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49 Clear Broth Noodle Soup Se

 "The Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set consists of one serving of noodles, one serving of broth, and two cloves of garlic."

"System, wouldn't you like to explain something?" Yuan Zhou was unwilling to give up, so he continued asking. Of course, the system had no reaction at all, just like usual.

So this is the legendary Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set.

"All right. Understood." Yuan Zhou took up his toiletries and went to the bathroom.

Under the splash splish sound of water, Yuan Zhou's fatigue was washed away.

"Woof woof"

Yuan Zhou had barely stepped out of the bathroom when he heard a dog barking somewhere close by. It sounded like a child crying, one that was full of despair and in a piercing voice. Even though he heard it clearly, Yuan Zhou continued walking with a mere frown.

"Wu wu wu..." Yuan Zhou stopped when he heard an even more pitiful sound.

"Ah, I'd better go and check." With the towel hanging over his shoulder and water dripping from his wet hair, Yuan Zhou went downstairs after wearing slippers.

While standing in the kitchen, Yuan Zhou listened carefully and then found the source. It was coming from the back door.

"Pa da"

He opened the back door. It was 11:00 p.m then.

The bustling office buildings during the daytime were all dark now, only a few lights were turned on in some offices. They were probably staff working overtime left aside from the security guards.

"Eh? Why is there no sound anymore? It isn't dead, is it?" Yuan Zhou walked around for a while under the faint light of street lamps.

After exiting the back door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, there was a narrow and small brick road. It couldn't even be compared to a street and was just for separating the old houses on one side from the newly-built CBD office buildings. Of course, it didn't have nice surroundings. However, it was only a little damp and dirty, which was acceptable since it was just the restaurant's back door.

"Ci Liu"

He suddenly slipped and would have fallen if he didn't support himself against the wall. It was then he saw the whining dog.

The dog was hiding beside a trash can at the end of the brick road. A large plastic bag laid on the damp ground. The dog, whose color couldn't be distinguished, was lying on it, panting heavily.

Yuan Zhou went up to check and found that it was a pet dog. The dog appeared to be in a mess, it was a Maltese that was originally a chocolate brown.

The dog was lying on its side on the plastic knitting bag. The formerly beautiful chocolate brown curled hair was dirty and tangled. There were even several parts of its body that were revealing pink flesh. Nevertheless, the Maltese only gave Yuan Zhou a wary look. After confirming that Yuan Zhou wasn't approaching it anymore, it continued to scratch its wounded hind leg, even though its hind leg had already revealed red flesh and blood.

"A skin disease?" The reason why Yuan Zhou came out to check was because he likes dogs. However, he had never raised a dog before because keeping a dog in a restaurant gave customers the impression that the place wasn't clean. Now that he saw such a poor dog, he could at least give it some help.

"Pa da, pa da"

Yuan Zhou returned to his restaurant and cooked a bowl of noodle soup. Then while carrying the bowl, he then started to walk while eating. When he went up to the dog, there was only a little bit of soup left inside.

"I can only help you with some food. You try. It may be of some use." Yuan Zhou took out another bowl stacked below the current one, poured the soup in the bowl and put it at a one-meter distance away from the dog. Afterwards, he turned around and left.

If the Maltese was able to speak, he would have already gone crazy and shouted furiously. "As a sick stray dog, I'm miserable enough already, yet you eat noodles in front of me and moreover, only left such a pathetic amount of soup behind."


After doing a good deed, Yuan Zhou felt he seemed extraordinarily handsome today, hence got up early for once.

"Huh, God. Boss Yuan, you got up so early today?" There had already been some regular customs, 7 or 8 or so, waiting outside the entrance for the Soup Dumplings. They all came hoping a miracle might occur today. The sudden opening of the door made them feel surprised and then blissful.

"Yes, I woke up early today." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then returned to the restaurant.

"Young master, it is good for your health to sleep early and get up early. Keep it up." The grandpa entered first with his hands behind the back. Following him, other customers formed a queue consciously. The reason they all came so early was just for breakfast.

"Boss Yuan, the sun must have risen up from the west, huh?" Wu Hai said in an ironic tone.

"I also think it's rather early for me. What do you think if I go back and sleep for a while longer?" Yuan Zhou asked earnestly while looking at Wu Hai.

"Eh..." Wu Hai was pierced by several sharp gazes instantly.

Among them, the stare from the grandpa held the most danger. Once Wu Hai felt the strength of the gaze, he changed the topic at once. "Boss Yuan, you must be kidding. You were always a diligent person."

"Shall we have breakfast now?" Wu Hai took his seat and asked while stroking the mustache.

"Young master, please serve me the usual along with one serving of Soup Dumplings. Ah, you have noodles now. Please offer me one serving of that instead, the Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set." Realizing Yuan Zhou was merely joking, the grandpa didn't bother saying anything else and directly ordered the dishes while checking the menu.

"Boss Yuan, you have so many dishes now. I didn't see the noodles on the menu yesterday, but it is served now." Wu Hai whispered.

"Boss, Soup Dumplings." Several seated customers started to order their dishes in a hurry.

Not until had they finished ordering did Yuan Zhou say, "My apologies. I didn't prepare any Soup Dumplings this morning."

"What the f**k?" All customers in the restaurant looked towards Yuan Zhou. Now it was Yuan Zhou's turn to experience Wu Hai's uneasy feeling from just now.

"I can't provide Soup Dumplings this morning." He shrugged and said unashamedly.

"Boss Yuan, you might as well go back to sleep then. I haven't savored the Soup Dumplings in eight days already," a casually dressed man said discontentedly while supporting his forehead.

"Oh," Yuan Zhou answered.

"Well, it seems one really needs great good luck to taste the Soup Dumplings. Then just give me the noodle soup set meal only." The grandpa heaved a deep sigh as if hoping that Yuan Zhou would be ashamed of not preparing the Soup Dumplings. But when he saw Yuan Zhou's unconcerned expression on the face, he had to compromise by settling for the second best and ordered a dish that he had never tasted before.

"Boss Yuan, could you please give me an accurate answer? Will you still sell Soup Dumplings in the future?" Another customer dressed in a sportswear asked frankly.

"Yes, but not today." Yuan Zhou gave an affirmative answer.

"When?" The sportswear man asked excitedly. A known time would at least let the wait be worth the effort.

"I have no idea." As usual, Yuan Zhou brought his unique style into play.

"..." The man in sportswear was speechless and fell to his knees in front of Yuan Zhou.

"What would you like to eat today, guys?" Once Yuan Zhou found that there were no more opinions, he asked the most important question.

"The set meal, Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set." Wu Hai ordered the dish that he hadn't tasted last night.

"Egg Fried Rice." When the sportswear man said the three words, it somehow gave others the feeling that he was actually grinding his teeth.

After receiving the orders, Yuan Zhou went to the kitchen and prepared to cook.

The proficient cooking actions were pleasing to the eyes. Yuan Zhou's actions of cooking the noodle soup were textbook standards, yet causal, filled with a free and easy manner. This was exactly what Wu Hai felt. A man who could cook such delicious dishes obviously would be admired.

The Egg Fried Rice was first to be finished and carried to the customers. Next came the noodle soup set meal. When the noodle soup was placed on the tray, only one bowl of broth and an empty plate appeared on the tray.

Yuan Zhou was doubtful. He raised his head and realized there was a new cabinet on the wall, with a width and length of 10cm.

Since the reward last night was too deceitful, Yuan Zhou didn't bother checking what ingredients were added. When he opened the cabinet now, he found neatly stacked bulbs of garlic inside.

"Does this mean I have to peel the skin off myself?" Yuan Zhou really felt this reward from the system was just for screwing with him. But now since his customers had ordered it, he could only start peeling the skin off.

He sliced off two cloves of garlic casually and put them on the plate, with the skin still intact. He did no more than slicing off two cloves of garlic from a garlic bulb.

"Your Clear Broth Noodle Soup dishes." Yuan Zhou carried the trays up to the grandpa and Wu Hai.

The reactions of the two customers were quite straightforward. They were stupefied, the exact same reaction which Yuan Zhou had upon seeing it.

What the hell was this?