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69 The Jam Fans and the Soup Dumpling Fans

 "Boss Yuan, I meant if you extend the opening hours a little longer, then I will treat them to dinner." Ling Hong kicked the ball back to Yuan Zhou with ease.

"Ok." Yuan Zhou agreed readily.

Before Ling Hong could feel happy, Yuan Zhou continued saying, "Opening the door isn't a problem but you can't order dishes."

"What?" Ling Hong felt that his outlook on life had been refreshed three times in a single day. Furthermore, all his linguistic skills he had learnt were also returned to his teacher. For example, he didn't understand the meaning of Yuan Zhou's words at all.

"It literally means what I said." Yuan Zhou spread his hands to express his affirmation.

"Boss Yuan, if you toy with us that way, you'll be toyed others one day," Ling Hong said in rage. "Do you know the saying 'Those who set traps for other will eventually be trapped themselves'?"

"Hmmm, so do you still insist on treating them to dinner?" Yuan Zhou signaled Ling Hong to look at the people behind who were waiting for the answer.

"Of course I will. Just for your well-laid trap, I will definitely treat them." Ling Hong really was wealthy, thus he immediately agreed to this proposal.

"Listen to me, everybody come to the restaurant tomorrow morning. I'll treat you guys to breakfast." After lingering about the restaurant for the full day, Ling Hong had discovered, through enquiring others, that Yuan Zhou didn't get up to open the door in the morning occasionally. Hence he said those words to give some pressure to Yuan Zhou.

"He&Ro really deserves the title of Wealthy Man," the customers waiting behind all said happily when they heard the affirmative answer from Ling Hong.

"Exactly. He is really a rich," someone said in admiration.

"Please rest assured. I will certainly come early tomorrow morning." Another person even started to set a time.

"That's true. We will meet here at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Thank you, rich man." the girl who had taken the lead stood out and concluded.

Faced with the apparent trap, even though Yuan Zhou had already fallen into it, he believed he could get out with his means.

Realizing everything had been settled here, Ling Hong squarely turned around and prepared to leave. However, as he was leaving halfway, he suddenly asked, "Boss Yuan, do you keep a dog?"

"Hummm?" Yuan Zhou didn't react for a while, and became slightly dumbfounded.

"When I waited outside the restaurant in the afternoon, there was a Poodle with mixed hair colors outside the door. It seemed to be guarding the entrance." Ling Hong gave an explanation.

"Yes, we all saw it." Several others who hadn't gone out spoke in unison.

"No, I don't. It's a stray dog living beside the trash bin. Sometimes, I feed it with some leftover broth." Yuan Zhou explained in a mild tone.

"Broth? Boss Yuan, are you still lacking a pet animal?" Suddenly, a good-looking girl who had stayed behind in the restaurant turned her head and asked.

"No, I don't keep pets." Yuan Zhou refused decisively.

"The kind of pets that could clean your house, come over at mealtimes, leave after taking the meal and then go back on its own." The good-looking girl said with an earnest expression on her face.

"I don't need it. Go back home now." Yuan Zhou felt that he was losing control of the situation, although it was apparently a joke.

"All right. But Boss Yuan, the broth is so delicious. Feeding the dog with it is nevertheless..." The girl was obviously reluctant to let a dog drink the quite tasty broth.

"Boss Yuan is the one with the real wealth," Ling Hong said speculatively.

"No. I'm quite a pitiful person," Yuan Zhou spoke helplessly.

"Me, too. I can afford only several of those meals each month." the girl opened her eyes wide whilst saying that.

"All right, Man Man. You have your own store. Go back to your shop now." Yuan Zhou felt a little helpless towards the girl in front of him.

That's right, Yuan Zhou knew this girl. She opened a small bakery, which was very popular among the white-collars, in another gourmet street not far away. She was also a regular customer of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and usually dropped by 5 or 6 times every month. Furthermore, she was first brought here by Yin Ya.

"Ok, I'm leaving, Boss Yuan." Man Man took a look at Yuan Zhou's kitchen and then walked out of the restaurant slowly.

"Boss Yuan, you seem to have good luck with girls." Ling Hong revealed a smile that all men understood and then said while looking at the pretty and elegant back of the girl Man Man.

"Goodbye. Time to shut the door," Yuan Zhou answered.

"Ok, ok." Having been driven out, Ling Hong could only shrug his shoulders indifferently and walked out of the narrow street to get his car in the parking lot.

By the way, there was no parking lot in this street.

As usual, Yuan Zhou prepared the Clear Broth Noodle Soup for his supper and ate the noodles up after the busy work for the whole day. Then he carried the leftover broth to the Maltese lying prone at the same place. The tired Yuan Zhou then headed back to wash up and rest.

"Ling Ling Ling"

The never changing alarm clock woke Yuan Zhou up early in the morning. In the past one month, Yuan Zhou had led a healthy lifestyle of getting up early and sleeping early every day. Moreover, the scrumptious and nutritious dishes had made his physical health better than ever.

"Shua shua shua," while brushing his teeth, Yuan Zhou lifted his clothes. A faint outline of abs could be seen on his belly.

"It seems my efforts were not wasted," he muttered to himself.

While saying so, Yuan Zhou had totally forgotten about the part where he snoozed till late in the morning for the past two days. This healthy state was obviously the result of the top grade ingredients provided by the system, though it did have something to do sleeping at regular hours. As for his efforts, the only efforts he put in were efforts to outwit the system.

Noticing his abs, Yuan Zhou felt happier than usual. Therefore, he prepare a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup and a serving of Egg Fried Rice, both of which were eaten to reward himself.

As for the Soup Dumplings of which Ling Hong was fond, sorry, he was unable to get up early this morning to cook it.

After breakfast, Yuan Zhou opened the front door of the restaurant with ease and delight. As expected, the first few people were still those who had come for supper last night.

"Boss Yuan, you finally opened the door. Give me a serving of Soup Dumplings please." As Ling Hong was the one treating everybody, he would definitely enter the restaurant first.

"My apologies. Soup Dumplings are not provided this morning." After speaking, Yuan Zhou grinned.

That mere smile almost made Ling Hong lose control and planting his feet on Yuan Zhou's face.

"Why?" Ling Hong unfolded his fists and asked calmly.

"The flour has run out," Yuan Zhou bullshitted without blinking.

"Well, it's good that the flour has run out. That means you have the jam this morning?" a girl with a ponytail squeezed forward, asking happily.

"Yes, only Clear Broth Noodle Soup and the two jams are available this morning." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"That's wonderful." The girl with a ponytail then returned and continued to queue happily.

"I don't want jams. What I need now is Soup Dumplings." Ling Hong insisted.

"That's right, Boss Yuan. Since the Soup Dumplings are rarely made, how can you stop only making it twice?" Wu Hai showed his support to Ling Hong as well from behind.

"Young master, eating Soup Dumplings in the morning is the way to go," the grandpa also stood out, saying that.

"I don't have any more flour." Yuan Zhou still insisted with this excuse.

"Then where does the flour for the noodles come from?" Wu Hai asked directly, without any mercy.

"Flour for these two dishes is quite different," Yuan Zhou replied in a firm tone.

"Hey, uncles. Are you going to have breakfast? We are still waiting," the girl with a ponytail who just asked a question spoke anxiously when she saw Wu Hai debating with Yuan Zhou all along.

"What do you know, young girl. I'm trying to get Soup Dumplings for all us." Wu Hai answered directly.

"How could Soup Dumplings rival the jams in taste? Only the blueberry jam matched with toast is the classical breakfast." The girl with ponytail struck back without any hesitation.

"There is nothing special about your western style breakfast. Only the Soup Dumplings can be considered an authentic breakfast," Wu Hai replied with disdain.

"I feel the beef mince matched with the toast is also quite delicious." The cute girl who had also been here yesterday interrupted them with an airheaded manner.

"Yuan Yuan, what are you talking about?" the tall girl with ponytail said anxiously.

"I am serious. Anyhow, it is better than Soup Dumplings." Yuan Yuan then slowly added.

"What are the youngsters eating nowadays? Of course, it's the Soup Dumplings that taste wonderful." Wu Hai shook his head in a grieved manner.

"Girls will become beautiful by eating more Soup Dumplings." Ling Hong started to support Wu Hai, as well.

"Youngsters have to eat some authentic breakfast." Even the grandpa started to state his opinion.

The jam fans and the Soup Dumplings fans started to debate, each of them not backing off. This was the very first time that customers had debated so fiercely over the dishes.

This situation seemed to be getting out of hand...