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60 Thriftless Yuan Zhou

 The other half of the watermelon was to be processed in the same way. It easily fitted into the machine.

Only after stuffing all the pulp of the watermelon into the machine did Yuan Zhou close the lid of the machine. He then brought out a glass cup and placed it under the machine at the faucet.

Afterward, Yuan Zhou grasped the black rod on the lid and pushed it down slowly. The pulp of the watermelon inside was crushed, causing bright and attractive red watermelon juice to flow slowly and ceaselessly into the glass cup.

When he pushed the rod all the way to the end, just enough watermelon juice flowed into the glass cup to fill it up.

"Your watermelon juice." Yuan Zhou carried out the cup and placed it in front of Wu Zhou.

"Boss Yuan, I always thought you were a cold-hearted person before, but it turns out that you are so kind to me," Wu Zhou said with a touched expression while holding the cup of watermelon juice in his hand..

"Pardon?" Yuan Zhou couldn't understand why he had been touched at all.

"Surprisingly, you extracted the juice from the core of the watermelon and left the remaining parts for others," Wu Zhou continued saying in a moved tone.

"Sorry, that is a misunderstanding. I will serve all customers with an intact watermelon just like I did for you. Only that same part can be used to make the juice," while saying that, Yuan Zhou picked up the leftovers and placed it in another cabinet at the bottom row.

The system collected back the watermelon remains.

Yuan Zhou's explanation didn't convince Wu Zhou at all. He thought that Yuan Zhou must merely be reluctant to admit it. Who would believe that only the core of watermelons was used to extract juice and the remaining leftovers were just abandoned?

However, he considerately changed the subject. "Boss Yuan, I would like to drink iced watermelon juice. I don't think there's any problem with adding some ice cubes, is there?" Wu Zhou asked while he was holding the cup of watermelon juice.

"No way," Yuan Zhou answered, refusing Wu Zhou decisively. "The watermelon juice is already ice-cold."

Wu Zhou looked at Yuan Zhou with an unbelievable expression. "You must be kidding me. The cup feels like it is at room temperature. If there are no ice cube in the juice, how could it be ice-cold?"

Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, skipped over Wu Zhou's concerns and started to greet another new customer.

This time the new customer was Wang Meng, who had been here before for live broadcast. Today, she was dressed in the scarlet short-sleeve shirt and a dark blue, floral-printed longuette covered with black silk. She looked pretty and gave off a youthful vibe, the vivid colors also formed a contrast with her white skin.

"Hi, everybody. I have returned to the nameless restaurant again today." Wang Meng had a playful and cute voice. While saying, she acted cutely to her audience.

[Hurry up and see the handsome boss, Meng Meng. I want to see him.] Ye Mo Sheng

[No, No, No. We waited to see Meng Meng eat dishes.] Xing Jian Ru Lai

[I am still curious about Boss Yuan's price list. Meng Meng, please show us the price list.] Amateur & Understand

[Right. Meng Meng, go to check the price list.] GG He He Da

"In response to everybody's request, let's first check what new dishes Boss Yuan has developed." While saying, Meng Meng moved the camera lens towards the price list.

Immediately, her audiences exploded on the screen. Numerous messaged flashed through the screen.

[What did I see? Are those Herbal Tea Eggs?] Dreams Leaping Forward

[I finally believed that I can't afford Herbal Tea Eggs. This must be a golden egg.] A Wrong Way towards Belief

[Sorry, my fault. I really couldn't afford the Herbal Tea Eggs. No doubt, I am a Diaos①. I really have to look away from the price.] Fragrant Tile-Fried Chicken

[Make a way for me. Wealthy person is coming through. Ok, it's only 888RMB for the eggs. No problem, I can afford that. Meng Meng, receive my gift.] He&Ro. While the words appeared, Wang Meng received some electronic currency

[I hate the rich. This restaurant is so black-hearted. A Herbal Tea Egg costing 888RMB. Why doesn't the boss just go and rob? No, even robbing wouldn't give that much.] Discourse of Dark Night

"Thanks for the wealthy He&Ro's gift ~~ but this price seems to be a special offer for today." Meng Meng first expressed her gratitude at the gift of electronic currency and then pointed out the two eye-catching 'Special Offer' charcaters beside the price of the Herbal Tea Eggs.

[Oh, no. I don't accept special offers. Someone as wealthy as me will only eat dishes at their original price.] He&Ro

[I, on the other hand, shall continue eating dirt. Goodbye!] GG He He Da

"Gee, the boss is serving watermelon juice today. I would like to eat watermelon juice and Egg Fried Rice today," Meng Meng tilted her head, considering her choices before saying happily.

At this time, Yuan Zhou happened to come over and ask, "What would you like to eat?"

"A cup of Watermelon Juice and a serving of Egg Fried Rice, please." Wang Meng quickly ordered her dishes. Subsequently, she put her telephone on a rack and started interacting with her audiences.

"All right. One moment, please."

Just like last time, Yuan Zhou finished the Egg Fried Rice first before preparing the watermelon juice.

At this moment, Wang Meng suddenly shouted. "Boss Yuan, wait. Can I broadcast the process alive?"

When Wang Meng saw Yuan Zhou take out a watermelon and prepare to express the juice, she asked abruptly.

After considering it for a second, Yuan Zhou agreed. Since this girl had helped him complete a mission once, though without her knowing, Yuan Zhou would take this chance to pay her back.

"Everybody, look. The boss is going to make the watermelon juice now." Meng Meng briefed her audience first before moving the camera lens to face Yuan Zhou and started the broadcast.

While watching, some audiences started to show off their scientific knowledge.

[Watermelon juice usually uses seedless watermelon as the raw material. This way, there won't be any bitter taste from the watermelon seeds in the juice. Furthermore, lemons will usually be added into the watermelon juice at some other places to give it a better taste.] Fragrant Tile-Fried Chicken

Just from his name, the audience already knew he was a specialized foodie. He knew so much even about the watermelon juice; however, it was a wrong guess.

[Fragrant Tile-Fried Chicken is wrong this time. The boss is using watermelon with seeds. Whether he will pick them out or not is yet to be seen.] GG He He Da

[My goodness, the boss is specially treating Meng Meng with the core of the watermelon to make the juice. How awesome is Meng Meng. The boss is definitely obsessed with Meng Meng.] Bloody Lotus.

[Didn't anyone find anything special about that watermelon?] He&Ro

The wealthy He&Ro spoke out his doubts out. Wealthy people were welcomed everywhere they went. Following his question, many audiences asked him for the answer on the screen.

[As far as I know, this breed of watermelon is sold at 227RMB each on the market. It is probably from the XinJiang Province, where there's plenty of sunshine, or from Japan's Hokkaido. This breed is rare, but its sweetness and taste is the best.] He&Ro

[By the way, the annual yield of this watermelon in Hokkaido is only 100, thus the auction price can reach up to 4000 US dollars for one. I tasted one last year and er... it still tasted like watermelon. I wonder where the watermelon used by Boss Yuan is from?] He&Ro

The onlookers might know little about watermelons but they did understand the price. A mere watermelon cost up to 227RMB? This was absolutely unbelievable. Normally, a watermelon weighing around 5kg was sold for 20RMB or so. This one, which weighed about 2.5kg, was nevertheless worth more than 200RMB. Going down that line of thought, the watermelon juice worth 88RMB was considered a low price.

However, many cups of juice could be made from a watermelon, thus the total revenue would be more or less decent. While the audiences were all thinking this way, Meng Meng opened her mouth, saying, "Boss Yuan, you only take the core of the watermelon to make the juice but how are you going to deal with the remains with seeds when you make more juice?"

"All the remaining parts of the watermelon will be recycled to create fertilizer." Yuan Zhou first handed the cup of watermelon juice to Wang Meng. Then he took off his mask and replied her.

Immediately, the onlookers felt deeply astonished. All the messages formerly flashing on the screen suddenly disappeared. After a long while, the audience He&Ro yet sent a message.

[How awesome is this boss! Please share the address with me. I'm going there tomorrow to eat.] He&Ro

[I would have been quite happy with normal watermelon juice without any water diluting it but this one is made from the core pulp of the watermelon?]

[If the watermelon is exactly what that wealthy guy just described and the boss uses only the core part, I really think the price of 88RMB is much too cheap.]

[My mum is asking me why I am kneeling down while watching the broadcast.]

[You only kneeled down? I am lying on my stomach right now. The boss is so generous.]

Then messages on the screen returned to normal. Various remarks talking about the generous boss continually flashed through and more audiences were prepared to spend 88RMB to taste the watermelon juice made from the watermelon worth of 227RMB.

"Boss Yuan is really callous and indifferent." At this moment, Wu Zhou said sadly while having his meal beside the girl.

Just now, Yuan Zhou demonstrated with his deeds that Wu Zhou being touched just now was merely his over thinking.

Wu Zhou was reluctant to admit that and felt fairly upset. He had always felt Boss Yuan treated him indifferently. Just when he felt it was getting better, he was nevertheless told it was just a misunderstanding.

"Maybe." Yuan Zhou uttered with a perfunctory manner in response to Wu Zhou's remarks.

①Diaos is an internet slang in China. It is an ironic way to describe oneself as poor, ugly and short. Young people usually use it to mock themselves