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Apocalypse Cockroach

Author: 偉岸蟑螂

Lastchapter: Chapter 252: Close quarters entanglemen

Updated: 2019-01-23 10:32

Chapter 252: Close quarters entanglemen
Chapter 251: Ambushed
Chapter 250: Charging in
Chapter 249: Entering the Coalfield
Chapter 248: The sea of zombies
Chapter 247: Preparing for the Rescue
Chapter 246: First sighting of the sea of corpses
Chapter 245: Resolution
Chapter 244: Crisis and Opportunity
Chapter 243: Small-scale Rescue Mission
Chapter 242: Let her plant manure fertiliser
Chapter 241: Do you want to know why I killed him?
Chapter 240: Cruel and Unscrupulous
Chapter 239: Mysterious Black Figure
Chapter 238: Converging
Chapter 237: Do you guys dare to go?
Chapter 236: Old Tractor
Chapter 235: Bad news
Chapter 234: Danger Approaches
Chapter 233: Origin
Chapter 232: Show yourself, Ninja
Chapter 231: Gen-Omega Humans
Chapter 230: Wang Le’s Old Superior
Chapter 229: Big killing machines
Chapter 228: Clear Distinctions
Chapter 227: Kill without pardon
Chapter 226: What’s wrong with my eyes
Chapter 225: Where is home
Chapter 224: King Rat Blade
Chapter 223: King Rat Leather
Chapter 222: Yuan Yi’s gentleness
Chapter 221: Returning home
Chapter 220 14.5mm
Chapter 219: Mutant King Rat
Chapter 218: Search
Chapter 217: Finding Su Qian
Chapter 216: Human Meat Workshop
Chapter 215: Su Qian’s whereabouts
Chapter 214: To lose something and regain it again
Chapter 213: Desperate
Chapter 212: Danger Premonition
Chapter 211: First Draw
Chapter 210: First Sighting of the Enemy Camp
Chapter 209: Background
Chapter 208: Initial Victory
Chapter 207: Firefight
Chapter 206: Murder in the night
Chapter 205: Great Escape, Monstrous Creature
Chapter 204: Red Eyes
Chapter 203: I am strong
Chapter 202: Impasse
Chapter 201: Heavy Machine Gun
Chapter 200: Long Range
Chapter 199: Origin
Chapter 198: Crisis & Desperation
Chapter 197: Between Life and Death
Chapter 196: Raging Tide
Chapter 195: Arsenal
Chapter 194: Guo Feis faint smile
Chapter 193: Lunatic
Chapter 192: Automatic Fire
Chapter 191: Base Meeting
Chapter 190: The new perimeter wall
Chapter 189: Positive Development
Chapter 188: Vent
Chapter 187: Harvest and Desolation
Chapter 186: Open battlefield
Chapter 185: Recapturing the small town
Chapter 184: Guo Fei
Chapter 183: A beauty like a famous painting
Chapter 182: Children = Hope
Chapter 181: Pleased, immensely pleased
Chapter 180: Self Destruction
Chapter 179: Deterrence and the Warrior unafraid of death
Chapter 178: Actual Interaction
Chapter 177: At the Other Site
Chapter 176: News of WH Gathering Point
Chapter 175: Complete Victory
Chapter 174: Plan
Chapter 173: The expected Boss
Chapter 172: Zhang Huai Ans burst of rage
Chapter 171: Beneath the flyover
Chapter 170: On the flyover
Chapter 169: They are still materials
Chapter 168: Materials
Chapter 167: Old Franks happiness
Chapter 166: Somethings wrong
Chapter 165: The move
Chapter 164: Move out
Chapter 163: Justice
Chapter 162: The Old Policeman, Zhang Huai An
Chapter 161: Gunshots at the Gates
Chapter 160: Two Choices
Chapter 159: Otaku
Chapter 158: I cant see anything!
Chapter 157: Supernatural
Chapter 156: Stunning Shot
Chapter 155: Charge
Chapter 154: Charge
Chapter 153: Shoot!
Chapter 150: ST?
Chapter 149: Delegation of posts
Chapter 148: Rules
Chapter 147: Youre gonna let them hold it in?
Chapter 146: Whatever Brother Cockroach says, goes!
Chapter 145: Light the Incense
Chapter 144: Youd better make up for it!
Chapter 143: Thugs
Chapter 142: Missed
Chapter 141: Going Home
Chapter 140: Leaving in a huff when matters are over
Chapter 139: Su Qians Desertion
Chapter 138: Doing the D2 in
Chapter 137: Yuan Yis smile
Chapter 136: Injury
Chapter 135: Flee in Desperation!
Chapter 134: Confrontation!
Chapter 133: Quick, run!
Chapter 132: Against an S2
Chapter 131: A drop of kindness repaid with a spring*(Idiom)
Chapter 130: Despair
Chapter 129: Proposal
Chapter 128: Food
Chapter 127: Its starting!
Chapter 126: To pass an opportunity by without taking advantage is a waste!
Chapter 125: Set off!
Chapter 124: Shangguang Qiao Yuns dedication
Chapter 123: Preparation
Chapter 122: How heavy is this toy?
Chapter 121: Military Firearms
Chapter 120: Look at what Ive found!
Chapter 119: A Womans Heart
Chapter 118: Ill beat you to death, you bad person!
Chapter 117: Throb
Chapter 116: Warmth
Chapter 115: Seduction!
Chapter 114: What can you do?
Chapter 113: Root of troubles??
Chapter 112: What material is this made of?
Chapter 111: Deal?
Chapter 110: For the granary?
Chapter 109: -Title missing-
Chapter 108: Wait.
Chapter 107: Whatre you staring at? Hurry and move it!
Chapter 106: Little shit, watch how I take care of you!
Chapter 105: Its not that my troops are incompetent, the enemy is too crafty!
Chapter 104:
Chapter 103: Barbecue?
Chapter 102 - D2s Meal
Chapter 101 - D2
Chapter 100 - Crucifixion
Chapter 99: As long as we can live!
Chapter 98: Solitary World
Chapter 97: Miracle Doctor Yu?
Chapter 96: Old Beast!
Chapter 95: Look! Whats that?!
Chapter 94: Seed!
Chapter 93: Thats the one, go!
Chapter 92: Wow! So Many!
Chapter 91: Brother Long and Chen Yi!
Chapter 90: Stop.
Chapter 89: Challenge!
Chapter 88: Ill Sleep Here Tonight!
Chapter 87: Assassin!
Chapter 86: The two of you, help yourselves, please!
Chapter 85: Wretched Old Hairy!
Chapter 84: Do You Have A Smoke?
Chapter 83: These are actually the originals?!
Chapter 82: It feels good to be a man!
Chapter 81: You! Come Here!
Chapter 80: Thinking of Rebelling?
Chapter 79: Go back, or else, die!
Chapter 78: Yuan Yi = Slaughter!
Chapter 77: You call this Guts?
Chapter 76: Please Dont Give Up On Me!
Chapter 75: Hold this!!
Chapter 74: Whats this youre singing?
Chapter 73: Su Qians Resolve!
Chapter 72: Dont think that Ill not hate you just because of this!
Chapter 71: Married?!
Chapter 70: Getting a license together!
Chapter 69: Yuan Yis Background!
Chapter 68: Does my house have rules?
Chapter 67: I want to return the goods!
Chapter 66: Youre not allowed to look!
Chapter 65: One doesnt have to stand on ceremony with a brothers wife?!
Chapter 64: Kill Me!
Chapter 63: Form Does not Differ From the Void, And the Void Does Not Differ From Form
Chapter 62: A Problem with Rations!
Chapter 61: I have many relatives!
Chapter 60: One cannot lust after a brothers wife!
Chapter 59: You Dont Have To Show Mercy!
Chapter 58: Successful Rescue!
Chapter 57: Light the fire!
Chapter 56: News of WH!
Chapter 55: Your Brother I, am such a guy!
Chapter 54: Where did the undergarments come from?
Chapter 53: I Love You, Hubby!
Chapter 52: A Spear Is Used to Poke!
Chapter 51: Wake up! Stop sleeping!
Chapter 50: Another "Ten Thousand Years of Death!"
Chapter 49: One Thousand Years of Death!
Chapter 48: Seeing a D2 Again!
Chapter 47: Kill Me!
Chapter 46: Generation Gap?
Chapter 45: Stop Hitting Him!
Chapter 44: Ill kill him!
Chapter 43: Yang Keer loses her temper!
Chapter 42: Wow! So cute!
Chapter 41: Whats that?
Chapter 40: The Sun is out!
Chapter 39: Argh! My Back!
Chapter 38: Uncle, You Must Take Responsibility!
Chapter 37: Just sleeping?
Chapter 36: Dig deep tunnels, store grain everywhere!
Chapter 35: Uncle, Im taking a bath, do you want to see?
Chapter 34: Stop choosing, lets transport them all!
Chapter 33: Cannibalism!
Chapter 32: What Thing?!
Chapter 31: Uncle, Youre a big baddie!
Chapter 30: Are you crazy?!
Chapter 29: The night attack
Chapter 28: Yang Ke Er versus zombie
Chapter 27: Just call me cockroach!
Chapter 26: A big piece of meat
Chapter 25: Id Rather Die Than Let Go
Chapter 24: Yang Ke Ers Strangeness
Chapter 23: Peeking at Yang Ke Er
Chapter 22: Yang Ke Er
Chapter 21: Girl
Chapter 20: Escape Day
Chapter 19: Him Again
Chapter 18: Chinese Pork Jerky (Bakwa)
Chapter 17: So Close Yet So Far
Chapter 16: Fighting the way out after being surrounded
Chapter 15: Preparations Before Departure
Chapter 14: Massive Meal
Chapter 13: Cat or Leopard?
Chapter 12: The Cat That Really Looks Like A Leopard
Chapter 11: Big Dog
Chapter 10: Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)
Chapter 9: Evolution?
Chapter 8: Infected?
Chapter 7: Zombies That Love The Rain
Chapter 6: 1 VS. 3
Chapter 5: Harvest, Weapons
Chapter 4: For Food
Chapter 3: Guard Dogs
Chapter 2: For the Cabbage
Chapter 1: Doomsday