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48 A Wonderful System-Like Reward

 The system read, "Considering the host has found a loophole, the system hereby gives a reward. The reward is available now."

[Complementary Reward] Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set (Available)

Price: Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set /308RMB /serving

After tapping it open and checking the mission, Yuan Zhou smiled contentedly.

"Boss Yuan, I got it. I thought of an idea." Just as Yuan Zhou was prepared to receive the reward, Wu Hai's screaming startled him.

"What's the matter?" crossing his arms, Yuan Zhou turned and asked.

"Give me with one Egg Fried Rice Set," Wu Hai said with a complacent manner.

"Ah, not bad. It'll be served in a minute," Yuan Zhou raised his eyebrows and replied.

That's right, the idea that Wu Hai thought of was to eat the hot sauce with the Egg Fried Rice. This was absolutely a terrific combination. More importantly, Yuan Zhou only mentioned that the hot sauce couldn't be taken with the noodle soup; he never said it couldn't be used on the Egg Fried Rice. Wu Hai definitely wanted to praise himself for his intelligent idea.

"What? So we can order two servings now?" Yin Ya asked curiously while carefully savoring the dish.

"Of course not. But you can order one serving for each dish." When Wu Hai was in good mood, he would enjoy chatting with pretty girls.

To be able to become an executive assistant, Yin Ya's mind naturally worked very quickly, she immediately came to an understanding. "So it's like that."

"Slurp slurp"

Wu Hai quickly gulped down the noodles, then brought the bowl to his mouth and drank the remaining broth.

In Yuan Zhou's restaurant, leftovers never existed. The Clean Plate Habit [1] was thoroughly implemented, even the truck that collected the slops didn't drop by here.

Once, the truck had stopped by every day for a whole week, but never managed to collect any slops. From then on, it never stopped by again, just driving past the restaurant.

"Boss Yuan, is my dish ready?" Wu Hai asked as he took out some tissues from his pocket and wiped his mouth.

"It's coming." Yuan Zhou carried the tray and set it directly on Wu Hai's table. He didn't move to put the bowl on the table, merely signaling Wu Hai to take it by himself.

"Can this dish be eaten together with the chili sauce?" Wu Hai decided to inquire clearly first before eating

"Yes, do as you like." Yuan Zhou shrugged and took back his tray.

"Thank goodness."

Wu Hai first dipped his chopsticks in the chili oil, then put in his mouth, giving it a try.

It was a blend of savoriness, spiciness, freshness and saltiness that swept Wu Hai away.

"Chili really is the greatest invention throughout history." The fragrant and spicy flavors stimulated Wu Hai's appetite instantly.

He picked up a pea-sized beef and stuffed it into his mouth, chewing carefully. The delicate taste of the beef and the strong chili taste formed a distinctive contrast in his mouth.

"Boss Yuan, the beef you served is quite unusual." Wu Hai opened his eyes and looked at Yuan Zhou in surprise.

Wu Hai had already known that every ingredient of Yuan Zhou's was unusual. Apart from the chef's abilities, ingredients take up the other 50% or more to create delicious dishes.

A good chef was like an artist, bringing out the best flavor using the best methods.

The taste and texture of the beef reminded Wu Hai instantly of an animal, a very precious creature that he had ever eaten once at a friend's home. It was the aurochs, also known as Bosprimigenius, one of the most famous extinct species in Europe.

In order to affirm his suspicions, Wu Hai consecutively ate two pieces, setting down the chopsticks and then tasting it carefully and slowly. The beef was hard and chewy, but also crisp and tasty. Besides that, it carried about the special fragrance of a flower. That was the ruta, the national flower of Lithuania.

It was said that the aurochs enjoy eating this flower as it had the effect of clearing away heat and toxic materials, cooling the blood and preventing blood stasis. Moreover, it had other beneficial functions in treating colds, fevers, toothaches, headaches, sprains and even rashes caused by branches of trees.

Furthermore, the ruta had an especially strong aroma that acted as a bug repellent. Therefore the aurochs would always search for this flower from March to June and the end of winter every year to consume it.

The most famous characteristic of the aurochs was the special aroma contained in the texture of its meat.

Wu Hai finally confirmed that the beef was the same as the preserved meat that he had eaten at his friend's place. The meat of the aurochs had been obtained by his friend after great difficulties. Sadly, it had been preserved for too long causing the original delicate smell of the meat and the faint fragrance of the ruta flower to dissipate.

His friend had regret over that issue for a long while.

"If people knew that the meat of the extinct aurochs was made into minced beef hot sauce by Yuan Zhou, he would definitely be beaten to death!"

Wu Hai now felt that Yuan Zhou was definitely no ordinary person. If he could find aurochs that were known to be extinct and turn it into minced beef hot sauce, then he was probably not your average person. Thus, the way Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou changed.

"Oh, How is it? Is it delicious?" Yuan Zhou asked in a plain manner in response to Wu Hai's surprise.

"Of course it's delicious." Wu Hai didn't understand why Yuan Zhou would ask him that but answered honestly anyway.

"Ok, that's good then." After saying that, Yuan Zhou started to greet the new customers. Business at Yuan Zhou's restaurant in the evening was good as usual. In just a little while, the restaurant was full of customers.

"Is that all?"

Wuhai had mentally complimented himself for having such good connections. He was waiting for Yuan Zhou to flaunt how rare the beef was, then he could take this chance and boast by replying that he had already eaten it before!

However, if Yuan Zhou didn't explain how precious the beef was, how could Wu Hai brag about his experiences? Thus he could only eat his Egg Fried Rice together with the hot sauce quietly.

"Boss Yuan, I suddenly feel like I have suffered a heavy blow. I need one serving of each dish on the menu to comfort my wounded heart." Wu Hai tried to comfort himself through this action.

"Is this guy a pig?"

"He eats too much."

"How can you do this? We are all behind you queuing up. Hurry up and leave." Once he uttered that sentence, numerous opposing complaints rushed towards him.

Wu Hai had already gotten used to that. He turned a deaf ear to them and just ordered dishes regardless of their objection. That infuriating manner of Wu Hai gave even Yuan Zhou the urge to beat him up.


"Ho..., finally done with the work." During the peak hours, Yuan Zhou was awfully busy as he had to alternate between the kitchen and the dining hall. If there wasn't the system, just returning change would be a fairly troublesome job. There were indeed too many people.

"Oh yeah, I haven't received the reward yet." While touching his chin, Yuan Zhou remembered the reward he had obtained.

"I just realize that the price for this dish is fairly low." After muttering to himself, Yuan Zhou tapped open the system and pressed the accept button.

The reward of Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set directly scattered into numerous light spots and vanished into the depths of his brain.

Just as Yuan Zhou was preparing to take his toiletries, he suddenly froze in place for over a minute.

"System, don't you think you are a bit too deceitful?" Yuan Zhou gnashed his teeth and asked.

The system read, "Reward has been received. Mission will be released two days later. The mission is made up of several small missions. When a small mission is completed, there'll be a reward, which will be selected based on your luck."

"A reward?" Instantly, Yuan Zhou was attracted by those two glittering words.

The system read, "Whenever you complete a small mission, you can obtain a chance to draw the lottery."

"What is the reward?" Yuan Zhou cared more about this matter.

The system read, "Host can try your luck. Then find out at that time."

"All right." Yuan Zhou's curiosity took a sharp dip. Nevertheless, it reminded Yuan Zhou of the reward he had just obtained.

"System, what kind of bloody reward is this?" Yuan Zhou was speechless at the Clear Broth Soup Noodle Set the system provided.

"The Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set consists of one serving of noodles, one serving of broth and two cloves of garlic."

[1] Clean Plate Habit: it is a special situation in yz's restaurant, in which all customers will eat up all the dishes in the plate, without any leftovers. This is absolutely different from other restaurants where leftovers are very common. This is to show the delicacy of yz's dishes and how his customers like his dishes.