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350 Kidnapped!

 In the split second when she stopped to glare at Long Kue, Dao Txu in disguise shot a rope limiter encasing Saveria. It would only be a matter of time before Hue Chi was far enough for his nullify zone to reach its perimeter limit. They have to somehow subdued Saveria's ability before the nullify zone disappeared, so she doesn't destroy Tatsuo Xiang's Prestique district as it would be troublesome to deal with the aftermath.


The taxi was an unmarked royal car. The safety lock can only be undone by the driver up at the front. No matter how much she pulled the door handle, it wouldn't open. She lunged across the middle table and attempted to squeeze her way to the front when the partition zoomed up and clicked lock. As for the driver, he couldn't hear what's happening from the back the car was sound proof once the divider sealed between the front and back seat.

After Benzo branched off on his own to follow the presence following them, he was led to the rooftop of Prestique mall on the other wing of the strip. His impatience led him to the opposite side of the district and thus attacked on the unknown person who led him.

"Damn it! Are you one of his men?" Benzo cursed.

PengXu on the other hand remained calm. His mission was to lead Benzo away from the girls, which Benzo fell right into the trap. Because he allowed himself to be traceable but mysterious enough, Benzo caught on the bait.

Irritated of the muted enemy, Benzo released his energy at 70 percent capacity and draw a sword out of his palm to get in stance for attack. He sensed this was no ordinary enemy and charged at full force and at max speed at PengXu. Plus, the sooner he finished this, the sooner he could go over to the two ladies.

PengXu felt the overwhelming energy he hadn't felt before. He had no choice but drew a circle in the air and instantly summoned a sword from the circle to block Benzo's attack. The two energies clashing cancelled out, and they both retreated at a safe distance.

Very rare where people could withstand his sword, a grimed appeared on Benzo's face. It had been a long time when he had to get serious. For years, he had been fighting, suppressing his power, a power that longed to go wild.

PengXu have not batted an eyelid, but he too, acknowledge that Benzo was a worthy opponent. For the last decades, he never had to summon his swords into the battlefield. He didn't think that distracting a mere bodyguard could lead him to fight seriously.

Benzo's now felt overtaken by his inner beast as he got ready for the next move when PengXu suddenly stopped and checked his phone. He felt a beep and it could be instructions from his prince. "Time out."

Benzo was dumbfounded. He asked for a time out during an all-out battle?

PengXu pulled out the cellphone and opened the messages. "Fight somewhere else."

It was a text message from Dao Txu. He had been cleaning up the messes Prince Hue Chi created and can't have PengXu fighting all out on top of Prestique mall.

PengXu then decided to take off, allowing Benzo to follow. Compelled to fight a worthy swordsman, Benzo let himself drawn into PengXu's pace and followed him out of the city.

Yu Sha was startled mute as the situation sank in that she had just been kidnapped in broad daylight! She glared across and saw the Night Owl sitting, crossed legged and arms, unperturbed of the entire situation! Unhappy of his action, she yelled, "Let me go right now!"

Hue Chi didn't budge but replied unaffected, "Make me."

She huffed as her eyes pierced at him like a laser beam. "You... Do you know what you had done?" Her hands rubbed on the side of her head, frustrated of the situation at hand. 'How could he? Foiled with my plan!' Yu Sha was furious. She spent a large amount of effort to get Saveria and Benzo to fall into her plans and yet, she had to bump into him! Another chance may never come!

Yu Sha's eyes stared out the black-tinted window as the buildings passed by and diminished into the distance.

At this point, she could only think of Benzo and Saveria and how they would think of her disappearance. It took her some times, but she finally calmed down. When her mind was clear, she became still. She couldn't use either of her ability. The only thing she could do right now was break the window with brute force, something that she could attempt to do.

She needed to get away from him to avoid facing her true feeling. The longer he's in her presence could weaken her resolve. This was not the time to think about her foiled plan but to get away from him, as far as possible before her mind cave in.

She diverted her vision from him. As she now was sitting with her back against the front passenger seat, damaging the window was her only option. She turned her entire body towards the window closest to her and concentrated on it. Slowly her hand balled into a fist, tightened with her mind concentrated on the spot she would hit. Her eyes aimed at the window, ready to burst it with her bare hand.

Yu Sha retracted her arm slightly to give her enough forward momentum with the punch. In a blink, a clicked sound snapped, and she felt her arm was pulled back. In the same movement, an arm reached to pull her across the seat.

She cried as her head followed the motion of her arm only to see that she had been handcuffed! "Ah!" Her eyes widened when the other side was cuffed to another wrist that was not hers. At this moment, she fell back onto Hue Chi's lap, sitting sideway on his laps and her wrist was cuffed to his! Since when had he moved to the middle?!

'What is he thinking?!!' Yu Sha couldn't comprehend why he was doing that to her.