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359 Different visions

 Chapter 359: Different visions

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Only to see Napier Mo shooting across the air as smoothly and efficiently as a bird. Twisting his face, he sent a grin towards Caliban Crowe, while his body was still defying the laws of physics as he remained in the air. Stretching his hands and legs out to form a "" figure, he made a ghost face while saying. "Ha!"


Everyone was utterly dumbfounded by the spectacle that had unfolded before their eyes. While everyone had attempted the Lighting Evasion Formation as though their lives were at stake, not only had this fellow continued to play with his balls, he actually had the strength left to play a joke to others?

This joke appeared to be a tad too big, with that sound appearing just like thundering suddenly ringing on a clear sky. Caliban Crowe felt his entire breath coming furiously to a halt, instantly causing him to make a make a half misstep.


A stretch of lightning arc across the runway Caliban was on, causing quite a few people to gasp in shock. It'll be a good thing if an S Ranked squadron wasn't able to complete this test. However, the fainting and collapsing that should follow did not happen. A faint shiver shook through his body as he furiously clenched his teeth. Enduring the pain, he continued to step forward. Looking towards his side once again, he noticed that Napier Mo had already crossed the finish line, juggling his colourful balls with a smile as he looked back towards him.

In the end, Caliban had also managed to cross the finish line. Despite that instant where he had come to a stop, he was able to complete before 16 seconds, obtaining a timing of 15.9 seconds, a ridiculous record.

Napier Mo, 14.1 seconds!

The importance of time came second, with the most critical point being that the process in which he had done so...was too relaxed. The demonic manner in which those colourful balls were juggled in the air appeared to have been carved in the minds of everyone. That face, which had been the butt of jokes and laughter for everyone present, now left only respect and shock in the hearts of everyone.

Silence filled the entire training grounds, while the rest of the members from the various squadrons standing outside were incomparably quiet. When Napier Mo took action, it felt as though everyone else could just return to back home. It had to be said that the former had succeeded in creating a shadow in everyone's hearts, making the need for every assassin in every squadron to make proper consideration if they were to face him in combat.

This was the strength of the Mo's List!

Despite not showcasing any special or unique techniques, the mere display of his basic abilities was already enough to so cause everyone to feel slightly suffocated.

As this moment, the training grounds had remained slightly quiet while the last group was attempting their run. Although everyone was able to see the results of the test, they won't be officially announced, as one of the scoring criteria was linked to one's performance. Clearly, having greater speed and moving further distances were important standards of the test, though there some places where points could be deduced. An example of that would be the electricity attribute special ability user, who had taken 15 seconds to cross the entire runway. The points she had obtained would definitely be not as high as the group of people who had taken around 17 seconds to complete their runs.

"That fellow from the Mo's List is a bit frightening." it was rare for the ever self-praising Dicaprio to praise someone else. "That's likely to be the standard of the so-called OP Quasi Sanctuary Division."

"His muscular control is fascinating," said Grai as he nodded his head.

At this moment, a smile had also appeared on Wang Zhong's face. Indeed, Napier Mo's performance was astonishing. Not only were his basic abilities top notch, his observational skills, judgement and physical control all gave people the impression of a top class expert. Indeed, the people on the Mo's List were outstanding. Crossing hands with such people would absolutely be an extremely delightful matter to do.

Wang Zhong and Grai could read each other's thoughts about this matter. In fact, during his run, Napier Mo had been observing and sizing up his opponent. That was even more frightening than engaging him in a head-on fight. It had to be said that Napier Mo was on a level higher than Caliban Crowe, and Emily would genuinely not have any chance of victory if she was to be matched up against him. What's more, this level of strength was just the tip of the iceberg that the Mo Family possessed. On any other day, there will definitely be people that wish to obtain fame and reputation through a single fight and topple the ten great families. However, if the ten great families were that easy to topple, they would have long been kicked off the dancing stage of history.

The second test was the Sealed Room. The testing criteria were extremely simple. The participant will be sealed up in a room, and had to think of any way possible to escape out within the time limit.

There were tools present in the room that could be used, though there was also terrifying dangers that accompanied them; poison gas and mechanical switches. Of the hidden switches, one of them would be the key to open the door of the room, while the others triggered countless types of traps, something that the participants had to figure and deal with by themselves.

Regardless of an assassin or scout, both were irreplaceable roles within a squadron. To them, bumping in all sorts of dangers was part and parcel of their day to day lives. Therefore, the would need to master the survival and escape skills required to extricate themselves from all the dangerous situations they were placed in.

It didn't take long for the start of the 2nd test for a batch of assassins to be stretchered out from the rooms. Although the poison gas that was emitted in the rooms were life-threatening, they had an extremely strong syncopic effects. Although there was a vial of antidote present in every room, there were 3 other fakes mixed along with it. The first thing the participants had to do was to identify the real antidote from 4 vials. If not, administering the wrong one would lead to one's instant failure.

Not only were the participants crying out in anguish, even their squadron members watching from the outside via the Skylink were also looking at each other in fear dismay. Every single academy definitely had poison handling classes in their assassin curriculum, that taught students how to deal with poisons, antidotes, first aid as well as hunting. However, truth to be told, the standards taught in academies were completely insufficient to deal with such a level of poison. This resulted in quite a few people devouring the wrong antidote. Nonetheless, there were experts present in their midst.

Emily was one of them. The attainments the Assassin Family had in drugs and medicines weren't an undeserved reputation. Regardless of the various kinds of poisons and antidotes, Emily was already proficient in them ever since young. Even if she couldn't rely on her sight, by relying on her other senses, it was impossible for her to make a mistake. Therefore, she basically didn't have to waste any time before finding the correct vial that corresponded to the antidote. What's more, her physical body was different from ordinary people, being nurtured quietly since birth by her Assassin Family, though that was something that she wasn't too sure about. However, when placed in such a scenario, one would discover how vital and precious these little bits matter.

The only things she was lacking slightly were her skill with switches and luck. Finding the ten switches that were always present in every room took her quite a bit of time. What's more, she tried all the way from the 1st to the 6th before she was able to find the exit. Amongst the 19 people that have completed this test, she was ranked within the upper half. Nonetheless, Napier Mo had once again opened the mindset of everyone watching.

In fact, this fellow did not even make the attempt to consume the antidote, taking only a mere 5 minutes to exit the room. As for the time he had taken to flip the correct exit switch, a mere 5 seconds...leaving everyone completely dumbfounded.

It was understandable that his speed and combat prowess was unrivalled. However, why was it that the other aspects of him were so strong to the point of being ridiculous?

" this cheating? Could it be that he already knew where the exit switch is?"

"Don't say such blind words. The location of the switches are different in every room, and the selection of the rooms are randomized. What's more, he's one of the 5 great assassins. Regardless of anything, he won't stoop so low as to cheat. Don't assume that he's a newb like you."

"However, this is too ridiculous! How's he able to find the location of the correct switch in the blink of an eye!"

"Luck might play a part in that..."

"They're out!"

After being locked for over 5 hours, the large doors of the training grounds were finally pushed open, before a large bunch of participants walked out from within.

Quite a few people had their heads hanging down in dejection. Only 9 people had managed to pass through the Lightning Evasion Formation, while only 19 had managed to do so for the Sealed Room. In all, the difficulty of the tests was too high, causing the prideful young group of assassins who felt that they had become regional experts to suffer quite a huge blow.

It was not long past noon as of now. Although there wasn't any official announcement of how the points were awarded, it was just a minor detail that wouldn't have much sway on the scoring. WIth the 2 tests of the scouts arena over, Tianjing Academy and Giant God Peak Academy were clearly the winners, having completed the tests that an absolute majority of the B and even A- Ranked squadrons were able to complete. As of now, their score ranking was considerably high and near the top. Other than the unrivalled limelight placed on Napier Mo, it was these 2 C Ranked squadrons that were the most eye-catching

"Emily! Your brother loves you! Come, give your brother a hug!" Ma Dong was unable to contain his happiness as he rushed forwards to her.