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70 An Excellent Idea

 Now, the others that preferred jams also came over to help...

"You can't say that. The blueberry jam prepared by Boos Yuan goes perfectly with bread. It's extraordinarily delicious." An average-looking man with a composed temperament abruptly joined in.

"That's right. Young people prefer convenient foods like the bread." The man wearing glasses also opened his mouth, helping his companions.

"As far as I know, blueberry contains an abundance of anthocyanin and other nutrition. The anthocyanin not only prevents the cranial nerves from aging, preserve eyesight, strengthen cardiac functions, combat cancer, soften blood vessels and enhance human immunity, but also has effects of maintaining beauty and appearing young."

"So blueberries are better for girls to maintain their beauty." A seemingly youthful man around 20 years old or so stood out and spoke about the details of blueberries.

The customers were rendered speechless by the words of the young man. They had never expected such a knowledgeable fellow to be among them.

Now the jam fans looked proud. One after another, they started to talk about the benefits of eating blueberry jam with bread and the wonderful taste.

However, the quick-witted fans of the Soup Dumplings would not admit defeat so easily. As a specialized foodie, Wu Hai's reply destroyed their argument. "But you guys don't have bread."

"Simply speaking, your bread can't rival the jams of Boss Yuan at all." Wu Hai said in an arrogant tone, giving others the urge to beat him up.

The words were like an arrow that hit the bulls eye. Although the jam fans took the bread along with them, which Yuan Zhou didn't say anything, the comparison between the bread and the most delicious jams were like fish eyes and pearls. One could easily tell the difference just by looking, let alone when tasting.

The bread brought from outside was fairly coarse but the jams were exquisite. It wasn't too sweet and carried a scent of fresh fruits. Every bite would leave several big pieces of blueberry flesh quivering in their mouth.

The only reason for eating the jams with bread was that only then could one fill their stomach.

"Hey, uncle, I'm sure that you will not get a girlfriend if you speak that way." The cute girl, Yuan Yuan, gave a heavy blow to Wu Hai.

"Anyway, no matter what you say, your blueberry jam is not as delicious as the Soup Dumplings." After pausing for a moment, Wu Hai still firmly struck back.

Realizing that the two parties were about to argue again, Yuan Zhou reminded them in a seemingly kind-hearted manner, "There are only 40 minutes left before the restaurant gets closed. What would you guys like to eat?"

"Boss Yuan, how can you start counting your business hours if you aren't doing business?" immediately, Wu Hai stopped quarreling with the jam fans and asked Yuan Zhou directly.

"Yes, I usually calculate my business hours from the moment the door is opened," Yuan Zhou said straightforwardly.

"Boss Yuan is so tricky." Wu Hai couldn't help grumbling.

Subsequently, the jam fans stopped quarrelling with the Soup Dumplings fans. Of course, the after effects still lingered.

After Ling Hong finished treating, next came the several pretty girls' turn to eat. The first thing they did after ordering their jams was not waiting for their dish but to start pestering Yuan Zhou instead, asking, "Boss Yuan, the blueberry jam is available now. When do you think you could serve bread to match the jams?"

"That's right. When will you sell bread?" The cute girl Yuan Yuan asked clearly while stuffing the bread into her mouth.

"Boss Yuan, according to my observation, the customers who enjoy jam and bread have taken up one third of the total customers. When are you going to serve it?" someone asked while presenting the statistics.

"When I have time, I will." Yuan Zhou's answer could be used in any situation, never answering the question directly.

"One moment please. The jams will be served soon," after speaking, Yuan Zhou turned around and went to scoop the jams for them.

As soon as Yuan Zhou had discovered the defect in the system last time, the system had improved the containers for the beef mice and blueberry jam, from manually scooping it into the faucet method.

Every time he turned on the faucet, the system would release a certain amount of jam only. Now he only need to leave the plate under the outlet and turned on the valve, then the jams would flowed into the plate. Not one gram more or less.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou lost the opportunity to serve more jams to Yin Ya as well.


The next morning, Ling Hong, also known as the wealthy He&Ro, brought some of his friends to wait outside the restaurant during the early morning, preparing to eat the Soup Dumplings.

"Hong, are the dishes of the restaurant really so delicious?" a short-haired and muscular man asked suspiciously.

"Tank, rest assured. When did your elder brother ever lie to you?" Ling Hong addressed himself as the elder brother.

"You brat, whose elder brother are you? It's you that should call me elder brother." The man with the nickname Tank easily caught Ling Hong around his neck while speaking in a ferocious tone.

"Don't fool around. Why isn't the restaurant opening?" a long-haired young man around 20 years old said coldly. He appeared to be the youngest among the three people.

"Be patient, Octopus. It's almost the time." Ling Hong, who had his neck caught tightly by Tank, nevertheless gently appeased the young man with long hair.

"This restaurant seems familiar to me." Beside them stood an extraordinary good-looking man dressed in a suit. He looked at the restaurant carefully before suddenly stating that.

"Really? Ji Lian, have you been here before?" Ling Hong and Tank stopped fooling around. Then they looked at the extraordinary good-looking man called Ji Lian and asked in curiosity.

"No, no. I just had a sense of familiarity. I may have heard of this restaurant before," Ji Lian frowned and said.

The young man with the least patience, nicknamed Octopus, started to complain again.

The several men were intimate friends of Ling Hong and everyone came from a well-off family. They came here after Ling Hong's earnest recommendations.

They just stood there foolishly until Yuan Zhou opened the door at 9:00 in the morning. If he opened the door at this hour, it meant he had no time to make the Soup Dumplings this morning.

"Boss Yuan, I have been here for three consecutive days. Yet, there are still no Soup Dumplings served. Why?" Ling Hong talked in a gloomy tone, looking as if he would beat Yuan Zhou to death if Yuan Zhou couldn't give him a satisfactory answer.

"Because the flour ran out." It was still the same reason that had been used for the past two days, thus Ling Hong didn't believe it at all.

"Can't you just use another excuse? I bet you overslept and couldn't wake up in time." Ling Hong felt that all his noble grace had been used up on Yuan Zhou.

"I mean it. I have been too busy these few days to purchase the ingredients." Yuan Zhou was yet a person who well knew the time of day, hence gave an explanation.

With such a convincing reason, Ling Hong couldn't do anything to him anymore. After all, he had been here every day for the past few days, and never saw Yuan Zhou rest. His restaurant was open for business all day.

"This boss truly has a unique personality," standing at the very end, Ji Lian said in a low voice.

"Actually, I think this boss has nothing to fear. Who knows if his dishes are that good?" Octopus said in a disapproving tone, along with a hint of curiosity.

"I just think that Ling Hong's temper is improving," Tank grumbled.

"Enough. Don't talk about me behind my back. I heard that," Ling Hong turned his head and said impatiently. These guys spoke so loudly even while having a private conversation.

"All right. Ling Hong, are you going to treat us to the breakfast?" Octopus entered the restaurant first.

"Exactly. You recommended it to us, so you have to treat us," Tank took a seat and said naturally.

"Ok, ok, no problem. I'll treat you guys. What do you want?" Ling Hong paid little mind to that matter. He had even treated strangers to dinner, what more his good friends.

"What would you like to eat, gentlemen?" Yuan Zhou waited until they finished checking the price list and then asked gently after giving them ample of time.

The few customers seemed like wealthy individuals. If they came often, the mission wouldn't be a problem.

"Egg Fried Rice Set, and one Herbal Tea Egg." Tank wasn't a frugal person, thus he directly ordered the most expensive dishes.

"Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set." the Octopus preferred bland dishes.

"Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set and one Herbal Tea Egg." Ji Lian was not frugal either, the Herbal Tea Egg costing 888 RMB ought to be tried.

"All right. Hold on please." After speaking politely, Yuan Zhou then started to prepare the dishes they ordered.

"Ling Hong, don't you have any opinion since you didn't manage to eat the Soup Dumplings today?" Octopus knew Ling Hong well. He started to ask after he saw Yuan Zhou turned back.

"Don't worry. Let's come again tomorrow morning. I have an excellent idea that can make Boss Yuan get up early." Ling Hong said confidently.

There was an inexplicable feeling of a...conspiracy.