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43 Reward and Decei

 The dice stopped instantly when he called out. Only then did Yuan Zhou see the words on it clearly.

To his surprise, it had two numbers, 13/22.

"System, what does this mean?"

The system read, "Congratulations! Host, you have gotten 2 tools in one go from the lottery."

"Haven't you told me that every try gives you two rewards anyway? I can read for myself. Ok, forget it. Let's receive them first." Yuan Zhou accepted the rewarded tools without hesitation.

"There are only numbers. Who knows what they mean."

The system could provide up to 222 kinds of sauces. Only God would know what exactly Yuan Zhou obtained.

"What's the ranking for the sauces?"

Yuan Zhou didn't bother guessing about the things he didn't understand now. This was because he had never even heard of most of the things provided by the system.

The system read, "The sauces have no rankings. The rewards have been given."

The system read, "Since the host has reached Level 2, a set of table and chairs has been unlocked. Now, customers having meals in the restaurant are not allowed to eat while standing."

(As a Master Chef restaurant, it is really awkward to have customers standing while eating.)

It seemed that the happenings today were all about 2 (In some regions of China, the number 2 means stupid or foolish). The sauces went all the way up to 222 kinds; he had reached Level 2 in the system; he had gotten sauce No.22 in the lottery.

"Not that I mind at all." Yuan Zhou felt that whenever he leveled up, the system would give him a pleasant surprise. However, the pleasant surprise this time was too much for him to accept.

Nonetheless, after careful consideration, the number of customers like that wouldn't be affected much. After all, customers that stood and ate were quite rare. Besides, it was truly odd for customers to enjoy the Clear Broth Noodle Soup while standing. Yuan Zhou always comforted himself every time this occurred. Although it might result in loss of customers, the new dish would make up for it by attracting more new customers.

Of course, that was the main reason.

Whenever Yuan Zhou obtained rewards from the system, there would be some new rules. Yuan Zhou also understood that it was necessary for him to abide by the rules, which would, in turn, help the restaurant develop and expand. However, not everybody would abide by these beneficial rules. Just like how every cigarette pack was marked with a "Smoking is harmful to your health" slogan, but people still buy and smoke it.

"My money!" Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou was still reluctant to see his money flow away.

The system read, "A set of table and chairs has been unlocked. Customers having meals in the restaurant are not allowed to stand while eating."

"All right", Yuan Zhou had already gotten used to the deceitful system. Anyhow, at least the system provided him with a set of table and chairs.

"Forget it. Let me check my rewards first", Yuan Zhou started peer about, looking for something new in the kitchen while clutching his aching heart.

It was easy to find out where the system had placed the rewards. Near the stairway, there was originally an empty countertop below an embedded cabinet. Now two transparent glass jars sat on the formerly vacant long countertop.

"Boom Boom"

The glass jars gave off a clear and melodious sound after being knocked by Yuan Zhou.

"It doesn't feel like glass." Yuan Zhou muttered to himself.

The system read, "This container is made using the firing techniques [1] on raw azure stone. It is a kind of transparent crystal glaze that is made from raw azure stones by heating it with sophisticated skills.

"The raw azure stones are melted in a furnace with the temperature over 1000℃, then are allowed to be coagulated naturally into the noble and gorgeous crystal glaze."

"This crystal glaze is clear and dazzling. It makes a unique sound when knocked, which will linger for a long while."

"..." Yuan Zhou had no comment.

"What sauces are these?" Yuan Zhou decided to ask something related to dishes.

The system read, "No. 13 is blueberry jam and No. 22 is beef mince."

"It looks really good."

Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh, looking at the sauces. His stomach was full due to the Egg Fried Rice and Clear Broth Noodle Soup, leaving no room for the sauces. He could only wait untill tomorrow to give them a taste.

It would bother him less if he couldn't seem them. Hence Yuan Zhou turned off the light and went upstairs immediately.

Yuan Zhou changed into a pair of clean clothes, and did his usual washing up. He always maintained good hygiene, which had been a habit of his ever since he was little.

While lying in bed, Yuan Zhou realized that he wasn't sleepy at all. So he took out his new phone and started to play games. With his level, he could only play some puzzle games, like Rock Em Blocks or CarrotFantasy.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou's purpose of playing games was just to help him fall asleep. Before he could complete the first round, his carrot was bitten to death and he had already entered the land of dreams.

Daylight arrived. The sun shone through the window of Yuan Zhou's room. It was 10:00 a.m sharp.

"Is Boss Yuan sleeping in again?" Wu Hai was waiting outside with another idle person, chatting while drinking mineral water.

"Definitely. By the way, was what happened last night true?" asked a young man dressed in T-shirt and jeans.

"Of course it's true. All of us had been trying to figure out the solution to this issue. Nevertheless, that girl totally beat us with just one try. She managed to order two servings of Egg Fried Rice easily," Wu Hai sighed with emotion and said while grinding his teeth. That event made Wu Hai really annoyed.

"It's awesome. We can finally have two servings and eat our fill. You all can't understand how bad it feels to wake up every night due to hunger," A fat man beside Wu Hai interrupted.

"Yeah, yeah. I get hungry too whenever it's time for Boss Yuan to open the restaurant. My feet just take me here."

"You are right. I didn't plan to come, and yet I'm still here now. Those culinary skills of Boss Yuan are indeed excellent." Another man joined in the conversation.

The several people started to talk all at once about their experiences of being bullied by Yuan Zhou's rules.


"Ta Ta Ta"

Wu Anlu was walking to the sales department office quickly, with a contract in his hands. He was dressed in a quality suit and wore a medium-priced watch "Bulova" around his wrist. His bovine leather shoes made a crisp and melodious sound as they came into contact with the floor tiles.

He was the supervisor of the sales department. Recently, his department had accepted a large order concerning a construction project. The negotiations with suppliers amounted to 5 million RMB. If they managed to get the order, just the commission alone was equal to three months of his salary.

Therefore, Wu Anlu hadn't been to Yuan Zhou's restaurant during that period. Instead, he had his meals and slept at the company, working with all his colleagues for ten days straight. Finally, they managed to sign the contract today. He was now hurrying back to deliver this good news to his co-workers.

He had barely entered the office before a decently dressed man in an ordinary suit rushed towards him and asked,

"Boss, how's the result? Did they agree to sign the contract with us?"

"Ma Wei, you scared me." Wu Anlu stepped back while clutching the contract in his arms. Once he saw it was his subordinate, he felt relieved.

"Aha, I'm too eager to know the result. How is it, boss? You've talked all morning." Ma Wei straightened his body and leaned forward in order to catch a glimpse at the contract in Wu Anlu's hands. On the other hand, he was also afraid that the result would not be what he had expected. Thus, he looked quite uneasy.

"All right, stop it. Are you alone? I am prepared to announce the results in front of everybody." Wu Anlu put on a stern face and looked rather serious, with a frightening appearance. He behaved rather formally.

"Everybody, come out. Our boss already knew we were all here." Ma Wei shouted to the cubicle behind. 4 people, 3 men, and 1 woman, appeared.

Everybody was dressed similarly, in dark color suits. All the men looked spirited while the only woman appeared to be very professional, with minimum makeup and her hair tied in a bun.

"You all finally decided to come out huh? Don't behave like that next time." Wu Anlu first lectured his subordinates. When he saw them revealing embarrassed looks, he then took out the contract and turned to the signature page, showing to his subordinates the black and white content.

"Oh, Jesus. We finally made it!" Ma Wei shouted first.

"It has been so difficult. My wife complained a lot saying that I haven't returned home in a few days," An older man said while clenching his fist excitedly.

"Indeed, it has not been easy." The only girl also nodded her head.

"Boss, you must treat us. Your treat." Ma Wei started to holler.

"Yes, boss must treat, boss must treat..."

The others followed Ma Wei and shouted together.

"All right, all right. Be quiet, please. Don't bother the other departments." Even after Wu Anlu agreed, his subordinates merely lowered their voices, but were still muttering about the boss treating.

"I am really getting nowhere with you guys. Let's go get some great food at noon. My treat," Wu Anlu said mysteriously.

[1] Firing technique is a process for porcelain or glass wares in which they are heated to a certain temperature and before taking their final form.