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356 Trailblazer

 Chapter 356: Trailblazer

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Taking in the spectacle that had unfolded before their eyes, a large group of assassins fell into silence. Although an expert's silence might be due to indifference, the faces of quite a few participants had sunk down in response. Although they might be able to hold on due to the starting part of their runs, they had to maintain this speed and response all the way as they head through the formation, Just a slight slip up would spell defeat for them. What's more, the most irritating part of the Lightning Evasion Formation was its unpredictable twists and turns. This was the aspect that required the most of one's concentration. Yes, this test was straightforward, yet was also the one that caused the greatest headache.

Emily remained exceedingly calm and composed as she took in the events that had unfolded before her eyes, appearing not to give the slightest bit of response or reaction. However, she was able to tell that the intensity of the lightning arcs had not even reached the stated level of 200 thousand volts. Due to her having a stronger adaptability, she had squashed the fear and terror that had surfaced in her heart. Purposefully inciting feelings of fear and terror in the hearts of the participants was considered to be a kindergarten level trick those assassin families would use in their special training.

The test quickly progressed to the 3rd group of people. Attempting the test, they had managed to take 5 steps, which equated to having lasted 2.5 seconds in the formation, or approximately 20 metres, which was 10% of the total distance. They were clearly slightly unable to keep up with their speed, as they would slow down a sliver in every perfect landing they make. Although one might not be able to feel it during a step or 2, the addition of a few of such "slivers" caused them to be unable to reach the 6th step in time, landing them in the same outcome as the 2 of the participants in the 1st group.

Elena was the only one left on the 4 runway. From this, it showed that she was an outstanding assassin with a considerably firm and solid foundation. Her speed and reflexes were first rated, as she was entirely able to keep up with the 0.5-second intervals between each tile. However, as she crossed over the 50-metre mark, the level of difficult immediately increased..

Changes started to appear in the white flashing tiles, varying from the 5-metre gaps between each other to 6, 7 and even further distances, or even right before one's eyes. This varying distances caused everyone to turn speechless. If one wanted to dominate in this test, one would need to be able to reach to the changes happening 100 metres in advance. With the changes in speed now required for her to step on the flashing tiles, Elena was forced into an increasingly difficult position. After giving her all to reach a tile that had spanned over 8 metres away, the next tile that was positioned only 2 metres away caused an error to appear in her judgment. With the high difficulty, nervousness as well as her inability to control her momentum, she had flown over 3 metres before she was able to react. By then, it was already too late.

The brilliant, dense storm like lightning arcs shot down from above, instantly shocking Elena unconscious while causing goosebumps to rise on the people watching.

It was already difficult to cross the finishing point with the 0.5 second interval time set for the Lightning Evasion Formation, as shown by the 3 capable assassins that were squashed by it. However, no one had guessed that the later part of it would be even more perverted!

No one present here was a newbie. There were a least half of the people present that felt that they did not possess the reaction speed that could triumph what Elena had displayed during her run. Elena was definitely considered to be exceedingly good on an academical level. Yet, even she was unexpectedly unable to make it past a 100 metres on the Lightning Evasion Formation. Even those that felt themselves to be stronger than she had extremely great worry about the latter half of the test rising through their hearts.

The 1st group was utterly defeated, with their strongest member not even able to cross the strategic halfway barrier of a 100 metres. After being rescued, Elena appeared exceedingly annoyed, as she felt she had the confidence to cross over the step that had made her fumble was she to be given another go at it. Although the difficulty level for the 2nd half was greater and resulted in more undesirable responses made by herself, she should not have obtained such a poor result. Her mistake in her run was clearly not wholly due to her lack of strength, as her state of mind has yet a suitable level required for this, with her thoughts and emotions being too tense and nervous. Although this Lighting Evasion Formation test appeared simple and straightforward, it required one to possess a quick speed and was rather all rounded in its testing aspects.

It had to be said, that there was a certain level of advantage for the people who were selected for their attempted after Elena. Nonetheless, luck played a factor in one's balloting results. No one had any way of deciding that, as luck was too a factor of one's strength.

"Although there's a little numerical revision, you all can't be too complacent. The slightest difference leads to a great loss." the little old man chuckled as he proceeded to choose the continue choosing the next group of people. "Naturally, you all should not let fear dominate and take control of your hearts. Regardless of any situation, an outstanding scout should be able to have control of their breathing."

Nervousness was unquestionably the greatest enemy of assassins. Emotional fluctuations were part and parcel of any occupation, as the surging of emotions might result in a higher usage of strength, and might even allow for one to break through. However, it was an absolutely negative for an assassin, as what they needed to be was to remain any cold and rock hard as ice.

Emily looked straight at the little old man as she thought, "He truly too ordinary looking." However, for some unknown reason, Emily felt that something wasn't too right about him. Not only had he hit the nail right at its head when he had pointed out the critical problem that everyone was facing, Emily was also slightly baffled by what she had observed while looking at him. That was due to her knowledge that every life form would possess with a certain kind of energy signature, a result of the special training of her Assassin Family. However, this little old man appeared just like an ordinary human being, though he was, in fact, a new human.

The test proceeded on at a relatively quick pace, as the majority of the participants weren't able to last more than 10 seconds, with the interval timing for the Lighting Evasion Formation was too tight for them. Although they hailed from the elite squadrons from the various areas and regions of the federation, with some even coming from a few veteran powerhouse squadrons, they were unable to gain much of an advantage in the occupation of assassins. Elena's performance was still considered outstanding within this bunch of people, with her record of 9 seconds and 97 metres travelled remaining unbroken by the first few groups. The result close to hers was obtained at 9.9 secs and 95 metres by the Carmel of the Lighting Dragon Academy. Such a result showed that he was already at the upper echelons of the assassins within the B ranked squadrons. One could still see smug of satisfaction was present on Carmel's face upon obtaining such. With the Lightning Evasion Formation having such a level of difficulty, it didn't matter if one wasn't able to complete it, with the only thing mattering being that he was better than the majority of the rest.

His run was in fact slightly better than Elena's, as he was able to display close to 100% of his full strength. After watching quite a few of the runs that had happened before his turn, he was able to sufficiently prepare himself mentally. That was the advantage he had.

The tests went all the way to the 9th group before Elena's record was broken, before the test was completed in a manner that left everyone dumbfounded by what they saw.

The person in question was Bowa from Toronto Academy, a female student with a rather attractive figure.

Toronto was a famous academy for students with special abilities, and the female student by the name of Bowa was completely unlike any traditionally orthodox assassin. Due to her possessing an electricity attribute special ability, she had a slight advantage in speed over the other participants. Nonetheless, her tad bit of speed wasn't even able to allow for her to take the 2nd step within this field of lighting arcs.

However, the key point was that she wasn't afraid of electricity! To people with electricity attribute special abilities, a mere 200 thousand volts would just be a drizzle to them. Completely ignoring the rules of this test, her 1st step wasn't on a white flashing tile. Instead, using her fastest speed, she utilised her greatest striding distance that was close to 10 metres as she travelled on the runway. As she triggered the lightning arcs, she continued to run through the lightning filled area all the way till the finish line, ending with a rather ridiculous result of a 15 second completion time.

Is, is this also possible?

Large stretches of blank expressions filled the gathering area as people started slackjawed the officials.

"The rules are the rules. A pass is a pass, regardless of what method you use." the official replied in an exceedingly indifferent tone. "If you have the ability, you can jump 200 metres and reach the finishing line."


"If I've known about it earlier, I'd have let the special ability user of our squadron participate in this. We have a lighting attribute special ability too in our squadron..."

"That's not exactly the right decision to make. Even if a lightning attribute special ability user were to pass this test, he or she would be useless in the Sealed Room. Who know that it might result in a failing grade, as after all, the scores of this arena is a combination of all the tests."