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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Author: Molded Dried Vegetable Flatbread

Lastchapter: Chapter 547:Not So Easy

Updated: 2018-11-20 02:27

Chapter 547:Not So Easy
Chapter 546:Barbie Doll
Chapter 545:Divine Light and Doubts
Chapter 544:Artemis
Chapter 543:Helios
Chapter 542:I Am
Chapter 541:Are You Kidding Me
Chapter 540:Apollo
Chapter 539:The Longbow
Chapter 538: Let Me Tell You Something
Chapter 537: The Sword of Thanatos
Chapter 536: The Lance of Longinus
Chapter 535: Blood Bodies
Chapter 534: Descent
Chapter 533: How Despicable
Chapter 532: You’re All Liars
Chapter 531: Mirror of Purity
Chapter 530: Nurarihyon
Chapter 529: The Forgotten Realms
Chapter 528: The Great Mind of the Panther
Chapter 527: The Key Person
Chapter 526: Dont Be Too Arrogant
Chapter 525: The Heart Mage and the Prince
Chapter 524: Banging His Head Into the Wall
Chapter 523: Irises
Chapter 522: Find a Man with Family Wealth to Marry
Chapter 521: Shell
Chapter 520: Something You Can Never Cover Up
Chapter 519: The Crooked Merchant
Chapter 518: Hypocrite
Chapter 517: Thanatos
Chapter 516: Stop Lying to Yourself
Chapter 515: Shut Up
Chapter 514: A Small Punishment
Chapter 513: Red-Haired Demon
Chapter 512: Isn’t My Own Younger Sister
Chapter 511: I’ll Answer You Now
Chapter 510: The Final Reason
Chapter 509: A Unique Mass by the Man of Scarlet
Chapter 508: Carrying You to Sleep
Chapter 507: Nursery Rhyme
Chapter 506: Throwing After Using
Chapter 505: A Reasonable Man
Chapter 504: You’ve Misunderstood My Intention
Chapter 503: Too Soft
Chapter 502: Directors of Different Branches
Chapter 501: Bun
Chapter 500: Just like a Penguin
Chapter 499: Why Is He Making a Call Now
Chapter 498: Bring You Along to Pick Up Chicks As Well
Chapter 497: The Lord Protector
Chapter 496: Have You Come to Paris Before
Chapter 495: Welcome to Paris
Chapter 494: It’s Great to Be Young
Chapter 493: Golden Sun Totem
Chapter 492: Replacement
Chapter 491: Innocent Yang Chen
Chapter 490: Cold-Blooded and Merciless Woman
Chapter 489: Or
Chapter 488: Youre Very Brutal
Chapter 487: Unexpected Guests
Chapter 486: We Are in the Same Boat
Chapter 485: Sit down and Talk
Chapter 484: White Coat and Vase
Chapter 483: Cliché Outside the House
Chapter 482: A Strange Day
Chapter 481: Only Because of Love
Chapter 480: Why Are You Here
Chapter 479: Wronging an Honest Man
Chapter 478: The Woman of the House
Chapter 477: Everything Is as Simple as That
Chapter 476: Three Decades of the Eastern River
Chapter 475: Long Time No See
Chapter 474: You Should Continue
Chapter 473: Helps Digestion
Chapter 472: Just like a Few Years Ago
Chapter 471: The Hidden Objective
Chapter 470: Do You Study Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chapter 469: Traces
Chapter 468: A Fishy Sanatorium
Chapter 467: If I Had a Daughter
Chapter 466: Weird Woman
Chapter 465: Best Roommate
Chapter 464: Surprisingly Practiced
Chapter 463: The Empresss Confidence
Chapter 462: Panda
Chapter 461: Lustrous Starlight
Chapter 460: An Even Tighter Relationship
Chapter 459: Where the Heck Did She Come From
Chapter 458: Im not Afraid of You
Chapter 457: All Bullshit Talk
Chapter 456: Why Are You Here
Chapter 455: I Didnt Scare Her
Chapter 454: Adorable or Horrifying
Chapter 453: Desolate
Chapter 452: Complicated Family
Chapter 451: What Matters Most Is
Chapter 450: Its Fake
Chapter 449: True or False
Chapter 448: I Dont Allow You to Insult Her This Way
Chapter 447: No Wonder
Chapter 446: Suffocating
Chapter 445: Falling Dust
Chapter 444: Late-night Talk and Mercy
Chapter 443: Candyman and Big Mouth
Chapter 442: Changing for Tens of Centuries
Chapter 441: I Havent Done Anything Before
Chapter 440: Orange Juice
Chapter 439: Straightforward
Chapter 438: Covering the Sunlight
Chapter 437: Monstrous Beast
Chapter 436: I Just Want to Do This
Chapter 435: Strategy
Chapter 434: Old Dog
Chapter 433: Dry Rose Petals
Chapter 432: The Room
Chapter 431: Dont Need to Introduce Us Anymore
Chapter 430: Persephone
Chapter 429: Is He Even Reliable
Chapter 428: Maiden
Chapter 427: I Am
Chapter 426: Hidden Undercurrent
Chapter 425: Series
Chapter 424: I Can Do It
Chapter 423: The Serious and Crazy Woman
Chapter 422: Whom Have I Married
Chapter 421: A Trick Used on Children
Chapter 420: What Am I
Chapter 419: What Dont You Understand
Chapter 418: Voluntary Confession
Chapter 417: Different Kind of Anxiety
Chapter 416: Pseudo Democracy
Chapter 415: Ruler of a Feudal Society
Chapter 414: Am I Very Thin
Chapter 413: Smell of Jealousy in the Car
Chapter 412: Fiery Red
Chapter 411: Camry-Level Race
Chapter 410: How Can I Take This
Chapter 409: Exceptional Background
Chapter 408: Ive Fallen for You
Chapter 407: Tough Blessing
Chapter 406: Absolutely No Interest
Chapter 405: Unreasonable
Chapter 404: Hubby or Boss
Chapter 403: This Year
Chapter 402: Moving the Spearhead
Chapter 401: Expansion of the Female Dorm
Chapter 400: Do You Find Me Weird as Well
Chapter 399: Theres One Final Bowl Left
Chapter 398: Partnered Bullying
Chapter 397: Contradiction
Chapter 396: Intimate Form of Address
Chapter 395: The Doors Gap
Chapter 394: How Foolish
Chapter 393: The Unfortunate Mantis
Chapter 392: Beyond
Chapter 391: Power of Gods
Chapter 390: Unseal
Chapter 389: Orinos
Chapter 388: Agni and Varuna
Chapter 387: Ice and Fire Intertwining
Chapter 386: Ganges River
Chapter 385: Undying Warrior
Chapter 384: Sisters
Chapter 383: Mahakala and Nebula
Chapter 382: Naga
Chapter 381: Dont Disturb Him
Chapter 380: Beauty and the Beast
Chapter 379: Faithfulness
Chapter 378: Market
Chapter 377: Disciplinary Teacher
Chapter 376: Fate and Mother-In-Law
Chapter 375: Ants
Chapter 374: For Whom
Chapter 373: Putting an End
Chapter 372: Bribery
Chapter 371: Never Separate
Chapter 370: Whatever Happens Outside Has Nothing to Do with Me
Chapter 369: The Distressed Hui Lin
Chapter 368: Bow, Please Dont Be Angry Anymore
Chapter 367: Too Much Sugar
Chapter 366: Ten Seconds
Chapter 365: Unwilling
Chapter 364: Its Them
Chapter 363: Too Alike
Chapter 362: Military Secrets
Chapter 361: Really a Joke
Chapter 360: Like Father, Like Son
Chapter 359: Let Me Pass
Chapter 358: Pandas
Chapter 357: Invincible
Chapter 356: Reading Better Than Singing
Chapter 355: Youll Go First
Chapter 354: Stop Talking About It
Chapter 353: Xiantian Full Cycle
Chapter 352: Getting Discarded into the Cold Palace
Chapter 351: The Old Cow Is Unwilling to See You
Chapter 350: Such a Me
Chapter 349: Diamond
Chapter 348: Nothing Is Absolute
Chapter 347: Karma
Chapter 346: Grievance
Chapter 345: Insensitive Fellow
Chapter 344: Embarrassment
Chapter 343: Arriving at Home
Chapter 342: Battle of the Imperial Harem
Chapter 341: Five Broken Arrows
Chapter 340: Father and Son at Sea
Chapter 339: Meeting for the First Time
Chapter 338: Pirates
Chapter 337: Liu Yuns Performance
Chapter 336: Yamaguchi-gumi
Chapter 335: Dont Be Afraid to Spoil It
Chapter 334: Get Out
Chapter 333: Diamond the Size of a Cows Eye
Chapter 332: Slap
Chapter 331: Gods Instruction
Chapter 330: What Are You Doing
Chapter 329: Scarlet Revenge
Chapter 328: Turning Point
Chapter 327: Rebirth
Chapter 326: Okawa
Chapter 325: The Demons Blade
Chapter 324: Plot
Chapter 323: Dont Leave
Chapter 322: Trophy
Chapter 321: Owe You Something
Chapter 320: Nijo Castle
Chapter 319: It Is Easier to Move Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 318: Whats This Again
Chapter 317: Seventeen
Chapter 316: Illusion
Chapter 315: Escort
Chapter 314: Christmas Night
Chapter 313: Yes I Do
Chapter 312: Obstruction
Chapter 311: 147
Chapter 310: Dinner
Chapter 309: If If If
Chapter 308: Date
Chapter 307: Streetside Conversation at Night
Chapter 306: When Im Not Here Anymore
Chapter 305: Really Childish
Chapter 304: Undeniable
Chapter 303: Waiting to See You
Chapter 302: Director of the Womens Federation
Chapter 301: Vixen
Chapter 300: Nothing to Lose
Chapter 299: Client Meeting
Chapter 298: Blood-Drinking and Ravenous Witch
Chapter 297: Are They Lacking
Chapter 296: Sending a Daughter Over
Chapter 295: Youre Lying to Yourself
Chapter 294: Only Hoping for One Life
Chapter 293: Its Not for the Shoes
Chapter 292: No Wonder She Didnt Listen
Chapter 291: Life Is like a Game of Chess
Chapter 290: Laying Hands
Chapter 289: How About Shortening It
Chapter 288: Scorpion
Chapter 287: Do You like This Way of Dying
Chapter 286: Undermined
Chapter 285: Youre the Executioner
Chapter 284: Silent Chess
Chapter 283: Couldnt Be Cut Off
Chapter 282: Everything Is Eternal
Chapter 281: Visitor
Chapter 280: Keeping a Secret
Chapter 279: Winter Night
Chapter 278: You Mustnt Say It Out
Chapter 277: The Strange Scene
Chapter 276: Lilith
Chapter 275: Old Enemy
Chapter 274: Confusion
Chapter 273: Auction
Chapter 272: Stopping Midway
Chapter 271: I Didnt Overthink
Chapter 270: Rescue
Chapter 269: Appreciation Birth from Lost
Chapter 268: Never Heard of It
Chapter 267: Banquet of Liu Family
Chapter 266: Lets Not Go Anymore
Chapter 265: Embarrassing Act
Chapter 264: Morning Make-Up
Chapter 263: Convey a Message to Her
Chapter 262: Ocean and Calf
Chapter 261: Footsteps
Chapter 260: I Knew You Would Agree
Chapter 259: Seat
Chapter 258: Theres One Now
Chapter 257: Different Worlds
Chapter 256: Guessing the Secret
Chapter 255: Low-Class
Chapter 254: Director
Chapter 253-2: Within Your Eyes
Chapter 253-1: Within Your Eyes
Chapter 252: The Strongest Organism
Chapter 251: Easily Satisfied
Chapter 250 Youre Very Annoying
Chapter 249: Chasing a Duck into the Stove
Chapter 248: Eternity
Chapter 247: Crescent Moon
Chapter 246: Cant Explain Myself
Chapter 245: Not Free for a Relationship
Chapter 244: Solving Mysteries
Chapter 243: The Yellowed Page
Chapter 242: Casually
Chapter 241: Cant Say It Aloud
Chapter 240: Dinner and Sea Eagles
Chapter 239: Medicine
Chapter 238: Credit
Chapter 237: Sacrifice
Chapter 236: Facing the Ocean
Chapter 235: Making Up for Youth
Chapter 234: Seawater
Chapter 233-2: A Passive Date
Chapter 233-1: A Passive Date
Chapter 232: Office Games
Chapter 231: Masculinity
Chapter 230: Daughter
Chapter 229-2: As consolation
Chapter 229-1: As consolation
Chapter 228-2: Definitely not
Chapter 228-1: Definitely not
Chapter 227-2: Stratagems
Chapter 227-1: Stratagems
Chapter 226-2: Unsafe
Chapter 226-1: Unsafe
Chapter 225-2: In case
Chapter 225-1: In case
Chapter 224-2: Upside down
Chapter 224-1: Upside down
Chapter 223-2: What is love
Chapter 223-1: What is love
Chapter 222-2: Selfish choice
Chapter 222-1: Selfish choice
Chapter 221-2: Have a great time sinking
Chapter 221-1: Have a great time sinking
Chapter 220-2: Block bullets
Chapter 220-1: Block bullets
Chapter 219-2: Childhood sweethearts
Chapter 219-1: Childhood sweethearts
Chapter 218-2: Half of half
Chapter 218-1: Half of half
Chapter 217-2: Mr. Gao
Chapter 217-1: Mr. Gao
Chapter 216-2: Breaking in
Chapter 216-1: Breaking in
Chapter 215-2: When
Chapter 215-1: When
Chapter 214-2: Honestly
Chapter 214-1: Honestly
Chapter 213-2: Great Grandmaster level
Chapter 213-1: Great Grandmaster level
Chapter 212-2: Compensation
Chapter 212-1: Compensation
Chapter 211-2: Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture
Chapter 211-1: Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture
Chapter 210-2: Protective talisman
Chapter 210-1: Protective talisman
Chapter 209-2: Vajrapani Indestructible Divine Skill
Chapter 209-1: Vajrapani Indestructible Divine Skill
Chapter 208-2: Im not human
Chapter 208-1: Im not human
Chapter 207-2: Definitely wont call the police
Chapter 207-1: Definitely wont call the police
Chapter 206-2: Abrupt changes in the temple
Chapter 206-1: Abrupt changes in the temple
Chapter 205-2: True men die honorably
Chapter 205-1: True men die honorably
Chapter 204-2: Assault
Chapter 204-1: Assault
Chapter 203-2: What else do you know
Chapter 203-1: What else do you know
Chapter 202-2: Vairocana Dharma Body
Chapter 202-1: Vairocana Dharma Body
Chapter 201-2: Acting skills
Chapter 201-1: Acting skills
Chapter 200-2: Perhaps not human
Chapter 200-1: Perhaps not human
Chapter 199-2: Swallow returning to its nest
Chapter 199-1: Swallow returning to its nest
Chapter 198-2: Ye Zi
Chapter 198-1: Ye Zi
Chapter 197-2: Lecher on the train
Chapter 197-1: Lecher on the train
Chapter 196-2: She couldnt handle it
Chapter 196-1:
Chapter 195-2: Perfect date
Chapter 195-1: Perfect date
Chapter 194-2: One finger
Chapter 194-1: One finger
Chapter 193-2: Youll find out in a moment
Chapter 193-1: Youll find out in a moment
Chapter 192-2: Its most difficult to bear the kindness of a beauty
Chapter 192-1: Its most difficult to bear the kindness of a beauty
Chapter 191-2: A place many would call paradise
Chapter 191-1: A place many would call paradise
Chapter 190-2: Looking for another man
Chapter 190-1: Looking for another man
Chapter 189-2: Truly venomous
Chapter 189-1: Truly venomous
Chapter 188-2: Im a businesswoman
Chapter 188-1: Im a businesswoman
Chapter 187-2: Crash
Chapter 187-1: Crash
Chapter 186-2: Something horrible happened
Chapter 186-1: Something horrible happened
Chapter 185-2: Extremely odd
Chapter 185-1: Extremely odd
Chapter 184-2: Wait for you to pounce
Chapter 184-1: Wait for you to pounce
Chapter 183-2: Seductive figure on a high floor
Chapter 183-1: Seductive figure on a high floor
Chapter 182-2: Go home with me
Chapter 182-1: Go home with me
Chapter 181-2: Let me settle this for you
Chapter 181-1: Let me settle this for you
Chapter 180-2: Alice in Wonderland
Chapter 180-1: Alice in Wonderland
Chapter 179-2: I want to protect you
Chapter 179-1: I want to protect you
Chapter 178-2: Can you save them all
Chapter 178-1: Can you save them all
Chapter 177-2: Yesterday and today
Chapter 177-1: Yesterday and today
Chapter 176-2: You are still you
Chapter 176-1: You are still you
Chapter 175-2: Begin and end
Chapter 175-1: Begin and end
Chapter 174-2: Thousand men rider
Chapter 174-1: Thousand men rider
Chapter 173-2: Wasted time
Chapter 173-1: Wasted time
Chapter 172-2: Li Jingjings new friend
Chapter 172-1: Li Jingjings new friend
Chapter 171-2: Mutual trust
Chapter 171-1: Mutual trust
Chapter 170-2: Youre not a bomb
Chapter 170-1: Youre not a bomb
Chapter 169-2: The gun barrel
Chapter 169-1: The gun barrel
Chapter 168-2: Sisters
Chapter 168-1: Sisters
Chapter 167-2: Are you giving it to me or not
Chapter 167-1: Are you giving it to me or not
Chapter 166-2: Difficult to serve
Chapter 166-1: Difficult to serve
Chapter 165-2: The most valuable
Chapter 165-1: The most valuable
Chapter 164-2: Its fine to lose
Chapter 164-1: Its fine to lose
Chapter 163-2: I knew this would happen
Chapter 163-1: I knew this would happen
Chapter 162-2: Towel
Chapter 162-1: Towel
Chapter 161-2: Jane
Chapter 161-1: Jane
Chapter 160-2: Teachers teacher
Chapter 160-1: Teachers teacher
Chapter 159-2: Left hand
Chapter 159-1: Left hand
Chapter 158-2: I dont scare people
Chapter 158-1: I dont scare people
Chapter 157-2: Yang Chens test
Chapter 157-1: Yang Chens test
Chapter 156-2: Unrealistic rosy view
Chapter 156-1: Unrealistic rosy view
Chapter 155-2: Criminal
Chapter 155-1: Criminal
Chapter 154-2: Who says we need headlights
Chapter 154-1: (withheld)
Chapter 153-2: TEASER
Chapter 153-1: Importance
Chapter 152-2: Behind the talks
Chapter 152-1: Behind the talks
Chapter 151-2: Waiter
Chapter 151-1: Waiter
Chapter 150-2: Winning money and apology
Chapter 150-1: Winning money and apology
Chapter 149-2: Li Family brothers
Chapter 149-1: Li Family brothers
Chapter 148-2: Twilight
Chapter 148-1: Twilight
Chapter 147-2: What do you like about me
Chapter 147-1: What do you like about me
Chapter 146-2: Air Stewardess
Chapter 146-1: (Withheld till next part)
Chapter 145-2: Successor
Chapter 145-1: Successor
Chapter 144-2: A loveless marriage
Chapter 144-1: A loveless marriage
Chapter 143-2: CEO
Chapter 143-1: CEO
Chapter 142-2: Have an affair
Chapter 142-1: Have an affair
Chapter 141-2: I want
Chapter 141-1: I want
Chapter 140-2: Mysterious place
Chapter 140-1: Mysterious place
Chapter 139-2: Tricked
Chapter 139-1: Tricked
Chapter 138-2: Just for a moment
Chapter 138-1: Just for a moment
Chapter 137-2: Lost in fantasy
Chapter 137-1: Lost in fantasy
Chapter 136-2: You can
Chapter 136-1: You can
Chapter 135-2: Real battlefield
Chapter 135-1: Real Battlefield
Chapter 134-2: Senior
Chapter 134-1: Senior
Chapter 133-2: Sibling-in-law
Chapter 133-1: Sibling-in-law
Chapter 132-2: Looking for my feelings
Chapter 132-1: Looking for that feelings
Chapter 131-2: Not a math problem
Chapter 131-1: Not a math problem
Chapter 130-2: Forgot to hide it properly
Chapter 130-1: Forgot to hide it properly
Chapter 129-2: Can I not say it?
Chapter 129-1: Can I not say?
Chapter 128-2: TEASER
Chapter 128-1: Baby in the tummy
Chapter 127-2: I forgot to tell you
Chapter 127-1: I forgot to tell you
Chapter 126-2: Awkward problem
Chapter 126-1: Awkward Problem
Chapter 125-2: Yang Chens ailment
Chapter 125-1: Yang Chens ailment
Chapter 124-2: Roses choice
Chapter 124-1: Roses choice
Chapter 123-2: Scarlet
Chapter 123-1
Chapter 122: Watched too many movies
Chapter 121: I am a beast
Chapter 120: Chanel
Chapter 119: Another Big Sis
Chapter 118: I lose appetite
Chapter 117: Rookie and elder sister
Chapter 116: Teacher, student
Chapter 115: Bad Clay
Chapter 114: Answer
Chapter 113: Those are all transient
Chapter 112: Not necessary to go though all that trouble
Chapter 111: Didnt recognize you for real
Chapter 110: Praising my wife
Chapter 109: Actually I am
Chapter 108: Missed out one possibility
Chapter 107: Too small
Chapter 106: What a sham
Chapter 105: Discussing something important today
Chapter 104: Cute and naive
Chapter 103: I say you arent
Chapter 102: To me
Chapter 101: Someones spouse
Chapter 100: Its my honor to tell you
Chapter 99: A rather long story
Chapter 98: Isnt playing tennis
Chapter 97: The Eagle Shooting Heroes
Chapter 96: Life in the future
Chapter 95: Grass that bends with the wind
Chapter 94: Quickly give it to me
Chapter 93: Failure of a man
Chapter 92: They may all get lost
Chapter 91: Something like this
Chapter 90: Assets worth over a hundred million
Chapter 89: Please undress me
Chapter 88: Knight who draws his sword and charges into battle
Chapter 87: Will you support me
Chapter 86: This is more like you
Chapter 85: Flower Rain
Chapter 84: Hannya
Chapter 83: My first time
Chapter 82: Train Station
Chapter 81: Youre not even fart
Chapter 80: Talk about that in the next life
Chapter 79: Receiving Guests
Chapter 78: First time in life
Chapter 77: Abnormality of the PR Department
Chapter 76: Pregnant Teenager
Chapter 75: Hubby Im scared
Chapter 74: An unwelcome visitor
Chapter 73: Can I hug you
Chapter 72: Such an honorable husband
Chapter 71: This tactic is a little too cruel
Chapter 70: Dont worship me too much
Chapter 69: Just who are you
Chapter 68: Casual Person
Chapter 67: The reason for not recognizing
Chapter 66: So what if I saw all of it
Chapter 65: Shooting a great art film
Chapter 64: Your attitude isnt friendly enough
Chapter 63: Sure knows how to pick a place
Chapter 62: Both Weird People
Chapter 61: I Do Not Intend To Sing An English Song
Chapter 60: Im Not Alone In This Dao
Chapter 59: My Princess
Chapter 58: I Will Help You Get Used To It
Chapter 57: What A Coincidence
Chapter 56: Thatd Be Very Difficult
Chapter 55: Young Master Is Wise
Chapter 54: Best Friend
Chapter 53: Half A Month
Chapter 52: Its Your Turn
Chapter 51: Returning With A Cloud Of Dust
Chapter 50: Colleague
Chapter 49: Accidental Meeting In The Hallway
Chapter 48: Two Types Of People Who Are The Scariest
Chapter 47: Youre Even An Action Movie Star
Chapter 46: Mister Has Great Insight
Chapter 45: Negotiation
Chapter 44: Three
Chapter 43: I Must Reward Myself Well
Chapter 42: Breakfast Time
Chapter 41: Looking Back With A Smile Brings A Hundred Times The Charm
Chapter 40: Cooperate With The Investigation
Chapter 39: Two Choices
Chapter 38: Ruined Door
Chapter 37: Mistreatment
Chapter 36: Visiting The Chen Residence
Chapter 35: Wait For Me Tonight
Chapter 34: Whos The Crude One?
Chapter 33: Truly Too Caring
Chapter 32: Big Bro
Chapter 31: Pledge
Chapter 30: CEO
Chapter 29: The Chirpy PR Department
Chapter 28: I Am Proud Of Selling Mutton Skewers
Chapter 27: Bohemia
Chapter 26: I Am Used To Never Looking Back
Chapter 25: Taking A Job
Chapter 24: Delivering Food
Chapter 23: The Young Ladys Threat
Chapter 22: Moment of Life and Death
Chapter 21: Stupid Woman
Chapter 20: Monkey King And His Mate
Chapter 19: Objects Like Bullets
Chapter 18: Charming Rose
Chapter 17: Even A Pig Is Cuter Than Him
Chapter 16: The Father-in-Law Appears
Chapter 15: My Wife Is A Rich Woman
Chapter 14: A New Home
Chapter 13: Marriage
Chapter 12: Im Really A Mutton Skewers Seller!
Chapter 11: As A Guest
Chapter 10: A Stain In Ones Life
Chapter 9: Youre Shameless
Chapter 8: Chrysanthemum Tea
Chapter 7: Police Beauty Chief
Chapter 6: Infuriate
Chapter 5: What I Hate The Most
Chapter 4: Reaction
Chapter 3: Initiative
Chapter 2: Money is Needed to Find a Prostitute
Chapter 1: Mutton Skewer Seller