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953 Transactions with a God

 Xiao Wu and the rest also felt very comfortable. Of course, this was a false sense of comfort.

The crack in the door had already closed, and the terrifying pressure that had been pressing down on them had already disappeared.

It was as if they were suddenly paralyzed on the ground after an intense exercise session. Their bodies were relaxed, and thus, they felt comfortable. However, deep in their hearts, there was boundless fear, anger, and anxiety in their hearts.

Solomon had been sucked in by the crack in the wall! What was that?!

Micah did not even think. After he turned his body and jumped up, he charged towards the wall and aggressively crashed into it. A dazzling black aura appeared on the surface of his body after he had activated all of his power. He was like a black cannon.

Bang! Rumble...

The entire shrine shook slightly under the terrifying impact, but it was only a slight vibration. On the other hand, Micah's arm, which had been tempered with gold obsidian, went slightly out of shape from the impact. Then, he was aggressively sent flying.

The wall seemed unharmed, and there was no sign of the closed crack opening from the impact. On the other hand, Micah had already fainted. Enoch took out his dagger. Beside him, Xiao Wu was in a fervor. On the other hand, Stark instantly felt his hairs standing on end. A violent aura filled the surroundings, and all of them could sense the terrifying aura from the door. However, this did not affect their determination to break open the door and save Solomon. They did not have any foolish thoughts, nor did they pledge their lives to follow him. Their freedom was not restricted either. They were simply driven by their instincts as they firmly believed that only Solomon would be able to bring them to see even broader horizons.

A terrifying energy appeared behind the three of them.

"I'll do it!"

Holmdi was the one who had shouted, and the massive bow was already in his hands. The terrifying energy had been emitted from the massive bow. Although he was only a peak Heroic Soul, with the divine bow that had been passed down through generations of archers, the power it released in an instant was more powerful than Micah's! If an archer was willing to sacrifice his own life...

Surging Soul Power burned in his Soul Sea. Holmdi's gaze was extremely firm and clear. It was as if the dim bow had awakened some form of harmony and had sensed the intention of its owner. The plain and ordinary bow started to dazzle with a golden light. Holmdi placed his hand on the bow and instantly drew it back, causing blood to drip from his fingers. However, he did not seem to feel any pain. He slowly pulled back his hand. Solomon was the soul of the Dandelions and was someone they had entrusted their hope in. He would not allow anyone to go against Solomon!

But before he could fully pull back his bow, a large hand patted his shoulder. Divine power was transmitted through the hand steadily pushing down Holmdi's hand. His surging Soul Sea calmed down under the pressure of the divine power, and the moving bow stopped.

Kai appeared beside Holmdi with a bloody scroll in his hand, which had belonged to the Warlock Saint. There were also injuries on his body. After all, he had faced a Warlock Saint. A Warlock Saint was different from the Sword Saints they had chased and killed. When he truly exploded with power and had the support of their weapons, he was almost on par with Kai. However, the terrifying aura that had suddenly shot out from the shrine shocked the Warlock Saint, allowing Kai to seize the opportunity.

They were risking their lives fighting with such an expert. Even a moment of distraction could cost them their lives.


"Young Master has been sucked into that door!"

When everyone saw Kai, it was as if they had seen their savior and urgently spoke.

They thought that Kai would definitely attack the wall immediately but never expected to see deep fear and calmness on his face. The stronger one was, the more they would feel the terrifying power. When the frightening aura had spread, Kai clearly felt it. He could judge that it was an existence that he would definitely not be able to resist. Even the Sacred Teachers in the Holy City might not be able to do so!

Kai was rather clear.

Not only would attacking the wall by force be useless, even if it was of use, they would also have to face the anger of an expert once they opened the door. Then, only meaningless death would await everyone. It might even harm Solomon further.

After all, the enemy had only pulled Solomon in and had not taken the lives of Xiao Wu and the rest. In fact, it was hard to say whether it was friend or foe. Right now, their best choice was to wait quietly. As for whether Solomon was alive or dead, and whether this was a lucky chance or a disaster, it would be up to the heavens.

"I will stay here and wait. Bring Micah out." He waved his hand. "Guard the entrance of the shrine. If the Holy City Army or any other exploration teams come here, say that the shrine has been broken by us. Tell them that the Young Master has suddenly achieved comprehension and is undergoing closed-door cultivation. No one is allowed to disturb him! If anyone refuses to listen... kill them!"

The massive door was shut, and the surroundings were filled with darkness.

The power that had dragged Solomon in had also vanished, but the power that filled his surroundings grew even stronger. It was as if he was facing various deities who were observing this pitiful ant with a disdainful gaze.

"Kneel down!"

A majestic sound reverberated throughout the darkness.

Kneel down! Kneel down! Kneel down!

The voice had only sounded once, but Solomon felt as if this voice had directly entered his mind, and even the depths of his soul. The boundless, majestic voice continued to echo in the depths of his heart, fiercely striking his soul. It was as if his body would break into thousands of pieces and would be lost forever if he was late in kneeling down, even for one second!

But Solomon did not kneel down.

The terrifying voice could easily conquer his body and intentions, but it could not conquer his self-esteem and pride.

He could bow down to a 7-star Great Teacher to obtain temporary benefits, but he would definitely not bow down to an unknown and terrifying creature because of this fear even if this terrifying creature was 10,000 times stronger than a Great Teacher. This was the difference between being active and being passive.

He stood indifferently. He did not speak and challenge the voice but did not comply either. Instead, he silently endured the continuous, violent, and terrifying strikes in the depths of his heart. He coldly looked ahead and stood facing the majestic darkness.

The echoing voice gradually faded. The majestic presence in the darkness seemed to be slightly interested and uncertain.

"Do you want to die? You ordinary person." The voice sounded again. However, it did not pierce through his soul like the previous time. Instead, this was a normal chat. Of course, even with a normal chat, this voice was vast and seemed boundless. It was as if this darkness was connected to the entire universe, and the sound had drifted over from another corner of the universe.

Solomon moved his lips. His body was rigid, and he felt stiff even when he tried to talk. In reality, the interrogation had caused his entire body to tremble. However, thanks to his self-esteem, he did not even sense this. This was the first time sensing such terrifying power ever since he had advanced to the Semi-Heavenly Soul stage. The enemy had a strong tone, but it was not enough to scare him.

He adjusted his voice slightly. His voice was still calm and powerful. "Speak, what do you want to do?"

The creature did not need to spend great effort in killing him, while the people outside were no match for it. Since it did not want to kill him, he definitely had something to ask him. This meant that they had something to discuss. If they were going to discuss, he needed to be imposing!

The creature did not answer. The darkness was quiet for a few minutes. Then, a ray of light appeared in the distance within the darkness and arrived in front of him.

The ray of light was a projection. Then, an illusory shadow slowly appeared.

It was an illusory humanoid creature that had slender limbs. However, he could not see their appearance clearly. The creature was covered in an imaginary fog and looked like a shadow. Furthermore, a massive pair of wings grew on the back of the humanoid creature! There were no feathers on the wings, but they were clear and lustrous. There were countless dense runes on the wings.

"You are very smart, and your intentions are firm. You are not bad for a petty and low-leveled civilization."

The winged black shadow spoke. Its voice was exactly the same as before, but it did not sound as distant and was close by. Although this was a compliment, the majestic tone was still present as if it was high in the air and looking down upon the masses.

Solomon stretched out his hand to explore. He felt his body being sucked in involuntarily. Then, a massive hand was pressed on his hand. He could sense the creature's intentions being transmitted through the hand, connecting to his memories.

Solomon did not resist as he knew that there was no point in doing so. He simply observed with a cold gaze and did all he could to keep a watch on the consciousness that was connecting with his memories.

The consciousness was vast and mighty and was beyond his imagination. Even though he was in his own sea of consciousness, Solomon felt as if he could not resist the consciousness that was entering. In just one moment, the creature would be able to cause his soul and sea of consciousness to collapse in an instant.

Falling empires and rising desires... The Holy Land, the Mizobudapi, a level-3 civilization, time and space abilities...

A series of memories were read through. Solomon did not know what exactly the creature was looking for, but he could sense when the creature was interested in his memories. He could sense some key moments.

After about a dozen seconds, the creature put down its hand. The terrifying consciousness also retreated from his sea of consciousness.

"Your time and space abilities accelerated the time required to activate the Golden Door. No wonder you were able to open the door, even without a key. You all are so weak even after so many years." The black shadow was calmly talking to itself. It was as if Solomon's memories had solved some of the uncertainties it had. "Humans in the Holy Land? Broken warships? Celestial bodies that are like playgrounds? Tsk tsk, how fun."

Solomon remembered every single word the creature said. Every sentence such a being uttered might contain some shocking mysteries. However, it was a pity that the black shadow stopped talking to itself. It did not have the intention of interacting with Solomon or revealing any more news.

After a slight moment of pondering, the black shadow looked at Solomon once again.

"I do not like being casually disturbed by others or wasting a journey here," it said calmly. "Now, you have two choices."

"Die, or become my messenger and dominate this world!"

"This world?"

"Your human world, as well as the Mizobudapi World that you are conquering. I will continuously give you power. However, this is on the condition that your performance is good."

The tone of the black shadow carried a hint of amusement as if it was playing a game. However, Solomon did not have any doubt. The terrifying power that it had displayed the moment the door was opened was still clear in his mind. It was a terrifying presence that was at least above a Sacred Teacher. He could not imagine what kind of world it lived in.

It would give him enough power to control the human world and even the powerful world of the Octopus people? Wasn't this what he had desired?

There was excitement in Solomon's heart, but he was faintly uneasy. There were no free meals in this world. The creature definitely wanted something from him.

"What do I need to do?"

"Help me to gather the belief of this world." The shadow smiled. "Of course, and the delicious souls from the world."


The shadow casually waved its hand, and a divine sword appeared in front of Solomon out of thin air. It was a peculiar sword. The handle of the sword was engraved with a lifelike nine-headed snake. When he took a closer look, he realized that the engraved snake heads were like living things as they emitted the aura of a living creature!

"Build a shrine and engrave totems. Let humans sincerely pay their tributes at the shrine." The shadow paused. Then, it casually said, "Use this nine-headed snake as the symbol on your totem. I want their belief!"

"The sword will be the medium between you and I. The more shrines you build, the more followers I will gain, and the power I give you will be even stronger. The power will be transmitted through the divine sword. As for the souls... gobble up as many delicious souls as you can. I will naturally sense them."

Shrines and war?

Solomon seemed to have sensed something. He thought about the shrines of the Octopus people and the phoenix totem. The figure had appeared from the shrine of the Octopus people. Did it have something to do with this?

The shadow did not address Solomon's doubt. Instead, it calmly said, "Drip your blood on the divine sword, and the agreement will naturally form."

Solomon did not hesitate at all. Dignity was simply a bargaining chip in negotiations. If he had to sell it, he would sell it at a higher price. He would not be conflicted if he had to choose one of the two options.

When he held the sword, he could feel the enormous energy within the sword. Perhaps it was a casual form of charity from the creature, but it was already unimaginable. It seemed mighty and boundless. However, it was a pity that the power was cut off by some type of seal and could not be transmitted to his body. If he was able to use this kind of power, he might be able to break through to the Heavenly Soul Stage in a moment. He might even be able to conquer the major Heavenly Calamity without much difficulty.

The word 'indecisive' did not exist in his dictionary. Solomon was very clear about what he needed. As for what the creature wanted, as long as he had the power, it would not be difficult for him at all.

He placed his hand on the blade of the sword. He did not intentionally cut himself, but when his hand approached the blade, the sharpness of the blade easily cut across Solomon's skin. Blood dripped from his hand and on the sword. Then, the sword absorbed the blood like a piece of sponge absorbing water. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared.


It was as if a dusty seal had been opened. The seal between him and the sword immediately collapsed and broke into pieces. Boundless energy was transmitted from the sword.

It was as if Solomon had been struck by lightning. His entire body throbbed, and he felt that every inch of his skin and every cell in his body was filled with this energy. His body was light as if it was floating. However, this only lasted for a few seconds.


Without any warning signs, Hellfire started to burn in his heart.

It was a minor Heavenly Calamity!