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71 A Special Way of Waking Someone Up

 "Don't worry. Once we get up early tomorrow morning, Boss Yuan will surely get up early as well. I have a terrific idea." Ling Hong said confidently.

"Your treat?" Tank asked bluntly.

"Ok, fine. My treat, alright?" Ling Hong answered helplessly.

"No problem." his other three friends all expressed their consent to drop by again tomorrow.

"What's your terrific idea like?" the one who looked the most reliable, Ji Lian, asked.

"You'll know tomorrow." Ling Hong was reluctant to go into details, looking quite mysterious.

"All right." Octopus then shrugged his shoulders, showing that he would just wait and see.

With his sharp ears and eyes, Yuan Zhou heard their entire conversation. Nevertheless, he revealed no reaction at all. Even with Wu Hai bringing lots of people to shout loudly downstairs, the noise couldn't wake Yuan Zhou from his dreams last time.

There was a saying, "If you give me a bed, I can sleep until the end of the world, even if the sun and the moon decay."

Therefore, Yuan Zhou paid little attention to that. He merely prepared his dishes without any distractions.

Ever since yesterday morning, Yuan Zhou's business had a sudden boom. Most of the customers were basically standing besides the few who got the seats.

Since he was terribly busy, he suddenly thought of recruiting a waiter. However, thinking about it was one thing, reality was different. Yuan Zhou was currently as busy as a constantly rotating top at the moment, hence the words of Ling Hong that he had heard in the morning had long been forgotten.

After a full day of working hard, Yuan Zhou was so tired that he fell directly into his chair. Only after drinking a mouthful of water provided by the system did he catch his breath.

Then he cooked a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup for himself and gulped them down with a "hu lu hu lu" sound.

"The noodles taste especially delicious today. It seems my culinary skills have improved greatly." Yuan Zhou happily thought that way.

Just like the previous days, Yuan Zhou went to the trash bin outside the back door while carrying a bowl of broth.

To his surprise, Yuan Zhou found the Maltese with mixed fur colors had underwent a drastic change this time.

The fur was exceptionally clean. The wounds where the flesh was revealed formerly due to the skin disease had healed and were now covered by the long fur. They were no longer bare spots. Although it wasn't a pure chocolate brown and had mixed fur colors, the dog was still extremely cute after being cleaned up.

The dog might have been abandoned by its former owner, hence, its grape-like black eyes didn't look as cute or friendly as other Malteses. Even though Yuan Zhou offered it the broth every day, the dog merely raised its head lazily and took a look at him.

"Speaking of which, your hair is rather clean." Yuan Zhou murmured before he poured the broth into the small bowl in front of the dog.

The Maltese with mixed fur colors merely responded with a upward gaze at Yuan Zhou and then continued lying still.

Yuan Zhou had already gotten used to the aloof manner of the dog, thus he didn't mind at all. After that, he went back to his restaurant to take a rest.

He had thought he could have a sound sleep until the next morning. Never had he expected to hear wails and howls from downstairs in the early morning. Startled by that, Yuan Zhou leaped out of bed.

Downstairs at the entrance, a wonderful show was happening.

"Ling Hong, this terrific idea of yours is really really marvelous." Octopus gasped in genuine admiration.

"Are we disturbing the neighbors?" Tank still cared about the current situation more than others. .

"I feel that this method is pretty good." the good-looking Ji Lian, surprisingly, agreed with Ling Hong's idea.

"Ji Lian knows me best. This band is quite difficult to hire. Enjoy it carefully, guys." Ling Hong signalled his friends to listen to the band.

Yes, that's right. Wealthy as Ling Hong was, he found a band to perform at the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Based on Wu Hai's previous experience, Ling Hong hired a rock band and a heavy metal band this time.

What's more, the band was fairly famous in the underground music circles. The lead vocalist of the band was called Beating Drum. The reason why he got this nickname was because his voice sounded like beating a drum when he was singing. The abrupt "Dong" sound he made would definitely startle the audiences.

This was the mischievous idea that Ling Hong thought of yesterday. As a matter of fact, he yet heard that Yuan Zhou stayed up very late every night since he need go out to purchase the ingredients, thus it was normal for Yuan Zhou not to get up early. However, who could halt the determination of a foodie desiring his Soup Dumplings?

If one band wasn't enough, then Ling Hong would for sure get another until he managed to wake Yuan Zhou up.

Ling Hong didn't prepare to let Yuan Zhou sleep in at all. As long as Yuan Zhou could resist the heavy metal band of one song, Ling Hong would immediately add another two sets of amplifiers.

That was why he had led the band members and brought a set of musical instruments along with his friends here to this narrow street. Then he arranged for them to start as soon as they arrived.

As for bothering neighborhood, Ling Hong had also gotten a solution beforehand. He had already dropped by several residential areas that were affected the most to check last night. Most of the residents nearby were tenants or the owners of stores in the street rather than the original owners. They basically got up at around 7:00. This was also the time that Ling Hong had arranged for the bands to start singing. Therefore, he acted recklessly without fear.

His requirement for the band was simple, too simple, that was, the noisier, the better.

The fierce electric guitar went first, followed by the drumbeat, then came the keyboard. Finally an abrupt roar by the lead vocalist directly made Yuan Zhou spring up from his bed instantly.

"What's wrong? A thunderstorm or a typhoon?" Yuan Zhou opened his eyes wide, revealing a dumbfounded expression.

Then the sound of singing "I return to my dreams..." came from downstairs in a loud and sonorous voice. Under normal circumstances, the lead vocalist's singing could be considered pretty good. There would definitely be judges in favor of him if they were on The Voice of China's stage.

Just like how Yuan Zhou immediately rushed downstairs after opening his window and seeing the bustling scene at the entrance.

As for what he was going to do... Just looking at the kitchen knife conveniently held in his hand, one would understand he planned to fight with his life on the line against those people downstairs.

However, Yuan Zhou still controlled himself as he rushed towards the door. He swore a few times before placing back the kitchen knife it its original position.

The door wasn't soundproof at all. The fierce thunderous rock music eneterd Yuan Zhou's ears without any hindrance.

"System, I believe a good rest is the most basic physical need for a Master Chef."

The system displayed a few words: "What do you need, Host?"

"All the decorations I had done at the beginning was removed and rebuilt by you at that time. Now you see, the house is not soundproof at all. I reckon you ought to compensate me and soundproof my place." Yuan Zhou spoke justly. It seems like he was still obsessing over his costly decorations being discarded.

The system didn't react for a while.

Yuan Zhou walked two laps around the main hall restlessly. When he saw the seemingly ordinary, but actually advanced kitchenwares in the kitchen, he said confidently, "System, everything you provide me is indeed top grade. But what if a thief enters the kitchen and steals them all?"

It seems like this was a loophole. The system kept quiet for a long while. Afterward, Yuan Zhou found the sound outside the door had vanished as he was waiting for his answer. Now, he could even hear the sound of needle dropping on the ground.

The system displayed, "The defense of the restaurant has been thoroughly fortified and reinforced. Host doesn't need to worry anymore."

Realizing that his goal had been fulfilled, Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh. Of course, he definitely couldn't fall asleep anymore, therefore could only open the door.

On the other hand, the few customers including Wu Hai and the grandpa outside the door all waited aside in a hopeful manner.

"Will your method work?" Wu Hai asked when he saw there was no indication of the door opening.

"It surely will. I have already checked the building. It is sturdy, but the soundproofing is merely ordinary." Ling Hong said in affirmation.

In order to prove he was right, Ling Hong pointed to the residents surrounding them and watching at a distance. Most of them were dressed in long sleeve pajamas. As Ling Hong had informed them about the situation here beforehand, they merely whispered to one another, not appearing too outraged.

"Then why hasn't Boss Yuan opened the restaurant yet?" pointing at the closed door, Wu hai asked.

"He is probably taking a shower." Tank chipped in.

While the several people were still discussing, Yuan Zhou finished the cleaning up and opened the door with a sound of "hua". Obviously, he had no time to make the Soup Dumplings....