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551 Born from a dream, reflecting into reality! 2 in 1

 The 3rd day of the CHF quarterfinals silently arrived. This was a match that most people were paying attention to, the unrivalled one!

Martial Ghost Divine Emperor VS Tianjing.

The Dimensional Arena Stadium was already packed to its limits during the past 2 matches. However, the reality was the greatest proof that there was nothing that passionate fans could not do. Even the Stuart squadron did not expect for such a response to occur. The superiority of the home ground cannot be matched, with their fame and popularity definitely being the strongest in here. Therefore, a grand and magnificent spectacle had occurred in yesterday's match. However, that spectacle was completely suppressed by the one that happened today.

At this moment, the stadium that could hold 150 to 160 thousand people were already filled up to the brim, just like a sardine can, with one basically being unable to leave the stadium at all. One would have to be shipped off from the top, as there was definitely more than 200 thousand present within the venue. A portion of the audience was comprised of Martial Ghost Divine Emperor supporters, with them dressed in red to symbolize Martial Ghost Divine Emperor. However, no one expected there to be an even greater number of Tianjing supporters. Precisely speaking, they should be All Mouthy King supporters.

This was a campaign created by the fans via Skylink to show support for All Mouthy King. With this being the quarterfinals, just the possibility of All Mouthy King entering the semifinals had caused a storm to whip across the Skylink, though real actions would still be little. However, this time, they had done it!

Unlike the orderly attires worn by the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor supporters, the All Mouthy King supporters were dressed in all kinds of outfits, with them hailing from the various other cities of the Federation, with them doing so to signify unity. What's more, quite a few of them were handmade by them. All of them had come here for one reason, which was to see All Mouthy King fight in person. There were people that were willing forgo a few months of food just so they could be here.

This kind of self-initiative was completely different from the organized fan groups of Stuart. Perhaps, they were scattered and disordered. However, they were united in spirit, with all of them coming over for the same goal.

There also appeared to be over 600 thousand people gathered outside of the stadium. That's right, the people who were able to enter the stadium were the minority! This terrifying number had exceeded any of Stuart's predictions. Therefore, the only thing they could do was to send people to help, something that too exceeded the predictions of the CHF organizing committee.

Why would this happen? Was this due to the Parliament?

However, there was basically no movement from them! The Parliament had not even spent a dime on this! In fact, the Parliament disliked Tianjing extremely. Without Tianjing Giant God's Peak result would become pretty good. However, they paled in comparison to Tianjing.

Martial Ghost Divine Emperor--Invincible under the heavens~~~

Martial Ghost Divine Emperor--Invincible under the heavens~~~

Martial Ghost Divine Emperor had specialized cheerleaders at every side of the stadium, starting to create an organized pressure in the stadium. Not only was this to create pressure for the Tianjing squadron, it was also to display the power of influence Martial Ghost Divine Emperor had within the Federation. This was a show!

As their voices rumbled the air, they created an astonishing pressure over the entire stadium. This was the home turf of the Stuart Family. Being able to accomplish such a feat was already a testament for how formidable the Gui Family was. However, this also goes to show how relaxed Stuart about this. Everyone already knew about the rumours of Gui Hao wanting to propose to Carolyn, something that gossipers really loved. Wasn't that good? No one would be too willing to believe if one was to say that Martial Ghost Divine Emperor had mobilized all of these people.

Just at this moment, a noisy dim drilled its way through the loud cheers. Growing louder and louder, they soon completely enveloped the entire world in a matter of seconds.

All Mouthy~~~King!

Overlooking~~~the Heavens~~~

Unlike the throat hollering of the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans, every single All Mouthy King fan was using their souls to roar out. Money could buy loud noise, but it can't buy the roars coming from one's soul. In an instant, the cheers and shouts from the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor were suppressed into oblivion.

Every single All Mouthy King fan knew the most familar of phrases to shout out. "All Mouthy King, overlooking the heavens!

This sound instantly infected the people present outside of the stadium, with the resulting sound coming from them being even more terrifying and radiant. Like a stereo system, the enveloped the entire stadium. What's more, they were exceedingly synchronized with each other, with them continuously making adjustments. It continued till finally, when the words "All Mouthy King" were shouted out within the stadium, the outside would immediately follow up with "Overlook the Heavens".

The might of their chant appeared as though they were trying to use their voices to shatter All Mouthy King's opponents.

As for the other participants that have arrived in their viewing galleries, never in their wildest dreams did they expect for such a situation to occur. Without a doubt, the CHF was the stage where legends were created, and was also the place where every soldier could realize their dreams. However, it has been so many years since its creation, yet not a single person had managed to achieve that feat, especially for those without any background. In fact, anyone with a little bit of talent would either be scouted have way down their path, or would be eliminated from the competition. Being the exception, Wang Zhong had drilled out from this lot, before unknowingly reaching this far in this CHF.

At this moment, the 2 participating squadrons have yet to appear in the stadium.

At this moment, the faces of Carolyn and Vladimir were twitching slightly, as even they had never experienced such welcome from people. Look at those people cheering! Look at their expressions!

"Fuck! They make it sound as though Wang Zhong's part of their family! What the hell! How good would it be to have such cheers when I chop Wang Zhong up." Noriba could not help but mumble.

Pa! Noriba's eyes snapped wide open. That's it! Someone actually dared to slap the back of his head...looking over, he noticed that it was unexpectedly Vladimir who had done so.... Noriba could not help but mumble and grumble. Nevertheless, he did not dare to do anything about it. He had said the truth! However, it was a pity that his family had estimated that it was impossible for Wang Zhong to win this match. It wasn't because Wang Zhong was weak, as even Gui Hao did not have a 100% guarantee of defeating him. Instead, the problem was that Tianjing squadron as a whole was too weak. If he was given a stronger squadron to lead, god knows exactly how far would he make it in this CHF!

This really was the case of a ferocious tiger leading a pack of lambs, causing the lambs to gain the aura of a tiger.

The Tianjing Academy student representatives present in the stadium were already crying emotionally. To them, what they saw via Skylink was just like the reflection of the moon, beautiful yet unattainable. Only by personally being present in the match venue did they finally really the feeling, the need to use their lives to shout out loud, Almighty Tianjing!

The stadium lights dimmed, before the shouts and roars started to tone down gradually. Nevertheless, the fires burning in the audience's hearts surged and raged.

Compared to the previous propaganda films of the previous 4 squadrons, the giant screens were now displaying a scene of endless darkness. If not for the slightly peculiar music being played, people might even start to doubt whether there was a problem with the video or that they had selected the wrong output.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

Clear and slow whooshing rang out behind the music, before a chilling white glow gradually appeared from the darkness. Right after its appearance, the frequency at which its flashed gradually increased, and so to its speed.

Within an extremely short amount of time, the screen was filled within the eye-piercing chilling glow, causing what seemed like a rain of snowflakes that illuminated the entire world, causing people to finally notice the solitary figure shuttling back and forth in the endless darkness!

His actions were so quick, that even though the cameras were able to capture his movements, people still felt as though they weren't able to keep up with his actions.

Various kinds of high-difficulty elegant assassin skills and techniques were faintly visible in the darkness. There were elegant ones, simple ones, and even those that have been long thought to have been lost in the annals of history. The moves being made were so many and varied that people felt dizzy just by watching him move.

Without talking about ordinary assassins, even specialized assassin aristocratic families like Assassin might not be able to produce that many ancient assassin skills and techniques even if one were to flip their entire family upside down!

There was no need for any introduction. Even the empire citizens, who did not know much about the history of the Federation, know that this was definitely the representation of the family where assassins had originated from, the Gui Family!

During the starting period after the establishment of the Federation, there was no official title yet present for assassins. At that period of time, mankind was focused on the pure pursuit of power. However, compared to mutated beasts and dimensional life forms, they were clearly unable to match up. At that time, the Gui Family had stood up, creating hope and possibility for people who didn't have large and sturdy frames. That was the start of the assassin combat arts. Using one's limited power to create even more powerful attacks, this had a considerable effect in the start of the dark era, when mankind only had a cursory understanding of Soul Power.

Various kinds of unique combat techniques and skills based purely on sense had cemented the status of assassins in the darkness. The nimble body movement foundations, as well as special dagger construction, had created the framework for the skills and techniques used by assassins. The fresh and extensively formed assassin's creed gave assassins a more firm definition of this occupation, as well as along these people to live a genuine life. From a certain perspective, it had also led the Federation down to the path of occupational division.

There were times where history wasn't too important. However, there were some occasions they were clearly exceedingly important, as one would be able to reawaken many valuable memories.

Assassins have always walked in the darkness. Just like the prideful solitary wolf, the king among the assassins was the wolf king! Bloodthirsty, slaughter, yet brimming within a unique charm. In terms of the world of darkness, these were the aspects towards a cold-blooded beauty!

Looking at the dark screen with light continuously flashing within, one could seemingly feel the dark world that assassins lived in, causing people's hearts to subconsciously palpitate.

This continued all the way until the backdrop gradually lit up, with the sky reversing in shade.

A person, a sword, with his eye dazzling movements being displayed to its limits under the sunlight's illumination, before subsequently screeching to a halt.

The extreme movements turned into extreme silence. It just an instant, he was seated on a tall podium, with the long sword placed on his legs, allowing people to finally see his handsome face.

As the sun rose, the darkness in the surrounding scattered away, revealing countless Gui Family members knelt before the tall podium!

It was Gui Hao, the representative of the Gui Family's younger generation, and the king of assassins within the darkness!

Perhaps he did not continue the low profile and silent style that assassins were known for. However, he was hailed as the most rampant and prideful of geniuses within the history of the Gui Family. He wanted to walk a path of his own. When any aristocratic family reaches a certain level, they would no longer restrict themselves in a single line of work. As for Gui Hao, he wanted to stand on a whole new peak, a peak that exceeded that of assassins.

From the instant of his birth, Gui Hao had already pursued the status of being the number 1 person within the Federation. No one felt his goal was impossible, as he does possess the qualifications to do so.

Intense ovation rang out across the stadium, hailing the Gui Family and the origin of assassins. Naturally, there were also those from Gui Hao's fans.

The screens quickly dimmed once again, and people knew that Tianjing's propaganda film was up.

Unlike the embarrassment that Giant God Peak had met with yesterday, the applause coming from the audience grew even more intense. There were some matters were useless despite the many ways the Parliament had tried, as honour and glory needed to be built on by fights, one after another.

Everyone opened their eyes wide. What, what was this situation?


A serious of Skylink buttons being pushed rang out from within the darkness, appearing just like the beats for a song.

A string of green words appeared on the dark screens.

Enter ID: All Mouthy King.

The few simple words instantly ignited a fire in the hearts of many fans. That name that had appeared in the dark appeared to have instantly painted the holiest of pictures in everyone's hearts.

Countless brother King fans instantly stifled their breaths as emotions filled their hearts. At this moment, a series of grayscale clips appeared, each and everyone being All Mouthy King being smashed to the OP floor. The various kinds of cruel and outlandish deaths caused people to feel sorry and amused at him simultaneously. As the clips continued to quickly roll by, the screens finally came to a stop, darkness setting in, before a sliver of colour finally appeared on the film.

A steady hand extended out, before pressing on the random weapon button.

In the next moment, the darkness disappeared, as the king descends! All Mouthy King has descended onto the stage, with the miserable, and forever doomed to become the backdrop of history, Future Spear King!

The background music changed abruptly from the melancholy to one that was filled with emotion and passion!

Fight, fight, fight!

Fight after fight, with random weapons, meeting stronger and stronger opponents, as well as making match after match of inconceivable victories! There was also no lacking of the extraordinarily talented participants of this CHF being in the backdrop!

Everything was in accordance with the scriptures forever engraved in the countless Brother King fans!

This continued to the final opponent defeated in the OP. Darkness set it once again, before words proceeded to appear.

Is, this the end?

Is everything only a dream?

With an abrupt turn, the scene changed from the OP to the real world!

CHF, the greatest stage for the younger generation of the Federation. He will face stronger opponents, and even more doubt.

Nevertheless, All Mouthy King continued to dazzle as he advanced, that figure leading the Tianjing squadron through all difficulties. Close combat, ranged combat, strength, speed, skills, techniques, he was omnipotent! Faced against the powerful Torres, he had even 1 VS 5, with dancing cross wheels filling the skies and decimating the entire battlefield!

This was an unsurmountable existence.

As of now, the 200 over thousand people within the stadium, as well as the 500 thousand over people outside, were exceedingly quiet, so quiet that one could almost hear one's own breathing.

The entire world turned dim, before a single line of words appeared, "All Mouthy King, born in dream, reflecting into reality!"

As the stadium lights were switched on, the stadium instantly exploded, with the sound waves so powerful it felt as though they were going to blow the Stuart's Dimensional Arena Stadium into the air, with the audience appearing to have gone completely berserk.

Wang Zhong and Gui Hao led their respective squadrons and appeared in the stadium, sending the Skylink and stadium into a climax of energy. Countless people shouting and roaring the names of Wang Zhong and Gui Hao, with the entire stadium being swept into a wave of frenzy.

Frankly speaking, professionals have already made a rather authoritative prediction of this match. On the aspect of individual strength, they forever immeasurable All Mouthy King might not be inferior to Gui Hao. If these 2 people were to head into a showdown, it would undoubtedly be a fight on a scale of Mars colliding into Earth. However, on a whole, the disparity between Tianjing and Martial Ghost Divine Emperor was more than just one level.

Without talking about Gui Xinying and Gui Wulie, who were famous top-class figures ranked on the Mo's List, being the family with a couple of hundred years of history, and the originator of assassins, just their substitutes revealing the killing intent filled faces was already enough to cause people to fear for their lives.

Naturally, All Mouthy King was definitely higher in terms of popularity, though that was never a factor in victory or defeat.

However, there was no hindering All Mouthy King fans from "occupying" the stadium and Skylink.

"The number of Tianjing supporters have actually suppressed that of Martial Ghost Divine Emperor!" Ruo Zhi gave an emotional sigh. "For this match, not only is Wang Zhong bearing all of Tianjing's hope, as well as the hope of his countless fans. Truthfully speaking, that's an incredibly difficult feat to accomplish, with the supporters needing to cool down. According to what I know, Scarlet and Emily have yet to recover from their injuries. So, with Tianjing needing to add substitutes to their lineup, it really is a disaster on top of the already disastrous situation.