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Chapter 101

 In the end, Jean didn't have a seat while Li Mingyu and Ben also stood. Walter squinted as he looked up at the grape rack, satisfied. He pretended he didn't notice that a few people were standing.

Indoors, the girl watched Camille make tea skillfully, and after hesitating for a while, finally said weakly, "Um, benefactor, I still don't know your names. Are you all planning on entering the Mountain of Lost Souls to adventure?"

"Yes, we are planning on entering the Mountain of Lost Souls. Names are just a formality. The person who saved you is our commander, White Little Moon, and we are Yuan Bao Mercenary Corps." Camille answered the question good naturedly with a refined manner.

White Little Moon? The girl stiffened slightly. Wasn't this name a little effeminate? Yuan Bao Mercenary Corps? What a strange name.

"The Mountain of Lost Souls is very dangerous." The girl started to speak softly. "But you guys are all so strong, so there shouldn't be any problem."

Camille finished making tea, then smiled as he said before leaving, "You must be hoping our commander doesn't have any problem."

The girl's face instantly flushed red. She immediately covered her face, watching Camille from behind and rejoiced that he didn't see.

"Commander, drink tea." Camille gracefully poured tea for Claire then poured another cup for him. He didn't take care of anyone else.

Walter angrily grabbed the teapot and drank right out of it, making Summer and Qiao Chuxin roll their eyes.

"Secondary Commander's skills are unparalleled in the world." Claire sipped some rugosa rose tea and felt her whole being revive.

Camille was smiling so widely his eyes had become lines. Everyone else suspected that if he had a tail, it would have already been wagging furiously.

Walter set down the teapot, watching Claire coldly. He didn't understand why the little devil liked scented tea so much, her favorite drink was scented tea. From his understanding, the little devil had such nasty character, completely incompatible with scented tea, such a grandiose thing. She should be someone with knives and devouring raw meat!

"Walter, your gaze seems to be a little displeased with me?" Suddenly Claire's chilling voice came over dangerously.

Walter stiffened for a moment, then smiled widely. "I wouldn't dare, heh heh, haha..." His forced hollow laugh echoed in the garden, as fake as could be.

The young lady was a bit uncomfortable as she stood at the door and watched the group of people in the garden. Under the sunlight, the group looked so aesthetically beautiful, like a flawless painting, making her not have the heart to go and break the mood. She felt like if she joined, she would be so out of place. The girl watched a little absent mindedly.

But at this moment, a thunder of footsteps sounded from outside the garden.

A few young men ran over, panting, and shouted to the girl anxiously, "Riya, trouble! Your little brother was attacked by a magic beast and is at the mountain pass right now. He's on the verge of death, you need to quickly go see him for the last time."

"What?" Riya's complexion instantly paled. She looked at the few young men at the entrance of the garden in disbelief, her mind blank. "What happened? He was completely fine this morning!" The young men all knew Riya, they were all her little brother's good friends.

"Don't talk anymore, you should take this time to leave. Even the doctor is powerless." The young men were completely anxious.

Only then did Riya come back to her sense. She hurriedly departed, rushing out. She ran over quickly with the young men.

After finishing the scented tea, Claire slowly stood up and said, "Go, let's go see."

"Since when were you so kind hearted?" Walter muttered, followed by a earth shaking miserable cry. Casually, Claire had ruthlessly bonked the Azure Ripple Sword on Walter's head, hitting him so hard a bump immediately formed on Walter's head.

They followed the people ahead out the town, going directly to the Mountain of Lost Soul's mountain pass.

They saw from far away a group forming while the girl from before, Riya, was already sobbing, heartbroken.

As Claire strode forward, she saw in Riya's embrace a young man who looked a bit similar completely covered in blood. His eyes were already closed, his face drained of color. Nearby, a person who looked like a doctor shook his head, sighing. The group of young men were also looking grieved.

Claire turned and looked at Camille and Camille glared back. The meaning in his eyes was clear: I'm an assassin, not a doctor nor a healer.

Claire's gave shifted to everyone else, but they all shook their head. Only now was Claire suddenly shocked and realized. In her mercenary group, they actually didn't have a doctor or healer!

"They are all fatal wounds, there's no way for medicine to contain the damage. If there was a healer right now, perhaps they would be hope," Li Yuewen said in a low voice.

Claire watched Riya cry mournfully, the girl's heart completely broken, and sighed in her heart. Suddenly, a thought flashed in her mind: if only Leng Lingyun were here.

The next moment, silver hair flashed before CLaire's eyes. Claire's lips quivered slightly as she laughed at herself, laughing internally that she wanted it so much that she had actually hallucinated.

But the holy light that appeared right after told Claire it wasn't a hallucination. The silver haired violet eyed Leng Lingyun really was there! He was crouching down for healing the young man who was about to die.

Claire blinked rapidly, confirming that she hadn't been hallucinating.

Camille seemed to understand why Claire was blinking, so he shifted over and said in a low voice, "You don't need to blink any more, he just arrived."

Claire opened her mouth wide, then reflexively turned around, but didn't see anyone else from the Temple of Light. It was only Leng Lingyun who had suddenly appeared!

Thankful cries of thanks and admiration pulled Claire back to reality. The blood of the young man in Riya's embrace had already stopped flowing. Although his complexion was pale as before, his breathing became stable.

"Thank you, healer, thank you for saving my brother's life." Riya cried out joyfully, thanking him wholeheartedly.

"No need to thank me, it was nothing." Everybody heard Leng Lingyun's cold voice.

Claire's stared at Leng Lingyun who was in front of her with bulging eyes. She stared at him for a long time without saying anything. Her mind was full of questions. Why did Leng Lingyun suddenly appear here? Why was he alone? Was it to find her and take her back to support the Temple of Light?

Walter's expression was extremely entertaining. His enemy was right in front of him, his enemy!

Suddenly, Walter uttered a strange cry and rushed forward, then used all of his might to slap Leng Lingyun's face and brought him to the ground. He didn't wait for Leng Lingyun to come back to his senses and kicked his stomach, and then, with more power, stepped onto his enemy's back. "I'll crush you, I'll spit on you. Pah!" Walter hacked up a large glob of phlegm and spit it on Leng Lingyun's head. Then he started to kick and stomp crazily, and then he laughed heartily towards the sky, extremely proud. He finally stomped that damn pretty boy underfoot! "Die, you pretty boy! I want you to have a taste of death too! Ahaha, haha...." Walter's mad laughter echoed into the horizon. "There would a day you be crushed underfoot by me. The incomparably honorable Divine Prince has that day. Be me for forgiveness, perhaps I'm in a good enough mood to let you go!" Walter howled with laughter, about to buckle over.

"Walter, what are you doing? Why are you laughing to yourself?" Suddenly, he heard a low voice filled with confusion.

Walter came back to his senses, stared at Summer whose face was full of puzzlement, and then coldly humphed. "You don't need to care!" Walter rolled his eyes at Leng Lingyun who was currently conversing with Claire right with a heart full of hatred. What, he can't fantasize? Was he not allowed to imagine the scene of him stepping on the pretty boy?

The previous scene was naturally Walter's own imaginary scene. What was really happening was Leng Lingyun talking to Claire in his clean, neat clothes with his usual noble aura.

"Divine Prince, why did you appear here?" Claire asked as she looked at Leng Lingyun who was smiling faintly. She had endless questions to ask.

"Don't call me so distantly, do you wish for me to call you Bishop?" Leng Lingyun smiled faintly. "Please call me by my name."

Claire was slightly startled, thinking of the fact that Leng Lingyun had always called her Claire. Since he had said this, then continuing to call him the "Divine Prince" would seem a bit strange.

"Leng, Leng Lingyun, why did you suddenly come here?" Claire had some difficulty calling out his name.

"I'm working for someone." Leng Lingyun smiled as he spoke, but didn't say anything past that.

Claire looked at Leng Lingyun, confused. "Then what did the person that sent you here wanted you to do? You didn't come here just for that youth." An ineffable and strange feeling suddenly arose in Claire's heart. Working for someone? It shouldn't be the pope, if it was the pope, then he wouldn't be chatting so casually. If it wasn't the pope, then who was it? When Leng Lingyun saw her, he wasn't surprised. Could it be that he knew beforehand that she would be there?

"You should first bring the young man home." Leng Lingyun didn't answer, but changed the topic instead. He looked at Riya, saying, "Are you his family member? Take him home first, he needs good care. I only healed his wound, but he has lost a lot of blood already and weakened so he has to rest for a while."

The group of people took Riya and her little brother back home. Riya took care of her little brother inside while Claire sat on a chair in the garden looking at the relaxed Leng Lingyun with a heart full of confusion. What was this cold faced person planning?

"Shut up, you. If the the healer wasn't here then you would have died, stop talking about the deity beast!" Riya's angry yell came from inside the house.