake immediately.

However, Yuan Zhou did not wake up from the cacophony and was still sleeping soundly as if nothing was happening. Of course, he didn't set his alarm clock.

Usually, Yuan Zhou couldn't sleep very well. He usually had to count till a 100 sheep in his mind before he could fall asleep. However, he fell asleep very soon last night. The restaurant fortified by the system was extraordinarily quiet, thus it was quite suitable for sleeping.

The shouting and screaming downstairs did not affect Yuan Zhou at all.

After one song ended, the window of Yuan Zhou's bedroom on the second floor was still tightly shut, without any reaction.

"Why hasn't Boss Yuan woken up?" Ling Hong asked in curiosity.

"How do I know? Maybe he is wearing earplugs," Octopus speculated.

"Earplugs? Yeap, that's probably true. Let's have another two songs. I don't believe he can sleep in such a din." Ling Hong gave the band a signal, letting them continue to sing.

Three songs were originally agreed upon among the several people. If the band sang any longer, they might be chased on the streets by the urban management officers. Though undeveloped as this area was, there were, nevertheless, lots of office buildings nearby. Quiet surroundings had to be maintained.

After the three songs ended, there was still no reaction on the second floor, thus Ling Hong decided to give up. It wasn't until 8:30 in the morning did Yuan Zhou open the door.

At the entrance was Ling Hong, who was waiting impatiently.

"Boss Yuan, you've gotten really nice earplugs." While speaking, Ling Hong gestured a thumb-up to Yuan Zhou and then left after eating breakfast.

Yuan Zhou thought Ling Hong would give up after this attempt. After all, the neighborhood wouldn't agree if they made noises for longer time. However, he still underestimated Ling Hong.

Ling Hong didn't give up on his plan at all. He ran out and managed to get another band. This time, he gave 200 RMB to each family in the neighborhood as compensation. A benefit of 200 RMB was pretty nice for getting up one hour earlier.

After all, the noise did not last very long.

At 6:00 in the morning on the third day, another band joined in besides the one for the first two days. Now there were two bands in all. Furthermore, they were all heavy metal rock bands. The singing abilities of the lead vocalist in the second band was not so good as the first one, but his voice was nevertheless quite high and loud. This was Ling Hong's goal.

The two bands were singing one after another as if they were competing with each other. They straightaway made the street the location for their live concert. They didn't just blow of the roof, even the glass seemed like it could shatter any moment.

Even with such a earth-shaking situation, there was still no reaction on the second floor.

"Boss Yuan is not asleep. He is definitely dead," Ling Hong shouted desperately.

"Are you going to break the door down now?" While listening to the music blissfully, Ji Lian gave a bad idea.

Was he going to break down the door, or break down the door, or break down the door? This was really such a difficult multiple-choice question.