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553 Loathe Beast bloodline 2 in 1

 One's murderous aura was unlike one's Soul Power or special ability. It was born from one's heart, and emitted from one's emotions. It was one of the most difficult things to master. However, for Gui Wulie, who could retract all of it in an instant, it was as easy as eating beancurd.

At this moment, as their eyes intersected, a chilling glint flashed across Gui Wulie's eyes.


With a shift of his body, Gui Wulie proceeded to make a move without Grai even being able to see his exertion of power. Like a bolt of lightning, he had already appeared right before Grai!

What speed!

When one's speed reached this realm, it was extremely hard to keep track of him with one's eyes, so one would need to use one's senses to do so. However, having hidden his murderous aura, Gui Wulie appeared to have a barrier present around his body, causing Grai's senses to be imperceptibly slower by a beat.

It was the same speed and explosiveness before. However, it appeared even quicker and stronger in Grai's senses!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

He was utterly given no chance and angle to avoid, leaving him no choice but to block the incoming attack forcefully. However, be it the speed of his attack or movements, Gui Wulie was now more than a level higher than before!

Nevertheless, a calm and undisturbed expression was still present on Grai's face.

Soul Power surged out from his body. Even though he was suppressed in that instant due to him not being adapted to Gui Wulie's change, he still managed to raise his hands!


The laymen in the audience were already unable to see exactly where his hands were at, as they were so quick they had turned into a blur!

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding~~~

Chilling glints flashed about as collision sounds exploded out. Despite having already increased his speed, Gui Wulie was still the one being suppressed. At this moment, Grai was using a reverse grip to hold his daggers. Considered to be a rather old school assassin combat style, the blade-holding stance was basically not taught in any Federation academy. Even the Gui Family had also phased it out from their arsenal. However, the high-frequency chops he made that left afterimages had actually forced his claws into a disadvantage!

Frankly speaking, he definitely was issuing a challenge to the Gui Family, and was actually shifting the earth on top of the ancestor of assassins! A fierce shade flashed across Gui Wulie's eyes.


A strange power exploded out, while a series of ripples seemed to appear in the air. In the next instant, Gui Wulie disappeared within a trace!

Where did he do? Stealth?

Despite being unable to see anything with his eyes, Grai appeared to have already locked on to Gui Wulie's movement tendencies the moment that strange power exploded out in the air.

Dimensional combat technique....having entered a dimensional traveller state, Gui Wulie was so quick he the only thing he left being a faint shadow. However, this time, he did not make any hasty advance and attack. Clearly, he was now looking for a chance to land a lethal strike. Frankly speaking, if not for this being a competition and them fighting on the stage, his combat techniques were absolutely suitable for assassinations, and would definitely allow him to defeat people much stronger than him.

Unlike him, Grai remained calm and stationary. The high-speed combat style that most assassins would use was extremely hard to deal with, and now, the move Gui Wulie had made was called "dimensional harassment". In this state, Grai was basically unable to attack him. Furthermore, it was extremely easy to make mistakes in one's judgement. Grai was unable to make a precise judgement of the latter's position, which was worsened by the speed the latter was moving at. Clearly, the use of this Dimensional combat technique to initiate an offensive was a very good move, and was reflective of how high of importance the Gui Family had placed in this match.

Grai had made the right decision. Clearly, moving around chaotically would just be asking for death. Now, he needed to wait for the instant when Gui Wulie launches his attack, which would reveal his location. This was a battle of reaction speed.

Indeed, Dimensional combat techniques were despair causing in the Casted Soul Stage, with the more complicated being hard to counter. This was the standard of the Gui Family! This was S+! Everyone held onto their breath, as every single person knew how important this duel was for Tianjing. Even Wang Zhong did not have a 100% guarantee to obtain a duel victory against Martial Ghost Divine Emperor! Therefore, Grai definitely needed to take this duel down.

On the stage, Gui Wulie still did not choose to attack. Every single person knew that maintaining a dimensional state was exceedingly consuming of one's Soul Power and physical strength. What was his waiting for?

Just at this moment, a strange transformation occurred to Gui Hao, as the afterimages created by his high-speed moments had unexpectedly formed a line, and transformed into a dark afterimage loop, before Gui Wulie completely disappeared.

All of the assassins in the stage turned mute. What the hell was that? How was that possible?

It was already an extremely awesome feat to comprehend a Dimensional combat technique. Being able to improve on it and add on the lethal life or death loop...he's basically giving Grai no room to live!

The Gui Family supporters instantly turned HIGH. Against an S+, all black horses will be back into black donkeys!

Under such circumstances, Gui Wulie could choose any time he wanted to attack, and not be afraid of one's tracks being discovered. This move was invincible within the Casted Soul Stage...

Just as this instant, the stationary Grai suddenly sent a palm out, one that was glowing with the golden runic array that had allowed him to move unhindered through the CHF. However, this time, he had sent to outwards without any specific direction and judgement towards the Dimensional Life or Death Harassment...Is this guy really patting out towards air? Is he looking for death?

He was still slightly dangerous when he did not move. However, after moving, weaknesses had appeared all around his body...

Humm~~~the runic array immediately exploded upon the Dimensional Life or Death Harassment.

BANG! What seemed like empty space proceeded to ripple, before a transparent figure was patted out from the expanding ripples, tripping over before falling down!

Everyone's jaws had fallen open, as Gui Wulie's figure had actually been blasted out from a dimensional state. Oh my god...what kind of ability was that?

Furthermore, it appeared as though Grai was already prepared for that to happen, as the distance between the 2 was now less than 3 metres. In the next instant, the chilling glint of his daggers blossomed in all directions as they stabbed towards Gui Wulie. In a daze, never in Gui Wulie's wildest dreams had he expect that he would be smashed out of his dimensional state. He had never heard of such a technique capable of doing so! Nevertheless, the Gui Family's training and life and death experiences had allowed him the ability to defend against Grai's daggers even in such an unfavourable situation, though cold sweat erupted from his back. Ever since he had made his public mark and undertook various kinds of assassination missions, he had bumped into various kinds of dangers along the way. However, this was the first time that he had made a complete mistake in his judgement!

Naturally, Grai would not let go of such an opportunity. Taking advantage of his opponent's disadvantageous stance, 2 chilling glints instantly exploded at the limits of their speed, before piercing out like a heavy rain towards Gui Wulie!

Ding Ding Ding Ding!

Grai sent out exceedingly quick attacks, responded by exceeding quick blocks from Gui Wulie, who continued to retreat in the process. The assassin's way wasn't one where people butted their heads forcefully into each other. On the contrary, avoiding the strengths of one's enemy and striking his weak points was the path of the Gui Family. In what seemed like 2 seconds later, Gui Wulie had already completely regained his calm, had already not given any care that the combat technique he took pride in had been broken.

After his advance was broken, his body being sent flying, and being unable to exert any power, Gui Wulie was still able to form a perfect defence to protect himself!

Nevertheless, he had still underestimated Grai. The 2 daggers sparkled with dazzling brilliance, as the Soul Power within them instantly surged to their limits!

In an instant, the attack exploded with all of the accumulated power---Overlapping Movement X Slash!

Humm~~~A powerful shockwave expanded out as sharp screeches rang out from the daggers!


A wave of air visible to the naked eye blasted out across, as dazzling sparks spewed out from the collisions between the claws and the daggers!

A slight shockwave appeared to rock through the entire stadium!

As this happened, a figure was blasted out from the point of the exchange in a cannonball-like fashion!


Bracing himself with a hand on the ground, Gui Wulie slid over a dozen metres across the stage before he could finally negate the force of the impact!

Gui Wulie's hands were left slightly numb after the exchange. In fact, he had even felt a feeling of being unable to hold on in the face of that terrifying strength and frightening successive attacks!

Nevertheless, the same cold and emotionless expression were present on his face. With not a single emotional fluctuation present. However, in contrast to this, an upheaval had already taken place in his heart!

Such tyrannical strength, such a seamless flow of attacks, such absolutely shocking speed! What's more frightening than those was the method Grai had used to shove him out from his dimensional state! Clearly, everyone had underestimated the capabilities of that runic array that was able to turn "nothing in reality''! If that brat was allowed to live after this CHF, he would really be able to create a new following and combat system!

For what reason did he underestimate Grai? The understanding he had towards the latter before the start of the match was an utter mistake!

Grai did not greedily pursue Gui Wulie after obtaining the advantage.

Although he had caught his opponent off-guard with his attacks and as a result was being suppressed, the latter did not fluster one single bit during the entire process of retreat.

Although the people he had bumped into in the earlier stages of the CHF, like Galen, Zhao Tianlong and Alasi were extremely strong, they paled in comparison to Wulie. At the very least, the 3 weren't able to unable to hold a candle to Gui Wulie!

The smile on Grai's face grew slightly wider, while his fighting intent grew higher. Now, he was waiting eagerly for his opponent to show his trump card.

Never ever was one's strength the most important component in combat prowess, as genuine combat was something attractive, or people taking turns to trade moves. Instead, it was a life or death struggle! As long as there wasn't too great of a difference between 2 fighters, the instantaneous change of one's attitude towards the fight was generally sufficient to differentiate the victor from the loser! As for the Gui Wulie before him, he definitely had the capability of using his attitude to reap his opponent!

The members of the S ranked squadrons had indeed a great disparity when compared to those from the S+ ranked powerhouse squadrons, and this was in their realm.

The entire stadium burst into earthshattering cheers and applause. Everyone has seen an evolved Dimensional combat technique, and Grai dispelling it with such ease that caused a group of fangirls to turn crazy. Not only were here they to see his handsome appearance, they also wanted him to display an overwhelming level of strength! To them, strength had to be accompanied by aesthetic appeal. Take a look at Grai's technique! That golden runic array created by him was brimming with beauty! Only when strength and beauty were present would one become an Adonis!

This was completely different from the performance of Giant God Peak!

Like everyone else, Dicaprio was also present in the stadium. Although he had lost, he still had to mingle around in here. Furthermore, he somewhat reached his goal by entering the top 8 places. Being in a similar place as Giant God Peak, it was also impossible for Tianjing to surpass this wall. In fact, they might end up in an even more miserable state. Nevertheless, from the looks of it, they seemed to have not entered into the crisis that he had imaged. Why was this Grai stronger than predicted? Every single verdict about him was done so to the utmost detail, yet they were basically useless! He did not use any new moves, yet they possessed totally new capabilities!

Although the situation on the stage still wasn't clear cut, he could clearly feel Gui Wulie's arrogance gaze being suppressed! This was a level of strength that could genuinely contend against an S+!

"His highness Grai really looks too handsome when he's using those daggers!"

"Almighty prince charming! Almighty Tianjing!" the Tianjing supporters instantly turned high. "Grai! You can do it! Get rid of 1 more Mo's List!"

"Almight Grai! Mo's List's killer!"

The Tianjing supporters present in the stadium sent out crazed roars. Due to the few losses he had suffered in the earlier stages of the CHF, Grai's abilities had come into doubt, with people suspecting of whether he was capable of handling heavy responsibilities. Furthermore, the continuous counters against him were useful. This caused countless people to feel worried for him for this duel. However, from the looks of it, he would at the very least be not suppressed by Gui Wulie.

"Gui Wulie should get a bit more serious." said Gui Wulie with a faint smile. "If that person can't be used by us, he should not be left alive."

Grai's performance had indeed surprised them. Nevertheless, his strength wasn't to the level where they needed to fear. However, the runic combat technique that he had found was a problem for them. Once the potential and talent he possessed were held at high importance, it would definitely result in him becoming a significant figure. When that happens, and he can't be pulled over to the Gui Family, it would be better for him to die before he could be pulled over by the Parliament or the other great families.

Gui Xinying opened her mouth, yet closed it in the end without saying a word, while the other squadrons members had expressions on their faces that showed how right they feel Gui Hao's words were.

While the entire stadium was ramping up their support for Grai by shouting crazily, Gui Wulie noticed the gesture being made Gui Hao, indicating for him to go in for the kill. Clearly, Gui Hao did not feel that Grai would be of any help to him, and treated him to as a more dangerous target than even Wang Zhong. What more perfect to do so in the clean and easy environment of the CHF!

Gui Wulie licked his lips in response. He loved such matters! Originally, he was planning to leave this trump card of his for Stuart or Heaven's Fate. However, this Grai was perfect prey for it, and would also be exceedingly delicious to savour...

While his single armed blocking actions continued, the corner of his mouth curled up slightly.

Immediately, a sliver of a peculiar tint flashed across his incomparably cold and emotionless eyes.

It was a bewitching dim yellow, yellow to the point of causing people's hearts to palpitate!

In the next moment, the same dull yellow tint also on his skin. As the ancient bloodline within his veins surge, it ignited his Soul Power.

Very quickly, the Soul Power on the surface of his skin appeared to bubble as though it was boiling, before big yellow gas pustules surged across his skin. At the same moment, a putrid smile quickly diffused into the air, before expanding out in all direction!

"What's that! So disgusting!"

"It seems to be some kind of bloodline!"

With his Soul Power surging, Gui Wulie radiated a life-rejection aura from his body, one that definitely not brought about by terror. Instead, it was something that was formed by his Soul Power!

The audience and the other experts who had just sunk into shock by Grai's god-like runic array handprint were instantly shocked once against by the transformations brought about by Gui Wulie's bloodline that had changed his entire body into a yellow colour. That was due to the exceedingly astonishing body musculature that had formed, an aspect that only a beast could possess, and was since he was a human, an ability inherited from a bloodline~

Loath Beast bloodline, an inheritance from a terrifying dimensional life form that had once wreak havoc within the Federation! It was called Loath Beast!

Possessing strength between an 8th and 9th rank Dimensional Sovereign, it would destroy seemingly everything around it. The Federation citizens had a deep hatred towards this famous quasi Sovereign, as it's frightening strength would cause them to pay a gargantuan price every time it would appear just to suppress it. However, that paled in comparison to the other effect that it brought, which was the lethal poisons and diseases that it brought along wherever it went. It would spread it around like a plaque, causing the Federation citizens to feel a bone-chilling fear even till this day.

However, there's actually a person that had inherited the bloodline of that frightening life form?!

Countless people were dumbfounded by this development. Although laymen might believe the claim of Gui Wulie had naturally awakened this bloodline, people like Carolyn or Vladimir would never believe that for one single bit!

Any family that had walked out from the dark era would possess some secrets of their own. In fact, they would also conduct experiments that cannot see the day of light. Being an ancient level assassin family, the Gui Family had been committing all manners of unscrupulous acts. It was only on the arrival of this era did they gradually restrain themselves, though this was not in any way indicative of their drop in power.


Gui Wulie took a deep breath. Covered in yellow pustules, his skin appeared to possible an incomparable level of elasticity. At this moment, his entire neck and stomach were expanding ferociously to twice their size, appearing as though they had been pumped full of air!



Without a moment's notice, a jet of putrid yellow poison gas shot out like an arrow right towards Grai!

With a sway of his body, Grai evaded the incoming jet with a hair's breadth. However, right after it came even more jets of poison gas!

Puff Puff Puff Puff Puff Puff Puff Puff!

Gui Wulie's neck and stomach rapidly shrunk and reexpanded as he spurted out yellow gas in all directions. Nevertheless, not being a specialized range soldier, his shooting was slightly off target, and wasn't sufficiently accurate. This allowed Grai to easily evade his attacks. However, in the next second, people started to realize the issue that had sprouted out.