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47 A Bug in the System

 "There are so many new dishes. I want to try the noodle soup too. And what do you mean by the Specialty Plate?" Yin Ya asked.

"You'll know if you order it. Are you going to try?" Yuan Zhou was always more patient towards beauties. At the very least, he threw in an extra "Are you going to try?".

"Hey, beauty. Don't be cheated by him. The No. 13 Specialty Plate is blueberry jam. As for the other one, I don't know what it is either." Wu Hai told her the truth right away.

"Then give me a serving of blueberry jam. I prefer jams." Yin Ya ordered the blueberry jam. A known fact was obviously safer than an unknown mystery.

"All right. Hold on, guys." Yuan Zhou didn't have any reaction after Wu Hai revealed the truth. He was usually victorious when they argued, hence it made sense to let Wu Hai feel that he won occasionally.

Both Wu Hai and Yin Ya ordered the noodle soup. This dish was relatively easy to cook.

He took out the chopsticks specifically meant for the noodles and picked up two standard servings. Each serving had the same amount as they were decided by the system. Meanwhile, two of the porcelain grids were filled with water automatically until they were 70% full. The water boiled the instant the noodles were dipped inside.

The noodles floated and seemed to twist and wriggle about in the boiling water. During this span of time, Yuan Zhou swiftly prepared the seasonings needed in two bowls.

After that, he took out two small plates and placed them on the countertop. Once he finished all these small tasks, the noodles were perfectly cooked. Using the long chopsticks, Yuan Zhou brought them up and filled the two bowls with noodles. He gave them a little mix, allowing the seasonings inside to blend evenly with the noodles. Finally, he poured a spoonful of hot broth into the noodles, letting the fragrance out into the air.

"Pa, Pa"

With two clear sound, Yuan Zhou set the bowls onto the tray.

Then he turned around and started to prepare the sauces. This time, Yuan Zhou carefully tried an experiment. Even when the sauce was placed onto the tray and ready to be served, the system still didn't give any reaction, which affirmed Yuan Zhou's speculations.

So he carried the tray to the customers and served them the dishes calmly, just like usual.

"Wow, this is hot sauce! Moreover, it's minced beef hot sauce (1). I'm so happy I get to eat spicy foods now." Wu Hai gazed at the small plate of hot sauce in front of him blissfully. He was totally overwhelmed by happiness.

Wu Hai looked at the Clear Broth Noodle Soup, and then looked at the hot sauce. He felt that he had thought of a terrific idea. Slowly, he raised the sauce and prepared to pour it into the noodle soup...

"My apologies, you can't add anything else into the Clear Broth Noodle Soup, this includes flavorings," at the moment, Yuan Zhou carried up the bowl of noodle soup and said slowly.

"Eh..." Wu Hai was stupefied by Yuan Zhou's words, still holding the plate of sauce in midair.

What the hell did that mean? What kind of f*cking unreasonable world was this? Couldn't hot sauce be added into the noodle soup? Wu Hai almost wept in front of Yuan Zhou.

"Boss Yuan, I can't live without spicy food. 'Can't live' means that I will die." Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou with a very serious expression, as if it were a matter of life and death. His eyes revealed an uncompromising flame.

"Oh, if it is like that, then I guess you can add it in today. Just don't come to my restaurant anymore in future." Yuan Zhou put the Clear Broth Noodle Soup back to its original position.

"Boss Yuan, let's talk about this. Don't be so merciless." Wu Hai was just about to pour the sauce when he heard that and froze immediately. He then revealed an 'everything is negotiable' expression while looking at Yuan Zhou.

"This is Clear Broth Noodle Soup." Yuan Zhou shattered Wu Hai's expectation.

"Can't it be modified?" Wu Hai was still hopeful.

"No." Yuan Zhou continued to refuse him.

"Boss Yuan, you'll be single for a lifetime if you keep adhering to your principles. No girl will want to be your girlfriend."

After setting down the plate of the hot sauce hopelessly, Wu Hai spat out the most poisonous curse he could think of.

"No, I won't. I'm handsome and so skilled in cooking. Unless all female creatures become extinct on this planet, I will be able to get a girl." Yuan Zhou replied after seriously thinking about it.

"Ho Ho"

This was the only way for Wu Hai to express his scorn. Afterwards, he started to eat his noodle soup while looking at the hot sauce. He could at least feel a slight taste of spiciness like this. This could be considered a benefit for Wu Hai who was absolutely fond of spicy food, at least now there was a spicy sauce in the restaurant.

"It looks so good." Looking at the food served on the table, Yin Ya first heaved a sigh filled with emotion at their appearance.

Without a doubt, the color of the blueberry jam was indeed beautiful. It turned out that girls do like good-looking objects. Just like when they buy fruits and vegetables, they would always pick the good-looking ones.

Now, the blueberry jam was obviously first to be admired.

There was a matching spoon for the plate which the blueberry jam served in. It was the size of a pinkie but fitted perfectly into a person's hand.

The flesh of the blueberry was originally colorless, only the skin was blue. However, after they were turned into jam, the skin would dye the flesh a beautiful blue as well, giving it an incomparable, magnificent appearance.

Obviously, the blueberry provided by the system was not ordinary.

The system read, "Blueberry plants are a kind of low bush fruit tree that yields small berries. It's short and can often be found in the wild. The berry is small and is rich in anthocyanidin. As the berry growing on it is blue in color, it was named blueberry."

"The system took the wild blueberry plants and cultivated a new breed. The berry fruit from this new breed is bigger and plumper compared to the wild ones. It tastes better than the wild blueberries as well and can also enhance the absorption and utilization of anthocyanidin in the human body."

"The blueberry fruit provided by the system contains abundant nutrients. It has many beneficial functions as well. These include preventing cranial nerves from aging, improve your eyesight, strengthening the heart, softening the blood vessels and improving the immunity of the human body."

"The blueberries used for making the jam have also gone through a strict selection process. Those that don't meet the requirements are eliminated directly. Ice cold spring water is used for washing the blueberries, which helps maintain the freshness and nutrients in the blueberries."

"The sugar used for preparing the jam comes from sugar canes."

"The sweetness of the cane sugar is only second to fructose. It merges easily with the blueberry flavor, hence forming a splendid and exquisite taste."

"These nutrients in both the sugar cane and the blueberries allow people to enjoy the sweet taste of jam and at the same time prevent obesity, high blood pressure and an increase in blood sugar, etc."

"Squelch Squelch"

Yin Ya savored the meal carefully and slowly. The blueberry jam tasted much better than blueberry fruit which always had an astringent flavor. It was difficult to get rid of the astringent taste. Furthermore, the fruit also tasted quite sour sometimes. Nevertheless, there were no such concerns for the jam. The sweetness and sourness were both just right. She would easily eat up another plate without any problems.

Looking at the two people eating carefully, Yuan Zhou took the opportunity to question the system.

"System, I found a hole in your rules. Don't I deserve a reward?" Yuan Zhou asked the system directly.

The system read, "Host, please work hard to upgrade your level. Don't daydream."

And the system also responded in a straightforward manner and refused Yuan Zhou decisively.

"Everything provided by you should have the same quantity, right? Yuan Zhou stayed calm and continued to inquire.

After saying that sentence, the system was silent for a long while...

Several minutes later, the system read, "Host, you are right."

"Can you see the situation in the restaurant?" Yuan Zhou changed the topic.

The system read, "Host, if necessary, I can take a look now"

"Look at the difference between the lady and the male customer. They ordered the same dish, but the quantity provided is quite different." Yuan Zhou got straight to the main point.

When Wu Hai ordered the Specialty Plate for the first time, Yuan Zhou realized that since he was the one scooping the amount, it was very easy for him to control the quantity of the jam provided. Since it was only Wu Hai that ordered the dish at the time, he couldn't confirm it then.

This time, Yuan Zhou intentionally gave more jam to Yin Ya while less to Wu Hai. Yet there was no reaction from the system. Yuan Zhou noticed that the system has obsessive compulsive disorder, thus each dish must have the exact same quantity.

As for the Egg Fried Rice, since Yuan Zhou had the God Tier Egg Fried Rice culinary skill, there wasn't a problem to ensure each serving consist of the same quantity.

The system read, "Considering the host has found a loophole, the system hereby gives a reward. The reward is available now."

Minced beef hot sauce: In china it is common for chili pepper sauces to contain minced meat, which can be then stir fried with several dishes or simply served on rice or noodles