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955 Scarlets Figh

 When Wang Zhong regained his senses, he felt that this was far too impressive. This technique was definitely several times more powerful than his sword power! Even with his outlook and level, he completely could not understand this technique. Furthermore, Wang Zhong had completely experienced the great might and power of the entire world revolving. It was simply mighty and boundless.


In his excitement, he immediately immersed himself in training once again.



There was only death!

He tried it once, twice, thrice, and even ten times. He had activated the Fate Stone several times, but he still felt that he did not understand why he had died. He used his experience of learning about the sword power to understand the Nebula Sword in front of him. He rotated his own sword body and tried to activate his power. He tried to imitate the Nebula Sword in order to understand.

It was pleasant in his imagination, but reality was bone-chilling. It was a power or a rule that could cause the entire universe to spin. An individual was insignificant in the face of such power!

His revolution was completely useless. The Nebula Sword could bring the entire heaven and the earth along with it, but the most he could do was cause some wind... Furthermore, every time the opposing sword started to rotate, Wang Zhong felt as if he had lost all ability to control his body. He did not have any sense of direction, let alone the ability to imitate the sword. Then, he died as usual. He could not even experience the various rules that were produced when the universe rotated.

This... seemed somewhat impossible to understand.

Although the sword power earlier had been very tyrannical, at least he was able to endure for seven to eight seconds the first time he had encountered it. One should not look down on these seven to eight seconds as they were the key for Wang Zhong to understand and digest the rules, as well as start to mimic them. Now, he immediately died once he started. Furthermore, he completely could not understand why he died. How was he supposed to learn?

Once again, he had collapsed from the training. Wang Zhong was not anxious to immediately try to break through. Instead, he regulated his breathing before standing up again.

He held the Nebula Sword in his hands and recalled the circle that the Nebula Sword had drawn in the sky. He imagined the realm of control when the heaven and the earth rotated and tried to imitate this in real life.


There was a loud whizzing sound in his surroundings, and sharp Sword Qi shot out from the tip of the blade. It almost cut the unstable house into two.

But Wang Zhong was not satisfied as that had simply been ordinary Sword Qi. When he reached this level of power, any casual punch or kick would contain great might. However, this was completely different from the might he experienced when the heaven and the earth rotated during the trial.

He closed his eyes and pondered deeply. He felt the rhythm of the heaven and the earth and further recalled the scenes he saw during the trial. He tried to capture the rules of the attack. However, he could not find any clues. Thus, he decided to stop for now. The long time he had spent thinking had not yielded any results. Wang Zhong exhaled deeply.

The techniques of the Heavenly Soul Stage typically focused more on their significance, not their form. This was also the case in order to inherit the Nebula Sword. This was completely different from the low-leveled techniques he had once learned. He would not be able to succeed just by referring to a framework and practicing thousands of times.

This realm of control strove for comprehension. If you understood, then you understood. If not, you did not understand. If you were lucky, your level was suitable, and you were inspired - success would follow naturally when the conditions were right, and you would immediately understand. However, if you tried to desperately confront this without sufficient preparation, you would only be walking to your grave. Furthermore, the deeper you fell, the harder it would be for you to climb back.

There were some things you could not be hasty with.

Wang Zhong adjusted his mentality and put down his troubles in the blink of an eye. He was excited and tested out the sword power he had now understood.

He casually held the sword. However, just as he started to get used to the rhythm of his sword power...


An invisible shock wave was released into the surroundings. The entire house and all the buildings within several hundred meters of this house collapsed with a crash and turned into dust. Lao Wang, who was caught unprepared, had a face full of dust...

Wang Zhong clicked his tongue and hurriedly stopped the spread of his sword power. He was not distressed about these buildings as they did not have any owners. If they were destroyed, then so be it. But with such a large movement, he was afraid that he would disturb Grai who was also undergoing cultivation. If Grai had the feeling that he was about to achieve comprehension, he would lose his inspiration from such a loud noise. This would truly be unlucky.

He jumped to the streets with a body covered with dust. Wang Zhong was prepared to build himself a new house and wanted to see Grai's progress at the same time. When he walked over to take a look, he realized that Grai's house was completely clean. The two sets of clothes that Wang Zhong had given him were also neatly folded and placed on the bed. However, Grai was nowhere to be found.

Wang Zhong scratched his head. Where had this fellow run to? Was he thinking of suicide again?

At that moment, in the extreme west of the fragment world where the world barrier was, Grai placed his left hand on the thick barrier. He closed his eyes and interacted with it. There were two ways to get out. One of the ways was to recapture the fragment world. However, the moment Grai advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage, he understood that this method would not work.

This fragment world had been ownerless for too long, and the Will of this world had completely vanished. As a result, there were no rules in this space, and the spiritual influence in the heaven and the earth was brutal as they were not restricted. As time passed, the situation would worsen. Of course, this did not have much to do with him. If he and Wang Zhong had not escaped by the time the situation worsened completely, they would have died of hunger several times over.

If the Will of the fragment world had completely disappeared, naturally, they would not be able to recapture it. Thus, they were left with one path. They would have to break through the world barrier and find a way to escape from the void.

This would have to depend on their luck.

Almighty experts had used various spatial methods to control a space in a void and to carry out various sealing processes before they obtained a fragment world. The space would still be within this void and would not move or be moved. One could only connect a spatial pathway to an item in the real world as an escape path.

Simply said, the position of the fragment world in the real world was definitely somewhere in the boundless void. Furthermore, they would emerge from where they had entered. However, the problem was that they were not the owners of this fragment world. They were stuck in a boundless void.

Just how vast was this void? It had no boundaries, while humans had limited spiritual energy. If they were unable to find an exit before they exhausted their spiritual energy, they would be lost forever in the void.

Even if they were lucky, they would have to determine a rough direction to travel in. Grai first had to gain a clear understanding of where they were. He had placed his hand on the barrier of this fragment world to spread his divine sense. He hoped to be able to find some useful information in the boundless void.

Grai spent a few days exploring. However, even after searching all the boundaries of the fragment world, he only found a few clues.

In the east, south, and north, even when he spread his divine sense as far as possible, he only saw a pitch-black nothingness. However, in the west, when Grai spread his divine sense to its limits, he could faintly sense the existence of some light. Although he could not ascertain what exactly that light was, it was still considered a clue. Thus, over the past two days, he had been trying to further explore in this direction. However, there was a limit to the strength of his soul. He could not spread his divine sense too far. If he went beyond his limits, his soul might lose its connection with his body and could never return again.

"This is slightly difficult." Grai sighed softly. The happiness he felt when he had advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage was now gone. Furthermore, only Grai, who had already advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage, would know how tiny their hope was.

Meanwhile, a new batch of reinforcements had arrived at the north base. Other than small powers like the leaders of the top exploration teams, among the newly arrived troops were eight Great Teachers, 50,000 Holy City Army elites, 10,000 Iron Soldiers from the Kelomia World, and 3,000 elemental spirits from the Hermes World. The Iron Soldiers and the elemental spirits were favorites of the Holy City Army. The Iron Soldiers from the Kelomia World were experts at vanguard formations. Thanks to their natural Bio-gold, their defense capabilities were shocking. No matter whether they were faced with sharp swords or fireballs from Octopus Masters, they were all ineffective. Thus, they were the best shields in battle. Meanwhile, the elemental spirits from the Hermes World were healers, among the most talented ones in the Holy City. They were here to support the Gourmets in the Holy City Army. As long as the soldiers returned from the battlefield while they were still breathing, they had an almost 100% chance of being healed. Fractures were not a big deal to them either.

With this sudden burst of strength and victory reports from the south battlefield, the news of various rewards for intense battles started to spread everywhere on Skylink. The people in the north battlefield were extremely jealous. Thus, the calls for war in the north battlefield continued to rise.

The higher-ups in the base could not completely ignore the calls for war from various stakeholders. Although Uncle Zhang had always supported their cautious strategies, from the recent military deployments and movements, it was evident that the higher-ups were intending to launch a decisive battle against the Octopus people at the Warendoor Mountains.

Various levels of management were all actively preparing and engaging in heated debate. On the contrary, Great Teacher Sophia, who was most eager to carry on with war, had disappeared, and she was not often found in the base before this.

On the island in the fragment world...

Sophia's fragment world was considered the best among all the Great Teachers. She had a small island that was two kilometers wide. This was typically only seen in Sacred Teachers. Of course, any Great Teacher who knew Sophia inside out would know that she only lacked a major Heavenly Calamity to become a Sacred Teacher. After 100 years of accumulation, she had maxed out her Heavenly Soul realm. Even if she was not invincible among all the Heavenly Soul experts, she was not far from it. Furthermore, she had a secret technique for "long life". Thus, she did not care about the exhaustion on her body from maintaining a fragment world.

At that moment, beside the heavenly lake in the island, Sophia's expression was rather gloomy. The condition of her body was getting worse by the day. The speed at which her body worsened was accelerating, and she almost could not conceal the disgusting wrinkles on her forehead. The Holy Battle was nothing; her survival was of utmost importance.

Right in front of her, the graceful body had fully absorbed all the spiritual influence in the heavenly lake. This had been very successful, and the results were very good. She could sense that Scarlet's Soul Sea was boundless. However, the more spiritual influence she absorbed, the more it seemed as if there were no limits. She had reached 15,000 Grassos of Soul Power and was about to break the record for the amount of Soul Power possessed when a Heroic Soul advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage. However, she had not been able to activate a minor Heavenly Calamity. In fact, there were no signs of it happening.

At the same time, there seemed to be a problem with how Scarlet had cultivated the Soul Drawing Technique. In the past, no matter what Sophia had said, she would understand without the need for an explanation and immediately master what she was taught. Now, even though Sophia had carefully explained to Scarlet countless times, Scarlet was unable to perfect the technique. If she did not see how much effort Scarlet had put in, she would have suspected that this girl had discovered something and was deliberately resisting cultivation.

With Scarlet's natural endowments and Sophia's conditions, it would be very easy for Scarlet to break through to the Heavenly Soul Stage. There were three ways.

Firstly, she could push the limits of her body and Soul Power. This was the most simple and violent method and also the greatest reason why she had piled up countless all-natural treasures in this heavenly lake. However, there seemed to be no limit to Scarlet's Soul Sea. It had reached 15,000 Grassos but had not activated a Heavenly Calamity.

The second method was to make a leap across cultivation realms, and the Soul Drawing Technique was the key to this method, where one would achieve harmony between nature and man by force. This was Sophia's second line of defense. She did not cultivate in the Soul Drawing Technique. After all, although this was especially effective in advancing to the Heavenly Soul Stage, it was a form of self-destruction. Integrating the soul with the heaven and the earth to achieve harmony seemed very beautiful, but in reality, this meant that one's soul had to be split up and dispersed. This would increase the agreement between your soul and nature but would also cause your soul to be extremely weak. Not only would you not have any combat abilities after breaking through, it would also be very difficult for you to progress in the future.

Under normal circumstances, this method was an extreme method that Great Masters who dedicated themselves to alchemy, food, or pharmaceutics would prepare. They did not care about their combat abilities and advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage just to prolong their lives. Furthermore, with what they focused on and their basis of cultivation, they did not even need to consider the chance that they could break through a major Heavenly Calamity.

Thus, this technique was not difficult. Scarlet had extraordinary endowments, but at the very last step, problems just had to occur. As a result, Sophia was very troubled.

The third method was to stimulate one's emotions. This was Sophia's last line of defense. Of course, she did not have any good news to deliver to Scarlet. If anything, she only had bad news. Of course, there was some degree of danger to this. Some people would explode with great potential and power when they were struck, while others would collapse after a single setback. Sophia did not have full confidence in this method. Thus, she would not allow Scarlet to take this path unless she had absolutely no choice...

Sophia coldly looked at the body that was in deep thought while soaking in the heavenly lake. She watched as Scarlet furrowed her eyebrows slightly as if she had encountered some difficulty in cultivation. As a result, Sophia was vexed and remained perplexed even after much thought.

She was about to achieve success, and this was the last step. Where had she gone wrong?

Only Scarlet knew the answer to Sophia's confusion.

As a result of her strange Dharma Idol, Scarlet had a very powerful sixth sense. The first time her Soul Power had increased since entering the heavenly lake, she had already sensed the presence of the minor Heavenly Calamity. Furthermore, the closer she was to the Heavenly Calamity and the closer she was to conquering it, the stronger her sixth sense would become.