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520 Speciality, pretentiousness!

 "Haha! Adorable Bobo's terrified, Torres is terrified! Come on, come on! Give us this duel, before you shamelessly fight with us in the group battle! Even S ranks have to have moral integrity!"

The people fanning the flames with the arena had appeared once again. Watching via the Skylink, Zhao Zimo was able to observe every match in detail. He had seen everything, from Scarlet's reversal to Mo Wen's pretentious act as though he was observing the masses from a high mountain. This had an extremely huge impact to Zhao Zimo's inner being. Everything stemmed from his lack of strength. Intelligence alone was simply inadequate in this world, as he was basically unable to experience the world from the experts' perspective, a world that was different from his own.

As for the people he had arranged in the arena, it was his effort to bring the others down. This didn't even benefit him; the Zhao Family had been eliminated, and the others wouldn't be let off lightly either. Stirring up the situation would provide him with the opportunity to take advantage of the others' crises!

The audience in the arena and on Skylink immediately got triggered, causing the whole arena to start chanting Bobo's and Wang Zhong's names at the top of their lungs.

However, this didn't last for long, as another figure appeared on the arena stage. Bobo Torres. In reality, there was no need for such provocation, as he had already planned to go up for this duel. It didn't matter whether he was terrified or not. In fact, there wasn't even any consideration about the outcome of the duel. As a soldier, he had come to the CHF with the objective of crossing swords with experts. Therefore, he would definitely not forgo this chance to fight against Wang Zhong. Speciality, pretentiousness!

In the Torres squadron, calm expressions were present across the board. Other than being stronger and more powerful, a powerful squadron also required an excellent character. They had to be willing to face adversity, and willing to bear responsibility. Naturally, Alasi knew that this was a tough decision to make. However, would avoiding this fight be a good move?

Could it be that their Torres wasn't as confident as Tianjing?

In his hand was an extremely unique weapon, a trident. Spanning a full 2 metres, it towered over his short and skinny frame, looking just like a little kid playing with a weapon meant for adults. This gave people a feeling as though that trident could squash Bobo at any time. This was entirely different from what he had used in earlier matches, and was definitely not a standard weapon used in the Federation.

Golden runes completely covered its shaft all the way to its 3 tips, while a glowing brilliance circulated on its surface, causing it to appear as though it was alive.

"If I'm not wrong, the weapon Bobo is holding in his hands should be the legendary Golden Trident!" Ruo Zhi sighed in admiration. "A present from the God of the Sea, it had guided the Torres Family to splendour in the dark era, and is also their symbol of their family. The Torres Family's crest is created from the outline of the Golden Trident, ... one of the 10 Great Divine Weapons! Bobo's planning to engage in a life or death fight! He's unleashing his trump card!!!"

Ruo Zhi's voice continued to rise at the end of his casting, while corresponding information immediately appeared on the big screen. Everyone watching via Skylink was able to see that Bobo had actually brought out one of the 10 Great Divine Weapons, the Golden Trident!

Torres was gunning for the championship, and had even brought out one of the 10 Great Divine Weapons!

Without a doubt, the 10 Great Divine Weapons were the most famous weapons in the Federation. Their legends were circulated throughout the populace, resulting in their reputation. In the dark era, where humanity was fighting for its survival, there were secrets and hidden details that the majority of the people wouldn't be privy to. It was said that these weapons were created via refining; if too much Soul Power and spiritual souls were channeled into the weapon in the process, strange and mysterious reactions would occur, bestowing the weapon with a certain level of self-consciousness and unique strength. It was this trait that resulted in the formation of legendary weapons, one of them being the Golden Trident.

A Divine Weapon that chose its wielder, and had even developed loyalty to a family bloodline. These unique traits were considerably rare even among the 10 Great Divine Weapons, whose fame had spread across the annals of history. Despite requiring a Heavenly Soul to fully control these weapons, Divine Weapons were Divine Weapons after all. Even in their weakened state, they were on a totally different level as compared to ordinary weapons.

With the Golden Trident in his hands, for some unknown reason, Bobo Torres appeared exceedingly tall and huge. A person's image was intrinsic, and not merely just based on external appearances. At the very least, it applied in this case.

"Torres is really showing their hand this time! They've really placed great importance on Tianjing!" said Gui Hao with a smile, while feeling slightly relaxed. Since Torres had brought that out, it would really be embarrassing if they didn't win.

"Torres's trident is considered to be rather unique even among the 10 Great Divine Weapons, as it possesses the ability to recognise its owner. When he was a child, Bobo had been chosen by the trident, resulting in him being able to showcase the might of this Divine Weapon." said Carolyn with as smile while nodding her head. To a layman, Divine Weapons were at a realm they could never reach. However, the people in this VIP room were indeed able to come into contact with this higher level.

Nevertheless, it might not be a good thing to utilise Divine Weapons prematurely. An example would be Zhao Yilong. Naturally, there were also exceptions to those cases, with Bobo Torres being one of them. Although the adverse effect was his stunted bodily growth, his strength was stable. Furthermore, due to having the acknowledgement from his Divine Weapon, he did not face any backlash when unleashing the weapon's strength. He indeed was a different case as compared to others.

Not only was Torres not terrified, they had even revealed their greatest strength! Now, everyone's eyes were focused on Tianjing!

Torres had sent up their strongest card, and brought out their greatest weapon in the form the God of the Sea Trident! Exactly what would Wang Zhong choose to do?

Before Tianjing could make any response, Bobo had already grabbed hold of the end of his trident, raising it horizontally and pointing it to the distance.

The tip of his trident was aimed towards the location of Wang Zhong within the Tianjing preparatory area.

A voice that sounded slightly childish, yet incomparably radiant and overbearing, resounded across the arena. "Come up and fight!"

A cute yet overbearing tone, A crude and simple challenge. It instantly caused the entire arena to turn silent, before voices exploded throughout the air!

At this moment, everyone in the arena was looking at Wang Zhong, including the Heaven's Fate squadron. Mo Wen was extremely interested to know Wang Zhong's response to this as he "glanced" at the latter. What would this person do?

If he chose to be pragmatic? There was nothing wrong with that. After all, this was Tianjing's modus operandi.

However, if Mo Wen was the one deciding, he would not run from such a challenge. That's because there were times when treading the path towards becoming an expert that one couldn't afford to be too apprehensive.

Under the anticipation of the audience. Wang Zhong stood up, and walked towards the stage. Earth shattering cheers rocked the arena in response. Countless people had come to this arena just for the sake of bearing witness to the fight between experts!

Wang Zhong against Bobo Torres!

Despite this duel being relatively useless for both sides, both squadrons had made a bold and brave decision to duke it out!

Finally, for the first time, a 5th duel has occurred in the round-of-16! Bobo Torres VS Wang Zhong!

"We beseech for the cross wheels!"

"The Golden Trident is a Divine Weapon. Using the cross wheels to fight a distance battle would suppress the might of that Divine Weapon."

"Ha ha. There's a lot of people among the audience that are chanting the words 'cross wheels'. Frankly speaking, that's a pretty good choice for All Mouthy King to make. The Torres Family's Golden Trident definitely deserves the fame and reputation it possesses. Using the cross wheels..." before Ruo Zhi could finish his statement, his felt his entire being turn queasy. "Wang Zhong has waved of the committee member, signalling that he does not need any weapons...oh my god! He actually wants to use his bare hands to contend against the Golden Trident???"

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The Skylink instantly exploded. Just a moment ago, they were talking about brother Mo Wen acting pretentiously. However, from the looks of it, brother King's still the more overbearing one!

He had actually decided to use his bare hands to go up against one of the 10 Great Divine Weapons! There's simply no one who could match the size of his balls!

It had to be said that the All Mouthy King supporters watching via Skylink had gone completely HIGH. There were quite a number among them who did not have any combat ability. Nevertheless, they believed that conviction was a form of power. In any case, any decision made by Wang Zhong would always cause them to rise to cloud nine.

"I believed that he would definitely meet the challenge. However, I never expected him to do so unarmed..."

"If you can guess what he's going to do, would he still be All Mouthy King?"

"That's why I say, who can match him! Who can match him!"

All of the cameras were focused on Wang Zhong. Without a doubt, yet another miracle had occurred. Walking up onto the stage, Wang Zhong shot a look at a location, a place where a person was similar looking right back at him.

That person was called ... Mo Wen.

What did this mean???

A smile appeared on Mo Wen. He knew what it meant! He really did.