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 Hue Chi knew that at this point, before her, he felt helpless. No matter what methods he tried. She would always win him. After all these times, he had yet to conquer her heart but only let her be.

She knew she couldn't allow any small let up. If she failed, she would fall into his hand. No matter how he came after her, she must put up a battle. After calming herself, Yu Sha asked, "Where are you taking me?"

Excited that she asked, he rested his head onto his hand and glanced at her direction. With a smile that could give every woman in the nation a heart attack, he replied joyfully, like there was nothing wrong with his method, "I like to be your first customer."

Horrified of the reason behind it, that he still misunderstood what Benzo said earlier, she excused herself. "What? It.. it has nothing to do with you." First, she needed to figure a solution to get away. Was he mad? Why would he be mad at what she does? Afterall, they had nothing to do with each other in this time? Right?

"What kind of trouble you cooked up at home?" Hue Chi asked curiously. She must have done something in order to have two high class bodyguards guarding close to her.

Yu Sha refuted, awkwardly as he hit the target, "It's.. none of your business."

"Hmm.." He replied unconvinced.

Feeling so angry that he could read through her, she had to think of something to distract his interest from her matters. What would the royals do if they knew he took her? In the past, the problem usually was pinned onto her even when it was their person's fault. What would it be like this time? He now was the crowned prince and also have an awaiting fiancé, right? Now that he was crowned prince, the media are watching him more closely.

She gathered the courage and composed herself. "I asked that you release me or I will come clean to your parents and fiancé."

Hue Chi was momentarily started by this statement. Had she not seen the news? He, outright created an uproar and temporarily, bride choosing was suspended until things calmed down. He knew this wouldn't be for long until his parents and the upper elite came to a mutual decision. But he would do anything to buy time. So, she, even now believed that he already has a fiancé. Might as well play along with her. "You know, we only married for political gains. It's not wrong for us to have a mistress or two on the side... in secret."

Yu Sha gasped as this was the type of people she hated the most! People in power who used other people? Her hand instantly grasped onto her head as she tried to calm herself down. 'How could he be the fantasy man in her dreams? That man only had eyes for her, but this man here... could have a wife and a mistress?' "Too bad, I'll never be either." She replied boldly without thinking the heaviness behind those words.

A bittersweet grin rose on a corner of his mouth. 'That's right. You were neither. We were never lawfully be one or the other. What we were in the past were just us, going against the odds of the world without recognition. For once, even if for a moment, I wanted the world to recognize that we were an item. Can't I proudly show the world that you're mine? Was that too much to ask for?'

Yu Sha felt the atmosphere changed, stifled, depressed and cold took the space. Neither could she sense a movement from him nor heard a word. 'Did I say too much then?' Slowly, she turned around to glance at Hue Chi's profile. The look in his eyes could gnaw her heart out and instantly she was drawn to the solitude auras of his presence.

The current headstrong her constantly pushed him away, but the empathetic nature in her for centuries couldn't help but want to console him.

She reworded herself, "There are plenty of people in this world that loved you. If you open your heart, you will find that there are countless of people who wanted to be a part of your life." Originally, he was a nobody. Her wish then was to have people recognized and loved him as much as much as she did.

'There is only one person I need validation from and only one person who's love I wanted. What's the point of having the entire world love me when I can't get one single person I wanted to love me?' Hue Chi glanced at the defenseless woman before him. He had a heed of indescribable words to tell her yet cannot.

In their current time, both of them are equally headstrong and stubborn. He was afraid of crossing too far and destroyed the perfect life she had, yet at the same time, afraid to distance away from her completely. She, on the other hand, acted unwavered but was constantly worried about how her behavior would hurt him. In the end, both wanted to conceal the past forever, yet couldn't help but showed their worries and care to each other. And because of their wants for each other, made them acted ironic to their true hearts feeling. As long as they wanted each other, nothing else should matter, yet they think their actions would bring in the best for the others.

When he looked at her, their eyes met. There was no doubt behind those eyes lied a mountain of emotions unexplained, equally the same.

In that moment, Yu Sha couldn't breathe and had to reach in her handbag for extra support. She wheezed as her hand trembled to find her inhaler. For a long time, she hadn't needed to use it, but since the incident last time, she made it a habit to carry regardless of where she was going.