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349 The clear sky after the rain

 Chapter 349: The clear sky after the rain

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Hearing her words, Wang Zhong smiled and laughed out. There were some matters that he had no plans of hiding all the way, especially towards Scarlet. It was only due to the time being not right that he had done so in the past. However, there was no longer to the need to do so now. "Do you feel that I'm not suitable to be All Mouthy King?"

Scarlet instantly gawked upon hearing Wang Zhong's response. Despite the situation she was in, a feeling of excitement surged out from her heart. She had deeply worshipped All Mouthy King. Like many other people, she felt that All Mouthy King was the key to toppling the giants of tradition. Nonetheless, she knew that her worship of him was just a far-fetched dream of hers. In fact, she like Wang Zhong a lot. He was friendly, earnest and possessed a resilient and firmness that was his alone. However, upon these two figures coming together and merging into one, a feeling of happiness due to being so fortunate started to rise within her.

It was obscure, yet strong.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Haha," replied Wang Zhong with a laugh. "I've told you during the time when I fought Adolf. However, someone didn't believe me."

Scarlet immediately gawked, before a refreshing laugh rang out from her. The smile present on her face at this very moment caused traces of spring to appear in this barren and desolated snowy plains.

"You're really so bad...However, if our great captain, being one of the ten great experts, was to be eliminated in the first round of the CHF, it will definitely shock a whole bunch of people!"

"However can that happen! With my fast legs, we'll definitely not be eliminated!"

At this moment, Scarlet felt an unknown sense of security, with her truly feeling that they would be able to reach Grozny City on time safely.

Appeared to have sensed her emotions, the heavens had opened their eyes, causing the thick snow and strong winds to dissipate before their eyes upon rushing out of the Absolute ice hail storm's radius. A blurry red sun emerged faintly on the white sky, appearing just like a silver lining after the rain.

"Go Wang Zhong, go Wang Zhong, go Wang Zhong! Go Wang Zhong, Go Wang Zhong, go Wang Zhong! We'll definitely be able to reach there on time!"

Scarlet gave her all as she pumped her fists to motivate Wang Zhong. In response, he gave a loud roar and shouted out in a heroic fashion. "That's for certain! Let's go!"


A large number of people were currently gathered together at the entrance of Grozny City, with all of the squadrons that have passed through the first elimination round present with them.

This was the so-called last deadline to get "promoted", as tomorrow was the official start of the second elimination round of the CHF. At this moment, all of the qualified squadrons had to submit the names of their members that were participating in the second elimination round, before waiting for the competition committee to announce its format and rules.

The majority of the squadrons present here had already submitted their name lists for the second elimination round. However, there were still a dozen of them that held on to blank name lists as they waited impatiently at the city entrance, hoping only to submit them at the very last possible moment.

All of these squadrons still had members out in the wilderness that has yet to return. With the name list needing to be submitted by 6 pm, these missing members of their squadrons would be able to have their names placed on the list so long as they arrive at Grozny City before then.

At this moment, it was already 10 mins past 5 pm...

Even within an S rank squadron like Torres Academy within the same competition zone, in the eyes of everyone, the Heaven's Fate squadron was the strongest seedling squadron allocated to the Grozny City Competition Zone. Although Mo Xingchen did not participate in the first elimination round, not a single member of their squadron appeared anxious or nervous like the other squadrons. From the start till now, all of them had stood together, every single one of them maintaining calm and collected appearances. The Torres Academy was present right by their side, appearing to be focusing their attention on the members of the Heaven's Fate squadron. Despite just standing there, the Torres Academy appeared to be secretly trying to copy what the Heaven's Fate squadron was doing. Although there were many seats present in the surroundings, since the latter did not take a seat, so would they.

Alasi stared at Mo Wen, while Mo Ling locked gazes with the adorable Bobo, whose eyes shot out an unlimited number of sparks as he returned the gaze.

There clearly wasn't anyone else present in the eyes of these two squadrons other than each other. The only person that wasn't maintaining this solemn atmosphere would most probably be Napier Mo. Nonetheless, the clown costume wearing joker currently had a frown and a bitter expression on his face as he squatted on the floor. From the looks of it, he appeared to be quite bored as he continued to fling the fruit knives in his hands about. From time to time, he would look towards Mo Wen, Alasi, the city entrance and the other squadrons for anything that could interest him.

At the city entrance, Ma Dong was looking at his Skylink as he walked to and fro, his pace brimming with urgency. Grai, the Tianjing squadron and even Casio accompanied by his side as they all waited at the city entrance. As for Emily, she stood at the highest point of the city gates as she looked into the distance. There were still quite a few people doing the same thing as them. In fact, despite knowing the rather impossible odds for their missing members to arrive on time, those few squadrons continued to stand guard at the city entrance, persisting in their wait due to their obsession for just the slightest possibility of a miracle happening.

Such a united spirit and will had infected a bunch of people. However, there were also a bunch of people that feel unhappy as a result.

"I'm truly speechless. Do these fellows really have to wait all the way till 6pm?"

"Hurry up and submit your name lists. Since they're unable to make it here for the past 3 days, how would there be any miracle happening in the last dozen or so minutes?"

"That's right. It's such a cold day. It's better for everyone to submit the name lists earlier and go back. There clearly isn't any hope left for them! Why do they still have to cause everyone to tag along and suffer together! These fellows are too selfish!"

"If you guys want to stay here and wait, you can do it yourselves! Don't come and waste our time!"

After all, there were only a few people missing, involving a total of a dozen squadrons. Compared to them, there were 70 to 80 squadrons that have managed to pass through the first elimination round of the CHF.

Perhaps due to them feeling exceedingly bored or the fact that the weather was exceedingly cold, there was an increasing degree of scorn coming from the experts present. Squadrons that were able to cause their members to go missing in this elimination rounds were considered to be weak, and weak squadrons don't deserve to waste the time of the strong!

Hearing those comments, the squadrons with missing members shot furious glares at those perpetrators. Nevertheless, this had little to no effect at all.

"Oh, isn't this our proud and arrogant Tianjing squadron?" surrounded by a bunch of people, Casio walked over. During the stay at Stuart Academy, the people from Tianjing had caused Casio a bout of unhappiness due to their captain not giving him any face at all by not participating in the cold dinner meet that he had organized. What's more, their vice-captain had straightforwardly rejected his suggestion to form an alliance, causing their Tianjing squadron to appear especially "awesome" and "confident". Did they really assume that they were some A ranked squadron?

This made Casio angry. God knows who had given a mere C ranked squadron such confidence.

"I've heard that your captain and vice-captain are missing? Oh, so pitiful. It must not be easy for you all to pass through the first elimination round, yet you're already looking more and more miserable. If you guys had heeded my words, you won't end up in such a state." said Casio, his voice tinged with a sliver of artificial regret and pity.

Hearing those words, Ma Dong shoot a look at him, while the other members of the Tianjing squadron stared coldly at Casio.

"What's with that look?" said Casio with a chuckle. "I'm just saying what's best for you guys. Don't be ungrateful, alright. Regardless of this competition, it's best to behave with integrity. There's nothing in being weak, as long as uses their brains. Those who seek to impress by feigning to possess more strength than they actually do are people that I despise the most."

"Ah, you must definitely be senior Mo Wen! You truly are freaking awesome! Congratulations on obtaining the champion!" Ma Dong spoke out with a face filled with worship.

The expression on Casio's face instantly froze upon hearing those words, before hastily turning to look towards the direction of the Mo Family while replying, "I'm not Mo Wen. I'm Casio."

"Then what's the use of you sprouting all those words for. Just get lost. Talking as if you're the squadron that had obtained the championship." Ma Dong spoke back with a face of despise. What the fuck! It has always been him that would be the one sprouting out those words, yet this fool had actually tried to act pretentiously in front of him.

"Ha. They seem to believe that their captain will definitely reach here on time. Isn't this crazy?"

"Weaklings are just like that. They'll not give up till they see the coffins."

"The waste that had gone missing during the elimination round is actually able to become their captain? This truly is..." the squadron member standing by Casio's side laughed out in mockery. However, before he could finish his sentence, chilling intent that felt as though it could cause him to instantly freeze up started to erupt from behind his neck.

"What waste are you talking about." there was no one here that could compare to Emily's hearing and speed. In the previous moment, she was still standing at the top of the city walls. However, in the blink of an eye, she had actually appeared right behind this person.