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351 Devoured By Him

 It was then Yu Sha realized she was sitting on top of his laps, her right wrist was handcuffed to his left wrist. His right arm had rounded her waist at the front and pulled her onto his laps. She gulped as her body temperature rose through the roof. Before she recalled a glimpse of their past selves, she wasn't this sensitive to his presence and touch. Why? Just because she recalled, it shouldn't have this huge of an effect, right? Or was the feelings she developed in this time? They weren't the same people they were lifetimes ago. Why should it still matter now?

Yu Sha struggled as she attempted to get off his laps, but his arm still held her down. Her mind went meek as his fragrance assaulted her senses and she stuttered incoherently, "Le... let me go."

The struggle to keep her composure was pleasing to his taste that he couldn't help but let a satisfying smile.

She grabbed his hands and attempt to peel it off her as she demanded bashfully, "Give me the key."

Hue Chi leaned down and whispered to her ear, "You have to search me thoroughly if you want it."

His word struck a nerve! She had no time for his game. Did he think she wouldn't? Yu Sha pulled herself to kneel ontop of him to face him. Her eyes rolled down to his laps and brace her next move. Yu Sha reached a hand forward to pat Hue Chi's sculpted chest and patted the pocket. Nothing!

She quickly pulled her hands back as the next place would be his pants pocket. Landing her eyes at the area below his waist, an area that shouldn't be a zone for her to touch nonchantly. The thought forced her to take a hard gulp as she looked at the area, having second thoughts.

Feeling content, Hue Chi asked, "Is this naughty enough for you?"

Yu Sha flung her eyes to look at him. 'Was he getting back at her for what Benzo said?!' It was her words, but Benzo didn't make it better! How could she get herself out of this situation?

The satisfied look on his face made her repulsive and she instantly started hitting his chest with her soft fists. "You!! you! What is wrong with you?!" She knew he had nothing pure running through his mind!

He let out a chuckled and slowly reached his hands to grab hers, and, this time, pinned her under the seat.

She let out a whimper. "Ahh. What do.. do you think you're doing?"

The seat was long and spacious enough for two people to play around, if they should choose to. Yu Sha being pinned under with a handcuffed to him, made it hard for her to move about. If she gets too reckless, she could injure herself with him.

She didn't interfere with his life. Why was he constantly budging into hers? She had an ulterior motive when she said what she said to Benzo and Saveria. Yu Sha reasoned that they don't have any relationship and spouted, "What I do has nothing to do with you."

Her eyes reprimanded him with an intense glare, but none of her warnings were affective. The more she struggled, the more compelled he was to tease her.

Hue Chi leaned down closed to her to the point he could hear her heart beating.

Yu Sha diverted her face to the side to avoid looking directly at him, giving him the silent treatment. Inside her was having warfare. She cursed at herself to not get drawn into him. 'Yu Sha, you can't let yourself be consumed by him! Control your mind! Ignored him! Think of him as a tree!' Yet no matter how hard she cursed herself, only visions of his dazzlingly expression came into her mind!

Seeing how hard she tried to control her sanity, he couldn't help but planted a kiss onto her neck, the area that screamed to him the loudest!

Yu Sha's eyes widened of his surprise kiss, which force a big exhale out of her mouth as her chest recoiled from the gasp.

He could see the heart pounded beneath her chest and heard the sound of her heart beating. Imbedded into his mind was her slightest reaction to him. 'Is your heart beating for me? Do you want me as bad as I want you?'

Hue Chi couldn't help but was enchanted by her reaction and pulled himself in for more nibbles on her neck. He kissed her exposed collarbone, up along her neck and worked his way to her chin and the side of her lips.

She whimpered out his name, "Hue Chi." If she doesn't do something fast, she would be devoured by him. It was already hard to contain her sanity as is.

Slowly he lifted back up and gently released her right arm that he pinned on the side next to her. Carefully, with the same hand, he gently cupped her cheek and turned her head to meet his gaze.

Unable to escape his embrace, she looked at him head on. Her gaze met his and was instantly drawn into the same gaze that brought her mixed emotion of pain, sadness and joy.

'Don't look at me like that. My heart won't be able to stay sane.' Without thinking, she lunged upward and head knock onto Hue Chi's head, breaking the atmosphere.

He knew she was a reckless woman through and through. Though he could tease her to his heart content, there are times he couldn't guess what she would do next. A woman so fierce, refused to yield to him.

All he could do was get off her and nurtured the mark she left on his forehead. To receive this amount of affection, he gladly accepted. Hue Chi rubbed his forehead and let out a grin. Though she hasn't changed much, but she certainly had evolved in the violence department.

Yu Sha took the opportunity to curl on the seat with her back facing him. She was still recovering, her heart still shocked. If she hadn't done what she did, she would've been eaten by him. What is wrong with him? What's his purpose?