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Empress Running Away with the Ball

Author: Luo Xiao Xi

Lastchapter: Chapter 836: Dare say, but does not dare do

Updated: 2019-01-23 17:30

Chapter 836: Dare say, but does not dare do
Chapter 835: Don’t be jealous
Chapter 834: Unwilling to cause her pain
Chapter 833: He was unique, the only one
Chapter 832: I’m not smiling, go on
Chapter 831: Consider the play real
Chapter 830: Also wrong if he thought about i
Chapter 829: How can she still smile
Chapter 828: Whatever you wan
Chapter 827: Husband and wife hair kno
Chapter 826: He couldn’t ask for anything else
Chapter 825: Let’s go to the nuptial chamber
Chapter 824: Quickly give birth to a child
Chapter 823: Letting her play
Chapter 822: I’d only feel regret not marrying you
Chapter 821: Elope
Chapter 820: Red wedding clothes
Chapter 819: Red billed green parro
Chapter 818: Husband and wife and lovers
Chapter 817: Lovers
Chapter 816: Only having a home if there is a country
Chapter 815: Holding it in his hands
Chapter 814: The sun has risen
Chapter 813: Never leaving until meeting again
Chapter 812: Always waiting for that day
Chapter 811: The one I’m not willing to give up is you
Chapter 810: Want it, or do you want me
Chapter 809: Promise
Chapter 808: I have always been waiting for you
Chapter 807: Fickle hand
Chapter 806: Only leaving behind your hear
Chapter 805: Unrepentan
Chapter 804: He wants to lie to himself more
Chapter 803: Would rather have you marry the emperor
Chapter 802: Jumping down from the city walls
Chapter 801: She is blind, loving the wrong person
Chapter 800: Marrying to the far East Qin
Chapter 799: As long as you ask for it. I’m just afraid you won’t want it.
Chapter 798: Look at me, look at me, quickly look at me
Chapter 797: Xiao Si, goodbye
Chapter 796: One thing conquers another
Chapter 795: Never allowed to speak
Chapter 794: Caterpillar
Chapter 793: Look really strange
Chapter 792: An idiot
Chapter 791: Under the wing
Chapter 790: A pack of wild wolves
Chapter 789: All dead
Chapter 788: Feinting east and attacking west
Chapter 787: You want to change your mind
Chapter 786: A girl born to belong to him
Chapter 785: Feeding you until you’re chubby
Chapter 784: Not a single man could be relied on
Chapter 783: I, envy you
Chapter 782: Avoiding troubles caused by delay
Chapter 781: True sorrow
Chapter 780: You, do you hate me
Chapter 779: You’re not worthy
Chapter 778: Paying back double
Chapter 777: Divorce
Chapter 776: Must divorce
Chapter 775: Grass wall falling with the wind
Chapter 774: Being defeated by my hands
Chapter 773: A lesson that will never be forgotten
Chapter 772: Because, this is her choice
Chapter 771: Wholeheartedly chasing
Chapter 770: Who can win
Chapter 769: The one plotted against is you
Chapter 768: The final trump card
Chapter 767: From now on, she is this prince’s princess
Chapter 766: Why
Chapter 765: Best of both worlds
Chapter 764: Losing face for men
Chapter 763: Using life to love
Chapter 762: This punishment, it’s enough
Chapter 761: Giving you everything
Chapter 760: Hopeful and inaccessible
Chapter 759: Beautiful match
Chapter 758: This is robbery
Chapter 757: A girl that doesn’t let people not worry
Chapter 756: Most painful place
Chapter 755: Fighting until the end, never giving up until death
Chapter 754: Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 753: You know what you did
Chapter 752: Clearing up everything
Chapter 751: Dying from injustice
Chapter 750: Something that’s gone
Chapter 749: Not closing one’s eyes for three days
Chapter 748: Eating bitter herbs
Chapter 747: Losing someone
Chapter 746: Feeling uneasy
Chapter 745: He wanted to take it all back
Chapter 744: The ruler’s words are to be taken seriously
Chapter 743: Making unfounded claims
Chapter 742: Putting him in an awkward situation
Chapter 741: Don’t wrongly accuse your little brother
Chapter 740: Cold shoulder
Chapter 739: Act first, report after
Chapter 738: The best method
Chapter 737: Asking a tiger for its skin
Chapter 736: No means no
Chapter 735: I am yours
Chapter 734: As tender as water
Chapter 733: So tight
Chapter 732: If you can’t save it, you’ll be buried with it
Chapter 731: Wind blowing
Chapter 730: Ancient book’s secret prescription
Chapter 729: Losing all his old face
Chapter 728: Even in death, not begging him
Chapter 727: Weak body
Chapter 726: Looking for a tree to be hanged
Chapter 725: Giving the emperor
Chapter 724: Sweet torture
Chapter 723: Quietly leaving
Chapter 722: Confused Zhui Feng
Chapter 721: Suddenly feeling refreshed
Chapter 720: The best antidote
Chapter 719: So close
Chapter 718: Cutting slice by slice
Chapter 717: Going with her
Chapter 716: Fishing
Chapter 715: This was too heavy
Chapter 714: Short and sweet
Chapter 713: Two fighting one
Chapter 712: The most dangerous place
Chapter 711: Disappear into the heavens
Chapter 710: Too strange
Chapter 709: He wasnt playing this game anymore
Chapter 708: This subordinate is not a dog
Chapter 707: Speak, beg me
Chapter 706: He is her master
Chapter 705: The mouth says no, but the heart says yes
Chapter 704: As long as you beg me
Chapter 703: Snow ginseng soup
Chapter 702: Selling her out
Chapter 701: Cant bear to touch you
Chapter 700: Are you happy
Chapter 699: The truth
Chapter 698: Cutting off her finger
Chapter 697: Truly pitiful love
Chapter 696: Not exchanging even for the emperors throne
Chapter 695: Giving you the best
Chapter 694: Deceiving each other
Chapter 693: Competing again
Chapter 692: Thousand year old snow ginseng
Chapter 691: Hypocritical kindness
Chapter 690: Exchanging with the emperors throne
Chapter 689: Do what I want to do
Chapter 688: This emperor position, you can have it
Chapter 687: Celebration banquet
Chapter 686: Good medicine is bitter
Chapter 685: Not afraid of her flying into the sky
Chapter 684: Wait for him to come back
Chapter 683: Large secret
Chapter 682: If you want it, take it
Chapter 681: Way of loving her
Chapter 680: Turning a blind eye
Chapter 679: Look, hear, ask, diagnose
Chapter 678: So it was him
Chapter 677: Fear of losing ones freedom
Chapter 676: No time to waste
Chapter 675: Should and shouldnt do
Chapter 674: Everything he was willing to do
Chapter 673: The best way to love him
Chapter 672: Thorns all over
Chapter 671: Determined to win
Chapter 670: Admitting defeat
Chapter 669: Missing one point
Chapter 668: Experienced hunter
Chapter 667: Personally telling him
Chapter 666: Judging it together
Chapter 665: Ending that exceeded everyones expectations
Chapter 664: Who wins and who loses
Chapter 663: Truly proud of her
Chapter 662: This, impossible
Chapter 661: Not writing a single word
Chapter 660: Dont lose too badly
Chapter 659: Dont forget the promise
Chapter 658: Only you are a match for me
Chapter 657: The largest joke in the world
Chapter 656: Recommending a person
Chapter 655: Cannot lose
Chapter 654: Early bird gets the worm
Chapter 653: Fragments melting in the flames
Chapter 652: Taking her for himself
Chapter 651: Finally not a dream
Chapter 650: Man eating beast
Chapter 649: He came
Chapter 647: Want to win, in your dreams
Chapter 646: It would be great if she was here
Chapter 645: Invincible position
Chapter 644: Bad eyesight
Chapter 643: When in Rome
Chapter 642: Letting him see a beating
Chapter 641: Deserving a beating
Chapter 640: Persons name and trees shadow
Chapter 639: Black wings
Chapter 638: Leaving without words
Chapter 637: Really good like this
Chapter 636: Surging undercurrent
Chapter 635: You are finally here
Chapter 634: Ill wait for you to come back
Chapter 633: If one likes it, it will not change
Chapter 632: Difficult to deal with man
Chapter 631: Marrying the pheasant or the rabbit
Chapter 630: Cant be bought with money
Chapter 629: Never forgetting
Chapter 628: Drinking blood
Chapter 627: Present that cant be taken back
Chapter 626: Falling into a meat patty
Chapter 625: Fleeting beauty
Chapter 624: Climb up and Ill teach you
Chapter 623: Dont want something easy to acquire
Chapter 622: Reason for liking you
Chapter 621: The smartest person
Chapter 620: Not giving you the chance
Chapter 619: Not letting a single one off
Chapter 618: How much love in the past, how much hate there is now
Chapter 617: Horn of angels
Chapter 616: Human skin lantern
Chapter 615: Willing to only be with her
Chapter 614: His heart, ruthless and poisonous
Chapter 613: One request
Chapter 612: Teach me
Chapter 611: Dealing with smart people
Chapter 610: Blessing
Chapter 609: Exotic delicacies
Chapter 608: Cleaning the tribute
Chapter 607: Her plan
Chapter 606: Its her
Chapter 605: Marionette
Chapter 604: Making it hard for oneself
Chapter 603: Only person that wouldnt be hurt
Chapter 602: She did it on purpose
Chapter 601: He is this stupid
Chapter 600: Losing in a single move
Chapter 599: Hitting him until he begs for mercy
Chapter 598: Hateful fellow
Chapter 597: The little white rabbit in the wolfs claws
Chapter 596: She couldnt run
Chapter 595: Singing love songs
Chapter 594: In a good mood
Chapter 593: Hawk like man
Chapter 592: Everything was wrong
Chapter 591: Deliberate teasing
Chapter 590: This skill is truly strange
Chapter 589: What qualifications does he have
Chapter 588: Such a punishment is not enough
Chapter 587: The red star moves
Chapter 586: Deciding on him
Chapter 585: There are snakes
Chapter 584: Saving someone to the end
Chapter 583: Unwilling to throw away a single one
Chapter 582: News on her
Chapter 581: One can never forget
Chapter 580: Where did these beasts come from
Chapter 579: Saving her, not intentional
Chapter 578: Let go of that girl
Chapter 577: Can meet but cant ask for
Chapter 576: This young master is happy
Chapter 575: I want it even if you dont want it
Chapter 574: Guessing riddles
Chapter 573: Having eyes but not recognizing the gold and jade
Chapter 572: Not interested even in the champion prize
Chapter 571: Bold girls
Chapter 570: Like to see you smile
Chapter 569: Evil charming
Chapter 568: Everything was for her
Chapter 567: Smartest person in the world
Chapter 566: Only having Shao Bai
Chapter 565: The more she understood him, the more pain she felt
Chapter 564: A country cannot lack a ruler for a single day
Chapter 563: Passing on false information
Chapter 562: Hot potato
Chapter 561: That is his eye
Chapter 560: There is only death
Chapter 559: The emperors suicide
Chapter 558: Demonstrating to her
Chapter 557: His people could not be touched
Chapter 556: Love, as silent as a mountain
Chapter 555: Turning into ice inch by inch
Chapter 554: Understanding everything
Chapter 553: No one knew how much pain he felt
Chapter 552: Where he goes, she would be there
Chapter 551: Mo Chuan, you have to come
Chapter 550: As long as you live properly
Chapter 549: Who wants you to take responsibility
Chapter 548: Worthy of a member of the Chu Family
Chapter 547: Transmigrating once again
Chapter 546: Two eggs
Chapter 545: Let her rest in peace
Chapter 544: Passing by
Chapter 543: Being poisoned
Chapter 542: The one she wanted was not him
Chapter 541: Scenery more beautiful than her
Chapter 540: Stealing a cart
Chapter 539: Street king
Chapter 538: He really had no time
Chapter 537: Marry her to you
Chapter 536: Your dowry
Chapter 535: He is not human
Chapter 534: Being touched
Chapter 533: Eyes on his body
Chapter 532: She admits defeat
Chapter 531: A kiss every time you speak
Chapter 530: Wanting him to personally break her
Chapter 529: She, cannot remain
Chapter 528: Becoming familiar
Chapter 527: What did you do
Chapter 526: Incurable disease
Chapter 525: Really tricky
Chapter 524: Sending you to Clear Breeze House
Chapter 523: The emperor is gone
Chapter 522: Did they elope
Chapter 521: Like you
Chapter 520: If she wasnt drunk, how great would that be
Chapter 519: Have you also transmigrated
Chapter 518: Pulling off his royal pants
Chapter 517: Warm this ones bed
Chapter 516: Misunderstanding
Chapter 515: Not easy to bully
Chapter 514: Not a true gentleman
Chapter 513: Quickly fleeing
Chapter 512: She was not wrong about him
Chapter 511: If you say no, Ill stop
Chapter 510: Being together even in death
Chapter 509: Biting his ear
Chapter 508: Until the end of time
Chapter 507: So sweet
Chapter 506: Two heads
Chapter 505: He is about to burn to death
Chapter 504: Drink wine and listen to songs
Chapter 503: Becoming bolder
Chapter 502: Not allowed to say no
Chapter 501: Fortunately, I met you in this life
Chapter 500: Compensate you
Chapter 499: This kind of feeling is really good
Chapter 498: Truly a mystery
Chapter 497: Young boy and girl
Chapter 496: Ruin everything
Chapter 495: Why did no one believe him
Chapter 494: Not wanting to see him
Chapter 493: The most qualified person was him
Chapter 492: No need for the care of others
Chapter 491: Something that shouldnt be seen
Chapter 490: If you dont want it
Chapter 489: This heart beats for you
Chapter 488: Definitely will not let go
Chapter 487: Requested by a loved one
Chapter 486: This king is here to pick you up
Chapter 485: He came
Chapter 484: The missing finger
Chapter 483: The real perpetrator
Chapter 482: The emperor will bear it
Chapter 481: Not daring to have idea about the Princess Consort
Chapter 480: This emperor position was his
Chapter 479: Having bad intentions
Chapter 478: Counsel before taking action
Chapter 477: A sincere heart
Chapter 476: Know your crime
Chapter 475: Instigated from behind the scenes
Chapter 474: The wicked complain first
Chapter 473: Only she couldnt remain
Chapter 472: Blocking this king, death
Chapter 471: Shes gone
Chapter 470: The one she truly liked
Chapter 469: Goodbye Mo Chuan
Chapter 468: A hundred reasons to cut off her head
Chapter 467: Returning to you what is owed
Chapter 466: Want nothing at all
Chapter 465: Single man and woman
Chapter 464: I will make him feel regret
Chapter 463: He is waiting for your return
Chapter 462: Special gift
Chapter 461: Hearts yearning
Chapter 460: Not to ones tastes
Chapter 459: Full of beauty and meaning
Chapter 458: The deep illusion of the painting
Chapter 457: The Empress Dowager framing someone
Chapter 456: Smashing ones foot
Chapter 455: A fool that cant afford to lose
Chapter 454: Who is the winner
Chapter 453: Making a fool of herself
Chapter 452: Putting pen to paper
Chapter 451: Composing a prose in seven steps
Chapter 450: A large pleasant surprise
Chapter 449: The first chance to show off
Chapter 448: Marry whoever you want me to marry
Chapter 447: Making them surprised
Chapter 446: Doing everything to please
Chapter 445: None of my business
Chapter 444: Competition
Chapter 443: Secretly competing in wits
Chapter 442: Three logs
Chapter 441: Grand banquet
Chapter 440: Soul confusing soup
Chapter 439: Blocking his eyes
Chapter 438: Three earthworms
Chapter 437: Evil and stingy
Chapter 436: It was unfair for this pot carrier
Chapter 435: So bold
Chapter 434: Seeing what one shouldnt see
Chapter 433: The emperors flattering
Chapter 432: Forget about killing
Chapter 431: Men also like gossip
Chapter 430: Why is it you again
Chapter 429: Blowing him up so even his butt bleeds
Chapter 428: This emperor is not happy
Chapter 427: Hard to deal with old woman
Chapter 426: Stones will also blossom
Chapter 425: Letting her die
Chapter 424: Tool for murder
Chapter 423: Empress Dowager expelling the poison
Chapter 422: Putting on a charade
Chapter 421: This was a fake emperor
Chapter 420: Poisoning the Empress Dowager
Chapter 419: Being in large trouble
Chapter 418: What a lie
Chapter 417: Blown up to the point where his skin had no hair
Chapter 416: Caught in the act
Chapter 415: At night, Ill be with you
Chapter 414: Sheep, wolf, and tiger
Chapter 413: Whose woman is she
Chapter 412: Sweet or bitter
Chapter 411: The one in her dreams was him
Chapter 410: Only an excuse
Chapter 409: Couldnt help feeling pity
Chapter 408: Doting parent
Chapter 407: Want her to warm your bed
Chapter 406: If he did it, he would take responsibility
Chapter 405: Only this one can touch your hair
Chapter 404: How could he not want it
Chapter 403: This one is not a eunuch
Chapter 402: Regaining what was lost
Chapter 401: I was afraid of losing you
Chapter 400: Mo Chuan, dont go
Chapter 399: Hard to tell whether it is a curse or a blessing
Chapter 398: Such a beautiful face
Chapter 397: This man is too terrifying
Chapter 396: One will suffer indignities from losing their position
Chapter 395: Helping her son steal his woman
Chapter 394: She would be his eventually
Chapter 393: Ten becomes one
Chapter 392: Going crazy for you
Chapter 391: Slowly eating her
Chapter 390: Not tired of acting, just tired of watching
Chapter 389: No good was coming
Chapter 388: Old ginger is spicy
Chapter 387: Picking the most fragrant and beautiful flower
Chapter 386: This king is not a fool
Chapter 385: The listener making his own meaning from what he heard
Chapter 384: Picking who to be the wife
Chapter 383: This servant said too much
Chapter 382: The dream should end
Chapter 381: Waiting for the day you are willing
Chapter 380: Lost in confidence
Chapter 379: Why wouldnt it be true just because you said so
Chapter 378: Kneeling down and admitting ones wrongs
Chapter 377: Has he gone crazy?
Chapter 376: Ive never touched her before
Chapter 375: The man you want is me
Chapter 374: In the end, I loved the wrong person
Chapter 373: As good as gold
Chapter 372: My feelings towards you has never changed
Chapter 371: Exposing him and slapping his face
Chapter 370: Interesting, truly interesting
Chapter 369: Shameless audacity
Chapter 368: He only had her in his eyes
Chapter 367: Unable to see through
Chapter 366: The most important thing was that it was her
Chapter 365: Release that girl
Chapter 364: She would not be the emperors woman
Chapter 363: Ninger, dont cause trouble
Chapter 362: Him above and her below
Chapter 361: Do you like me
Chapter 360: She was his taboo
Chapter 359: What do you want
Chapter 358: Putting on airs
Chapter 357: This joke isnt funny
Chapter 356: Blind date assembly
Chapter 355: Just like a fairy consort
Chapter 354: Making his intestines turn green with regret
Chapter 353: She was willing to die for him
Chapter 352: She deserved it
Chapter 351: Its a pity, but youre not the one
Chapter 350: How could she not care
Chapter 349: His head is filled with water
Chapter 348: You are my woman
Chapter 347: What kind of thing is this
Chapter 346: Definitely not a dream
Chapter 345: This king was angered to the point of confusion
Chapter 344: We have plenty of time ahead of us
Chapter 343: As gentle as always
Chapter 342: In this age, only the face matters
Chapter 341: Dont go
Chapter 340: Not letting go even if I die
Chapter 339: A perfect reason
Chapter 338: Falling for a trap
Chapter 337: Underhanded means
Chapter 336: Going all in
Chapter 335: Wolf in sheeps clothing
Chapter 334: Two pronged approach
Chapter 333: Even if she is sneaky
Chapter 332: Having bad luck and meeting misfortune
Chapter 331: Put on a fake appearance
Chapter 330: Bad to the core, no good intentions
Chapter 329: Arent you thinking too much
Chapter 328: As beautiful as a flower
Chapter 327: The little girl grew up
Chapter 326: Catching a glimpse and clear memories
Chapter 325: I just want to hug you
Chapter 324: You owe me a kiss
Chapter 323: Who wants you to take responsibility
Chapter 322: He was a man, not a piece of wood
Chapter 321: Men arent reliable
Chapter 320: You beast, scram
Chapter 319: Swear
Chapter 318: Youll only get her if you kill me
Chapter 317: Deserves to be his woman
Chapter 316: The secret one does not dare pry into
Chapter 315: He only cares about her
Chapter 314: Endlessly
Chapter 313: This king is filled with regret now
Chapter 312: Ten times earnings
Chapter 311: Beyond dispute
Chapter 310: Slighting the royal face
Chapter 309: He is not that heartless
Chapter 308: Youre heavier than a pig
Chapter 307: Only being able to stare
Chapter 306: Ill feed it to you
Chapter 305: Well see who tortures who to death
Chapter 304: Good chance to kill a witness
Chapter 303: Victory, she must depend on herself
Chapter 302: Changing person
Chapter 301: What do you take me for
Chapter 300: Bet on me winning
Chapter 299: I wont repay you for what I owe you
Chapter 298: Willing to give him a chance
Chapter 297: Because he cares about you
Chapter 296: Giving you a final chance
Chapter 295: Can he be that kind
Chapter 294: Thrown into the lake to feed the turtles
Chapter 293: When youre older, I will marry you
Chapter 292: Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 291: Youre too tall, I cant kiss you
Chapter 290: That one just now didnt count
Chapter 289: Whos took advantage of who
Chapter 288: A kiss
Chapter 287: Whats yours will be yours
Chapter 286: The emperor teasing him
Chapter 285: Youre not allowed to like him
Chapter 284: That cheap woman is hypocritical
Chapter 283: Stealing a chicken to end up with nothing
Chapter 282: Chen Familys daughter
Chapter 281: Running faster than a rabbit
Chapter 280: Who wants to go to bed with you
Chapter 279: Want you to personally prove it
Chapter 278: Youre the cheap person
Chapter 277: Slandering someone
Chapter 276: Producing rain with a flip of ones hand
Chapter 275: Proving ones innocence
Chapter 274: Hate filling his bones
Chapter 273: Ill intent
Chapter 272: The first hug
Chapter 271: If this happiness could last a lifetime
Chapter 270: Punish me with following you forever
Chapter 269: Your nose is crooked
Chapter 268: All dead
Chapter 267: Immortal fighting a mortal
Chapter 266: What hurts isnt my heart, but rather my arm
Chapter 265: Splitting them apart
Chapter 264: Taking advantage of someone
Chapter 263: Confused emperor
Chapter 262: The large grey wolf and the little white rabbit
Chapter 261: The wine doesnt get drunk, the person gets drunk
Chapter 260: Me and him, who looks better?
Chapter 259: If you want to see it, Ill let you see it
Chapter 258: Good wine is unappreciated
Chapter 257: Words will always have an effect
Chapter 256: The truth being revealed
Chapter 255: Personally seeing it
Chapter 254: Too beautiful and too charming
Chapter 253: Dont make a move
Chapter 252: A great calamity
Chapter 251: They are all nothing but beasts
Chapter 250: Reap the fruits of ones actions
Chapter 249: Slapping ones face
Chapter 248: You undress well
Chapter 247: Act as a matchmaker
Chapter 246: Its a blessing if I get it
Chapter 245: Red ears
Chapter 244: Im willing because of you
Chapter 243: Little pork buns
Chapter 242: Golden sea of flowers
Chapter 241: The first gift
Chapter 240: Psychological warfare
Chapter 239: Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain
Chapter 238: You can watch it, but you cant obtain it
Chapter 237: If she was even half of you
Chapter 236: Her bottom line
Chapter 235: Dog that cant stop eating shit
Chapter 234: She does not have to carry this pot
Chapter 233: You think you are the emperor?
Chapter 232: Mens reactions are all the same
Chapter 231: Well matched enemy
Chapter 230: No one is allowed to interfere
Chapter 229: Solemn oath
Chapter 228: The cold and proud man
Chapter 227: A sudden change
Chapter 226: A beautiful painting
Chapter 225: The chosen rotten carrot
Chapter 224: Touching his soft spot
Chapter 223: Hes no good
Chapter 222: Too lazy to watch the play
Chapter 221: Divorcing a wife and divorcing a husband
Chapter 220: Slapping the animal to death
Chapter 219: You must lose this bet
Chapter 218: Turning flowers into dust
Chapter 217: Eagle catching a chick
Chapter 216: Where is that man
Chapter 215: A broken rag
Chapter 214: Are you even a girl
Chapter 213: The walls have ears
Chapter 212: A game and a dream
Chapter 211: Breaking ones legs
Chapter 210: Two man putting on an act
Chapter 209: White and black
Chapter 208: Treasure hunt
Chapter 207: Fighting without saying anything
Chapter 206: Where did this ghost come from
Chapter 205: No one left at all
Chapter 204: False face
Chapter 203: Servants are like their masters
Chapter 202: Acting with modesty
Chapter 201: Royal complaint
Chapter 200: Causing trouble for his highness
Chapter 199: Xiao Hei
Chapter 198: Known on the streets
Chapter 197: Good horses understand human nature
Chapter 196: A promise worth a thousand gold
Chapter 195: Killing someone in ten steps
Chapter 194: Surname and given name
Chapter 193: Good looking, tasty, and nice to listen to
Chapter 192: Phoenixs egg
Chapter 191: You can do it yourself
Chapter 190: Fresh water lotus
Chapter 189: This miss has money
Chapter 188: My treat
Chapter 187: This mans heart is like the needle at the bottom of the sea
Chapter 186: There really is destiny
Chapter 185: Runaway horse
Chapter 184: The young miss is gone
Chapter 183: Not caring about him
Chapter 182: Very suitable
Chapter 181: Catering to ones wishes
Chapter 180: Comparing horses
Chapter 179: Going crazy with jealousy
Chapter 178: Not wishing for any repayment
Chapter 177: Head being squeezed by the door
Chapter 176: Full of support
Chapter 175: Wishing for a persons heart
Chapter 174: Bastard highness
Chapter 173: It isnt her
Chapter 172: A strict tone
Chapter 171: Stealing a kiss
Chapter 170: Do you like me or him
Chapter 169: Jealousy
Chapter 168: I will act shameless
Chapter 167: A childs skills
Chapter 166: Audacious
Chapter 165: Becoming not cute
Chapter 164: A man that wants face
Chapter 163: Cat chasing mouse
Chapter 162: Seeking death
Chapter 161: Carefully prepared present
Chapter 160: Disturbing ones sleep
Chapter 159: Heavenly chicken laying eggs
Chapter 158: Only an idiot would use brawn
Chapter 157: Cordial and warm greetings
Chapter 156: Are you even a man?
Chapter 155: Beauty
Chapter 154: Getting what one deserves
Chapter 153: Going for wool and coming back shorn
Chapter 152: Framing someone
Chapter 151: Receiving ones wish
Chapter 150: This servant will scram
Chapter 149: Hes not suited
Chapter 148: Mouse farts
Chapter 147: Gezhi gezhi
Chapter 146: Running in the opposite direction
Chapter 145: Five finger mountain
Chapter 144: Two conditions
Chapter 143: When being forceful does not work
Chapter 142: Blessing in disguise
Chapter 141: A ghost or a person
Chapter 140: Crows are normally black
Chapter 139: More of a man than he was
Chapter 138: Seizing a beautiful man
Chapter 137: Crows foretelling bad luck
Chapter 136: Letting a golden phoenix escape
Chapter 135: Sit back and wait
Chapter 134: The best method
Chapter 133: I wont admit anything even if beaten to death
Chapter 132: Fragrant Ice
Chapter 131: What treasure is it
Chapter 130: You were thinking of me
Chapter 129: Immortal coming down to earth
Chapter 128: You can eat me
Chapter 127: Killing you with a single bite
Chapter 126: Truly a waste
Chapter 125: Relying on a man
Chapter 124: Servants smelly mouth
Chapter 123: Not even wanting face
Chapter 122: Delaying the beans because of rabbits
Chapter 121: Pretending to be worried about a dog
Chapter 120: A dog wouldnt eat it
Chapter 119: A plucked chicken
Chapter 118: Quite skilled
Chapter 117: Men are like cats
Chapter 116: Everyone scram
Chapter 115: A group of foxes
Chapter 114: Putting on airs
Chapter 113: Acting out a play
Chapter 112: False displays of affection
Chapter 111: Bad intentions
Chapter 110: Weasel bringing the chicken a new years greeting
Chapter 109: Peach blossom cove
Chapter 108: Something happening
Chapter 107: Comparing whose eyes are bigger
Chapter 106: Who says I dont dare
Chapter 105: Eyes like crescent moons
Chapter 104: Only allowed to say I dont know
Chapter 103: I do not fancy you
Chapter 102: Girls are just this unreasonable
Chapter 101: Handsome Xiao Si
Chapter 100: Hero saving the beauty
Chapter 99: Handsome, cool, and ruthless
Chapter 98: Bragging tone
Chapter 97: Stealing money and stealing ones body
Chapter 96: No possible escape
Chapter 95: Want to help but cant help
Chapter 94: People cant be judged by their appearances
Chapter 93: Gaining things without any effort
Chapter 92: Close your mouth and move your legs
Chapter 91: Heavens mysteries cannot be revealed
Chapter 90: Red luan star moving
Chapter 89: A shocker
Chapter 88: Smashing the stage
Chapter 87: Revealing ones hand
Chapter 86: Running on the count of three
Chapter 85: The pie that fell from the sky
Chapter 84: A dream of peach blossoms
Chapter 83: Who released it
Chapter 82: Ping ping pang pang
Chapter 81: When beef meets chestnuts
Chapter 80: Her revenge
Chapter 79: The turtle is missing
Chapter 78: Shes drunk
Chapter 77: Call me good big brother
Chapter 76: Because Im not happy
Chapter 75: Do you believe I wont kiss you?
Chapter 74: Stepping over everything
Chapter 73: Damn your turtle tail
Chapter 72: Giving back as good as one gets
Chapter 71: Tigers wish to hurt humans
Chapter 70: Girls have to have morals
Chapter 69: Father has no girls here
Chapter 68: Nothing better to do
Chapter 67: The treasure that fell from the sky
Chapter 66: The lice on a monks head
Chapter 65: A dumb man in silence
Chapter 64: Are you stupid?
Chapter 63: Lot of money coming over
Chapter 62: Making black seem like white
Chapter 61: Not even a fly could leave
Chapter 60: Eating for free
Chapter 59: Mischievous fox
Chapter 58: A good opportunity to get closer
Chapter 57: The walls have ears
Chapter 56: We still have to eat even if we have no money
Chapter 55: Coming to ask for dinner
Chapter 54: Great luck
Chapter 53: Hidden killing intent
Chapter 52: Touching ones nose to dust
Chapter 51: Accurately foretelling the future
Chapter 50: Acting out a good play
Chapter 49: Its fine to lack anything but money
Chapter 48: Slapping someone and giving them a date
Chapter 47: What kind of medicine are you eating
Chapter 46: Cursing people without dirty words
Chapter 45: Hitting them until they submit
Chapter 44: Shutting her mouth with her own words
Chapter 43: Putting someone in their place
Chapter 42: Pointing at a monk to call her a donkeys butt
Chapter 41: Are you considered that old?
Chapter 40: Even if you do not die, your skin will be peeled
Chapter 39: Being fooled by her
Chapter 38: Taking back all that is owed
Chapter 37: Calling her as a white eyed wolf
Chapter 36: Wherever you want to stay
Chapter 35: What do you think about me
Chapter 34: So it was him
Chapter 33: A ghost in front of the bed
Chapter 32: Calling him a dog
Chapter 31: Only you wont
Chapter 30: Stubborn even in the face of death
Chapter 29: Closing the door and beating the dogs
Chapter 28: A broken phoenix cant compare to a chicken
Chapter 27: Are you a person or a ghost
Chapter 26: Deceiving everyone
Chapter 25: Wanting him to kneel and worship
Chapter 24: The person behind her
Chapter 23: Breaking the dogs teeth
Chapter 22: The owner determines what the dog becomes
Chapter 21: I am the princess
Chapter 20: Retrieving her body
Chapter 19: A stomach of evil fire
Chapter 18: Unable to escape
Chapter 17: Being caught
Chapter 16: Buried three feet deep
Chapter 15: More money brings more trouble
Chapter 14: Dont be in such a hurry to die
Chapter 13: Foolish people have more money
Chapter 12: Heart reading technique
Chapter 11: The main culprit
Chapter 10: A good show
Chapter 9: Turning cow dung into a flower
Chapter 8: Strange occurrences under the heavens
Chapter 7: Hitting his face
Chapter 6: Evil charming youth
Chapter 5: Going against the white lotus
Chapter 4: A good white lotus
Chapter 3: Stepping on his face
Chapter 2: Husband and wife vows
Chapter 1: A zombie