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353 Quick Departure

 His entire being stirred the emotion lied in the pit of her heart and deep consciousness. Was her frail health responding to the phycological traumas of their past or was it biological of this current time's ail health? The more she thought of the situation, the more overwhelmed her mind and body became.

Being familiar with her condition, he couldn't help but pay his utmost attention towards her health. "Yu Sha?" His eyes cried helplessly as his hand unconsciously reached out to her.

She sensed his attempt to console her and pulled away, putting distance between them. It was an unnecessary worry. As long as she kept her mind and emotion under control, she could keep the attack at bay.

Her effort to decline his help pained him equally. Must she hate his presence that much to deny any room in her heart for him? In the last moment, he could only comply to her wish as that was how he always lived his life, as per her wish, and pulled back his hand that so much yearn to caress her small figure.

She had been strong, suffering quietly even when she could command the world to her feet. As a result, she refused to let herself be vulnerable in front of the people willing to die for her.

To her, because of the great responsibility she had to endure was more of the reason she couldn't show her fragility, even if the next moment was to be her last.

Yu Sha pumped a couple doses and finally had enough oxygen delivered to her lungs to help her breathe. Slightly fatigue but out of the danger zone, she tucked her inhaler back into the handbag. After composing herself, she felt the need to apologize for making Hue Chi worried. "I'm sorry. I'm alright now."

He didn't know how to react as this was not something she would want him to see. He understood that much, but still, in this moment, he longed to pull her into his arms and tell her it's okayed to show weakness. Yet, seeing how hard she tried to keep herself together, he had no confidence to do so but only encouraged. "Mm.. You've done well."

The need to keep herself tamed was more taxing than the attack itself that she felt drained after attempting to poise herself.

In this entire time, his gaze observed her, its entirety and felt the need to apologize for putting her in this kind of situation. It was because of his greed to have her spend some times with him that he went to extreme measures. If that caused her any distress then it was all on him. Slowly, in a hoarse voice, he muttered, "I'm sorry."

"What are you sorry for?" She wanted to know what for. Her health had nothing to do with him. He had no control over it. It was just the way she was. But if he wished to apologize for his rash behavior in kidnapping her, she was willing to accept.

"Everything." He thought his behavior caused her distress.

'Everything! That was too broad for her to accept that everything was the cause of her health situation.' "Hmph.. My ailed health had nothing to do with you."

For Hue Chi, he sensed maybe her ail health could have something to do with him, although she may not know it.

Yu Sha was getting fatigue staying sane. Drowsiness had kicked in earlier. Now that she calmed herself, she could relax. She ordered with a frown, "Don't move and don't bother me."

With that she turned her back to face him, pulled in her knees closer to her chest for a hug and curled to clear her mind.

Hue Chi quietly complied with her request and spent the drive looking at her sulking back. It didn't take long when he saw her body slumped towards the backrest as she lost control of her body.

Nervous he moved in closer as a hand grabbed her arms to check her state. What he saw was her sleeping face, like a child, sleeping so innocently, but it didn't take long for him to notice something else. On his hand that held onto her arm... was coldness! Gently but swift, he brushed his palm down to her arms to the tip of her fingers. Indeed, her fingers felt like ice cold.

He took a big helpless exhale. She wore very little today, exposing too much skin for a person who was sensitive to the cold. Hue Chi then reached forward to the touch screen device in front of him, mounted between the back-driver seat and back area and pressed the speaker icon. "Turn down the AC."

Then he reached to the drawer compartment in the middle of the car and pulled out a key and a soft velvety white blanket. With the key, he unlocked the handcuff for them both and unfolded the blanket to cover Yu Sha before gently supporting her backward down onto his laps. Instance of having her in his presence seemed to make time move at a faster rate. It felt like he had only glimpsed of her when the car came to a complete stop and the driver pulled the door open.

"Prince, we're here."

Hue Chi looked out and saw the royal jet. "Mm..." His endearing eyes then shifted to the sleeping figure on his laps as a corner of his lips curved. Carefully, he reached his hands down to pick her and got out of the car effortlessly. He carried her this way numerous times in their past and took great deals in making sure that nothing can disturb her. His strides were long yet light and slow. With each wave of wind breeze fluffing the edges of the soft thin white blanket and the way he carried her, made it seemed like the lovers in love was on their way home after a long time of separation.

They are currently at a private airport, and Hue Chi was heading towards the royal jet. His men waited quietly for him to ascend the stairs. From the sidelines, their eyes tried to peek at the woman their prince chose. He denied all the other women in front of the nation for the woman he carried in his arms.

Things were prepared for their arrival and a quick departure. They closed the gate as soon as Hue Chi got inside and the jet took off.

Hue Chi made his way to the spacious bed and gently laid Yu Sha down.