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341 Imminient Peril

 Chapter 341: Imminient Peril

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However, this was apparently not the time to ponder about the reason. Wang Zhong took only a fraction of a second before he could estimate the terrifying speed the beastial horde was traveling at, which was at least 70km/h. Within this slippery mountain path that needed for one to tread carefully, this was absolutely not a speed that Scarlet or Barran was able to match up. What's more, from the sounds created by the impending beastial tide, there was no need to consider what kind of mutated beasts it was composed off, as it was absolutely unstoppable by anyone present here.

A mountain cliff was present on the left of the path, while an overhanging precipice was present on the right. Fortunately, there were some uneven surfaces present on the side of the mountain cliff, with some vertical growing vines growing from it.

"Climb up! Grab onto those vines!" reacting quicking reacted to the impending disaster, W Unfortunately, there were too little vines present on the mountain cliff. Within their field of vision, there was only one vine present within a radius of 4 to 5 meters from where they were standing. What's more, from what he could see, there were just not enough vines present on the mountain cliff at a dozen meters above the path. Despite being only 4 to 5 meters away, there weren't enough vines for Scarlet and the rest.

"I can't climb! You guys go first! Don't care about me!" shouted Hymin in a slightly urgent voice, as the sounds coming from the beastial tide quickly rose in volume. From the initial tremors, they were only able to judge that the beastial horde was some kilometers away from them. However, in the next moment, they were already able to hear the loud stamping sounds!

Being the most physically weak person within the squadron, they had let her be the first one to climb up onto the vines. However, she still wasn't able to reach the sufficient height of 4 to 5 metres to grab onto them. Being a special ability user, she didn't excel in physical strength. Coupled with the thin layer of slippery ice present on the surface of the mountain cliff that did not present any footholds for her to grab on, she was utterly unable to scale up the cliff. Without even mentioning about her, even Milami and Scarlet weren't able to accomplish that feat.

"You can do it! Believe in yourself!" roared Wang Zhong. "Barran!"

"Step on my hand!" immediately understanding Wang Zhong's thoughts, Barran instantly ran and stationed himself underneath the vine growing on the mountain cliff, placing his hands before his waist. As Hymin hurried over and took a step on his hand, Barran gave a light shove up, sending her rocketing up towards the vines.

"Climb up! Milami, you're next!"

"Faster, faster, faster!"

"Next one! Get ready!"

With Barran's help, the entire matter became much more simple, allowing everyone to move at exceedingly quick fashion. Nonetheless, they were still unable to match up to the speed of the incoming beastial tide. When the Wang Zhong, Grai and Barran were the only ones left on the path, the terrifying beastial horde hand already rushed through the waves of mists and appeared right before their eyes.

What appeared was a horde of gigantic mutated rhinoceros, the giant crystal present on their foreheads appearing exceedingly eye-catching as they stampede towards the Tianjing Squadron. The 6 to 7 metre wide mountain path could only fit 2 rhinoceros side by side.

Despite being herbivore type mutated beasts, the mutated rhinoceros were rather quick-tempered and would reach the realm of 4 rank beasts upon their maturity. Possessing extraordinary and seemingly endless strength, the strange curved looking horns on the heads were as hard as diamond, while their thick hides were comparable to armor. What's more, their terrifying might during a charge was able to match up to an armored train! Furthermore, with their herd-like characteristics, they were considered to be a considerably strong and powerful species within the Absolute Ice Restricted Area with seemingly no clear predators.

However, at this moment, over 100 mutated rhinoceros were stampeding over as though they were freaked out by something. As they galloped through the curves and bend of the mountain path, many of them were shoved over the edge of the precipice by the compatriots due to the slippery ice and differing wideness of the path. Their cries of terror and despair coupled with the rumbling tremors caused by their gallop appeared cause the entire ice mountain to sink by a notch!

Faced with such a stampede, even the heavy soldier Barran could not help but to feel his skin crawl and turn numb.

"Brother Wang Zhong!"


"Hurry up, Grai!" those hanging off the vines on the mountain cliff shouted out in urgency. However, under the sounds surging out from the terrifying stampede, every single sound coming from them were completely masked and overwhelmed.

Clearly, Wang Zhong and Grai did not need to help of Barran to get onto the vines. Therefore, the latter hastily jumped up towards the vines. Reaching such a height was slightly difficult for him. Coupled with the slight nervousness present in his heart, he was unexpectedly unable to reach the vines in his first jump.

At this instant, an extremely gigantic mutated rhino present in the front of the beastial tide had already rushed over at lightning speed, its enormous body appearing just like an armored train carriage barreling over.

I"m done for! Despair started to fill Barran's heart as he took in the scene before him. If he was to fall into such a beastial tide, he felt that there was not the slightest chance for him to come out alive. All of a sudden, a black figure rushed straight towards Barran, before yet another hand grabbed onto the back of his shirt. At this moment, Grai's voice rang out, "Grab hold of the vine!"

With an incomparably powerful fling, Barran's 200 over pound body appeared to have risen to the clouds. Grabbing onto the vines hanging off the mountain cliff, Barran quickly turned around to take a look below.

As he did so, he saw that it was Grai that had pulled on his shirt, while senior Wang Zhong was the black figure that had appeared right before himself. Holding onto the heavy shield he had taken from Barran, Wang Zhong had used the mountain cliff behind him as a shield to protect himself from the incoming impact.


The terrifying impact brought about by the mutated rhino smashed into the angled shelf, instantly causing a huge dent to appear on the incomparably hard alloy shield. As the force of the impact was diverted into the mountain cliff, countless pieces of rock were chipped and sent flying out!

Wang Zhong bit his teeth as he endured the frightening impact. Being a brutish 4 rank mutated beast, the charging power of the mutated rhino was indeed too scary. Even in this situation where he wasn't facing it head on, and was relying on the angle of the shield and the mountain cliff behind to help direct the force, the smashing force had instantly caused half of his body and his arms to turn numb. If someone with a slightly weaker body than his was placed in his shoes, they might turn instantly into pulp by the impact.

The lead mutated rhino that was sent slightly off course seemed to feel somewhat confused, as never did it imagine for a little piece of rock to suddenly jut out from the flat mountain cliff. With a slip of its feet, the terrifying might of its charge had instantly caused another of its compatriots galloping beside it to be shoved to a side, causing its back feet to step on air.



Terrified bellows rang out from the mutated rhino as its two front feet continued to stamp forward. Nonetheless, it was unable to overcome the lack of friction due to the ice-covered ground. As it slid off the side of the overhanging precipice, it caused the entire front section of the beastial tide to turned chaotic.

Instantly taking advantage of this moment, Wang Zhong tossed the shield up towards Barran before taking a jump and followed Grai as they climbed up the vines.

Only after everyone had managed to hang by the side of the mountain cliff did they take a slight breath of relief. Leaning tightly towards the mountain cliff while gripping tightly to the vines, they did not dare to climb too high up, as this mountain cliff was too tall to the point of them being unable to see its peak.

Looking down towards the beastial tide below, they noticed that the chaos caused by the front few mutated rhinoceros falling off the precipice was quickly squashed by the rest of the beastial tide stampeding from behind. Fortunately, these fellows were only occupied with fleeing for their lives and do not give a single care about the group of people hanging by the side of the mountain cliff above them. Why are there so many mutated rhinoceros? Where were they coming from? What are they fleeing from?

However, this was clearly just the beginning, as what followed after this 100 plus powerful stampeding mutated rhinoceros were groups of mutated lightning dragon beasts. These gigantic fellows were even greater in size as compared to those mutated rhinoceros. Although they were slightly slower than the latter, the force contained within them as they ran about was not one bit weaker than the mutated rhinoceros, and might even be superior to them. Their 6 to 7-meter tall heights appeared to be able to threaten Wang Zhong and the Tianjing squadron hanging on the mountain cliff, causing all of them to climb up slightly higher. As these gigantic mutated lightning dragon beasts ran past, countless mutated beasts hordes of various shapes and sizes weaved between their legs, appearing just like a massive gathering of the mutated beasts present within the entire northern region, with everything under the sun present within their ranks!

There were gigantic ones, skinny ones, predators, herbivores, the hunters and the hunted... however, at this very moment, there was only one expression present on all of their faces, and that was of terror! They were rushing forwards with all their lives, fighting to be in front. The large would step and squash the small ones beneath their feet, while the small ones would reciprocate to those that were even smaller than them. Every single mutated beast appeared to be running away from the grim reaper chasing them from behind!

"What kind of terrifying mutated beasts are hunting them from behind?"