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63 The Boss Yuan Zhou That Almost Got Beaten Up

 "Young master, are the new dishes Watermelon Juice and Herbal Tea Eggs?" said an aged but vigorous voice.

"Yes, grandpa." Yuan Zhou nodded the head in confirmation.

"Young master, please do inform us beforehand if you intend to take a break next time. I almost starved due to not being able to savor your dishes." The grandpa came alone this time. As it was getting hot, he only wore a white shirt and slacks, making him seem more spirited than usual.

"Yes, I know. I did release a notice." Yuan Zhou still held on to the traditional virtue of respecting the old and loving the young.

"Young master, how could you say that's a notice? You are absolutely making a joke." The grandpa recalled his astonished manner, not knowing whether to laugh or cry when he saw that notice.

"No, I'm not. I checked very carefully for the holidays." Yuan Zhou nodded his head to emphasize his previous answer.

It was said by all that serious men were the most attractive of them all. Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou's seriousness only made people want to beat him up.

"Alright, forget it. Young master, give me a serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup and one Herbal Tea Egg please." The grandpa didn't have any slightest interest in knowing how hard Yuan Zhou worked to find out those motherfu*ker holidays.

"Ok, the total price is 1156 RMB." Yuan Zhou stated a number with an earnest expression on his face.

"Wait, the Herbal Tea Eggs cost 888 RMB?" Unexpectedly, the grandpa did not only have quick reactions but was also good at mathematics; hence, he calculated the number immediately.

"Correct." Yuan Zhou then signaled the grandpa to look at the price list on the wall behind.

The grandpa was preoccupied with the new dishes when he just entered the restaurant; thus, he didn't notice the price. Now, when he looked back at the wall, he saw the conspicuous 888 RMB and the words "special offer" behind the price, followed by the dish "Herbal Tea Eggs."

Even someone as experienced and knowledgeable as the grandpa was still shocked. Then he asked, "Young master, is there anything special about the eggs?"

"Yes, quite a few. Do you want to try?" Yuan Zhou was still actively trying to promote the dish.

"How special is the so-called special?" The grandpa intended to get to the bottom of the matter.

However, Yuan Zhou was not likely to tell the grandpa the truth.

"You'll know after tasting." After thinking for awhile, he added, "It is indescribable using words."

"Ok, fine, I'll accept your recommendation and order the two dishes." Though the grandpa had gotten heartache due to such expensive eggs, he still decided to eat the dishes ordered. Besides, seldom did he have such a chance to eat so extravagantly.

"Ok, one moment please." After that, Yuan Zhou went to the kitchen to prepare the dishes.

"Grandpa is so wealthy," someone beside him said in admiration.

"You can also eat it if you want." Immediately, another one shot back.

"I couldn't afford that." The man who had admired the grandpa just now shook his head and waved his hands, indicating he was merely a poor soul.

"Never mind. We can watch the grandpa eat it. It's all the same," said a man who was good at self-consolation.

While these people were having a passionate discussion, Vice Division Chief Lee and Division Chief Lin who had just started the meal showed absolutely no interest in their talk. They were fully preoccupied with the dishes served in front of them.

His wife and children were all foodies and they would frequently travel to far off places just for a potherb pancake. Therefore, he should have eaten lots of delicacies; nevertheless, Division Chief Lin was still conquered by Yuan Zhou's delicacies.

The broth was fresh and delicious. It had no other excessive tastes besides the fragrance of sesame oil, the perfect amount of salt, and the remaining fragrance of the wheat.


Swallowing the noodles with a gulp, it felt like there was a picnic in a wheat field inside one's mouth. The fragrance of wheat lingered at the tip of the nose, creating a natural and fresh taste, mixing with the chewy noodles in his mouth.

With every bite, the chewy texture and the fragrance of the noodles got slightly thicker in his mouth. One bowl of noodle soup seemed to contain the entire essence of wheat, just waiting to explode at the right moment.

"Ba Ji Ba Ji", while eating the Egg Fried Rice, Vice Division Chief Lee understood why so many customers still queued at the entrance even if the dishes were so expensive. People were just unable to go against their desires to savor tasty delicacies and would love to eat them whenever they had time.

The rice was neither too hard nor too soft; it contained both tenderness of the egg and springiness of the rice. Furthermore, there wasn't any greasy feeling at all; instead, it even had a refreshing flavor, bringing the taste buds on an amazing experience. Vice Division Chief Lee still couldn't help drooling while eating the Egg Fried Rice.

The two people were totally conquered by the scrumptious dishes and were now convinced of Yuan Zhou's culinary skills.

While Yuan Zhou was busy with preparing the Clear Broth Noodle Soup in the kitchen, he asked the system in the heart, "System, where are the Herbal Tea Eggs?"

The system read, "Herbal Tea Egg has already been released."

When he saw the reply, Yuan Zhou continued preparing the Clear Broth Noodle Soup without worry.

Since Yuan Zhou had already prepared the raw noodles earlier, there were still a lot left. It took him only three and a half minutes to prepare the dish, from putting the noodles into the boiling water, to scooping the noodles into the bowl.

"Here's your Clear Broth Noodle Soup. The Herbal Tea Egg will be served soon," Yuan Zhou said as he carried the Clear Broth Noodle Soup to the grandpa.

After pulling open the cabinet, he took out a small white-based plate with ink paintings of tea plants along the edge, preparing to place the Herbal Tea Egg in it.

Next to the electric cooker was an inconspicuous black square container, looking like a porcelain ware. Yuan Zhou speculated that inside the container was the Herbal Tea Eggs provided by the system.

He opened the container by holding the ears of the lid and then lifted it up slightly.

This time, the shielding unit of the system did not seem to function well. Once the lid was removed, the fragrance of the egg in a brown eggshell and tea surged out together.

"Wow! What smell is that? What a strong fragrance of tea!" The grandpa stretched his neck and tried to look inside the kitchen, wondering what Yuan Zhou was doing inside.

"This smell is the fragrance of tea, isn't it?" Somebody asked tentatively.

"Huh! Is this Herbal Tea Eggs or somebody making tea? So fragrant!" Somebody said, enjoying the smell.

Of course, the most nervous person here was the grandpa, who was now leaning forward and trying to see what Yuan Zhou was doing.

However, the annoying electric cooker fully covered Yuan Zhou's hands, blocking the grandpa's sight.

The grandpa didn't wait for too long before Yuan Zhou carried the small plate towards him.

"Here is your Herbal Tea Egg." Yuan Zhou said after setting the plate down on the table.

The first reaction of the grandpa was disappointment. Afterward, he began to slowly hold up the plate, looking thoroughly at the egg from various directions. Then, he smelled it carefully and smacked his lips from time to time as if he were identifying something in a distance.

He appeared serious and earnest the whole time, even giving off a hint of worship.

"Boss Yuan, what kind of tea did you use to cook the damn egg?" The grandpa couldn't help swearing.

Yuan Zhou understood the principles of the system very well, which was to use the best quality ingredients. Therefore, he nodded his head, saying, "Yes, it is as you imagined."

"You... you... you..." Even the grandpa's hand pointing at Yuan Zhou started to tremble; an unutterable outrage emerged on his face.

Suddenly, he struck the table heavily with a loud sound of "Peng" and then stood up, "You squandering little brat. This is a reckless waste of precious resources. You come here now! I will definitely beat you up today to vent my anger."

While speaking, he leaned forward and reached his hand, trying to get hold of Yuan Zhou's collar. Meanwhile, he shouted in indignation, "How could you use that precious thing to cook Herbal Tea Eggs?"

Although the grandpa was physically strong, he was, nevertheless, aged and thus did not have sufficient reflexes to seize Yuan Zhou.

When the grandpa realized he couldn't catch Yuan Zhou, he got even more furious. With another heavy strike on the table sounding "Peng", he continued to shout angrily, "You brat, if you don't know how to make the best use of it, why don't you just give it to me? Is this the kind of thing that you can play with?"

The intense reaction of the grandpa instantly awoke the people who were blissfully enjoying their meals. They raised their head one after another, watching the exciting scene.

It was known to all that although customers bitterly hated the deceitful boss, they still tolerated him due to his culinary skills. It was the very first time they saw a customer fighting with Boss Yuan because of a meal.

"What's happening?" The surrounding customers hurriedly began to question those that understood the situation.