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352 Cared for by god

 Chapter 352: Cared for by god

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There were no restrictions given to the various squadrons. Forming a group? That's up to you. Mutual assistance? That's also up to you. Mount Elbrus will let them know that some difficulties can't be dealt with even with numerical superiority.

Although a high of 8123 metres above sea level doesn't appear to be very far, one must take into consideration the horizontal distance required to cover. For every 1000 metres higher over sea level, one might need to travel 10 kilometres, or even 20 to 30 kilometres to do so. What's more, when one truly starts to scale the mountain, one would discover how demonic and monster-like Mount Elbrus was!

The first problem posed to the squadrons was the demonic weather.

It crazily wore down everyone within its reach. On instantly, it'll be a freezing temperature a few dozen degrees below zero. However, upon rounding a peak, one might be suddenly welcomed by a warm temperature of a few dozen degrees above zero. Before one has the time to remove one's outerwear, one would be buffeted by a sudden hurricane with sharp stone bits howling within, welcoming one with what seemed like a rain of bullets...

Under the strange and peculiar weather than appeared as though demons were engaging in some kind of performance, scaling an additional 1000 metres above sea level would take a day, or even 2 to accomplish. One couldn't just achieve this by mustering one's courage and holding one's breath. The hurricanes that launched stones like a rain of bullets, hail storms that appeared like falling meteors forced anyone to have no choice to stop in their footsteps to seek a safe place to turtle up and shiver.

Mount Elbrus's south northern slope. 4500 metres above sea level. Divine Peak Fortress.

Compared to the strange and peculiar weather found at the southern slope, the weather on Mount Elbrus's northern slope didn't have such demonic changes. Despite also being extremely harsh and severe, it gave the people who had experienced the demonic weather of the southern slop a feeling of comfort akin to that of spring.

There were hundreds of elite soldiers standing guards within this fortress. Strictly speaking, this was a military fortress that defended Bella Dean City from enemies that might come from the mountain peak. However, it was just a presentation of force by the Bella Dean Family to showcase their all rounded surveillance. Truthfully speaking, there wasn't any military battalion stationed here, or any large scaled mutated beast horde that could pass through a hundred kilometre circumference around Mount Elbrus without the consent of the people from Bella Dea.

However, at this very moment, the more significant role of this fortress was to welcome those CHF squadrons that have already passed through the 1st elimination round.

A dozen soldiers were currently standing in high spirits on the fortress wall as they looked towards the mountain peak above, waiting for the appearance of the next squadron.

"It should more or less have ended." said a youthful looking soldier as he rubbed his hands together, his sunburnt face radiating with a spirited character that was unique to the people of Bella Dean.

Beside him stood a veteran soldier with a similar skin colour, though he kept a long beard that was white and messy. An aura of hardship radiated from his entire body, giving people an extremely reliable feeling upon seeing him. "Yah. What day is it today?"

Brimming with excitement, the young soldier replied, "Tomorrow's stated to be the last day."

"They're here, they're here! There are quite a few people this time!"

Just at this moment, a wave of clamouring voices rang out.

The youthful soldier jumped up in haste upon hearing those voices, leaning over the edge of the wall to see. Out far in the distance was a long spanning group. Appearing at the corner of his vision, they were walking over in a rough looking manner, with approximately a few dozen people among their ranks.

Upon their appearance, the group seemed to be travelling forwards at a slow speed. However, as the contour of the fortress slowly came into their sights, great howls suddenly rang out from them. There were some that cries, some who laughed, and even some that were furious. Nonetheless, all of them started to increase their speed, with some people stumbling over as a result. There were times where going downhill require more concentration than uphill. Despite that, all of them proceeded to climb up, as their goal was right before their eyes.

The white-bearded veteran soldier opened the great gates of the fortress.

The male who was the first person to rush through the great gates immediately grabbed hold of the veteran's soldiers hand while asking, "Have with reach, old brother? This is Bella Dean City, right? right!"

Seeing this, a smile appeared on the face of the veteran soldier. Looking over towards the exhausted looking face of the youth, he nodded his head before replying, "After passing through this gate, you will be considered to have passed through the 1st elimination round."

The youth took a deep breath, before revealing a completely unrestrained and emotionally filled expression. Nonetheless, at the instant when he had exhaled that deep breath, all of those emotions dissipated away from his body, only leaving the heavy feeling of fatigue and exhaustion behind.

More and more of his group members walked in. Nonetheless, regardless of whoever it was, upon knowing that they had passed through the first elimination round, all of them immediately sat on the ground, no longer passed any plans to move any more.

The veteran soldier proceeded to record their particulars, which included their names, age, squadron and people to contact.

Clearly, this group wasn't made up of a single squadron, by many of them coming together. All of them were from B ranked squadrons, with not a single one evaluated to be of a lower rank.

At this moment, the male that was the first person to pass through the fortress gates finally managed to catch his breath. Walking over to the veteran soldier, he spoke out. "Nice to meet you, I'm Hu Bing from the Copperfield Academy squadron. Do you happen to know about the situation of the Copperfield Academy squadron? Did they pass through the first elimination round?"

Hearing those words, the veteran soldiers shot a peculiar look at the male before replying. "Copperfield? You're talking about the S ranked squadron, right? They've pass through a long time ago. How did you end up at the rear?"

Hu Bing breathed a sigh of relief, before replying with a smile. "I've suffered some injuries, and therefore had left my squadron."

A smile had also appeared on the face of the veteran soldier as he thought, "So that was the case." Shooting a deep look at Hu Bing, he was unable to find a single trace of injury. "Were you the one that had gathered all of these people up?"

Hearing that, a trace of embarrassment appeared in Hu Bing's smile. Due to it being too lonely, he had did some matters as he travelled along. "Is there anything to eat? It's best if there's any soup here, especially meat soup."

"There isn't any meat soup here, though we have fish soup."

"That's even better."

"Wait here."

The veteran soldier summoned some soldiers after finishing his conversation with Hu Bing to bring 2 high-pressure cookers over to the great gates of the fortress. Filling in water, big chunks of fish meat were added in. Capping on the lids, they were set on roaring flames to cook.

"It's easy for water to boil on a mountain. If you want to drink soup, you have to use a pressure cooker." explained the veteran soldier as he looked towards Hu Bing.

Looking at the roaring fires, Hu Bing asked. "Old brother, are you able to tell me, how many squadrons have managed to pass through the 1st elimination round?"

"Haha. Your group made up of 5 squadrons should be the last batch of people to pass through. With you guys added in, it just nice tallies to 55 squadrons. The Martial Ghost Divine Emperor Academy led by the Gui Family was the first one to finish the mission, taking only 10 days to do so."

Speaking till here, a look of reminiscing and iron-blooded respect appeared on the weatherbeaten face of the veteran soldier. "The Gui Family's truly incredible. They only took 10 days to cross over the peak from the northern slope. When they reach the fortress, all of them appeared as though they had just gone for a walk in the park."

Not only were they strong, they were also resilient and disciplined. This was the style of the Gui Family, and gave of a terror that could cause people's bones to freeze up.

"Your Copperfield Academy was the 2nd squadron to arrive at this fortress. That's right, are you from the Potter Family, brat?"

Hu Bing smiled and replied, "Potter's the surname of my mum. I'm considered to be a half Potter."

"You guys are also very outstanding, to only take 12 days to finish the mission. You guys are the strongest in this competition zone." a look of honour and glory appeared on the face of the veteran soldier. After all, he was able to meet up and exchange words with a large group of peak experts from the younger generation.

After drinking 2 large bowls of fish soup, Hu Bing brought along the people from the 5 squadrons that were still able to move as they descended the mountain to give their reports.

At this moment, everyone from the group had entered a state of complete relaxation. Very quickly, the majestic and glorious Bella Dean City appeared right at the edge of their vision.

Everyone was shocked by the majestic scene that appeared before their eyes. Despite being constructed out from the same white stones that made up the mountain, there was an unspeakable feeling of solemnity hanging in the atmosphere. Coupled with the vast and spacious flat plains under their feet, the entire clean looking city streets and alleys radiated with vitality and life.

"Old Hu! You brat! You've finally made it!"

Before Hu Bing could let out a sigh of admiration, a voice brimming with elation had already rung out.

He turned around, only to see the entire Copperfield squadron standing by the mountain pass, with Laura, Calcutta and the rest all present there. For the sake of not affecting the speed of his squadron, Hu Bing had broken off from them. Nonetheless, being the all-powerful Copperfield squadron, all of them had hoped for Hu Bing to be able to arrive at Bella Dean City on time. Fortunately, he had managed to successfully fulfil that mission.

Just at this moment, a group in squadron formation walked past them. They could hear what they were currently muttering about.

Among the group, the most eye-catching member was a tall and well-built female. Appearing as eye-catching as sunlight and Oli was a youth with an incomparable degree suaveness and inborn radiance, Papada!

The powerful Blazing Angel Academy squadron!